Best WooRank Alternatives: Is There a Better SEO Tool?

WooRank is an SEO tool that provides detailed website analysis, including a detailed audit, competitor comparison, and keyword tracking. It also offers detailed reports and integration with tools like Google Search Console and Facebook.

With all those possibilities, it’s not easy to find a viable WooRank alternative. Our experts carefully checked the entire industry and discovered the best replacements. You’ll find their reviews, including feature and pricing details, below!

Consideration of Key Factors for WooRank Alternatives Selection

While browsing WooRank competitors, we paid attention to the following when choosing the best options:

  • Website analysis. Site reviews are the top feature of WooRank, and any replacement should offer extensive information when analyzing a website. That ranges from crawling features to providing insights on issues to repair.
  • Competitor research. Any WooRank alternative should provide technical information about your site’s rivals, along with analyzing content for ranked keywords and tracking any SERP position changes.
  • Keyword tracking. These are imperative statistics to track your site performance. Some useful features include localizing tracking to particular markets and offering competitor performance details.
  • Reports. Is there an option for white-label reports and a possibility to download them in PDF or other formats?
  • Pricing. WooRank has three packages, with its pricing starting at $89.99 monthly. You can get four months free with a yearly subscription, and each user can try the tool for three days via the free trial. WooRank alternatives we picked offer more affordable pricing or, in cases when they cost more, better value for the subscription.

List of Top Tools

Before we dive into detailed descriptions, here’s a quick overview of the best WooRank alternatives:

  1. SE Ranking. The best all-in-one WooRank alternative with daily rank tracking updates and an extensive site audit.
  2. Ahrefs. A powerful SEO tool with a web crawler collecting information from the entire web since 2010.
  3. Seobility. Excellent for a comprehensive site audit that covers over 300 factors.
  4. Site Analyzer. A great alternative if you need a reliable competitor research tool. 
  5. Sitechecker. It has a powerful site monitoring tool that offers detailed domain analysis.
  6. Raven Tools. The best choice for simple and powerful SEO report creation.
  7. Seomator. An entry-range tool that is more suitable for beginners and amateur users. 
  8. SEOptimer. This is an excellent pick for those who’d like to have many simple SEO tools available for free.
  9. SpyFu. It’s a powerful asset for marketing experts and those looking for extensive PPC research.
  10. SEO Tester Online. A huge selection of subscriptions available ensures anyone can find a suitable pricing point.

1. SE Ranking


After carefully analyzing WooRank alternatives, it was clear that SE Ranking outperforms other options. Its vast site audit feature gathers all critical parameters in a single dashboard and compares results with previous checks to display measurable progress to share with clients and team members.

SE Ranking designed a strong page crawler that needs two minutes to crawl up to 1,000 pages. The platform focuses on problems related to speed, security, usability, crawling, and localization. The issues gathered are nicely explained and come with a how-to-fix guide that’s simple to follow. 

The keyword rank tracker is another feature we loved about SE Ranking. Daily update frequency across different search engines and markets is boosted with SERP features and search volume statistics. It’s easy to discover your top keywords and check the distribution of ranking positions. The tracker can help identify competitors, which you can then scan to the smallest detail in the competitor analysis tool.

As for other reasons that make SE Ranking the top WooRank competitor, the content editor powered by AI is an excellent addition. It will help identify content ideas, build an outline, and add the right phrases, as well as optimize articles to outrank your rivals. Local marketing tools, SERP analyzer, on-page checkers, and backlink monitors make this a truly all-around SEO platform worth trying.


SE Ranking has the following subscriptions available:

  • Essential. The price is $55 monthly and includes up to 750 trackable keywords with a daily update frequency, 100,000 website audit pages per account, and 100 daily competitive and keyword research reports.
  • Pro. For $109 monthly, you get up to 2,000 trackable keywords, 250,000 website audit pages per account and 5,000 daily competitive and keyword research reports. 
  • Business. For $239 monthly, the package includes 10,000 daily competitive and keyword research reports, 700,000 website audit pages per account, and 5,000 trackable keywords.

