Overview of UpCity platform

The Local Inbound Marketing Solution


UPCity is an SEO platform designed to help small and mid-size businesses to promote their websites and brands. It does not merely lists the task needed to be accomplished for successful website optimization and brand & reputation management, but gives a vivid guidelines on how to achieve the goals.

The services offers a free 7 days Trial period with up to three major competitors analysis. Social accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin и Tumblr may be connected and analysed.

Enter the focus keywords as you create your first project matching best to the theme of the website and the service will suggest extra keywords to be added to the project. The trial allows up to 5 keywords to be tracked in the search engines. Want more? Upgrade the subscription plan (Basic plan during the Trial period). Other plans allow up to 20 – 30 keywords.

Main Features

Marketing and SEO plan guidelines
Positions tracking
Competitors rankings tracking
Backlinks analysis
Google Analytics integration
White Label
SMM analytics

The major service’s workflow is given the «Tasks» section and tool. It contains several large sections with the tasks recommended for being accomplished. Let’s call this tool a Marketing Plan and consider its essence.

Marketing Plan

Before one gets down to working with the services a website needs to be added and some information be entered. Proceed to the «Tasks» section and read the recommendations divided into 5 groups:

1. Optimize your presence.

Recommendation to optimize the website (settings for multiple services and databases connections, Meta information checks, text uniqueness checks, broken links, robots.txt settings, mobile-friendliness, etc) The sections shows multiple tips on increasing brand awareness in the Social networks (account creation guidelines and more).

2. Manage your reputation.

This section offers tips on managing your clients’ feedbacks. Improve your reputation using approaches involving other people (for example, in social networks).

3. Become an authority.

The section offers a set of strategies to attract and create contents in Internet societies based on sharing advice and recommendation on the behalf of a company. That includes a large number of networking tasks as well as useful tips on own blog management and creation of distinct content as well as positive perception of the brand name.

4. Convert.

This section offers useful recommendations for converting visitors into leads.

5. Retain & Grow.

Recommendations on retaining your clients by using e-mail and SMM marketing methods.

Positions tracking and other features

UPCity allows tracking of rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Competitors’ websites may be tracked as well. The data is displayed as a graph comparing own keywords’ rankings vs competitors’. Rankings are also displayed in a table, as the time goes by and historic data is gathered, the user may compare rankings for different dates.

The service offer fairly advanced tool for backlinks analysis, displaying top popular anchors as well as link volume dynamics as compared to the competitors’. Few SEO platforms may offer the White Label feature, allowing to completely brandize the service and reports as well as the feature called Free SEO Report Card, allowing any user to analyse any website completely free of charge.


UPCity is a service designed for newbie SEOs, as it comes with multiple recommendations and tips. The platform will work great for Internet marketing campaigns when started from the scratch but its features may not be sophisticated enough for the most demanding experts.