With a growing user base of just over 5 million, Writesonic AI is aimed at the less tech-savvy market. It allows users to craft plagiarism-free SEO-optimized content faster than competitors effortlessly. The tool comes loaded with features that streamline the content creation process. Writesonic reviews state that the AI is purpose-built for those seeking to further their marketing and creative writing expertise.

In this Writesonic review, we look at the AI suite of products offered by Writesonic that will undoubtedly redefine the landscape of content creation. We’ll look at the features and pricing plans for Writesonic AI to understand better why this should be your go-to AI tool.

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  • The tool is easy to learn and even easier to use
  • Effortlessly created marketing content in a matter of seconds
  • Copy created feels human
  • A wide range of powerful features are on offer to create blogs, social media posts, website copies, and articles
  • Perfectly aligned with the marketing industry
  • Efficient customer support and easy-to-use troubleshooting guides are available on the website


  • According to other Writesonic reviews, startup businesses and writers may not be able to afford the tool, but more affordable than others on the market


In 2020, Writesonic AI was built using the world’s best large language model (LLM), Open AI’s GPT-3. This opened the door to the future for the creators who envisioned a product that enables users to produce written content that is on par, if not better, than human-created work up to 10x faster than other products available and during the review about Writesonic we found this to be very true. 

Since its launch, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketing teams have all taken advantage of Writesonic AI’s simple process for content generation. Users consistently produce high-quality long format and marketing material at a standard that sets this generative tool apart from others. The great starting price point has also been an attractive feature for many either joining the AI creation world or professionals looking to scale their creation game.

The tool is jam-packed with powerful AI features to take your content creation to the next level, including a high-tech image generator, document editor, and a highly responsive chatbot offering real-time search results.

Pricing & Plans

Pricing and plans for Writesonic are catered toward users from every market sector. Here’s a quick breakdown of what users can expect from each pricing plan:

Free Plan

With the Free Plan, which is not a free trial, users can experiment with the features in Writesonic. The plan includes a 10,000-word limit for a month, a Chatbot builder, templates, and support.

Small Team Plan 

At $19 per month, the Small Team Plan is targeted at freelance writers, small businesses, and bloggers. The plan offers 200,000 words, and more can be added at extra cost. According to Writesonic reviews with this plan, users get much more in the Free Plan, including Writesonic API, unlimited AI Chatbot builder, 5 brand voices, and priority support.

Enterprise Plan

Tailored towards large businesses and content teams, the Enterprise Plan offers custom packages, onboarding, and AI model development. Users need to contact the Writesonic sales team to access the Enterprise Plan.

Freelancer Plan

This plan costs $20 per month and offers one user unlimited words. Other benefits of this plan include access to Chatsonic, AI Article Writer 4.0, Sonic Editor and Photosonic. Users on this plan can also make use of the complete article rewriter, browser extensions and over 100 AI templates. The Freelancer Plan is features 1-Click WordPress Export, Zapier Integration and 30 Languages.

Writesonic Features

Writesonic offers users a wide range of features regardless of which price package they choose. One of the claims about the software is that it has a proven formula for copywriting. Through this Writesonic review we found that if you’re looking to upscale marketing material creation, such as Facebook Ads, the software does exactly that.

The cutting-edge technology behind Writesonic’s highly acclaimed software can generate advertising hooks which will help increase sales and produce long-format written pieces for websites and blogs to support advertising.

AI Writing Tools

The Writesonic writing tools are designed to help users produce the highest quality content and lightning speed. The writing tools are aimed at marketers, creators, and businesses working in fast-paced industries to help them deliver content regularly. Here’s everything you’ll be able to unlock when making use of the Writesonic AI Writing Tools:

AI Article Writer

This Writesonic review found that the state-of-the-art technology behind the Writesonic AI Writer produces content of the highest caliber. From blog posts to ad copy and social media content and everything in between, rest assured that Writesonic can return various content types in a reader-friendly format. 

The AI writer can generate content in an astounding 25 languages, which means the tool can be used across the globe to help writers reach their larger audiences with tailor-made content. Writers can also use the tool to set the tone for their content.

For those feeling more adventurous, Writesonic reviews found that AI can merge various content creation formats into one document for ease of use across multiple platforms. This makes Writesonic the perfect platform for creatives who want to do it all in one place. A creator can use the AI writer to generate ideas, outline an execution plan, build social media posts together, and even write and format content.

