Overview of Raven Tools platform

Create amazing marketing reports that also make you look amazing


Raven Tools Pro is a set of tools designed to manage an SEO campaign. This is a perfect choice for newbies and small to mid-scale companies. For large scale companies and demanding experts the service may be insufficiently advanced. As a project is added it is suggested that Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter accounts are connected. Raven imports information directly from these services to assess, plan and assist in SEO campaign management.

Main Features

Keyword Ranking
Link Manager
Backlink Explorer
Integration with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console
Unlimited projects number
Branded reports
Informational support and educational opportunities free of charge
Social networks analytics
Up to 20 active projects running simultaneously

Let’s consider in details some of the Raven Tools features:

Keyword Research

Raven imports data for keywords from different sources: Google AdWords, SEOmoz и OpenCalais' Alchemy. The service is integrated with the copywriters’ exchange TextBroker and one may easily fill in content poor pages of a website using the services of professional copywriters.

In order to access website rankings a connection to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools is required.

Site Auditor

Go to the tab «SEO» > «Site Auditor» and find all the info about your website. The service crawls and analyses every page, finds errors on the page and gives recommendations how to fix these. Using the instructions provided by the service one may optimize the pages of a website in a professional manner.

One can set the required check frequency and compare audit results over time monitoring its improvements and or an increasing number of issues.
«Site Auditor» analyses a website for many parameters such as:


The service scans website pages and tracks what pages are closed from indexing via robots.txt file or noindex tag and what pages are triggering 301 redirect.


Meta tags analysis: Checks the Title tag and its duplicates, the number of characters in the Title, presence of Meta Description and its duplicates and the number of characters in the Meta Description.


The number of inner and external links on the pages as well as the amount of textual content and its uniqueness rate.


Contains information about inner crosslinking of the website: number of inner links on the pages and their anchor texts, alt tag if the link is behind an image, broken links and nofollow links.


Full information about the images on the website: file name, Alt tags, Titles, image size.


Data about the contents of H1-H3 on the pages, as well as about the usage of Shema.org microformatting.

Desktop Page Speed Results

Page loading speed assessment and recommendations on optimization of different elements to speed it up.

Mobile Page Speed Results

Optimization assessment for the mobile usage of the website.

Historic web audit comparison feature

Competitor analysis

The service delivers detailed information about competitors. A website is assigned a certain quality rank based on the key factors influencing search engines trust rate. Such information as the website structure, keywords, links and many more factors are analysed and may be used to delicately re-direct the website promotion workflow in the right direction. Competitor analysis is generated based on the information from Majestic, Moz, Google Adwords, Calais.


Raven Tools Pro instruments are aimed at structuring and tracking of SEO campaign effectiveness. The service is slow extending its tools set and does not strive to offer unique services. It has put together all the basic functions required for an SEO expert and united them under one roof.
Based on the data delivered by Raven Tools Pro one may advance to a new level of SEO approach. The service may not be a perfect fit for experienced experts but it works great for specialists with limited knowledge. The service helps to structure the data about a website for a more effective analysis.