Ubersuggest pricing plans 2024

Ubersuggest is a popular SEO tool among small businesses, solopreneurs, and those seeking an edge in SEO and content marketing.

If you’re considering subscribing to this tool but are unsure which plan aligns best with your needs, our Ubersuggest pricing review is here to guide you. This article will explore the three main Ubersuggest plans and pricing options: Business, Individual, and Enterprise. 

Read on to find out which Ubersuggest pricing plan in 2024 best suits your needs.

Ubersuggest Individual Pricing Plan

The Individual plan for Ubersuggest is ideal for anyone who is on a tight budget and looking for a robust SEO tool. Priced at just $12 a month, it’s geared toward those managing a single website who want to keep their costs low. But here’s the kicker: Ubersuggest offers a lifetime subscription for just $120. Yes, you read that right—if you pay once, you can forget about monthly fees forever.

What does the Ubersuggest Individual pricing plan Include?

  • SEO Training & Support: All subscribers have access to a step-by-step SEO training course, handy templates, worksheets, bi-weekly coaching calls, and dedicated email support 24/7.
  • Reports & Projects: This plan allows you to generate up to 150 words a day and provides keen insights into your SEO performance. This Ubersuggest pricing option is ideal for solopreneurs or individual website owners, as it allows you to create just one project.
  • Chrome Extension: The Individual plan gives you 150 search limits on Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension and offers real-time keyword data such as search volume and CPC while you browse.
  • Rank Tracking: Users can track up to 125 keywords with daily updates across 20 locations.
  • Site Audit: This Ubersuggest pricing plan provides a weekly site audit, crawling up to 1,000 pages per report.
  • Keyword Research: For those interested in comprehensive keyword research, you’ll gain access to historical data, up to 20,000 keyword suggestions, and 2,000 content ideas. You can export 2,000 rows of data per report and apply filters to sort the information.
  • Competitive Analysis: Along with your own site; you can also monitor up to 5 competitors and gain valuable insights into their top-performing pages and keywords, enabling you to assess your own progress and keep tabs on theirs over time. Additionally, you can explore up to 20,000 of your competitor’s top keywords that drive traffic and have the option to export and filter data in 2,000-row segments for each competitive analysis report.
  • Backlinks: This plan offers a comprehensive view of your link-building strategy with three years of link history. It lets you see up to 2,000 rows of backlink data, providing a deep analysis of your profile. It also includes a 30-day snapshot of new and lost links, helping you closely monitor your link-building efforts. With filtering options, you can fine-tune your analysis easily.


The Ubersuggest Individual plan stands out as one of the most affordable SEO options available on the market, making it a great starting point for beginners. Of particular note are the competitive analysis tools with valuable features. It makes it an ideal plan for those managing a single site and looking for valuable insights without the need for exhaustive data.

Ubersuggest Business Pricing Plan

The next in our list of Ubersuggest plans pricing is the Business plan, which is designed for small and medium businesses managing between 2 and 7 websites. Priced at $20 a month, this plan provides you with extended limits on specific features. If you’re looking for information about Ubersuggest yearly pricing, you won’t find such an option. Similar to the Individual Plan, the Business plan is also available with a lifetime subscription that costs $200.

What does the Ubersuggest Business pricing plan Include?

  • SEO Training & Support: Regardless of the plan they opt for, all subscribers have access to extensive training and support.
  • Reports & Projects: Opting for the Business plan grants you access to 300 reports per day, which is a significant boost for those requiring more frequent insights. This plan is particularly suitable for medium-sized operations, as it allows the management of up to 7 projects.
  • Chrome Extension: With a search limit of 300 on Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension, this plan strikes a balance between utility and volume, providing abundant real-time keyword data.
  • Rank Tracking: This tier within Ubersuggest’s pricing plans enables the tracking of 150 keywords per project, complete with daily updates and unlimited geographic locations—perfect for businesses targeting a diverse customer base.
  • Site Audit: With the ability to crawl up to 5,000 pages per the weekly report, the Business plan offers more comprehensive site audits than its budget-friendly counterparts.
  • Keyword Research: Subscribers gain access to historical data and can delve into up to 50,000 keyword suggestions and 5,000 content ideas. Users can export 5,000 rows of data per report and apply filters to streamline their research.
  • Competitive Analysis: By choosing this plan, you can monitor up to 20 similar websites and 10 direct competitors. It gives you insights into competitors’ top 5,000 pages and 50,000 keywords. The ability to export and filter 5,000 rows per report makes this plan well-suited for businesses that are keen on competitive surveillance without going into excessive detail.
  • Backlinks: This plan provides a comprehensive overview of your link-building strategy by offering three years of link history. It enables you to view up to 5,000 rows of backlink data and includes a 30-day snapshot of newly acquired and lost links, allowing you to refine your strategy.


The Business plan is a solution that, aside from increased limits, does not offer users any new features not available in the Individual package or any other Ubersuggest subscription plans. 