In addition, the seamless integration with reputable SEO software ensures harmony when created content includes keyword data. The built-in SEO software allows creatives to analyze content to confirm that it will feature among other top-ranked articles. This allows writers to hone their work live to ensure content hits the search intent NLP.

In some cases, the writing may need tidying up, but for the most part, it fits perfectly in hiring a writer in the 3c per word margin. In the Free Plan, users have ample available words to fill their monthly needs to cover basic blog posts, ad writing, and social media posts. Anything above personal use is advised to take up a Small Team Plan through which additional credit can be bought should they be needed.

Overall as far as Writesonic reviews go, the AI Writer is fit for purpose, works efficiently, and offers excellent value for anyone creating content online.  

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tools are ideal for writers who want to maintain quality when creating unique content. Many writers need help finding the best tool, which is where Writesonic steps in. Because Writesonic is powered by GPT 3.5 and GPT 4-32K, it is marketed as an advanced AI writing tool, and they are not wrong.

Writesonic leverages the full power of artificial intelligence to generate content and formulate responses for most queries.  The paraphrasing tool allows users to rewrite sentences effortlessly. The software could also rewrite longer-form content, including essays and articles featuring very little plagiarism, all at the simple click of a button.

What sets Writesonic’s tool ahead of others, according to other Writesonic reviews, was the ability for users to bulk upload content for paraphrasing in a matter of seconds. These include multiple essays, articles, or even selected paragraphs. This alone makes Writesonic AI perfect in the arsenal of any content writer looking to create multiple pieces of engaging content.

Some of the key features of Writesonic’s paraphrasing tool include:

• High-quality content produced in mere seconds

• Ability to create a variety of content on the same platforms, including blogs, social media posts, and product descriptions

• An interface that is easy to use and easy to navigate through, although it does take a little getting used to at first

• While conducting research for the Writesonic review, we found the platforms allow for effortless team collaborations when used in the Enterprise Plan. It is important to note that multiple users are only available on this plan but there is a free trial available for teams wanting to test out the platform capabilities before purchase.

Text Summarizer

Aside from rephrasing already written content, Writesonic offers users a tool to help them summarize their articles. This allows users to create short, engaging stories from their long-format pieces. These pieces can be used to promote content on various social media platforms or create scripts for videos to promote products or services.

Our review of Writesonic found that the summarizer is an effective tool that can also be used to quickly understand the primary points in business articles and can be used to summarize presentations before presentations. In the Writesonic review process we determined the ability to summarize content in this manner is an efficient way for users to pull out just the most important parts of the content they have created.

When tested for various Writesonic reviews, including this one, the tool was able to take a rather bulky 400-word paragraph and return a summarized 300-character piece of condensed information that was easy to read and well written.

Story Generator

This Writesonic AI review found that the Writesonic Story Generator is where the AI tool begins to shine. Unlike other AI content generation tools, Writesonic was able to churn out a full 4,000-word blog post in less than 10 minutes without the usual “mechanical fluff” inserted in every line. While the tone of the piece created was a little on the dull side, the piece created was way more on the human side, and that boded well for the tool.

Overall the story generator came pretty close to a piece that would have been written by a human and only needed minor edits and trimming. Around 90% of the text could be used effectively which showed that it would most definitely speed up the writing process for creating longer format blog posts and informative articles.

The ability of Writesonic to create consistent high-quality pieces, even for this Writesonic review is exactly why it continues to stand out as one of the best on the market today. To give users the absolute best experience when they use Writesonic, the platform offers a wide range of free-to-use templates. Users have access to the templates even on the Free Plan which allows even writers starting the ability to create the best content fast.

Text Expander

Are you looking to get more out of your written content? Writesonic’s Text Expander is exactly what you may need if you would like to take your standard blog text to a whole new level. The Text Expander allows creatives to amplify their writing to produce long-format copy. This is exactly what makes it a contender as one of the best AI content generators for 2024.

The test expander is perfect for writers who are looking to add a little oomph to their writing and boasts that it can turn 1,000 characters into 10,000 in a matter of seconds, and it did not disappoint. Additionally, Writesonic offered to do it in any of the 25 languages it supports. Creators can also request different versions of the completed task to give even more options.

The ability to regenerate content until the writer is happy ensures writers always have options when creating their work. An additional feature allows writers the option to not only generate more words but also more ideas for their written pieces.

