The modern digital space is highly competitive and constantly changing. If you want your business to stay ahead of the game, strong SEO knowledge is a must. 

Keyword research is a decisive aspect of efficient site optimization and also serves the backbone of a successful content marketing strategy. Relevant SEO tools like Long Trail Pro are necessary to get the best out of keyword exploration.. Long Trail Pro has impeccable keyword research capabilities, a simple-to-go interface, and affordable pricing that make it the perfect solution for SEO and marketing specialists of all skill levels.

If you still have some doubts, check out our detailed Long Tail Pro review and discover the tool’s essentials, benefits, downsides, and investment opportunities. You can be sure that our experts left no stone unturned to provide honest and exhaustive feedback. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of this tool.


  • Intuitive and super fast UI
  • Large keyword database
  • Excellent Keyword Competitiveness score 
  • Bulk Keyword Check feature
  • Efficient keyword suggestions
  • Check Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranking for specific keywords
  • Concurrent search for multiple seed keywords
  • Easy to use and granular Rank Tracker
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Helpful SEO tutorials for newbies included
  • Affordable pricing system
  • Free trial period available


  • Limited free trial and integration options
  • Site auditing and link-building features might be not enough for proficient SEO individuals and marketers
  • No search volume trend data
  • The texts and URLs in the competitor analysis leave much to be desired


Originally created by Spencer Haws as a solo keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro was good for generating long-tail keywords to stay ahead in any niche. The primary purpose was to alleviate manual efforts in choosing the right keywords for different marketing campaigns. Today, it is an all-in-one SEO tool, providing competitive insights on rankings, Google SERPs, and link-building to optimize a site from A to Z. The biggest breakthrough for the platform was the Keyword Competitiveness feature, which was not incorporated initially.

The tool has swiftly gained popularity, even without the impressive features it currently boasts. Still, due to fierce platform competition, it has been necessary to extend capabilities to lead the industry game. That’s why, Long Tail Pro has gone through countless fixes and improvements to equip users with other valuable functions aside from keyword investigation. Our Long Tail Pro review aims to unearth all the platform’s crucial features with their operational peculiarities so you can understand if it’s the right platform for you.

Pricing & Plans

Understanding the needs and budget possibilities of all customers from solo marketers and small businesses to big agencies and enterprises, the platform comes with a loyal pricing policy. According to the Long Tail Pro review 2024, you can choose from the following 3 plans depending on the number of projects, tracked keywords, and daily keyword searches:

  • Starter – $59.99 per month ( best for novices and small SEO teams )
  • Pro – $89.99 per month ( ideally fits mid-sized companies )
  • Agency – $299.99 per month ( suitable for large-scale businesses )

Like other Long Tail Pro reviews, we affirm the platform is one of the most affordable solutions in view of all the built-in utilities. On top of that, you can get a full refund in 60 days if you do not see desirable results. By paying a year in advance, each user gets 3 months of free usage, which is a bargain.

Long Tail Pro Features

When you opt for the best-fitting plan, an easy-to-utilize dashboard will invite you to create a project and add the domain. Then, select a particular country and keyword search suggestions to look for. For more granular results, set the search volume for keyword suggestions offered by the tool. These are the basics to start operating the platform. But our review of Long Tail Pro aims to show what you can expect from every single feature in detail. So let’s take a closer look!

Keyword Research

The first point to discuss is Keyword Research. This functionality takes center stage on the platform for a reason. You will be surprised by its capacity to generate long-term low-competition keywords with high ranking value. Overall, the Keyword Research by Long Tail Pro stands by three core pillars:

  • Discovering keywords from scratch
  • Driving keywords from rivals
  • Manual keyword data collection from a ready-made list

With swift and accurate automated keyword exploration by metrics like Difficulty, Volume, CPC, SERP results, etc., you will save a lot of time and effort. It is also possible to filter searches on a plethora of needed factors. In addition, built-in advanced search options showcase precise results based on your competitors.

When our experts review Long Tail Pro in terms of related keywords, they emphasize the importance of the seed keyword choice. If you determine topic-relevant seed keywords, the platform can pick the most effective target key terms on various metrics. Sorting related keywords in reference to CPC both locally and globally is another vital feature. It means users can keep lists organized and coherent by filtering out irrelevant key phrases. That way, they can choose keywords they find profitable for their site’s niche and move to the Competitor Analysis section.

