Surfer SEO Pricing Plans 2024

Surfer SEO is a Content Intelligence tool that integrates content strategy, creation, and optimization to help grow brands, boost organic traffic, and increase revenue. It employs smart algorithms to uncover the most promising content opportunities and create a data-driven content strategy.

In this comprehensive comparison article, we’ll explore Surfer SEO’s pricing plans for 2024: Essential, Advance, Max, and Enterprise. Continue reading to understand each plan, helping you decide which best aligns with your content and SEO objectives.

Surfer SEO Essential Pricing Plan

The cheapest Surfer SEO pricing plan is tailored for individuals and small teams seeking an elemental SEO boost to meet their moderate content needs. This plan is priced at $69 per month when billed annually, offering an economical option for those committed to a long-term strategy. Alternatively, Surfer SEO’s monthly pricing is $89 per month for those preferring flexibility.

What does the Surfer SEO Essential pricing plan Include?

  • Content Editor: This Sufer SEO pricing plan provides guidelines and suggestions for smarter writing, allowing up to 180 articles annually or 15 articles per month when billing monthly. For those needing more, additional articles are available at $5 each.
  • Keyword Research: It offers up to 100 searches daily, helping you craft an SEO-ready content strategy quickly and efficiently.
  • Organization Seats: The plan includes 2 seats, making it suitable for small teams or individual users who require collaborative functionality.
  • Sharable Articles: Users can share up to 2 articles, allowing external writers to access articles without needing to log in or join the organization.
  • Plagiarism Checker: A full and in-depth plagiarism check is available within the Content Editor, ensuring the originality of the content.
  • Terms Assistant: Within the Content Editor, this AI tool suggests optimal places to insert keywords into your article’s paragraphs.
  • Google Docs Integration: This Surfer SEO Chrome Extension brings Surfer SEO insights into Google Docs, allowing you to work in a familiar environment.
  • WordPress Integration: The Surfer SEO Essential Pricing Plan streamlines content transfer from the Content Editor to WordPress, simplifying asset management and saving time.
  • Jasper Integration: This feature enhances content creation speed by combining the capabilities of Surfer and Jasper, allowing for the production of optimized content up to 5 times faster.

The Surfer SEO Essential plan is a good starting point for content writers looking to elevate their work. Its key advantages lie in its seamless integration with popular tools like Google Docs, WordPress, and Jasper, streamlining the content creation process. With features like advanced keyword research, AI-assisted writing, and plagiarism checks, it equips writers with the tools to enhance their SEO effectiveness and overall content quality.

Surfer SEO Advanced Pricing Plan

The Surfer SEO Advanced Pricing Plan is crafted for SEO experts and teams with regular content needs. Priced at $179 per month for those preferring a monthly plan or at a reduced rate of $149 per month when billed annually, this plan is ideal for professionals seeking comprehensive SEO solutions to support their consistent content creation and optimization efforts.

What does the Surfer SEO Advanced pricing plan Include?

The Advanced plan from Surfer SEO builds upon the Essential plan, offering the same array of tools but with significantly increased capacities to suit more intensive content needs.

How is the Surfer SEO Advanced plan different from the Essential plan?

  • Content Editor: This plan allows the creation of up to 45 articles per month, or 570 articles per year, effectively tripling the number compared to the Essential plan. Additionally, each extra article costs only $3, making it a more economical option than the Essential plan, where additional articles were priced at $5 each.
  • Organization Seats: The Advanced plan includes 5 organization seats, offering much more room for teamwork and collaboration compared to the Essential plan, which only has 2 seats. This enhancement makes it ideal for larger teams or collaborative projects, enhancing productivity and facilitating a more integrated content strategy.

The primary difference between Surfer SEO’s Advanced and Essential plans lies in the increased user capacity and content output. The Advanced plan allows for more team members with its 5 user seats. It significantly boosts content production, offering three times the number of articles in the Content Editor compared to the Essential plan. Your choice between these two plans should hinge on the size of your team expected to use the tool and your monthly article output. Remember that if you exceed the allotted number of articles, both plans offer the flexibility to purchase additional articles (though at a more favorable rate in the Advanced plan).

Surfer SEO Max Pricing Plan

The Surfer SEO Max Pricing Plan is tailored for agencies and teams, offering a wide range of tools and features to support comprehensive SEO and content strategies. It is available for $299 per month with a monthly billing option. Alternatively, for those interested in Surfer SEO’s yearly pricing benefits, the plan is open at $249 per month when billed annually.

What does the Surfer SEO Max pricing plan Include?

The Surfer SEO Max pricing plan includes all the Advanced Plan features, additional capabilities, and higher limits.

The Surfer SEO Max pricing plan includes all the Advanced Plan features, additional capabilities, and higher limits.

  • Content Editor: This Surfer SEO pricing plan boosts your content capacity significantly, allowing for the creation of 90 articles per month, or a total of 1080 articles per year. Additional articles can be purchased at $3 each.
  • Organization Seats: With 10 organization seats, the Max plan supports larger teams, offering more collaborative opportunities and a broader scope for content management and strategy execution.

