TOP 10 Best Website Audit Software to Ace SEO in 2024

Successful online business promotion depends on both external and internal factors. When building a link network, always keep in mind the technical condition of your website. It is important for both user experience (UX) and website ranking – search engines lower the ranking of slow and malfunctioning pages or those with an incorrect layout. 

To help you with technical optimization, we will tell you about the best website audit software. These are comprehensive dashboards that automatically examine every page of a resource, identifying errors and potential problem areas. The best site audit tools are available to you in your browser. You do not need to install the application on your PC — just enter the URL and create an account. 

If you want to optimize not only your technical platform but also your marketing policy, you’re in luck — most of these services are also included in the category of the best SEO audit tools. It means they can analyze all internal and external factors that affect the visibility of websites in search engines. 

Let’s examine the best SEO audit software. This is a very broad category that has tools for all needs and budgets — from the expensive but very meticulous Ahrefs to the affordable SE Ranking, filled with many useful features. So, let’s dive into this topic!  

What Is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a process of examination of your site’s pages to see how well it performs. These checks are done routinely and are especially important before you launch an SEO campaign or redesign a website.

One wrong redirect can easily eliminate all SEO efforts for the page after a redesign as Google or another search engine won’t know where to look for the updated version. That’s why auditing is very important.

A high-quality website optimization tool will show you whether your site is well-optimized for your goals. It will analyze the pages’ speed, links, metadata, redirects, and much more. A data-rich platform can also provide you with recommendations on fixing those tools and improving your optimization.

Here are some major tasks a decent tool will perform:

  • Performance and optimization analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • Issue identification

This is the first essential step for any analysis, just like a check for viruses on your computer.

A powerful website health checker is a must-have. It can be a part of an all-in-one tool or a dedicated platform if you only need the audit at this point.

What Website Audit Tool Is Right for You?

In this table, you can see the 10 tools we’ve chosen for you. There’s basic data about the features you’ll find, as well as pricing. We also present the two ratings — ours and by G2. This will help you get the idea of the best website audit software for your business or clients.

Study the table before reading the full reviews to save your time.

By the way, before you make a choice, we’d recommend you to think about the following:

  • What your SEO budget is
  • What capabilities are of a priority for your website
  • How many user seats you need
  • What kind of reporting you need
  • Whether you need an API, and so on.

These simple answers will help you take an objective tool at the tools we present below and make the right decision.

TOP-10 Website Audit Tools to Combat Page Issues in 2024

So, let’s review each site audit tool in more detail. In this section, we have the general review of each tool, their pros and cons, plans and pricing, as well as our humble verdict. Each tool is top-notch in its own way, so you’ll definitely find something worth your attention.

1. SE Ranking

The SE Ranking website audit tool will report all essential and not-so-essential issues that should be fixed. You can monitor the whole process or come back later to see the report that includes:

  • The health of your website
  • The number of errors, their details, and fixing recommendations
  • Server location
  • Expiration date
  • Index status
  • Backlink information, etc.

The report will help you assess the on-page and off-page performance of your website. The health check shows you the technical issues and the on-page SEO checker can show the important and minor problems on any page of the website SEO-wise.

There’s also a meta-analysis feature that will check your meta information, as well as its uniqueness.

SE Ranking Website Audit analyzes your text and media content, as well as links and other elements of the pages. You can schedule analyses and choose the key pages that need regular monitoring. It’s easy to use, so you can see the issue, get tips for fixing it, actually fix it, and perform another audit to see if it worked out.

The conclusion from the SE Ranking review: this tool is very easy to use and is a part of an all-in-one SEO solution you can use for keyword and competitive research, backlink analysis, and more.


  • Affordable plans
  • Easy-to-understand UI
  • Metric explanations for beginners
  • In-depth research
  • Flexible limits for accounts
  • An all-in-one solution for the price
  • Custom plans available


  • API access only in the Business plan
  • Granular geo data may be off sometimes


SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial for all users. Once it ends (or even before that), you can choose from one of the following plans:

  • Essential – $55 per month
  • Pro – $109 per month
  • Business – $239 per month

By paying annually, you can save 20% of the total price, which is almost 2 months’ worth of using the all-in-one tool. Plus, you can get a customized plan if neither of the basic ones works out for you. And there’s a pricing calculator for those who want to plan their budget precisely.


SE Ranking is more than a website health checker. It’s an all-in-one solution that can help you make your site better optimized without too much effort. And each check, of course, should start with their Website Audit tool, which is quick, simple, and convenient. You’ll get a data-packed report with all the potential issues your pages may have, as well as pro recommendations on how to fix them.

All that for $39 a month sounds impressive.