Landing Page Generator

Many users who have tested the AI while writing a review about Writesonic have been equally impressed with the Landing Page Generator on Writesonic, which gives them access to various content at their fingertips. The Landing Page Generator quickly simplifies creating SEO-optimized website landing pages and web-based copy.

The feature is easy to use and offers high-quality content to make website content creation a stress-free experience. Using the feature, creatives are given a solid starting foundation to build high-converting landing pages with minimal effort. Access to the headline generator further optimizes the content generation experience and allows writers the opportunity to craft catchy headlines to attract business from their target market.


As part of the Writesonic review we took a look at Chatsonic. As a companion app for Writesonic, Chatsonic fares well against competitors. Working together, Chatsonic and Writesonic take ideas and prompts from writers and bring them to life cohesively. Chatsonic uses the same AI Technology that can be found in Writesonic to work as an interactive Chatbot.

Chatsonic allows users access to interact more deeply with the generative AI process, and this makes the execution of tasks more efficient and more user-friendly. The intuitive software allows for human-like exchanges between users and AI. The natural-sounding responses its almost conversationalist in nature and also feature a good amount of critical thinking, which is helpful in writing and research tasks.

Overall Chatsonic is highly capable and offers more features than other available Chatbots, including ChatGPT. Both use the same technology, and therefore, many would expect them to offer the same functionality, but Chatsonic has shifted the bar and offers users more in one place. Users can ask Chatsonic questions, give it voice commands, ask it to create digital artwork, and generate content all without having to switch between AI products.

For the Writesonic review, we found that there is way more than meets the eye with Chatsonic. The data-trained GPT models had an input cut-off in 2021, and although Chatsonic is based on the base model, it features a built-in system that has access to the latest available information from Google. This means that users have access to the latest real-time information available when they prompt Chatsonic for their content creation.

The AI Chatbot can learn from its conversations when the learning feature is turned on, although doing this does slow down the output of the commands. To help users refine their content, they can choose one of Chatsonic’s pre-defined interactive personas. This helps users tailor their content based on each persona. Writesonic reviews found that while some personas are just plain fun to use, others are quite useful in adapting content for a specific market.


Botsonic has revolutionized the world of Chatbot building and offers users a no-code chatbot builder. This means that users, regardless of their technical background, can create a customized bot for their very specific business needs. The bots are built without the user ever needing to write one line of code. Using GPT-4 Botsonic improves the interactive experience users have when engaging with digital solutions.

For this Writesonic AI review, it was discovered that when Writesonic saw the chance to replicate the success they enjoyed with Chatsonic, it created Botsonic. The resulting product was the highly effective chatbot-building feature Botsonic which leveraged Natural Language Processing (NLP) and GPT-4.

Botsonic gives users the chance to build their custom chatbots specifically suited to their business. The Writesonic review saw that the availability of the software has transformed the sphere of customer engagement for many small and medium enterprises. Some of the most common uses for chatbots created on Botsonic include customer and tech support, product recommendations, employee engagement, vendor relations, and lead generation.

Plans for Botsonic include integration with popular platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, and many more. Botsonic is billed separately from Writesonic and sold as a stand-alone product. Pricing for Botsonic is from $20 to $49 per month, but there is a free version for users who would like to test the platform before committing to a monthly service. On the free plan, users can build their chatbot and receive 100 messages each month.

The Plus Plan is perfect for individual users, while the Business Plan is suited to small and medium-sized businesses. As with all other offerings from Writesonic, there is also an Enterprise Plan which can be customized to the specific needs of a business. When billed annually, users qualify for a discount of 20%.

In a recent review of Writesonic, Users love Botsonic because they do not need any technical expertise, the model is quick to train, support is effective, the response is quick, and the created chatbot can be customized to fit into any business’s aesthetics. On the downside, Botsonic may not be affordable for start-ups, and not all the features have been released. This means that when the created chatbot cannot answer a query, it will ask the user to email support for further assistance.

Overall, the no-code platform is a powerful initiative that will boost customer interaction. As the platform’s integration increases and evolves, it will become a very popular option for many business users and will give creators additional flexibility in their online workspace.


