Best WebCEO Alternatives – Exploring Tools to Find Your SEO Game Changer

Building and developing the business in today’s competitive online space is challenging. So, if you want to stay ahead of digital rivals, incorporating SEO tools into the workflow is a must. But how to know which one will bring bang for your buck? As practice shows, WebCEO proves to be a viable SEO platform that caters to the needs of both small companies and agencies. It includes modules from rank tracking to social networking to optimize sites effectively.

However, if the provided features are still insufficient to achieve set goals, our detailed guide of matchless WebCEO alternatives will help you find the most potent solution. Look carefully through each platform and decide what can profit you according to your SEO and marketing expectations. Let’s embark on an informative best WebCEO competitor analysis journey!

Consideration of Key Factors for WebCEO Alternatives Selection

To change from WebCEO to another program, you should be aware that it covers the same tools and functionalities or similar ones. But the most important is checking out whether core capabilities for well-rounded SEO are available:

  • Tracking rankings across major search engines and devices over time and at local and global levels
  • Profound keyword research with actionable suggestions
  • Rich-metric SEO auditing 
  • Backlink analysis, including spying on competitors’ backlink performance and revealing untapped link-building opportunities
  • Content management tools to create, edit, publish, and monitor content
  • White-label and branded SEO reporting

No less essential is to review the pricing policy, which has to be identical or even with more affordable tiers. Of course, there might be exceptions to WebCEO alternatives, where expensive cost corresponds to the impeccable toolkit’s quality. 

List of Top Tools

If you are looking for an all-in-one alternative to WebCEO or geared toward one of the specific functions mentioned above, this post will be equally helpful in capturing your cup of tea. Here’s a quick summary of our top 3 picks for 2024, but it doesn’t mean other services are less performing for optimization purposes.

  • SE Ranking. A robust SEO software delivering advanced features and unique data insights to in-house teams and agencies. Users can enjoy dedicated tools from keyword and competitor research to local SEO and content management, along with flawless reporting and automation at generous pricing.
  • Ahrefs. With its vast datasets, lightning-fast web crawling, and accurate metrics, this all-in-one platform allows growing search traffic and boosting online presence seamlessly and via intuitive UI.
  • SEMRush. A versatile program for SEO pros and seasoned marketers to revamp organic and paid campaigns with modules from overall SEO to sophisticated streamlining of social media and advertising performance.

SE Ranking

Wondering what SEO solution is among the most accomplished on the market? SE Ranking is the answer. This WebCEO alternative is designed with both in-house teams’ and agencies’ needs in mind. The top priority of the platform implies delivering world-class data accuracy and advanced features at every stage of optimization, from keyword rank-tracking and competitor analysis to content creation and enhancement. Powered by groundbreaking AI and NLP mechanisms, SE Ranking gives unique and granular stats as well as actionable suggestions, and all these are packed in a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Aside from extensive databases and a robust toolset, the software boasts matchless automation, including a White Label reporting module. It brings excellent value to marketing agencies, similar to other goodies, namely Agency Pack, a lead generation widget, and API. Considering the optimization power that SEO pros and teams might acquire, SE Ranking is very fair-priced.


SE Ranking is the best WebCEO alternative for the reason it handles any SEO task with flying colors and supports users throughout the process. As it might take thousands of words to highlight the built-in capabilities, let’s focus on the brightest selling points for in-house professionals and digital agencies:

  • Rank Tracker. It is the treasure trove of the platform that comes with two modules according to your rank tracking requirements. If you are an SEO shark, the tool will showcase precise daily keyword positions, offering on-page and content fix suggestions. You can gauge performance by scores of search visibility, average position, and organic traffic, stacking up your site against competitors, pinpointing the most traffic-driving keywords and pages, and many more. Marketing agencies will find this feature viable for unique data insights and brilliant, simple-to-understand reports to keep clients updated with the progress. On top of that, agency players can group and tag huge keyword lists for effortless and time-saving project management in bulk.
  • Competitor Analysis Tool. Unlike other WebCEO alternatives, this module performs 360-degree competitive research based on the biggest database in the US market. Users can dip their toes into rivals’ strategies regarding organic and paid traffic, keyword and backlink dynamics, and PPC activities, obtaining all crucial stats.
  • Content Editor. Though WebCEO has content optimization tools, SE Ranking surpasses it in this department by leaps and bounds. Marketing specialists may create original SEO-powerful content leveraging AI algorithms for outlining ideas and improving readability and overall quality to engage the target audience. The tool also recommends specific parameters to follow based on competitive intelligence.


