It has become virtually impossible to manage your SEO manually, so it’s no wonder that both individuals and agencies are looking for the best search engine optimization tools. For a few years now, Site Analyzer has been attracting users from many different countries due to its simple, all-in-one platforms with useful SEO data.

Our Site Analyzer review aims to examine its features and determine whether this tool is a better fit for individuals or professionals . You’ll also discover pricing information and other important details. Keep reading to learn more from one of the most comprehensive Site Analyzer reviews out there!

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  • A 14-day free trial available with all subscription options
  • Site vs. site is a useful addition to use competitors’ strengths to your advantage
  • Export reports in PDF and CSV and create customized reports
  • Backlink profile shows useful information


  • Challenging for beginners without previous SEO experience
  • Not suitable for advanced users since the auditing tools aren’t that detailed
  • Considerable price difference between subscription tiers
  • Not the fastest tool in terms of how quickly it can deliver results


Site Analyzer is an SEO solution focused on evaluating different aspects of a website’s search engine optimization. The tools included vary from the expected rank tracking, detailed page analysis, and page crawling, all the way to backlink inspection and keyword research.

During our review of Site Analyzer, we discovered that the company behind it is VSI Innovations. It’s a small IT business located in France. The company’s origins go back to 2015 when it won the “Creative Start-Up” award. Today, VSI Innovations is a website-building company with two different SEO solutions – Site Analyzer and Cocolyze.

Pricing & Plans

According to the details gathered by our Site Analyzer review 2024, here are the available subscription packages:

  • Starter. For $49 a month, you will receive a certain number of page crawls, landing page analysis, and backlink reports. Daily rank updates, keyword tracking and suggestion reports are also available, but the platform can only be used by a single user.
  • Pro. For $115 a month, three users can be a part of this subscription. You get 5-10 times more of all of the features mentioned in the previous package, plus branded reports, which is a convenient addition for business.
  • Agency. The price is $232 a month, and you don’t get any new features, but the subscription supports up to ten users and even more reports and suggestions.
  • Reseller. The most comprehensive package that supports up to 30 users is available for $599 a month.

Our Site Analyzer review experts determined that you can get a discount by choosing a long-term subscription. You get 10% off all subscriptions for a three-month payment and 40% off for annual payments. A free, two-week trial is available with Site Analyzer, which is a great way to test the platform and see if it’s the right fit for you.


As you’ll find in many Site Analyzer reviews, this website might not be the most comprehensive SEO solution on the market. However, it aims to offer a decent range of features, covering important basics and offering trusted data. Let’s check out the crucial features you can use with this tool!


Crawl is the first feature we’ll cover in our review about Site Analyzer since it can provide helpful information to discover technical errors on your website. The limits on crawled pages vary according to the subscription chosen, but the idea is to provide a detailed-check up and an extensive report.

The tool will look for broken links or pages that aren’t accessible, duplicate content, check metadata, and even estimate website loading speed. As you review Site Analyzer crawl results, you’ll discover technical errors that are easy to fix but can harm your rankings significantly.

You’ll see an overview page showing the overall SEO health score for your website, including information about separate sections. You can browse different tabs to learn about particular issues, such as indexation and broken URLs. Although the layout is nice and clean, it may take a while to figure out how to find the desired data easily.

Rank Tracking

The tracking feature shows how you position in search engine results for specific keywords. The first condition is to create a campaign, which will require you to enter the following:

  • Basic info – this includes the campaign name and your domain address
  • Location to cover – you can pick from different language configurations
  • Competitors – up to five competitors can be added to see their performance
  • Keywords – you can enter the desired search queries yourself

Depending on the websites chosen, it might take a while to receive the rank tracking report, so we suggest exercising patience. The reports are well-organized, as you’ll see ranks for separate queries, along with the competition ranking. The data will refer to the last day, week, or month.

Our Site Analyzer review experts mention that the platform supports national searches in 56 countries and 36,000 areas. It will also only monitor the first 100 results for each search query. So, if you aren’t in the first ten pages, you won’t know your exact ranking. You can also see the result history, which is a convenient feature.


As many Site Analyzer reviews mention, the tool supports searching for backlinks on domains and subdomains. It’s easy to initiate the search, and the results offer three indicators created by the tool developers:

  • DI (Domain Influence) – Shows your domain authority on a global level
  • PI (Page Influence) – Describes the page’s visibility
  • SR (Spam Rating) – Can be important to understand the reputation of the site

As you review Site Analyzer backlink ratings, you’ll get a short explanation of each score. This offers you a more detailed explanation of each category, helping you to optimize your backlink strategy.

Apart from the overview page, you can browse tabs to learn more about referring domains, anchor text, specific pages, and other details. For example, seeing the number of links for a specific anchor text could be useful when building the backlink strategy. The tool will also show both follow and no-follow links, as well as destination URLs and other useful info.