However, if you’re considering this plan but are budget-conscious, remember that you can enhance your package with affordable add-ons. Suppose you need to analyze more than one website, but the remaining limits from the Individual plan are enough for you. In that case, you can consider a Business plan or purchase an add-on of three additional projects, 125 keywords, and three competitors at $5/month.

Ubersuggest Enterprise Pricing Plan

The final tier available in Ubersuggest pricing and plans is the Enterprise plan. It is tailored for large businesses and agencies, managing 8 to 15 websites. With a monthly price tag of $40, it offers the most enhanced limits to meet your more demanding SEO needs. If you’re contemplating a one-time investment, Ubersuggest also provides a lifetime option for the Enterprise plan at $400.

What does the Ubersuggest Enterprise pricing plan Include?

  • SEO Training & Support: As with all other plans, Enterprise subscribers also gain access to step-by-step SEO training courses, handy templates, worksheets, bi-weekly coaching calls, and dedicated email support.
  • Reports & Projects: Designed for larger organizations, the plan allows you to manage up to 15 projects and generate as many as 900 reports daily.
  • Chrome Extension: Subscribers will enjoy a generous 900 search limit on the Ubersuggest Chrome extension that provides a wealth of real-time keyword data.
  • Rank Tracking: This plan lets you track up to 300 keywords per project and offers daily updates across unlimited geographic locations.
  • Site Audit: The Enterprise plan features an extensive crawl limit of 10,000 pages per weekly report, making it ideal for larger, more expansive websites.
  • Keyword Research: With access to historical data, 100,000 keyword suggestions, and 10,000 content ideas, you can craft a professional keyword strategy. This plan allows for the export of 10,000 rows of data per report, offering extensive analytics for your research.
  • Competitive Analysis: If you’re keen on keeping a close watch on your competition, this plan allows you to monitor up to 20 similar websites and 15 direct competitors. It offers an in-depth look at their top 10,000 pages and 100,000 keywords, making it an excellent choice for businesses requiring comprehensive competitive insights.
  • Backlinks: This option provides three years of link history and 10,000 rows of backlink data, like the other plans. You’ll also get a 30-day snapshot of your new and lost links, allowing you to meticulously track your link-building efforts.


Although the Enterprise plan is Ubersuggest’s most comprehensive offering, it remains one of the more affordable solutions in the market. While it provides the highest limits and supports up to 15 domains, it doesn’t introduce any new features that aren’t available in the other Ubersuggest pricing plans. Though tailored for large companies, it’s worth noting that there are more feature-rich tools available at similar price points. For instance, SE Ranking, which costs $55.00 per month (or less with a one-year commitment), offers a broader range of features.

Add-ons with Ubersuggest Pricing Plan

For an extra $5/month, each plan allows you to enhance your Ubersuggest experience with various add-ons. These include:

  •  500 additional Daily Searches
  • Additional Domains (consists of 125 keywords, 3 competitors)
  •  250 additional Tracked Keywords
  • Additional Competitor Domains
  • Additional Users

Free Trial Subscription

Each of the Ubersuggest monthly pricing plans described in our Ubersuggest pricing review comes with the option of a free 7-day trial, which you can cancel at any time. If you are considering purchasing a lifetime package, you have the added security of a 30-day money-back guarantee instead of a trial.

Ubersuggest Pricing Plan 1
Ubersuggest Pricing Plan 2

Which Ubersuggest Pricing Plan is Best?

Based on our detailed comparison of Ubersuggest’s 2024 pricing plans, the Individual plan stands out as the best value for those just starting in SEO. At a modest $12 per month with an option for a lifetime subscription at just $120, it offers a suite of competitive analysis tools and other features that should be sufficient for solopreneurs or individuals managing a single website. It’s an affordable yet robust option, especially for those who don’t require an exhaustive data analysis or manage a limited number of sites. 

When evaluating Ubersuggest’s other pricing plans, like Business and Enterprise, it’s worth noting that, unlike other SEO platforms, these higher-tier plans do not introduce any new tools or features. Instead, they offer increased limits on existing features, such as the number of reports, projects, and tracked keywords. If the toolset provided in the Individual plan meets your needs but requires greater data capacity, then the Business or Enterprise plans could be a good fit for you.

Additionally, it’s important to highlight that Ubersuggest allows you to enhance your experience with various add-ons at a fixed price, regardless of the plan you’ve subscribed to. This flexibility makes the Individual plan an even more attractive starting point, as you can always add more features as your needs evolve without having to jump to a more expensive plan.


Ubersuggest is an easy-to-use and cost-effective SEO tool that is an excellent entry point for beginners. All of its pricing plans are relatively inexpensive compared to its competitors, but such affordability comes with a trade-off in terms of tool sophistication and capabilities. 

While Ubersuggest’s set of features may suffice for individuals and small businesses, larger companies and SEO agencies might find its offerings limited.

If you’re looking for more advanced functionalities, consider another SEO platform like SE Ranking, which may provide better value for the money by offering a broader range of features at a competitive price.

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