If we had to describe the pricing system in one word, it would be cost-effective. All 3 packages count different budget opportunities, concurrently securing worthy quality within each tool and feature. Users are free to pick from monthly or yearly subscriptions. But keep in mind that an annual plan saves a pocket up to 20%. Decide on the volume of capabilities you want to use and purchase the relevant package:

  • Essential – $44 monthly
  • Pro – $87.20 monthly
  • Business – $191.20 monthly

Users may see for themselves that the platform is a lucrative investment choice by testing all plans for free within two weeks.


SE Ranking has everything agency, and in-house professionals can expect from the top WebCEO alternative. The nifty data coverage with unique insights, advanced tools to optimize rankings, keywords, backlinks, traffic, content, comprehensive white-label reporting, API, and cutting-edge AI and NLP technologies. Rest assured, it will take going the extra mile to find at least slightly similar solutions with such a good value for money.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a credible SEO assistant that optimizes all aspects of the site for beneficial online marketing. It helps build effective strategies in straightforward ways, from researching for promising keywords to crafting custom reports. Being one of the pioneering SEO tools, it still constantly refreshes its features, metrics, and infrastructure to stay a meaningful WebCEO alternative. That’s why you may be sure about data quality, granularity of results, and ease of use. 


  • Keyword Explorer. With a 1.25B keyword database, the tool aims to detect which terms the site can successfully rank for and earn top search engine positions. Aside from scoring keyword difficulty, search volume, and expected CTR, users can analyze SERPs for particular key terms and discover relevant long-tail keywords, including those in question format. The Keyword Suggestions feature helps prioritize keywords to target by topic and lexical similarity via the stunning Relevancy metric. The tool also enables creating Keyword Lists for seamless further tracking and applying them to upcoming strategies, as well as conducting deep competitor keyword exploration.
  • Link Explorer. Building a high-quality backlink profile is what this tool does excellent. It will esteem all backlinks, linking domains, high-performing pages, anchor texts, new/lost links, and Spam scores to reinforce your link-building endeavors. Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics, which are more powerful than those of other Moz Pro alternatives, scrutinize competitive standing under the microscope to generate tons of profitable backlinks.
  • Rank Tracker. Tracking keyword performance accurately, revealing all ups and downs across 200+ countries is accessible with this module. You will get a detailed snapshot of search visibility, considering desktop and mobile results, competitors, and local or global ranks over the required timeline. All these aim to identify what you should improve to win the top SERPs.
  • Site Crawl. Moz Pro quickly scans sites on technical SEO issues over time and instantly alerts them. You can see a colorful breakdown of new, critical, and total errors based on pages crawled. From broken redirects to content issues, the tool prioritizes urgent problems to fix and gives users full control to act responsively, explaining how each issue might affect your SEO.


This is the best WebCEO alternative regarding the toolset, which can’t be said about the pricing model, which is above the market. For that reason, the platform is mainly aimed at seasoned SEO specialists and marketers. Users can select a package depending on their business size and SEO requirements from:

  • Standard – $99 monthly
  • Medium – $179 monthly
  • Large – $299 monthly
  • Premium – $599 monthly

The vendors vouch for Moz Pro quality and give you the opportunity to see it for yourself with a generous 30-day trial period. In the case of choosing an annual plan, it is possible to save up to 20%.


If you seek a time-tested SEO program to take any business to new heights, Moz Pro is among the best WebCEO alternatives. Both SEO professionals and marketing agencies can expect high-quality optimization from keyword inspection to link analysis through credible, extensive data, remarkable metrics, and immediate reporting. Pricing tiers are not budget-friendly, and the UI isn’t straightforward, making the tool not suitable for newbies. However, advanced users affirm that the possibilities you acquire with Moz Pro are worth every dollar spent.

Long Tail Pro

Although Long Tail Pro is an all-in-one SEO solution, it stands as a head-to-head WebCEO competitor regarding keyword research. The platform takes comprehensive approaches to reveal niche precious long-tail key terms. From tiny blogs to big sites, everyone can find valuable keyword opportunities here and turn them into revenue.


