As the premier real-time SEO monitoring and auditing platform, ContentKing ensures you’re always in the loop with every change happening on your site. From detecting broken links to monitoring page titles, ContentKing’s vigilant surveillance guarantees you’re covered round the clock. With ContentKing, you’ll have instant alerts and a user-friendly interface at your fingertips, allowing you to address on-page SEO issues before they impact your rankings.


  • Starts analyzing during registration
  • Powerful functionality for SEO reports
  • Monitors everything in real-time
  • Quick alerts for website changes
  • Integration with Slack, GSC, GA, and Google Locker Studio
  • ContentKing Chrome extension for real-time monitoring


  • Irrelevant suggestions labeled as critical
  • A bit complex for non-techies
  • Cost may seem high for small businesses
  • No dedicated pricing page
  • The basic plan lacks access to essential features; higher plans can be expensive


Established in 2015, ContentKing is a cloud platform designed to help SEO specialists audit and monitor their websites in real-time. It begins analyzing your website while you’re still in the registration process, which ensures you get all the insights the moment you join. Its dashboard serves as an information powerhouse, giving you details about website changes, such as altered page titles, broken links, and much more. What’s more, it allows you to begin with a 7-day free trial to see if those features are truly beneficial for your business.

Pricing and Plans

You can find both monthly and yearly subscription plans after signing up for ContentKing. Plans are based on the features you get, which may range from covering unlimited websites and limited rechecks to varied data retention timeframes and more. So, you have to sign in to the app to gain access to the pricing plans as they are not available publicly.

ContentKing Features

ContentKing comes with several features, but are they worth the price? This review of ContentKing is intended for e-marketing professionals who understand the critical role of on-page SEO in SEO strategies. 

SEO Auditing

ContentKing’ SEO auditing tool’s number one advantage is that it audits your pages around the clock and offers actionable insights on a site’s on-page SEO performance.

ContentKing reviews will always talk about the toolkit’s user friendly interface and its intuitive design. The powerful filtering and segmenting options simplify managing large amounts of data, so ContentKing is a good auditing option for even the largest sites. A bonus that must be mentioned in a truly useful ContentKing review is that the tool requires minimal training since it comes with its own built-in reference material. This handy feature helps team members settle in faster, helping them understand issues quickly so they can resolve them quickly.

The array of charts on the dashboard is considered overwhelming by some. However, the displays are on very familiar topics, like overall site health, so that any initial trepidation is soon dispelled.

The displays include:

  • Core Web Vitals
  • health changes
  • number of crawls and indexed pages   
  • issues distribution and dynamic charts

Once you get used to the interface, you can use other features under the SEO auditing category. For instance:


Every ContentKing review clearly mentions that the tool is highly customizable. Tailoring the auditing tools to meet specific needs is an important feature of the entire ContentKing suite. For instance, users can decide which issues to ignore, and which to focus on. This helps focus the data, concentrating efforts on what is most relevant to meeting the SEO goals.

Page Importance Scores

ContentKing is focused on page SEO and sets the page importance labels without a customization option.

Page importance isn’t always relevant, as highlighted in some ContentKing reviews, but still, it tells about page authority and helps you make informed decisions. This feature provides information on the number and location of the internal page links, including those deep within the site’s structure. It is helpful for spotting problems. It also monitors the frequency of content changes.

ContentKing also comes with many standard SEO auditing features. For instance, it excels at pinpointing the number of index pages. Knowledge about these pages allows you to find technical issues keeping search engines from crawling your website correctly.  However, some users’ leaving a ContentKing review have questioned the accuracy of the tools when it comes to counting the crawled but non-indexable pages. Although action is recommended, it is best to exercise caution because the action is not always necessary or even that productive.

SEO Monitoring

A review about ContentKing may describe the tool as set apart from others of its like and put this down to its continuous monitoring capabilities. Its strength is that it can keep a website under constant surveillance and provide actionable insights. These actionable insights facilitate an immediate impact on the performance of the on-page SEO.

This real-time immediacy has several other advantages for continuous monitoring. For instance:

  • There is no need to wait for insights at the end of a crawl
  • The data is always current
  • Issues can be quickly identified and addressed

With the e-marketplace being so dynamic, tracking performance in real-time has become a vital component of effective SEO. In short, poor site performance negatively impacts the bottom line. A site must be working, and working well, to get traffic and sales.