Spying on the competition’s keyword performance is pivotal if you want to lead the industry game. When Long Tail Pro scrutinizes competitive keywords, it unveils business-beneficial key terms you still aren’t utilizing within your campaigns. One more thing users can do here is to dissect and compare their keyword suggestions against competitors. Moreover, our Long Tail Pro review experts highlight the flawless custom Average Keyword Competitiveness score. It defines how viable your keyword ideas for the brand are on a scale of 0 to 100. Metrics like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, External Backlinks, and Site Age are worth no less attention.

As practice shows, automated processes are not always about correctness. The platform includes the Manual Keyword function, which allows users to re-check different metrics, like KD, volume, rank value, and more for a specific keyword list. You may audit up to 200 key terms in one go.

SERP Analysis

Keyword research is closely related to the SERP Analysis feature and their cooperation contributes to better site optimization. To begin SERP Analysis, users need to enter a seed keyword to trace its SERP. Long Tail Pro reviews affirm that you acquire a quick and detailed overview of your SERP, including the average search volume and KC. The comprehensive breakdown will provide deep insights with a strong focus on top competitors with their color-marked domain difficulty.

The platform conducts SERP Analysis by the following metrics:

  • Domain Keyword Competition – it measures the domain overall, combining scores for all parameters
  • Trust Flow 
  • Citation Flow 
  • Domain TF & CF
  • Page Ref Domains
  • Root Ref
  • External Backlinks
  • Internal Links
  • Indexed URLs
  • Site Age

Such data volume might be overwhelming for newbies to process, so Long Tail Pro enables dashboard customization to exclude superfluous metrics. Nevertheless, keep in mind that every single parameter matters. To be more precise, the number of indexed URLs can give you an understanding of the site’s content size. Meanwhile, TF and CF scores display competitive potential in the SERPs. Root Ref indexes will point to whether the domain is valuable for driving traffic.

With regard to the factors above, the Long Tail Pro review team suggests this tool is incredibly useful for locating the right keywords to target. Users don’t have to filter the large amount of raw data manually, but can entrust the process to quick automated analysis. That way, you kill two birds with one stone: save time and effort and discover precious long-tail keywords in no time.

Rank Tracker

Another selling point of Long Tail Pro is definitely its Rank Tracker. It comes in handy in keeping track of keyword dynamics. Just add the required keywords and site URL, select the country, search engine, and timeline intervals to monitor keyword performance daily, monthly, or yearly. According to most Long Tail Pro reviews, tracking results for each country individually is a highly efficient way to grow your rank and scale your business. The same relates to examining ranks for small batches of keywords. It will help you to precisely determine which keyword cluster attracts massive traffic. The results will provide you with the site’s current ranking along with the ability to scrutinize the ranking history for each keyword over time from the initial tracking point.

The good news is you can generate reports for multiple projects simultaneously and present them to the marketing team or clients. These reports provide insightful stats on all the crucial metrics. At the same time, you can overview gains and losses of positions for particular queries, learning all the keyword gaps and opportunities. It is also possible to gauge domains of competitors e. Still, when comparing the Rank Tracker by Long Tail Pro to that of SE Ranking, for example – the latter is much more powerful. With the former platform, you have to enter keywords and upload listings manually, which can be a significant obstacle when working with big sites.

Our Long Tail Pro review specialists find Rank Tracker functionality to be fairly similar to Google Search Console, especially regarding metrics. But still, Long Tail Pro wins if taking granularity and user-friendliness into account. Furthermore, there is a rankings update on a daily basis with weekly email notifications that allows you to keep abreast of the progress of every keyword ranking project..

Backlink Analysis

Frankly speaking, the Backlink Analysis Tool is not one of Long Trail Pro’s best features, but it still can considerably enhance link-building efforts. It will audit your or your opponents’ backlink profile from top to bottom and uncover untapped opportunities to help you make your business a leader in its niche.

As for the benefits users may attain with the Backlink Analysis Tool, the following points stand out in this review about Long Tail Pro:

  • Thorough Competitor Analysis: It helps meticulously scan rivals’ backlink performance to unearth potential sources for profitable backlinks.
  • Tracking Backlink Growth: By monitoring backlink dynamics, users can evaluate the effectiveness of their SEO endeavors and develop winning strategies based on data-driven decisions.
  • Quality Awareness: Based on Trust Flow and Citation Flow, users can identify potentially toxic backlinks and disavow harmful ones to maintain a healthy and well performing backlink profile .