Page Analysis

It’s hard to imagine an all-around SEO tool that doesn’t have a detailed page analysis feature. It’s nice to see that the developers keep improving this tool, and our Site Analyzer review shows that it might be the most detailed addition to the platform.

The process begins by entering the page – make sure to add the “http://” part, or the system won’t recognize the address. You’ll receive reports in six different sections:

  • Summary. Site Analyzer reviews all subcategories and shows a total page analysis score on a scale of one to 100. You also see a nice diagram with areas where the page has the most problems, as well as a list of issues to resolve sorted by priority.
  • SEO. The tool will check basic details, such as page title and meta description, but also indexation, including meta robots and sitemap. Duplicate content, networking links, and multimedia are also part of the report.
  • Content. You can see the text/code ratio, which shows if you have enough content on the page. Also, useful info on keyword repetition and semantics like missing Hx titles can be useful.
  • Design. Site Analyzer reviews if you use adequate doctype and charset, and also estimates layout quality, security, and server configuration.
  • Performance. The system checks loading and download optimization factors, such as style tags, integrated scripts, page weight, and compression.
  • Accessibility. Domain length and URL rewriting, as well as mobile compatibility, are important parts of this rating.

Keyword Research

You could say keyword research is quite basic, but our Site Analyzer review experts mention that it offers sufficient information for an average user who’s not an advanced industry professional. It’s easy to use the tool since all it takes is entering the desired query and choosing the country and language.

Site Analyzer evaluates the market and shows top suggestions related to that query. It not only shows the last month’s search volume and CPC evaluation but also appraises the keyword’s performance in the last month and year.

The number of suggestions will depend on the search query, but the results should be available quickly. Although the available data isn’t comprehensive, it can be a valuable asset for diversifying your content and optimizing keywords.

SEO Benchmark

You’ll find this tool under the Keyword Research submenu. Its idea is to focus on analyzing competitors and keywords that appear in their search results. Thanks to this, you can pick keywords to pursue better optimization for and steal some of the competitor’s traffic.

Site Analyzer reviews everything from the ranking position to search volume and CPC, as well as the estimated search traffic. You can only search for the keywords used on Google, although over 25 localized versions are available.

Site vs. Site

This feature offers a detailed comparison of two websites, which is great for comparing your site to a direct competitor. Site Analyzer reviews if you have any keywords in common and shows the rankings so that you can easily discover which site has more backlink popularity and which site is better positioned for each query.

Site vs. Site comparison also displays the sources of SEO traffic, cost per click for the keywords, and the number of backlinks. The tool is a nice addition, and although it’s not extensive, it can be a wise way to learn how you compare with the competitors.

White Label

Site Analyzer can create different reports for you, which is great if you need to present some results to a client. The reports are available for all membership plans, but there’s a trick. The white label feature is only available with more expensive subscriptions, so if you need this option, make sure to choose the right option.

You can export reports in PDF documents (portrait layout) or as a PDF presentation (landscape). It’s also possible to export reports to a CSV file, which can be opened with Excel. The theme editor is convenient, especially since you can pick different backgrounds, fonts, margins, and other details.


At the end of our Site Analyzer review 2024, we can conclude that this tool does a good job of delivering a reliable SEO solution to a targeted audience. There’s no doubt that this is an entry-range SEO platform, and the affordable subscription cost, especially for its cheaper membership plans, supports this claim. 

Large agencies that need more detailed and automatic reports might be better off looking for a Site Analyzer alternative. But if you are an SEO enthusiast with a personal site or a small agency, you can count on this solution to help improve search engine rankings. Ultimately, use the two-week free trial to review Site Analyzer by yourself. It’s the best way to see if the tool is the right choice for you!

Quick Answers Questions

What Is Site Analyzer?

The official website describes the tool as an all-in-one SEO analyzer and optimizer. It offers a variety of tools focusing on analyzing relevant SEO factors and creating PDF reports in a few clicks. It’s also possible to track keywords and receive suggestions on which phrases to pursue for better ranking.

How to Use Site Analyzer?

Site Analyzer is a web-based platform, and all functions are available from a single admin dashboard. It’s necessary to register an account to get access to the dashboard. From there, it’s possible to use rank tracking, crawl report, keyword research, page analysis, and other useful tools to monitor and optimize your SEO.

What Is Site Analyzer Used for?

Site Analyzer serves to inspect the search engine optimization of a particular website. You can receive daily ranking updates to know the real position in the rankings, use page analysis with dozens of elements to check, inspect backlink strategy, and use other tools to improve SEO.

How Much Is Site Analyzer?

The price starts at $49 per month for a single user and a limited number of page crawls and other features. You can expect a discount if you subscribe for three or 12 months immediately. There’s also a 14-day free trial, which allows you to try Site Analyzer first to decide if it’s the right SEO optimizer for you.

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