  • Keyword Research. Just enter a seed keyword, and the tool will generate up to 400 terms in a few moments. Filtering suggestions based on search volume, CPC, rank value, etc., can facilitate finding the most profitable and niche-relevant keywords. In addition, you can overview competitors’ strategies, unveiling top-performing keywords for developing better tactics to outrank them.
  • SERP Analysis. This module aids in analyzing organic traffic potential against competitors in SERPs and discloses opportunities for engaging the target audience. Monitor up to 200 keywords concurrently, but the downside is you have to do it manually.
  • Rank Tracker. With this function, it is hassle-free to keep abreast of ranking dynamics. Precisely measurable results by core metrics combined with exhaustive real-time reports will profoundly analyze target keywords on profitability. Plus, users can stay updated on all the fluctuations in positions via weekly emails so they act promptly to boost ranks.
  • Backlink Analysis. Like the rest of Long Tail Pro alternatives, this department analyzes backlink quality based on critical parameters like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, anchor text distribution, and so on. It is possible to discover broken links to your site and define high-value content with inbound links as well.
  • Site Audit. It ensures swift and effective crawling of pages on technical SEO problems, from meta tags to internal linking issues and loading speed bugs. The tool calculates Health Scores in percentage, grouping errors by urgency to fix.


Here are available 3 plans designed to the needs of small teams, mid-size businesses, and agencies at quite reasonable prices:

  • Starter – $59.99 monthly
  • Pro – $89.99 monthly
  • Agency – $299.99 monthly

Decide what number of projects, tracked keywords, and daily keyword results, you need to grow your brand, and choose a matching package. Remember, if paid annually, the platform gifts a 25% discount.


Long Tail Pro might be an excellent WebCEO alternative for unearthing precious long-tail keywords to drive organic traffic. Still, if keyword research isn’t your only focus point, other built-in functionalities, like rank tracking, backlink analysis, and site audit, will be less beneficial compared to other all-around tools.


For those who target experience high-level site auditing, Sitechecker belongs to the greatest WebCEO alternatives. It is a revolutionary web crawler for running thorough technical SEO audits, whether you launch a site from scratch or yearn to boost search performance. Plus, the platform houses assets for monitoring ranks and backlinks, equally contributing to the needs of business owners, agencies, and digital marketers.


No doubt, On-Page SEO Checker, Site Monitoring, Backlink Tracker, and SEO Chrome Extension might fuel your strategies, but let’s shed light on the features shining the brightest.

  • Website Crawler. This intelligent utility diligently scans site-level and page-level issues, computing the overall Website Score based on the number of pages crawled. You will immediately receive email notifications whenever the project has critical issues or warnings. The exciting feature here, which is typically rare at WebCEO competitors, is informative video instructions on why the particular issue is essential and how to eliminate it. For more dedicated auditing, users can check top pages SEO health by key parameters like meta tags, content optimization, structured data, images, search optimization, links, and PageSpeed Insights. The tool also allows scanning internal/external links and anchor texts on relevance and creating professional-looking white-label reports.
  • Rank Tracker. Sitechecker impresses with its capacity to track keyword positions on any device and location of choice across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Keep updated on top keywords’ movements up and down by weekly reports and easily discover the right terms via advanced filtering and using the full-screen option. You may cluster keywords by the amplitude of position change, custom tracking with Cost Per Click and Potential Rank metrics, and compare rankings for any dates. Running bulk keyword monitoring and leaving significant notes are goodies not all Sitechecker alternatives can boast.


From small businesses to dedicated marketing agencies and SEO experts, the software offers 4 pricing options that vary in the scope of features:

  • Basic – $41monthly
  • Standard – $125 monthly
  • Premium – $208 monthly
  • Enterprise – custom

If users can afford an annual plan, they get 2 free months by subscribing. No less generous the service is regarding a trial period, as anyone can completely test tools out for two weeks free of charge.


Among the variety of alternatives to WebCEO, Sitechecker is a brilliant all-in-one SEO solution emphasizing complex site auditing. Its crawling mechanisms and rank-monitoring module’s power aim to streamline the site for boosted rankings and organic traffic noticeably and in no time. Meanwhile, the pricing system is of the middle segment and has no striking difference with WebCEO.


Similarly to Moz, Ahrefs is a veteran of SEO tools for all-purpose improvement of site performance to grow search traffic. The platform delivers viable features for tracking ranking progress, exploring keywords, analyzing competitors, auditing sites, and uncovering content ideas and link-building opportunities. Aside from being the most active web crawler on the market, Ahrefs has extensive datasets, industry-leading metrics, a bunch of educational resources, and a comprehensive dashboard. Its toolset is designed to concurrently meet the needs of SEO pros and marketers from different business directions like content, SaaS, and e-commerce, making it a stunning WebCEO alternative.