Additional Features in the Surfer SEO Max Pricing Plan:

  • Audit: Users can quickly optimize your existing pages using data-driven insights from top-performing search results, enhancing your pages’ SEO effectiveness.
  • SERP Analyzer: This feature allows you to thoroughly analyze search engine result pages (SERPs) with up to 100 daily audits. This tool allows you to understand successful strategies within your niche and pinpoint focus areas for improvement.
  • Whitelabel: Agencies can customize Surfer SEO solutions with their own branding, including domain and logo, to maintain brand consistency across their tools and client presentations.
  • API Access: Subscribers can automate query creation, manage tasks in bulk, and analyze data seamlessly. They don’t need to access the Surfer SEO web app directly, streamlining their SEO processes and data management.

The Surfer SEO Max plan is a robust option that extends beyond basic content creation, offering enhanced integration and features crucial for agency-level operations. It provides additional tools for SEO analysis, content optimization, and the flexibility of white-label branding and API access, catering to a wide range of agency-specific needs. 

However, it’s important to note that if your interest lies in only certain add-ons, committing to the Max plan is unnecessary. All of these features can be added separately to a lower-tier plan. Carefully evaluating all Surfer SEO plans and pricing, as well as your specific requirements, can help you determine the most cost-effective and beneficial approach for your needs.

Surfer SEO Enterprise Pricing Plan

The Surfer SEO Enterprise Pricing Plan is tailored for large agencies and enterprises aiming for maximum SEO growth and scalability. This plan goes beyond the standard offerings, providing a custom solution that aligns with the unique needs of large-scale operations. Pricing and contract terms are individually negotiated to ensure a perfect fit for your organization’s specific requirements and objectives. 

What does the Surfer SEO Enterprise pricing plan Include?

The Surfer SEO Enterprise pricing plan is the most comprehensive offering, encompassing all the options available within the tool, each customizable to your specific needs. 

There are no set numerical limits within the Enterprise plan. Whether it’s the number of articles in the Content Editor, audits in the SERP Analyzer, or seats for organization members, everything can be adjusted according to your scale and scope of operations. 

This plan is especially beneficial for organizations that require a high degree of control and customization over their tools, ensuring that every aspect of Surfer SEO’s capabilities can be fine-tuned to align with evolving business needs.

Summarizing the Surfer SEO Enterprise plan, its evaluation poses a challenge due to the lack of specific information, as it is entirely customized to cater to unique needs. For businesses with particular requirements and needing tailored SEO solutions, engaging directly with Surfer SEO’s sales department is the best course of action. By discussing your specific needs with their team, you can better understand what the Enterprise plan can offer and how it can be adapted to align with your organizational goals and strategies.

Add-ons with Surfer SEO pricing plans

Surfer SEO enables you to buy separate add-ons that provide enhanced functionality and customization to Surfer SEO’s core offerings. This approach allows users to tailor the tool to their specific needs, whether for individual tasks or comprehensive enterprise-level SEO strategies.

  • Surfer AI: This tool enables the creation of articles optimized for ranking in just minutes. It is perfect for researching, writing, and swiftly optimizing content across various industries. Available for $29 per article across all pricing plans.
  • Audit: Using this feature, you can enhance the SEO of existing pages using data from top-performing search results. Priced at $49 per month, it includes 100 audits per month. This feature is already included in the Max and Enterprise plans.
  • SERP Analyzer: It enables you to dive deeply into search engine results pages (SERPs) and data to understand successful strategies in your niche. It is available for $29 per month, offering 100 audits per day. This feature is also included in both Max and Enterprise plans.
  • White Label: Agencies can customize Surfer SEO solutions with their branding, including domain and logo, for $49 monthly to ensure brand consistency. This feature is included in the Max and Enterprise plans.
  • API: This allows for the automation of query creation and bulk work, enabling data analysis without needing to access the Surfer web app. It is priced at $29 per month and is also included in the Max and Enterprise plans.

Money-back Guarantee

Surfer SEO offers a 7-day money-back guarantee for its monthly subscriptions (Essential, Advanced, Max), providing customers with a risk-free opportunity to try their services. If it doesn’t meet your expectations or you change your mind within the first 7 days, you can request a full refund. However, this guarantee doesn’t cover add-ons, AI credits, and overages.

A full refund is available for annual plans only if usage stays within the monthly limits (15 Content Editors for Essential, 45 for Advanced, and 90 for Max). Exceeding these limits results in a deduction from the refund for each additional Content Editor used. 

Which Surfer SEO Pricing Plan is Best?

Deciding on the best Surfer SEO pricing plan depends on your needs. Each package offers the flexibility to purchase additional options or extra articles for the Content Editor, making them flexible. However, one key factor is the number of team accounts, which cannot be added separately. Therefore, when choosing a plan, it’s crucial to consider the number of team members using the tool. To make an informed decision, carefully calculate your anticipated number of articles, the size of your team, and the specific features you need. This careful analysis will guide you in selecting the most suitable plan within the Surfer SEO plans and pricing framework for your unique SEO and content creation needs.


In this Surfer SEO pricing review for 2024, we’ve aimed to guide you through choosing the right plan among the various Surfer SEO pricing and plans, emphasizing the importance of aligning with your specific needs. While Surfer SEO stands out as a potent tool for content writing, enhancing your SEO strategies through data-driven guidelines and content optimization, it’s crucial to note its focus area. Unlike some broader SEO platforms, Surfer SEO doesn’t encompass a full spectrum of SEO tools such as in-depth competitive analysis, rank tracking, backlink checking, monitoring tools, or advanced reporting options. Therefore, while assessing Surfer SEO pricing plans, consider how its content-centric features fit into your overall strategy and whether you might need additional tools for comprehensive SEO management.

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