Best SEO Reporting Tools

The main idea of today’s digital marketing is to invest in creating high-quality content to get a long-term increase in traffic and improve your brand’s reputation. It seems very simple — you generate informative, credible articles, fill product cards with correct descriptions, and regularly tell users about updates. 

This is very close to the point, but the reality is a bit more complicated. The Internet can be compared to a living society that is constantly changing, adopting new trends and forgetting about things that were once popular. To succeed online, you need to monitor the state of this large social organism. And the best SEO reporting software will help you with this. 

Their feature is maximum automation. You just need to set up such a web application once to regularly receive valuable information for building, adjusting, and optimizing your marketing strategy. It will signal you about new problems and opportunities, warn you about the emergence of ambitious competitors, and help you choose the path of least resistance for quick success in a particular market niche. 

So, here are the 5 best SEO reporting tools that will be useful for online businesses, marketers, optimizers, and freelancers working in this segment.

What is an SEO Reporting Tool?

A good SEO reporting tool helps you understand where your website stands in relation to its competitors. These tools scrap the SERP to give you accurate information on thousands upon thousands of keywords. The information in most cases includes showing multiple related keywords to expand your reach, traffic estimates, and estimates of how difficult it is to rank for those keywords.

One of the most important features is the ability to create custom reports based on SEO data. A customizable reporting tool allows both using templates and reshaping them to fit your needs along with data visualization. This is extremely important for marketing agencies as it allows for effective client communication.

Another important feature is on-page analytics. A good SEO reporting tool can show an estimate of website quality in multiple areas. This can include anywhere from dozens to hundreds of factors like the number of 404s on the site, page speed numbers, or readability scores.

On top of those two core features, there may be more in the best SEO reporting tools. That can be anything from a basic backlink checker tool to something more advanced like a content gap tool that shows what content you’re missing on.

Which SEO Reporting Tool Is Right for You?

The most important thing in an SEO reporting tool is that it provides accurate information and allows for timely and illustrative reporting. But most tools would have that as a basic standard. To choose a tool that would fit you best, you need to look at your goals and your budget.

If you are only starting out with a new SEO project, the best SEO reporting software for you will be a simple platform that focuses on basic functions without burdening users with advanced tools.

The same goes for budget — if it’s constrained, you may have to go for a cheaper tool. That doesn’t mean that the quality of services you receive suffers, you just may have to forgo the more advanced tools or operational volume.

Naturally, with a decent budget and well-developed goals, that shouldn’t be an issue. If you are working on a project that is just starting out, it would be wise to pick a tool that scales easily. That would save you time and effort in the future when your project grows and you need more tools.

Below, we’ve gathered the five best SEO reporting tools. Check for yourself, and see what fits your purposes best.

Best SEO Reporting Tools

Now that we know what we’re in for, let’s take a look at the SEO reporting tools that are some of the most popular among users.

1. SE Ranking

se ranking

SE Ranking offers a set of all-around SEO tools and has some sales features on top of it. Let’s start with the basics.

The best SEO report software has to have a lot of tools in its arsenal. This platform has a keyword tool, a backlink tool, a website audit tool, and a competitor research tool, all of which can generate automated reports. All of these tools are useful for both tracking your own positions and spying on the competition.

The keyword tool, for instance, lets you see your positions compared to the closest competitors (5-20 per project, depending on the plan you choose) and analyze their paid ad campaigns. That’s on top of regular keyword discovery and position tracking.

In the SE Ranking review, it’s worth noting that competitor research tool in particular provides quite an extensive profile on the competing websites. It includes insights on their link-building strategy, keywords they rank for, website traffic, and countries where the traffic originates from.

On-page analysis tool runs all the standard tests and crawls websites for missed opportunities for optimization. SE Ranking also provides clear visual reports on what’s wrong with the website at the moment and shows what should be improved first.

The feature that brings all of these tools together is the SEO reporting tool. It allows your sales department to generate white-label reports for new and existing clients and helps generate leads. Your team can easily create custom reports with the drag&drop editor to send to clients.

se ranking report tool

The reports in this top SEO reporting tool can be automatically generated once you set up the template and can include data not only from SE Ranking but from Google Analytics and Search Console as well. The only thing left to your team is to find what metrics are the most telling to your client.