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2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs website optimization tool is called Site Audit and should be the first thing you do if you choose to use this platform. Ahrefs has a powerful crawler that processes your website in real time, finds issues, and offers solutions to them. 

In the Ahrefs review, we received a report that showed us all the problems with broken links, 404ed pages, faulty redirects, loading speed, social tags, and more. And you can filter the results to see a certain type of issues, for example, the ones that need immediate fixes.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to verify your ownership of the domain to help the tool crawl your pages faster. If you want to analyze a competitor’s website, you still can do it, but the speed will be limited.

You can adjust the setup of the audit by specifying the number of internal pages the algorithm should crawl. The more pages there are, the more time you’ll have to wait for the report to be compiled.

To organize what you have to do to improve the performance of your site, use the To-Do feature that will mark issues as tasks.


  • A multitude of valuable metrics
  • Precise auditing
  • Up-to-date data
  • Powerful crawling system
  • Great filtering options


  • No free trial
  • The pricing is high
  • Only 1 user seat (additional 5 cost $1K)


Unfortunately, Ahrefs doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can get 7 days for $1 per day to experience the quality of the tools. Then, you can choose from these plans:

  • Lite – $99
  • Standard – $199
  • Advanced – $399
  • Enterprise – $999

As many providers do, Ahrefs offers you to save 20% if you pay annually.


Ahrefs is one of the leaders in the SEO world. The platform is packed with basic and advanced optimization features, but they come at a price. So, if you’re a small business with a limited budget, maybe it’s best to try another tool until you grow enough.

Also, there’s no free trial, but $7 for a week isn’t a large sum of money. Besides, according to the customers of Ahrefs, other tools are worth the money.

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3. SEMrush

SEMrush website health checker is also called Site Audit, simple and to the point. It’s one of the best tools so far as it analyzes over 130 factors, focusing not only on on-site ones but the off-site ones as well.

The tool takes into account duplicate content possibilities, links and images, tech SEO problems, and much more. In the SEMrush review, it is worth noting that Site Audit can crawl up to 1 million pages of one website, but this number is only available in the more expensive plans. There’s a free version of the tool as well, but it only offers you to check 100 pages of the site, which is often not enough.

While SEMrush tools may be difficult to grasp at first, the audit report is relatively easy to understand. The platform also provides you with recommendations on website performance improvement.

During the audit, the algorithm compares your website to the standards of the industry. At the end of the analysis, you’ll see the score of your website consisting of passed and failed checks of certain parameters.


  • Detailed reports
  • Data-packed dashboard
  • Audit includes usability
  • On-page SEO checker available
  • Can crawl up to 1 million pages of a website


  • No clear pricing on the official website
  • May be difficult for beginners
  • Pricey
  • Low account limits


The provider offers a 7-day free trial. Some tools are totally free, like the keyword checker that allows you to research 10 queries a day or an audit of 100 pages per report. As you finish the free trial, you can get one of these plans:

  • Pro – $99.95 per month
  • Guru – $191.62 per month
  • Business – $374.95 per month

The actual pricing may differ depending on your needs and the updates by the company. At the moment, there’s no clear pricing on the official website, so you may need to contact the provider to establish the final payment size.


SEMrush offers some of the best SEO audit tools, of course, for a specific price. The tool is always up-to-date and checks your site according to the latest standards. Within the 130 parameters Site Audit checks, you can find the smallest issues you wouldn’t even think about that may undermine your SEO performance.

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4. Moz

Moz SEO audit is available in the Moz Pro plan and is called the Site Crawl tool. It crawls your website to see if there are any issues that may jeopardize your efforts to take first place in SERPs. Aside from the standard factors, Site Crawl looks if you have duplicate content and provides valuable insight into the solutions for existing site issues.

You don’t have to remain on the platform while the audit is going on. And in the Moz review, it was very useful. After running the analysis, we were able to focus on other important things. Upon finishing, Moz will send you an email with the report. You can schedule automatic analyses and get such email reports once a week or once a month.

This is great in terms of the automation of your SEO efforts. While you can focus on fixing the issues and performing other important tasks, Moz Pro takes care of the audit.

The report is divided into 5 parts:

  • Critical issues
  • Warnings
  • Redirect issues
  • Metadata issues
  • Content issues

Along with the list of issues, you’ll get pro recommendations from the specialist of Moz.


  • 30-day free trial available
  • Chrome extension available
  • Great for large enterprises
  • All industry-standard metrics available


  • The price is expensive
  • May be difficult to understand


Moz offers one of the most generous free trials — 30 days. If you finish it and decide the service is for you, here are the offered plans:

  • Standard – $99 per month
  • Medium – $149 per month
  • Large – $249 per month
  • Premium – $599 per month


Moz is a powerful platform with powerful tools. It’s great for automation, relatively easy to use when you get used to it, and offers a great 30-day free trial so that you can really get an idea of what the platform is like and possibly get inspired to buy a subscription.