The ContentKing SEO monitor tracks every change made to the website continuously, reporting such things as missing a canonical attribute, alterations to H1 replacement and any changes in indexability. The constant monitoring safeguards the site’s performance, protecting the user experience and from there, the site’s position and ranking on SERPs.

ContentKing offers an enriched monitoring process, a quality not lost in most ContentKing reviews. This is because the data in the ContentKing database is from credible sources, including API, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. These help develop the accuracy of the insights, which cover a spectrum of SEO factors.

Proactive Issue Detection and Resolution

Any ContentKing review must mention the SEO monitoring tool’s proactive approach to dealing with issues. It’s a feature users like. They claim this particular feature has helped them detect problems up to three times faster than before, which is a real SEO advantage. Another is how the real-time alerts with their prompts enable swift action, allowing issues to be resolved and over before the search engines can detect them.

Smart Crawling with a Focus on What Matters

ContentKing’s intelligent algorithms for crawl frequency and priority offer further advantages. However, as with page importance, the platform prioritizes what it thinks are the most critical signals, such as activity, internal links and content changes.

Although valuable, the priority also extends to pages that are much less essential to SEO campaigns, which distorts the focus. For example, the About Me page may be monitored, while a page essential to a campaign is missed despite matching a unique user need.

Insightful Analysis with Room for User Discretion

Towards offering a fair and honest ContentKing review, the shortcomings on customization are easily offset by the depth of the analysis provided for every page.

Even though the recommendations are not always relevant, the tool still provides a comprehensive and understandable overview of the page’s health, indexability and content hierarchy. The instant reports on any issues conveniently highlight anything that demands immediate attention.

ContentKing reviews describe the tool as robust and suitable for anyone interested in maintaining their site’s good health. Although recommendations seem at times, too generic, they do not in any way detract from the tool’s overall value.

SEO Alerting

Imagine a situation where you notice one of your sites suddenly not performing well in Google. Later, you discover it’s because you have accidently blocked some of the pages from being crawled through the robots.txt file. Or, there may be an error forcing canonical tags to change. You will no longer miss these issues if you rely on ContentKing.

There is no reason why a ContentKing review can’t be positive all around. It is a highly commendable website guardian that simplifies around-the-clock monitoring even if occasionally, it provides more information than its users need. That’s not to say it doesn’t recognize the different needs of websites. The alerts, for example, can be customized so that only the most relevant get through.

The alerting feature is designed to catch all sorts of issues, including;

  • broken links and non-indexable pages
  • incorrect canonical links
  • missing titles
  • changes to meta-descriptions
  • missing H1 headings
  • missing XML sitemap
  • alterations in robots.txt
  • slow page speeds      

If an issue does occur, the SEO Alerting feature ensures it is the SEO professional who is the first to know, not the search engines or the website’s own users. From a workflow perspective, SEO Alerting empowers the SEO professional. A website is much more manageable when issues don’t have time to escalate. Rather than spending time identifying, locating and fixing issues, the SEO team members are free to focus on achieving the strategy goals.

For the purposes of a realistic ContentKing review, despite the nominal criticism, it’s the SEO Alerting’s deep customization that is the tool’s one of many noteworthy features. It keeps the SEO expert in control, as they can always get alerts by website section or from the whole domain. They choose which alerts to activate, which team members will receive them and the level of their urgency. It’s a procedure that can be adjusted easily to stay focused on only the issues impacting the SEO or the user experience whatever the real world circumstances.

Although invaluable to large websites where manual tracking is simply impossible, defining and scaling down the alerts means small sites can stay just as focused. What matters is that ContentKing sends alerts in real-time and facilitates immediate action that will mitigate any possible impact on a site’s performance and its rankings.

There are other ContentKing SEO Alerting benefits equally worthy of a mention in a credible ContentKing review. That it is a centralized system that manages everything on a site is only one of its advantages. There are options for in-app alerts, email notifications or instant messages via Slack. Entire teams can stay updated, connected and informed, maximizing their roles and efficiency.

SEO Changes Tracking

This feature keeps a sharp real-time focus on SEO. It’s described as a comprehensive tool tasked with monitoring the SEO changes on your website. From a ContentKing review point of view, it has its strengths and weaknesses. However, many SEO professionals find the SEO Changes Tracking feature invaluable for its level of detail.