Annual discounts secure an impressive 20% discount, so the prices vary from $44 to $191.20 monthly. If you choose a Pro or Business package, you can get an Agency Pack that includes unlimited scheduled and white-label reports and ten client seats.

Local and content marketing tools are available as add-ons for all packages. SE Ranking offers a free trial that lasts for 14 days, so you can try the tool to see if it’s the best WooRank competitor.


SE Ranking found the right balance between excellent value and decent pricing. This platform is shown as the best WooRank alternative for all user types, from individuals working on their sites to SEO professionals. Reliable daily tracking and comprehensive site audit and competitor analysis, together with other features, make SE Ranking our top pick.

2. Ahrefs


While reviewing Woorank alternatives, we always checked the site audit capabilities first, and Ahrefs impressed us in that department. A fast crawler with many adjustments will ensure you receive the results quickly. In the crawl log, you find details about crawled, scheduled, and discarded URLs, and it’s easy to access detailed reports for internal pages. Those reports vary from HTML and social tags to incoming and outgoing links, as well as performance and content quality issues.

Ahrefs does a great job of featuring useful metrics, such as content types and HTTP status codes, in pie charts and graphs. You can browse different issues to learn more about the problem and how to fix it. Site audit also features changes compared to the previous check to make tracking progress easy.

The data explorer provides details about each URL and offers many options to customize the results. Ahrefs is an impressive WooRank alternative for domain analysis as its site explorer features a detailed backlink profile, information about organic and paid traffic performance, and website structure.

You can get desktop and mobile ranking updates for different locations, which we saw in other Ahrefs alternatives. However, this platform supports nine different search engines, such as Baidu, Bing, and Amazon. The keyword research offers clicks and other metrics while the content explorer will provide insights when coming up with an article strategy for your website.


Ahrefs is among the more expensive WooRank alternatives, but it offers a lot of value for the money. Here’s a subscription overview:

  • Lite. It costs $99 monthly to get 750 trackable keywords and 100,000 crawl credits monthly. 
  • Standard. For $199 monthly, you receive 2,000 trackable keywords and 500,000 crawl credits monthly.
  • Advanced. The cost is $399 monthly, and you receive 5,000 trackable keywords and 1,500,000 crawl credits.
  • Enterprise. It costs $999 monthly, and you get 10,000 trackable keywords and 5,000,000 crawl credits, along with two million API units and unlimited point-in-time comparisons.

If you pay annually, you receive two months free. Some webmaster tools are available free of charge but with limited features.


Ahrefs proudly states their crawler has been gathering information from the entire web since 2010. The impressive database with petabytes of different info is combined with a nice visual presentation. This is undoubtedly the best WooRank alternative for industry professionals and those who need comprehensive data.

3. Seobility


Seobility is worth considering as an alternative to WooRank since it focuses on on-site optimization and rank tracking. The site audit performs over 50 analyses, looking for over 300 factors and sorting results across different tabs.

The first section features meta information and technical details. That ranges from the optimization score and crawling details and statistics to the list of important errors. Along with receiving details about tags, duplicate titles or descriptions, and HTTP status codes, you’ll get a brief explanation on how to fix each issue. 

Seobility will look for website structure problems, such as duplicate anchor texts or issues with sitemaps and internal linking. It will also search for keyword cannibalization, pages that should have more or less text, and other content problems.

Keyword monitoring will show one-day changes, visibility trends, and detailed info for monitored search terms. You won’t find many Seobility alternatives that combine on-page analysis and keyword tracking. This tool will display pages with poorly optimized text to help you boost their performance. A Backlink profile checker is available, and you can expect weekly updates with link-building tools to help strengthen your site authority in this department.


Seobility costs are as follows:

  • Basic. It’s free but has limited features, such as 1,000 pages per crawl and ten keywords per project, and there are no backlink analyses or mobile rankings.
  • Premium. For $50 monthly, you get three projects, 25,000 pages per crawl, and 300 keywords per campaign.
  • Agency. It includes 15 projects and 1,500 keywords per campaign, 100,000 pages per crawl, and extra features like sub-accounts for $200 monthly.