The Site Crawl offers in-depth analysis and professional insights, which is all you need.

Read full review

5. RavenTools

Raven SEO audit offers 17 core metrics to help you see where your website needs improvements. It’s a decent tool if you need an adequate analysis of on-site SEO. The process is smooth and client-friendly.

Reported issues come with recommendations on how to fix them, so even beginners will be able to improve their first websites. The reports are easy to share with teammates and/or clients. And if there’s an issue you can’t fix at the moment, you can just hide it until the next audit, which may be useful if we’re talking about sharing data with customers.

In the RavenTools review, it is worth highlighting major things you can analyze with the auditor:

  • Content
  • Images
  • Links
  • Metadata
  • Page speed
  • Semantics
  • Visibility

Duplicate content, broken links, potential improvements of meta title and description, everything is clearly visible, along with data-driven recommendations.

Audit automation is another useful feature of the RavenTools site-auditor. And you can access the tool from any device with an Internet connection.


  • Effective integration with Google services
  • Very detailed metrics for site audit
  • Customer-friendly tool
  • Automated audits available
  • All-device access


  • The reports may glitch sometimes
  • No diversity in pricing
  • Crawl reports may be time-consuming


The provider offers 2 paid plans:

  • Monthly – $60 per month with 3 user seats
  • Annual – $576 per year with 3 user seats

As you can see, they don’t differ by the tools, only by the frequency of the payments. If you pay annually, you save money. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying $720 a year.


RavenTools has created a decent auditor that will check your website against the most important metrics that may undermine your SEO progress. There’s only one paid plan you can choose in monthly or annual payments. The latter will help you save money and still get all the features.

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6. Seobility

Seobility has an in-built auditor, so you can’t find it as a separate button. On the dashboard, you can add projects (the websites you’ll be working with). There, you will see the basic audit for the added site. It’s divided into 4 segments:

  • Overall
  • On-Page
  • Backlinks (off-page)
  • Rankings

The On-Page segment will show you Tech and Meta, Structure, and Content scores. The first one has data on URLs, metadata, response times, and more. It’s more about technical SEO, hence the name. The second one has data on links, both external and internal. If you have issues with redirects, page levels, or anchors, you’ll see it in the section.

In the Seobility review, you should pay attention to the last tab that shows you issues with keyword cannibalization, poor optimization, etc.

You can use one of the 4 user agents: Google bot (desktop or mobile), Seobility bot, and Bing bot.


  • A free Basic plan
  • Great for beginners
  • All basic metrics included in the audit
  • Automatic basic audit
  • Various user agents


  • No Website Audit button
  • Limited range of plans


Seobility offers a free Basic plan, but you can also get a free trial for the Premium plan. The paid options are:

  • Premium – $50 a month (+ VAT)
  • Agency – $200 a month (+ VAT)


Seobiliy offers a data-rich website audit. We like that everything is clearly categorized, which boosts user-friendliness. There are only two plans, though, so if you need something in between, you’ll have to choose either the more expensive version, or try to work the Premium plan out. The Basic plan is free, which is good news!

Read full review


SISTRIX has a separate Optimizer module, which will cover your site audit needs. It contains a website health checker that will crawl your website and show issues in a prioritized order, from major and severe to minor and not-so-essential.

A useful feature is that SISTRIX not only shows you the problems but states why that happened so that you can avoid such mistakes in the future. The issues range from 404 pages to the use of several first-level headings on one page.

An interesting detail that we want to emphasize in the SISTRIX review — the module also offers unlimited attempts at crawling. So, as you fix the issues, you can re-crawl the site to see if those solutions did anything good to it.

SISTRIX offers module-based payments, which may be a disadvantage. But the tools are pretty powerful.


  • Customizable dashboard
  • Historical data available
  • Integration available with other SEO tools
  • Actionable analysis


  • Module-based pricing
  • Difficult for beginners


The provider offers a free trial. As it expires, you can choose one of the following plans:

  • Start – €99 a month (+ taxes)
  • Plus – €199 a month (+ taxes)
  • Professional – €349 a month (+ taxes)
  • Premium – €599 a month (+ taxes)

Remember that the prices are in euros and there may be a tax added to the final payment.


SISTRIX provides great tools in modules. The tools themselves are great, but the payment plans are quite expensive and you may have to contact the provider to find out just how much you’re going to pay.

In terms of site auditing, it covers your needs very well, though.

Read full review

8. WooRank

WooRank website audit brings something fresh to the table as it’s a dedicated website auditing software. It has some other features like keyword explorer, but the analysis of your pages is its primary goal.