  • Robust reporting features
  • Additional SEO tools
  • Good scalability


  • Not enough third-party integrations


Highly customizable pricing makes SE Ranking one of the best SEO reporting tools. The plans range from $55 to $239 per month, with the $109 plan giving you access to most of the useful features. Now, that plan does have a pretty decent volume allowance, but you can always choose to get more. For instance, you could opt-in to have more keyword checks.


The only downside is that SE Ranking doesn’t support integrating large numbers of third-party apps for reporting. So if you need to consolidate all your marketing channels for reporting, it’s not ideal. If you’re looking for a scalable SEO reporting tool that has some analytics capabilities, SE Ranking is the right choice.

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2. Raven Tools


Raven Tools started out as a purely SEO platform, but it now covers both SEO and SEM. With adequate integration, Raven Tools can be used to do business analytics on all of your marketing channels.

The platform offers a pretty basic website audit tool that crawls the website you want to analyze and scores it across 17 metrics. It has the bulk of what every project needs with features like discovering page errors, looking up page speed insights, and more. During our Raven Tools review, we easily set up automatic reports that helped us track positive changes on the site. 

Keyword tracking and keyword research offered by Raven Tools are pretty good. This platform from the list of the best SEO reporting software allows you to track your website’s positions across multiple keywords and compare them with the closest competitors. You can also discover new keywords that competitor websites rank for and include them in your SEO strategy.

Other competitor research features include doing a basic website audit of the competitor’s website. There’s the option to add metrics from other SEO tools like Majestic’s Citation Flow, or Moz’s external link numbers.

Arguably the best feature Raven Tools offers is its integration with other SEO and SEM tools. You can hook up your Google Analytics, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn to create reports in Raven Tools.

Where it lacks is its backlink checking capabilities. The company doesn’t have a tool of its own and relies on Majestic for the backlink checker tool. Naturally, the volumes you can get are a lot smaller than that of Majestic’s comparable plan. If you already have a Majestic account and your main goal is monitoring backlinks, Raven Tools is kind of redundant.


  • Basic web crawling capabilities
  • Good reporting tools
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Facebook, and more


  • The backlink checker tool is provided by Majestic
  • Supporting SEO tools are somewhat lacking


The pricing is average for the industry with plans ranging from $39 to $399 per month when paid annually. One thing that disappoints in the plans offered is the comparatively low volume of keywords available. The best plan only gets you 30,000 trackable keywords monthly, which may be low for large e-commerce stores.


Raven Tools is a good starting instrument for projects that want to have a little bit of everything. It allows you to track a medium amount of keywords, do backlink checks, and discover your competition. A good choice for a smaller company that provides goods and services locally, but may not be as great for larger projects.

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3. Semrush


Semrush is a large company with a large number of SEO reporting tools of their own design. That kind of quality comes at a price, and whether it’s worth it depends on your organization and its goals. Let’s start by looking at the tools Semrush offers.

This company is not just an SEO report software, it’s a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. While compiling the SEMrush review, we actively used the reporting capabilities in both keyword ranking and backlinks, getting 500-5,000 keywords tracked daily. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sophisticated tools.

Semrush is on the list of top SEO reporting tools because it offers a multitude of competitor review tools that allow users to find both keywords and backlinks they’re missing on. It also lets you track your PPC efforts, social media marketing, and content marketing. Most tools are quite advanced and do not rely on integrations. The SEM tool set, for instance, lets you use Semrush as the publishing platform instead of simply integrating analytics from another platform.

The content marketing tools are especially well-thought-out with Semrush offering everything from content discovery and tracking post performance to using a built-in marketplace to order content.


  • Strong reporting features
  • Amazing SEO toolset
  • Great long-term scalability


  • The price may be too high for smaller companies


As the number of tools is quite extensive, the pricing starts at $119 per month, and you want the $229 plan to get access to all of the advanced tools. The most expensive one will set you back $449 per month in exchange for even more tools and higher volumes in both tracking and analytics.

If you want to use the latest and greatest tools like Semrush Trends, you’ll have to add $200 to your bill per tool. That likely won’t fit the budget for a smaller project.


This platform may be the best SEO report generator, but not for every organization or project. Semrush is outstanding for large projects that have the funds to drive for perfection. For a smaller organization that only needs basic reporting tools, it can be too expensive.

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4. AgencyAnalytics


AgencyAnalytics provides basic reporting tools for a very low price. Mind though, that it doesn’t offer any analytical tools on top of that.