Ahrefs perfectly tracks keyword positions across 190 countries on desktop and mobile devices, visualizing SEO progress through interactive graphs. It can also pinpoint your site’s weak points with in-depth auditing and optimize content for any marketing campaign. But the following modules are definitely core selling points, providing more efficacy than some of the Ahrefs alternatives.

  • Site Explorer. As the software initially accented on backlink authority checking, it is probably the most powerful asset with a highly trusted Domain Rating metric. Due to the biggest live backlink database and historical data from up to 7 years back, you can carefully analyze all sites that link to your competitors and measure the backlinks’ quality within a specific timeline. The tool will give detailed insights into the organic and paid search performance of rivals as well as site structure. 
  • Keyword Explorer. Tons of keyword ideas will appear in a moment via processing the data across 170 countries and search engines like Google, Amazon, Bing, YouTube, etc. Users are free to add up to 10,000 keywords in a single go to identify precise numbers regarding keyword difficulty, search volume, CPC, global volume, and traffic potential. If one wants a deeper analysis, it is possible to use advanced SEO metrics such as Cost per click, Clicks per search, SERP features, etc., to find the most profitable key terms.


Whether you simply start marketing way or are an SEO pro, the software presents 4 packages with all the required functionalities for every stage of optimization. Depending on the business scale, users may pick from such monthly subscriptions:

  • Lite – $99
  • Standard – $199
  • Advanced – $399
  • Enterprise – $999

You can see that Ahrefs isn’t among the best WebCEO alternatives from a pricing standpoint. But impeccable tools’ capacity entirely makes up for the cost. In addition, 2 free months go as a gift if paid annually.


If you are dubious about Ahrefs being a win-win investment decision, the answer is definitely yes. Its constantly upgraded features, large databases, and progressive metrics ensure flexible usability and world-class optimization regardless of the niche you want to promote the business. However, the pricey subscription plans make the platform unaffordable to entry-level marketers. 

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is another potent SEO weapon to propel your strategies in the competitive marketing space. Being a complete suite of advanced features to manage all SEO facets, from rankings to backlinks, it proves to be one of the top WebCEO alternatives. With its wealth of insights and capabilities, even the startup business might get an edge over competitors.


  • Rank Tracker. By harnessing this tool, users can monitor keyword positions in local and global search results across Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., on desktops and mobiles. Tracking SERP features and organic rivals, as well as delving into SERP history to compare ranking dynamics, is at your disposal here.
  • Website Auditor. It intensely scrutinizes your site to detect all areas for enhancement and streamlining. SEO Spider audits all internal and external resources to uncover bugs, while the Core Web Vitals module is responsible for fixing all elements negatively impacting the site’s loading speed and overall performance. Plus, users may efficiently optimize for semantic search with the trailblazing TF-IDF feature, which other SEO PowerSuite alternatives lack.
  • SEO SpyGalss. This function spies on the backlink profiles of your competitors, arming you with advantageous opportunities to outrank them. The backlink analysis takes place by the parameters: backlinks, linking domains, anchor texts, linked pages, referral traffic, Penalty Risk, referring IPS, etc.
  • Link Assistant. With this utility, users may fully upgrade their link-building efforts by earning top-quality backlinks from reputable sites. Setting up automated backlink outreach, getting relevant link suggestions, customizable reports, and many more await you here.


The platform has a drastically different pricing approach from the WebCEO alternatives. Firstly, it secures a free version with limitations that still lets novice marketers with a shoestring budget experience sufficient optimization. Secondly, there are no monthly payments, and users must commit to a yearly package at once. But the great news is SEO PowerSuite enables separate-tool purchasing. So whether it is an in-house team or an agency, 2 plans offered cater to both requirements:

  • Professional – $299 yearly
  • Enterprise – $499 yearly


SEO PowerSuite is rightfully considered the best WebCEO alternative. With its progressive tools, SEO algorithms, and comprehensive reporting, any brand or business can become a big industry name. And despite the fact that you should fork out for the yearly subscription directly, it might be cost-effective in the long run.