If you choose annual payments, you can save 20%. The Premium plan comes with a 14-day free trial.


Seobility can be a free WooRank alternative for those who own a small website. If you pick a premium subscription, you’ll get a powerful SEO tool specializing in site audits, rank monitoring, and backlink analyses. If those are the areas you want to focus on, Seobility is an excellent pick.

4. Site Analyzer


Site Analyzer offers a simple and user-friendly interface with a wide variety of SEO tools, and that’s enough to earn a spot among the best WooRank alternatives. The site audit is described as an e-consultant that performs an all-around website check-up. It analyzes everything from metadata and website speed to redirections and duplicate content.

Different tabs are available to check for various issues. For example, the Exploration page features an issue chart, a list of different issue types, a complete table with the problem, URL, and source information, and a shortcut to an individual page report.

Unlike some Site Analyzer alternatives, this tool shows comprehensive details about the content in the crawl page report. You can see keyword quantity and diversity and the text code ratio, along with detailed optimization information on each term.

Rank tracking supports over 36,000 areas but only 58 countries worldwide. Despite that, Site Analyzer offers daily updates, result history, and an option to add up to five competitors. Add the SEO Benchmark tool to analyze rivals and website comparisons, and you’ll see why this WooRank competitor is a strong player in the SEO industry.


Four packages are available for Site Analyzer:

  • Starter. 10,000 pages crawled and 100 tracked keywords cost you $49 monthly.
  • Pro. You get 100,000 pages crawled and 500 tracked keywords for $115 monthly.
  • Agency. It includes 500,000 pages crawled and 5,000 tracked keywords for $232 monthly.
  • Reseller. For $599 monthly, you get 1,000,000 pages crawled and 10,000 tracked keywords.

3-month payments secure a 10% discount, and you get 40% off with yearly subscriptions. Site Analyzer offers a 14-day free trial.


Site Analyzer is an all-around SEO optimizer, making it suitable for individual and business clients looking for WooRank alternatives. You can crawl thousands of pages quickly and receive reports featured in an attractive way. The on-page analysis is extensive, and you’ll appreciate keyword research and backlink details. However, it’s the competitor research where Site Analyzer excels, with website comparisons and the benchmark tool that inspects your rivals.

5. Sitechecker


The next on our list of alternatives to WooRank is Sitechecker, which attracts you with a free Chrome extension that provides useful on-page SEO details while browsing the web. You can also run the tool to get an extensive report, such as the SEO score, issue overview, page monitoring, and search metrics.

Sitechecker also has a website crawler for full technical analysis. Its unique website score will give you a quick glance at how the domain performs. Like many Sitechecker alternatives, technical issues are sorted in criticals, warnings, and notices. You get basic info, including a quick guide on how to repair each issue.

Site monitoring is what puts this platform among the best WooRank alternatives. You get a quick overview of what’s happening with the site, such as new and deleted pages, uptime statistics, and any code changes.

If you head to the rank tracking, you’ll find extensive visibility info, including options to customize which results to display in a graph. For each keyword, you can see traffic volume and trend, as well as ranking history. The backlink tracker is reliable, and inbound link analysis is extensive, including alerts about an inbound link getting deleted. 


You can pick between three basic subscriptions:

  • Basic. For $49 monthly, you receive 750 tracked keywords and 3,000 pages to monitor for issues.
  • Standard. You pay $149 monthly for 1,500 tracked keywords and 10,000 pages to monitor.
  • Premium. For $249 monthly, you get 3,000 keywords to track and 50,000 pages to monitor.

The Enterprise subscription pricing is available upon request. Annual payments secure 2-months of free use, and Sitechecker has a 48-hour money-back guarantee.


Sitechecker has a powerful site monitoring tool that presents a detailed overview of the chosen domain. Based on that, you can then browse other data by using a rank tracker, site audit, and other tools. The navigation is simple, and the information is reliable, making this a trustworthy WooRank competitor.

6. Raven Tools


After testing the website auditor designed by Raven Tools, we noticed that the tool divides issues into six different categories. You can pick from visibility, meta, content, link, image, and semantic problem tabs. Each category will display the main problems and warnings, as well as show areas where your website performed well. Unlike some other Raven Tools alternatives, you get a simple checklist to keep track of repaired issues.