This service provides digital marketers and SEO professionals with features for backlink activity diagnostics such as:

  • In-Depth Backlink Data – Overview comprehensive insights into the total number of backlinks, referring domains, and distribution of link types (follow/nofollow) of any site’s backlink profile you want to analyze.
  • Anchor Text Audit – The tool allows you to see used anchor texts, giving a holistic view of all the keywords and phrases other sites associate the analyzed site with.
  • Link Quality and Authority – With the TF and CF metrics by Moz, you can quickly evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of sites linking to your domain.
  • Referring Domains & Pages – Long Tail Pro reviews emphasize that the tool only shows the number of referring domains but also pitches info about the particular pages receiving backlinks. Thus, it is easy to reveal what site’s content attracts massive external links.
  • Backlink Monitoring – It is possible to trace the dates when the link was indexed, last seen, and deleted.

Though the Backlink Analysis tool comes with a simple, hassle-free interface to build links even for beginners, the pricing model for this asset is not very affordable.

Site Audit

Running site audits is also important to keep the site user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Our Long Tail Pro review team has figured out that the built-in Site Audit feature benefits users by:

  • Prioritizing and fixing all the issues harming the site’s overall health 
  • Tracking the site’s speed and digital performance
  • Troubleshooting technical SEO malfunctions
  • Internal linking optimization

The tool conducts a thorough analysis of each corner of the site. While crawling all the pages, it gauges different on-page SEO factors, like meta/header tags, URL structure, keyword usage, internal/external links, content quality, etc. Based on those findings, users obtain an SEO health score for the site, indicating how well it is streamlined for various search engines. Likewise, as in other Long Tail Pro reviews, we believe that a high score means the site is moving in the right direction along with relevant SEO practices.

Furthermore, the Site Audit function detects minor and major SEO issues affecting the site’s performance. These include duplicate content, slow-loading pages, missing meta descriptions, broken links, excessive redirects, and other tech SEO bugs. After diligent scanning, the tool forms a list of issues to fix in order of urgency and severity. That way, it can help you prioritize critical malfunctions that might have the most negative influence on user experience and search rankings.

Rest assured that you won’t be left without actionable recommendations on how to solve all on-site problems. They appear in the form of step-by-step guides with the necessary changes to make to optimize the site . But this is not the limit. According to Long Tail Pro review 2024, the Site Audit allows customization crawling options to suit each business’s SEO needs. You can set the crawl speed, include/exclude particular pages, and adjust some other parameters for a more dedicated checkup. After following the suggested improvements, users can regularly re-run audits to keep track of the SEO health score and progress over time.


Summing up to review Long Tail Pro, we should note that this platform is a brilliant finding among keyword research tools in today’s market. Covering outstanding features for profound and high-performing keyword exploration, it also boasts other potent capabilities to streamline the site to the top of Google: SERP Analysis, Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis, and Site Audit. It is also worth highlighting Long Trail Pro’s user-friendly interface and affordable pricing policy, which makes it a perfect solution for novice SEO and marketing specialists.

Still, if you are looking for a more comprehensive toolset for advanced optimization, take a look at SE Ranking. Among all the Long Tail Pro alternatives, this service is the most accomplished and enables the seamless and successful streamlining of all scale businesses. Give it a try for a 14-day free test period and you will never want another SEO software.

Quick Answers Questions

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is one of the market’s oldest and most efficient keyword research tools, designed by Spencer Haws. According to our Long Tail Pro review experts, Its initial purpose was to help marketers and SEO individuals tackle and fetch long-tail keywords to drive intense organic traffic to the site. The tool currently offers other valuable features for all-in-one optimization, like rank tracking, backlink analysis, SERP analysis, and site auditing.

How to Use Long Tail Pro

The first step after choosing and subscribing to a suitable pricing plan is to set up a project and enter the domain of the site you wish to search for keywords. Choose the preferred country and adjust the search suggestions. Then type in a seed keyword and acquire unique long-tail keywords in just a moment.

What is Long Tail Pro Used For?

Throughout our Long Tail Pro review 2024, we have discovered the following ways to utilize the tool:

  • Generation of keyword ideas by entering seed keywords or competitors’ URLs
  • Diligent analysis of keyword metrics like KC and search volume
  • Monitoring keyword ranking across different search engines and countries via Rank Tracker
  • Running backlink analysis to scrutinize your and your opponent’s backlink profiles as well as missed link-building opportunities
  • Conducting a 360-degree site audit to detect and fix all on-page SEO issues

How Much Is Long Tail Pro?

Our review of Long Tail Pro confirms that the platform at present-day offers 3 affordable pricing tiers catering to the marketing and SEO needs of both newbies and pro users: Starter, Pro, and Agency respectively priced at $59.99, $89.99, and $299.99 per month. If you decide to pay annually, the service will generously give you 3 months of free usage.

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