The platform shows you the data about the basic health of your website, adding the data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and even Facebook to create a fuller report. Taking into account these advantages in the WooRank review, the platform could have become a leader, but SEO functionality and high prices are its downsides.

WooRank shows you both the issues and recommendations for resolving them. The data is updated in real time, and you get weekly website performance reports.


  • Clean dashboard, easy to use
  • Multiple issue analysis
  • Excellent features for website audit
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lots of actionable tips


  • Mobile usability can be better
  • Large monthly payments


There’s a 14-day free trial for you, but only for the Pro plan. The paid plans include:

  • Pro – $79.99
  • Premium – $199.99

You can get as many as 4 months for free if you pay annually.


WooRank offers a nice compilation of data from different services so that you can see the performance of your project in detail. You can find cheaper tools with similar features, but the provider offers a 2-week free trial so that you can, possibly, fall in love with the UI and precise data the tool gives you.

Read full review

9. Sitechecker

Sitechecker SEO audit is special because it’s mostly free, depending on the amount of data you need. For more detailed reports, you’ll have to buy a subscription, which is very affordable.

The tool covers all basic audit metrics, including page loading speed, internal ranking data, on-page errors, and more. In the Sitechecker review, we also liked that you can use the search feature to navigate the report and find errors you need to work on ASAP.

The interface allows you to edit meta tags and see the structure of the website in a visualization. Sending the report to your clients or teammates is also no problem.


  • Affordable tool
  • Convenient SEO reporting
  • A free Chrome extension available
  • Type of error filter available


  • Lots of marketing emails
  • Some reported issues have no explanation


Sitechecker offers a 7-day free plan for all users. Then, you can get one of these paid plans:

  • Basic – $29 a month
  • Startup – $49 a month
  • Growing – $99 a month
  • Enterprise – starts at $499; annual billing

If you pay annually, you can get 2 months for free.


Sitechecker offers free tools, and even the paid plans are quite cheap for the toolset the provider offers. You can fix some of the issues right there in the tool, which is an advantage in terms of user-friendliness.

Read full review

10. Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is a sophisticated tool for professionals. It offers a detailed report where you can see the metrics of your website according to:

  • Proprietary bot
  • Google bot
  • Apple bot
  • Android mobile
  • iOS mobile
  • Or Baidu bot

You can choose any location and crawl speed. Internal links are easily analyzed with the tool so that you can see the pages with the highest ranking potential. The data will help you re-optimize your website to build a better internal linking structure.

Metadata and canonical tag errors, duplicate content, keyword cannibalization, and other issues are quickly and easily detected. But in the Searchmetrics review, we didn’t like that the tool can be difficult to navigate. It could have gotten a higher ranking if it wasn’t too complicated.

Along with the problem list, you get pro recommendations for better server response codes, overall performance, redirects, and more.


  • Sophisticated SEO tools
  • Great solution for enterprises
  • Professional marketer insights available
  • Automated audits available


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Feature-based pricing
  • Not the best tech support


A free trial is available, but the pricing method is a bit complicated. You’re charged per feature, so the final price is determined as you get a quote from the provider. So, before you plan your budget, contact Searchmetrics if you want to use their tools.


Searchmetrics offers a very detailed website report through its crawler. You can choose from a multitude of bots and get recommendations on complicated issues. The tool doesn’t have transparent pricing and is quite advanced. So, if you’re a beginner, it’s better to choose a more intuitive, easy-to-use auditor.

Read full review


Choosing the best website optimization tools is crucial for your business success. Your website is your business card in the online world, and it has to be flawless to rank high. Light, with proper redirects, with top-notch on-page and off-page SEO, excellent metadata, etc.

While you can check all of that manually, it will take way too much time and effort. And we’re sure you have lots of other tasks to invest those precious resources into. So, leave the routine assignments like audit to special website analysis tools.

We’d recommend our top pick — SE Ranking. It’s data-rich and affordable, not to mention it’s an all-in-one solution, which means you don’t have to overpay for each feature separately. The Website Audit tool detects plenty of potential issues and showcases them in an easy-to-understand way. So, if it’s your first audit, you’ll do great. 

Moreover, SE Ranking offers professional recommendations if you want to start fixing the issues ASAP (which you should). By doing routine checks, you’ll always know whether you have any broken pages, being able to solve the problems as soon as they appear so that they can’t jeopardize your SEO efforts.

With SE Ranking, you can build a major SEO campaign from scratch, and the first step must be a website analysis. Don’t neglect such an essential step, thinking that if everything was fine a year ago, the results won’t give you anything new. This is especially true if you have a large site.

The best website audit software follows SEO trends and search engine algorithm updates, which also helps you adjust your pages to the new requirements for the #1 ranking. Imagine how much time you would spend learning about all the same trends when a tool can help you finish the task in minutes.

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