Changes Tracking has a wide remit, monitoring for changes to page title and meta-descriptions, hreflang tags and canonical links and HTML pages sources amongst other things. Its job is to ensure page health and that any changes made don’t impact the site’s search engine rankings.

Once again, the tool’s strength lies in the immediacy of the data. That users receive alerts about critical changes in real-time is a significant advantage, whether the changes occur by design or are unintentional. And because there is such a rich level of data constantly collected, the tool acts as a changelog with the ability to meticulously track all modifications regardless. 

In a balanced ContentKing review, the robustness of the SEO tracking system is a major bonus and the benefits undeniable. However, detecting URLs with UTM tracking codes as new pages when they aren’t, presents an issue that triggers unnecessary alerts.

Log File Analysis

This real-time feature integrates well with the ContentKing toolkit. It focuses on search engine activity, providing insights into how frequently the major search engines like Google and Bing, crawl the site. It helps manage the crawl budget, the amount of time a crawler stays on each site. It saves time and resources, ensuring the most important content is discovered first.

Observing crawl trends and how search engine’s bots interact with their website, helps SEO professionals identify patterns in search engine behavior. It is this wealth of data that drives informed decision-making on how best to take advantage of the pattern when optimizing for increased visibility. 

The search engine data can be filtered and segmented to align with the user’s unique strategy, which is a good point in any ContentKing review. But there is a risk. The huge amount of data in the log file can be overwhelming.

Insights and Reporting

No ContentKing review could be complete without noting the automated reporting feature. It’s more than a simple time saver. This feature presents relevant up-to-date data on the current state of the SEO. It outshines manual reporting by far. 

The platform integrates well with other tools, including Google Data Studio, but it produces a glut of available data. Automated reporting makes sense of it all.

Above all, the ContentKing cloud-based platform facilitates effective real-time SEO management. It’s user-friendly and readily adaptable with intuitive dashboards that can handle multiple domains. The suite centralizes processes, reporting on progress via understandable visuals.

ContentKing works for its users, simplifying and streamlining the SEO workflow. It fosters collaborative working, connecting expertise across departments and between roles. The wealth of data and its granulated nature can be daunting for SEO novices, but it is also a valuable tool. Its actionable insights, directed to designated team members first, buy time to react to changes and make essential adjustments to the SEO.

API and Integrations

In terms of integrations, you’re less likely to face any trouble whatsoever. ContentKing integrates readily with Microsoft Teams and Slack, making it easier to send notifications to your team’s workspace. It also facilitates team discussions and transfer of any data needed for making timely SEO changes. You can also connect it with Google Analytics to pull details like bounce rates, pageviews, page values, and more.

What’s more, you will face no issues when integrating with Adobe Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Google Search Console. And to simplify integrations, it comes with its own API, allowing you to utilize data in whatever way you like. And with its Data Enrichment API, it’s easy to identify and combine custom page metrics to monitor regularly.


ContentKing offers a robust suite of tools for improving website SEO performance, with features like real-time monitoring, informative dashboards, and powerful SEO reports. However, it sometimes makes sense to look for ContentKing alternatives considering its potential cons such as the occasional irrelevant suggestions, complexity for non-technical users, and the pricing structure before deciding if it meets their needs.


What is ContentKing?

ContentKing is a reliable platform for real-time SEO monitoring and auditing. It keeps you informed about the latest changes and issues on your site. From identifying non-indexable pages to spotting broken links and more, it does everything in real-time.

With a 24/7 monitoring system and an intuitive interface, ContentKing provides you with a comprehensive view of your SEO health. This enables you to easily convert real-time data into actionable insights, ensuring your website’s SEO strategy is always a step ahead.

How to Use ContentKing?

As ContentKing is a cloud-based platform, there is no need to worry about installing it. To use ContentKing, add your website(s) to the platform, which can be done in bulk or individually with Manager or Admin rights. This way, you can begin tracking changes to your website and fix problems quickly. You can also use the Custom Element Extraction feature to monitor certain SEO elements.

What is ContentKing Used For?

Used for real-time SEO monitoring, ContentKing is designed to offer 24/7 oversight of your websites. It offers features like actionable insights, tasks, cloud-based reports, alerts for issues, content change tracking, and integration options for developers. This platform is designed for digital marketing experts, companies, and bloggers aiming to optimize their websites for better online performance.

How Much is ContentKing?

There are no real details available publicly about ContentKing’s pricing, as you need to sign in to the app to pick the plan you need.

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