Rank tracking allows filtering results by desktop or mobile device, ZIP code, or location. Raven Tools supports Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu, which earns the platform a spot among the top WooRank alternatives.

It’s worth noting that this tool relies on data from Moz and Majestic, along with its own database. That’s how you’ll get an incredibly comprehensive backlink profile analysis, as well as a detailed competitor overview with targeted keywords, design and speed metrics, and other details. Link Spy is another tool worth noticing since it makes discovering opportunities to add new links for your site a breeze.


The following subscriptions are available:

  • Small Biz. For $49 monthly, you get two user seats, 50,000 monthly page crawls, and 1,500 trackable keywords.
  • Start. For $109 monthly, the package includes four user seats, 15,000 monthly trackable keywords, and 400,000-page crawls.
  • Grow. The cost is $199 monthly, and it includes eight user seats, two million monthly page crawls, and 20,000 keywords to track.
  • Thrive. You pay $299 monthly for 20 user seats, five million page crawls, and 25,000 tracked keywords.
  • Lead. It costs $479 monthly and includes 40 user seats, seven million page crawls, and 30,000 tracked keywords.

Yearly payments secure up to a 30% discount, and all accounts begin with a 7-day free trial.


It’s hard to say if Raven Tools is the best WooRank alternative, but it’s a great SEO tool, especially if reporting is vital to your work. The drag-and-drop wizard with over 30 modules and summary pages makes creating a customized report for any client simple, ensuring that this is a fantastic SEO platform for teams.

7. Seomator


Seomator offers you a chance to use many tools for free. Although they all have limited features, it’s nice to have a Google and Bing SERP checker, keyword research, website speed and mobile support test, and other tools available without paying. That’s not the case with many other WooRank competitors, which require subscribing first.

The free site audit will calculate an overall on-page score, as well as specific metrics for SEO, accessibility, performance, and best practices. Unlike Seomator alternatives, this tool delivers extra stats like social, GA, and Search Console metrics and detailed speed insights. 

The interface can be a bit confusing since you might feel like it’s overcrowded with information. A good thing is that SEO audit is available for free with the same user experience and navigation as in the paid version, It’s vital to know that Seomator will check a wide range of issues, ranging from tags and localization to performance and content quality, putting it among the best WooRank alternatives.

The rank tracker will show global and local monthly searches, Moz domain authority, and total visit statistics. Backlink software can analyze backlink profiles of multiple websites to help you learn more about the competition, and keyword research offers all the metrics you might need, such as average CPC and search trends.


Seomator offers these packages:

  • Lite. A single user and project in this subscription that covers 1,000 results per report are available for $49 monthly.
  • Standard. For $99 monthly, you get five user seats and projects and 50,000 results per report.
  • Advanced. It costs $279 monthly, and you get ten user seats and 15 projects. The package includes 150,000 results per report.

You get a 7-day free trial and a 48-hour money-back guarantee.


Considering the range of tools you can use for free, Seomator is among Woorank alternatives suitable for beginners and amateur users. Professionals can benefit from premium features and comprehensive data offered by paid subscriptions, but there’s an impression that other SEO platforms offer better value for the money.

8. SEOptimer


The first thing you notice when you run the site audit tool is that the ratings are grade-based and go from A to F. It’s a different approach than with most SEOptimer alternatives, but you can get better insights here, with scores available for five different categories. Those cover performance, usability, links, on-page SEO, and social.

Recommendations are divided by those categories and listed by priority. If you use the SEO crawler, you can learn more information about each issue and get fixing recommendations. The crawler designed by SEOptimer loads all pages in a Chrome browser run in a cloud, which means it’s compatible with modern CMS like WordPress and Shopify.

SEOptimer also has keyword research and tracking tools. Monitoring will display the position, as well as estimated traffic and total search volume, along with competitor ratings from low to high. The keyword database contains over three billion keywords tracked, which isn’t as impressive as the top WooRank competitors in our guide.