If you are searching for SEO software to unlock your site’s potential in full to attract heavy traffic and raise online visibility, SEMRush is just an unparalleled alternative to WebCEO. The platform is the 55+ tool powerhouse to outshine competitors with all-embracing modules from overall SEO to advertising. The fact that world-known brands like Tesla, Amazon, Forbes, and Quora utilize this service justifies remarkable effectiveness and credibility.


Whatever optimization module you choose, rest assured you will leave your competitors in the rearview mirror. Still, our experts would like to overview the most standout features.

  • Keyword Research. This department involves 6 viable tools, where the Keyword Magic Tool is the precious gem. It assists in spotting high-performing keywords locally and globally with a 25.0B keyword dataset, conducting intent analysis, and accurately calculating keyword difficulty and search volume scores. You can also set up your own filters, automatically cluster keywords, and look through related keywords to find low-competition high-click terms.
  • Competitor Analysis. With this toolkit, no stone will be left unturned in attaining unique and insightful data with regard to rivals’ every digital footprint. It especially brings value to identifying what keyword and content SEO practices promote engaging organic traffic for them.
  • Position Tracking. It is a well-rounded solution for real-time tracking of keyword positions on different devices and locations. Users can review their ranking distribution in Google’s organic top 3, 10, 20, and 100 and stack up side-by-side with competitors.

Unlike most SEMRush alternatives, the software encompasses paid marketing tools to bolster your advertising campaigns and PPC research features to find the right keywords for these campaigns so that they match audience intent.


The truth is that world-class quality costs a lot typically, and SEMRush isn’t on the list of WebCEO alternatives with lucrative pricing. Nevertheless, the optimization force you gain with any package purchased is as good as gold. From small businesses to big organizations, every user will find their perfect plan based on the scope of features:

  • Pro – $129.95 monthly (free trial available)
  • Guru – $249.95 monthly (free trial available)
  • Business – $499.95 monthly

An annual payment option allows you to save up to 17% of the budget.


Achieving an online presence standing head and shoulders above niche rivals is guaranteed with SEMRush. Our experts declare it as the best WebCEO alternative for a reason. With robust and comprehensive data, user-friendly UI, and a plethora of premium tools from SEO and content marketing to social media management and agency solutions, every marketer, SEO specialist, or agency can soar to new digital heights in no time.


Simplifying your SEO workflow is a cakewalk with this all-around SEO platform. Seobility equips users with all SEO analyses and tools needed based on three core pillars: site auditing, tracking rankings, and monitoring backlinks. There is no need to juggle different solo-purpose platforms, as this WebCEO alternative enables sustainable growth of ranking and online visibility.


  • Rank Tracking. Seobility automatically keeps track of Google rankings for desktop and mobile search results, providing frequent updates to react proactively. The tool can be valuable for city-based keyword tracking and peeping into the ranking picture of up to 20 competitive domains. In-depth SERP analysis, including metrics of CPC, search volume, and competition per keyword as well as extensive reporting, will pave the way for successful optimization.
  • Website Audit Tool. Such a crawling capacity might be hard to find at other Seobility alternatives. Users may perform 360-degree SEO audits on more than 300 SEO factors. Drill down into issues related to page speed, metadata, security, or other technical SEO malfunctions affecting your ranking progress. You can also check errors with internal links, anchor texts, site hierarchy, etc., to figure out if the pages are well-structured for search engine crawling and indexing and seamless user experience. In addition, the module esteems the quality of your content, from duplicate content to poor titles, and allows narrowing down the auditing to individual pages. Alerts on severe issues, setting up automated and custom scheduled crawling, and downloading reports in PDF or CSV are what you can benefit from here as well.
  • Backlink Checker. With this asset, you will unleash new link-building opportunities and profoundly explore backlink profiles. It gives a holistic view of all critical points like link source, link type, new/lost backlinks, dofollow/nofollow, etc. Plus, it is possible to recharge your strategies by comparing against opponents based on backlink metrics and unearthing their most linked content.


Similarly to SEO PowerSuite, the software includes a free Basic plan that is best suited for newbie marketers and SEO individuals. The other two packages come with a broader set of features users can opt for depending on needs:

  • Premium – $50 monthly (ideally suits small and mid-size organizations)
  • Agency – $200 monthly (perfect choice for big agencies and companies)

You can enjoy the Premium subscription for free within 14 days and get a 20% discount while paid annually.


By choosing Seobility from the best WebCEO competitors, you won’t ever regret it. Both in-house marketers and agencies can capitalize on SEO auditing, rank monitoring, and backlink tracking capabilities to achieve a winning online presence. In the matter of pricing, the platform is approachable and generous for a free plan that can come to rescue beginners with a limited budget.