One of the key advantages worth mentioning in the AgencyAnalytics review is the possibility to integrate data streams from over 70 sources that include the most popular marketing and analytics platforms from Google Analytics to Shopify. With that data at hand, you can set up automated reporting with all the important figures you need.

AgencyAnalytics, in essence, is a glorified spreadsheet. And there’s nothing derogatory about it — we still consider it one of the best SEO reporting tools. With the price the platform asks for, cheaping out to use the actual spreadsheet for reporting would be pointless.

However, if you want your reporting tool to also have analytics added to it or a tool that allows you to track keyword positions reliably, AgencyAnalytics is not what you’re looking for. It does offer a small set of SEO tools, but all of those are Majestic integration. If you need SEO tools, it would be more convenient to use Majestic itself.


  • An easy and simple SEO reporting tool
  • Some additional SEO tools
  • A bargain of a price
  • Plenty of integrations


  • Usefulness ends at reporting only
  • Poor scalability potential


Another reason to include the platform in the list of the best SEO reporting tools is its price, which is rather low at $10-$15 per project depending on the plan. The catch is, the minimum amount of projects you can purchase is five in the $10 per month plan, and ten in the $15 one. This effectively makes the price of using AgencyAnalytics $50 and $150.


In the end, it’s still a great SEO reporting tool for SEO companies working with multiple clients. You can even white-label your reports. But if your project is your own and you need more than simple reporting tools, it’s probably not for you.

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5. Woorank


Woorank has a pretty solid set of SEO tools and reporting capabilities. The keyword analysis tool it has lets users track up to 250 keywords daily with a heavy focus on exploring featured keywords.

The competitor analysis tool is focused on keywords but does provide a basic backlink report. You can compare your website with three competitors of your choice or discover websites that compete with you for the main keywords. In the WooRank review, it is also worth noting the fact that this tool can create automated reports on the competition as well.

The website crawler definitely meets the standards of the best SEO reporting software. It covers all aspects of your website important in the eyes of the search engines and allows for daily crawls of up to 10,000 pages. An important factor here is that Woorank goes out of its way to help newcomers by explaining all the technical jargon.

Woorank also offers some functions for the sales teams, namely a handy lead generation widget, and the ability to create great-looking white-label reports.


  • Provides basic SEO tools and reporting capabilities
  • Beginner-friendly


  • A bit overpriced
  • Poor scalability potential


There are only two plans, $79 and $199 per month. That may be on the higher end of what you would expect from a tool like that.


Overall, Woorank can be considered one of the best SEO reporting tools. This platform is a solid choice for a small business or an agency that doesn’t have to go too deep on SEO and needs a reporting tool focused on keywords. If you need more tools like integrating multiple sales channels for reporting or advanced SEO analytics, you’d have to look for another one.

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Which of the best SEO reporting tools should you choose to grow your business? The choice in each case will be individual, as you should take into account your immediate needs, marketing policy, strategic goals, and budget. 

The leader of the top SEO reporting tools is SE Ranking. It is a versatile platform that will be useful for both freelancers and large businesses, including marketing agencies. It offers a wide range of tools with in-depth analytics and accurate statistics, a user-friendly interface, and flexible subscription plans. For startups, the ability to work with other communication channels, including SMM, will be very important. 

Raven Tools also offers similar potential, although it is significantly underperforming in the areas of link building and website audit. However, accurate rank tracking, a convenient keyword module, and detailed competitor analysis allow us to put it in second place in the ranking. 

SEMrush is always on the list of the best SEO reporting tools. It’s a versatile platform with a rich set of tools, including unique ones that can make you a leader in a narrow market niche. However, its potential is limited by a complicated interface and not a very loyal pricing policy. 

AgencyAnalytics allows you to regularly get convenient and intuitive reports on the current state of your website. The service combines more than 70 information streams, allowing you to keep a huge amount of data under control. But its functionality is limited compared to other platforms. 

Woorank is the best choice for beginners. The service attracts attention with its flat learning curve — you can use its reports even if you have only a basic understanding of SEO. However, it lacks professional tools, and experienced optimizers at home may be a bit disappointed with its functionality. 

The choice is yours. Our advice is to test several platforms to find the perfect one for you. All of them offer a free trial period during which you can use their tools to optimize your website using real-life examples. Moreover, your subscriptions will grow along with your business — you can gradually upgrade to more expensive plans as you optimize your marketing budget.

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