SEOptimer offers the following subscriptions:

  • DIY SEO. Tailored for individuals, it costs $19 monthly and includes 20 trackable keywords and four crawls a month.
  • White Label. This package costs $29 monthly and includes ten crawls a month and 100 trackable keywords.
  • White Label & Embedding. You receive 250 trackable keywords and 50 crawls monthly for $59 monthly.

Annual subscriptions secure a 25% discount, and there’s a 14-day free trial.


The truth is you won’t find a cheaper option among the WooRank alternatives suggested in this list. From over 50 free tools to affordable premium subscriptions, SEOptimer is worth considering. The embeddable audit tool and bulk reporting are nice additions that make this platform worth considering, even for business clients.

9. SpyFu


SpyFu doesn’t only have the coolest name among the WooRank alternatives. It also boasts an impressive database with 109 million domains and seven billion results. You can start with a basic domain overview, which will show organic keyword and traffic info, keyword gainers and losers and Google Ad recommendations. 

You’ll see that SpyFu does a great job in identifying competitors and keywords your website shares with them. That will make it easy to find keyword gaps and boost your website’s rankings. SEO research covers everything from ranking history to top pages and backlink information. The interface is a bit different compared to most SpyFu alternatives, indicating the platform comes with a learning curve.

Apart from extensive keyword research capabilities, you’ll find tools that focus on PPC. That makes SpyFu the best WooRank alternative for marketing experts focusing on paid advertising. Google Ads Advisor and templates will also help to come up with the right strategy.


SpyFu has these plans:

  • Basic. It costs $39 monthly to receive 5,000 weekly keyword rankings and 10,000 row search results.
  • Professional. For $79 monthly ($39 for the first month), you get 15,000 weekly keyword rankings and unlimited search results.
  • Team. For $299 monthly, you get five user seats, 40,000 weekly keyword rankings, and unlimited search results.

Annual subscriptions secure significant discounts, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.


It takes a while to get used to how SpyFu works, but the tool can be a powerful asset for marketing experts. There’s no classic technical site audit, but SpyFu compensates with fantastic keyword research and competitor analysis tools, such as the one focusing on shared keywords and identifying potential gaps.

10. SEO Tester Online


SEO Tester Online is our last candidate for the top WooRank alternative. It will provide a detailed page audit, with an overview showing the overall site health score, and other useful statistics. The tool divides issues into errors, warnings, and pages that receive an OK status. The SEO Spider won’t only point out issues but also provide tips on the problem and how to resolve it.

The on-page SEO checker tool is convenient for focusing on a particular page. You’ll even find a free Chrome extension, which is convenient for studying competitors while browsing the web. Rank tracking is highly customizable, including selecting the country, device, and competitors, as well as the time range for gathering ranking results, such as the last 30 days.

SERP checker can help identify top competitors for the chosen keyword, and you can search for suitable phrases in the keyword research tools. The results can be browsed based on phrase matches, same terms, related, and questions. Reporting is simple and it’s another reason why this platform stands out compared to the SEO Tester Online alternatives.


You can choose between the following subscription categories:

  • Personal. The cost varies from €26 to €56 monthly and includes up to five SEO projects, no more than 200 SEO/SEM analyses daily, and up to 10,000 crawlable pages monthly.
  • Agency. You pay from €72 to €444 monthly for up to 25 users and up to 1,250,000 crawlable pages.
  • Enterprise. The pricing starts at €499 per month and it’s available upon request. The plan is great for large teams and agencies.

You qualify for a 30% discount with annual payments, and there’s a 7-day free trial.


SEO Tester Online has numerous subscription options available, ensuring anyone can find a suitable pricing point. It can help to identify low-volume keywords and receive detailed information about technical site issues. Rank tracking is also reliable, making this suite one of the best WooRank competitors for those looking for an all-around SEO platform.


Do you already have a favorite among the offered WooRank alternatives? It’s hard to look beyond SE Ranking as it found a way to design a platform suitable for individual and professional clients, as well as teams and companies.

But since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula, perhaps another tool is the best WooRank alternative for you. Check out the list once again, and don’t hesitate to test different platforms until you find the most suitable choice! 

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