If you want to climb the search engine ladder easily and rapidly, Ranktracker will give you such a possibility with its comprehensive suite of tools. As the name implies, rank-tracking functionalities are in the spotlight here, ensuring users with digital supremacy over niche competitors.


As the platform propels the site’s streamlining from all angles, let’s briefly overview the perks you can acquire.

  • Rank Tracker. Obtain valuable stats on search performance at local, national, and global levels with the requisite update frequency. You can monitor desktop and mobile ranking changes, get informative email notifications on ups and downs, and craft branded white-label reports.
  • Keyword Finder. It unleashes profitable keyword opportunities with an accurate Difficulty score, the snapshot of specific keywords’ changes over time regarding CPC, PPC, trends, etc., and analyzes SERP features.
  • Web Audit. Like the best WebCEO alternatives, this tool makes it a breeze to determine how well the site is optimized for more than 100 SEO factors. Users can run complete audits in minutes, compare them to the previous scans, and save XML reports to share with the team.
  • Backlink Checker. Marketers can keep a close eye on backlink activities of any domain required. Seize the tool’s dataset to esteem link quality by metrics: Domain/URL Rating, anchor texts, new/lost, first/last seen, dofollow/nofollow, and more.

Ranktracker also puts the winds in the sails in terms of content optimization. Powered by trailblazing GPT-4 and machine learning mechanisms, AI Article Writer will craft original and top-quality content, leaving competitors in the dust.


The pricing system amazes with its affordability compared to plenty of Ranktacker alternatives. You will find 4 solutions catering to SEO efforts from startup sites to advanced digital marketers on a monthly payment basis:

  • Starter – $24
  • Double Data – $59
  • Quad Data – $109
  • Hex Data – $209

It is possible to save 20% on all annual packages and test whether built-in features align with your requirements with a 7-day free trial.


Ranktracker is a versatile tool that fine-tunes strategies for the top of SERPs. For those who are seeking flawless rank-tracking, incorporated features will help dominate the niche. At the same time, other functions are also useful, but they sometimes might not be enough for large-scale optimization.


Mangools is a treasure trove of data-driven solutions to ascend the SEO peak. It combines all the vital tools from keyword research to SEO browser extension under one roof to maximize traffic and conversions. That’s why it deserves to be in the row of best WebCEO alternatives.


  • KWFinder. This module harnesses two types of searching precious terms to rank for: by keyword and by domain. Dip your toes into the comprehensive stats on CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty, and other critical metrics over time. You can check the ratio of organic and paid keywords, uncover what keywords work on your rivals, and perform local keyword inspection.
  • SERPChecker. With this feature, deep analysis of competitors’ SERP performance, along with spotting their weaknesses, is super easy. It also evaluates your ranking chances in organic search with calculations of SERP features impact.
  • SERPWatcher. Get invaluable insights into organic traffic potential with the granular Performance Index and daily ranking updates. Users can monitor keyword positions in any area of choice from 50,000 locations on mobile and desktops.
  • LinkMiner. It allows careful audit of new and lost backlinks as well as unveiling potent backlinks with essential parameters like Citation, Flow, Trust Flow, etc.
  • SiteProfiler. Apart from gauging the backlink profile health, the tool thoroughly checks the authority of sites with the help of remarkable metrics like Alexa Rank and Facebook shares, which many Mangools alternatives lack.


When it comes to pricing, Mangools is incredibly elastic and affordable. Every user can pick a pack according to their budget and SEO needs:

  • Entry – $29 monthly
  • Basic – $49 monthly
  • Premium – $69 monthly
  • Agency – $129 monthly

While signing up for an annual plan at once, you will revel in 35% savings. The excellent perk is users get a 48-hour money-back guarantee for any subscription choice.


Maybe its keyword dataset isn’t as optimization viable as in other WebCEO alternatives, but it still can greatly enhance your online visibility to thrive in digital space with through other tools. Furthermore, the pricing affordability unlocks premium SEO power for entry-level users.


If you want to attain digital freedom and cut above the competition, the right SEO tools are a must-have in your arsenal. The 10 WebCEO competitors from our list are expert-approved decisions to bolster your online marketing performance. So whether you are looking for a narrow-direction platform or all-in-one software, this comprehensive showdown will help you make an informed decision contributing to your needs and investment possibilities.

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