Photosonic is aimed at the digi-art market and offers users cost-effective software to create realistic-looking AI images quickly. The simplicity of the product as well as the pace in which it delivers prepared content, is unmatched by any other product on the market. Since its launch, Photosonic has saved creatives, including bloggers, agency owners, content creators, and solopreneurs, both time and money.

During the Writesonic review, it was found that the cutting-edge technology behind Photosonic allows users to create photorealistic images not taken with a camera to be used in marketing materials, website content, and visual effects. It was created to compete with other platforms producing stock images, and it does not disappoint. The latent diffusion system processes noise images into something coherent. Users can take the created image and diversify it into something they can use.

The platform has been used to visualize ideas and experiment with various scenarios to create landscapes, characters, and even situations. The AI art platform has allowed businesses to bring ideas to life and deliver high-quality 3D images to their clients to help them visualize what their services and goods would look like. Photosonic can also be used to social media create posters, graphics and even website imagery.

It provides unique original art concepts from inputted text; these artworks can then be tweaked as needed until the result meets the user’s expectations. For many businesses, this has meant they could step away from traditionally used stock images from expensive websites.

To access the platform, users need to have an account with Writesonic. Like other offerings from the AI giant, Photosonic’s Free Plan, which was used for the Writesonic review, only comes with limited credits each month. The paid versions of the art suite range from 100 credits for $10 per month or 1,000 credits for $20 each month. These cost-effective options ensure that users and businesses all have access to Photosonic.

Photosonic’s images fall under Creative Commons License which means that you can use the images created however you want, but it also means that anyone else can also use the images you have created however they see fit. The one downside to Photosonic is that the AI sometimes creates irrelevant or confusing pieces. Without a doubt, as the software develops the kinks will be irons out.


For the Writesonic AI review, we saw that another incredible offering from Writesonic is its futuristic Audiosonic platform which allows users to convert text into hyper-realistic voice audio. The AI Voice Generator is perfect for podcast creators and looking for exceptional quality voice AI.  Audiosonic provides impressively humanistic text-to-speech conversions at the drop of a hat.

The produced speech can be used as an effective accompaniment for ads, scripts, and event blogs. The quality of the human-like audio is relatively unmatched in the market and has been a game-changer for many working in the e-learning environment.

One of Audiosonic’s top features is the ability to convert text into multiple languages. This multilingual approach means businesses can reach markets in many more countries than they could, essentially opening them up to a global audience.

Audiosonic is not included in paid subscriptions of Writesonic and works on a separate pricing model that tailors to each user’s needs. Starting at the base plan, users can get 40 minutes of audio created for $10. Audiosonic offers 100 minutes for $25, 200 minutes for $50 and for those looking to generate plenty of audio, there is an option for 400 minutes for $100.


Writesonic AI review: If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to make content creation more accessible, then Writesonic AI is the right choice. The platform is easier to use than Writesonic alternatives and offers everything users might need in their content creation process in one place. The Writesonic review concludes that Writesonic is reliable and provides a flawless experience even for those entering the AI content generation field. Many of the features are well worth spending the extra money on but users starting will find that even the free plans will have everything they need to get off the ground.

Quick Questions

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an interactive AI writer that creates SEO-friendly content that is ideal for blogs, advertising material, social media ads, and Shopify stores for free. Writesonic can create both long and short-form content in seconds. The suite of products available in Writesonic includes Photosonic, Audiosonic, and Botsonic all of which effortlessly integrate to streamline the content creation process.

How to use Writesonic

• In the Writesonic library, select the Instant Article Writer.

• Add a title to your article and enter the details for the article you want Writesonic to generate.
• Choose the language you want to write in. English is always the default language across the platform, but Writesonic supports 25 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, and German.
• Hit the generate button, and you’ll have a unique article in seconds. Hit generate again if you want Writesonic to have another go.
• Click the Sonic Editor button to have Writesonic SEO-optimize your post.

What is Writesonic used for?

Writesonic is the go-to platform for all your content creation needs. Need to write an article? Writesonic can do it. Need to add a photograph? Photosonic can generate one. Need to add audio? Audiosonic can instantly convert your text to speech. All of which effortlessly integrates.

How much is Writesonic?

Users can get a free forever account with a 10,000-word limit. The small team offer is $19 per month and offers 200,000 words monthly. The Freelancer package is priced at $20 per month for unlimited word credits, and the Enterprise plan is perfect for a larger number of users. The cost starts at $500 but can be fully customized by emailing sales@writesonic.com

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