Ahrefs Pricing Plans 2024

Ahrefs has carved out a reputation as one of the premier SEO tools in the industry, known for its vast database of over 11 billion keywords and over 400 billion indexed pages.

If you’re weighing your options and wondering which Ahrefs pricing plan best suits your needs in 2024, this article is here to help. We’ll carefully examine the four main Ahrefs pricing plans: Ahrefs Lite, Ahrefs Standard, Ahrefs Advanced, and Ahrefs Enterprise. Our goal is to assist you in answering the crucial question: Which Ahrefs pricing plan in 2024 is the most suitable for your specific requirements?

Continue reading and make the best possible decision.

Ahrefs Lite Pricing Plan

Ahrefs Lite is the most basic plan, priced at $99 monthly. In our Ahrefs pricing review, it is the most budget-friendly option, making it ideal for small businesses and hobby projects. As for Ahrefs yearly pricing, you can take advantage of a discount of two free months by paying annually.

What does the Ahrefs Lite pricing plan Include?

  • Users: This pricing plan is designed for a single user, like the other non-customized pricing plans.
  • Credits per Month: With 500 monthly credits, users can perform various actions like opening reports or applying filters. Note that these credits don’t apply to the Rank Tracker and Site Audit features.
  • Verified/Unverified Ownership: By choosing this subscription plan, you can enjoy unlimited verified projects and five unverified projects.
  • Historical Data: Users can access performance trends for selected URLs and perform 7-day point-in-time comparisons and in-depth analyses.
  • Data: This plan enables you to analyze up to 2,500 rows per report and export as many as 500,000 rows a month.
  • Rank Tracker: This pricing plan allows you to generate unlimited reports with up to 750 tracked keywords and weekly ranking updates.
  • Site Audit: Ahrefs Lite offers unlimited reports, 100,000 monthly crawl credits, and a maximum of 25,000 pages per project.
  • Keyword Lists: With this plan, you can create up to five keyword lists for organization in the dedicated Keyword Explorer tool.
  • SEO Dashboard: The tool offers an integrated view for monitoring all your projects’ SEO metrics and progress.
  • Site Explorer: This feature enables the investigation of competitors’ backlink profiles and keyword standings.
  • SERP Comparison: You can compare keyword rankings on various dates or for diverse keywords.
  • Alerts: Email notifications are available for shifts in keyword positions and additions or removals in backlink profiles.


If you don’t need more than a daily, in-depth analysis of your website, the Lite plan could be an excellent fit for you. It offers a range of valuable features, including Site Audit, that should meet your requirements, especially if your website isn’t overly complex. However, it’s worth noting that the available credits can deplete quickly, and upgrading to the next pricing tier will double your costs.

Ahrefs Standard Pricing Plan

The Ahrefs Standard plan, starting at $199 a month, elevates your SEO capabilities. This package is ideal for freelance SEO professionals and marketing consultants who need a more comprehensive toolkit. When examining Ahrefs monthly pricing, you’ll find that paying annually provides significant savings, as it grants you two months free. This discount lowers the effective monthly cost to $166, with the total yearly plan amounting to $1,990 annually.

What does the Ahrefs Standard pricing plan Include?

The Standard plan not only encompasses all the features available in the Lite plan but also offers significantly higher usage limits and introduces various new, advanced tools to refine your SEO strategy further.

Features with extended limits:

  • Users: The Ahrefs Standard plan includes a seat for a single user, just like the Lite and Advanced plans.
  • Credits per Month: This plan provides 600 monthly credits, which can be used for various tasks such as opening reports or applying filters. Like the Lite Plan, these credits do not apply to the Rank Tracker or Site Audit functions.
  • Verified/Unverified Ownership: This subscription offers unlimited verified projects and raises the limit for unverified projects to 20, allowing greater flexibility in managing different websites.
  • Historical Data: The Standard plan enhances your data analysis capabilities by offering point-in-time comparisons and in-depth analyses for up to 6 months.
  • Data: This tier significantly improves your data capacity, allowing the analysis of up to 30,000 rows per report and the export of as many as 1.5 million rows per month.
  • Rank Tracker: The tracking capabilities are expanded in this plan, accommodating up to 2,000 keywords with weekly updates and offering unlimited reports.
  • Site Audit: The Ahrefs Standard plan significantly boosts your site auditing capabilities by increasing the monthly crawl credits to 500,000. Additionally, this plan allows for a maximum of 50,000 pages per project, providing a more comprehensive view of your website’s SEO health than the cheaper pricing plan.
  • Keyword Lists: This plan allows you to create up to 50 keyword lists in the Keyword Explorer tool.

Additional features:

  • Portfolios: In this package, users can monitor the SEO performance of 100 targets, such as domains and URLs. 
  • Position History Chart: This feature allows users to view an interactive graph that reveals the ranking history of pages for particular keywords. 
  • SERP Updates: The plan offers real-time SERP information, eliminating the dependency on outdated, cached data.
  • Site Explorer: This plan uniquely includes additional features like Content Gap, Broken Backlinks, Outgoing Links, Link Intersect, Domain & Country Comparison, and Calendar View. 
  • Content Explorer: It enables users to research content ideas while identifying valuable link-building opportunities.
  • Competitive Analysis: Users can directly compare their website’s performance metrics against their competitors, as it provides a comprehensive competitive landscape.
  • Mentions: An additional feature in this plan enables users to set up web mention alerts, helping you keep tabs on what’s being said about your brand or competitors online.
  • Batch Analysis: Users can fetch SEO metrics for up to 200 URLs in one go, making it easier to conduct broad analyses.
  • Reports Sharing [SOON]: A soon-to-be-released feature will allow for sharing generated reports, enhancing team collaboration.


The Standard Package provides a compelling value proposition by offering much higher usage limits than the Lite plan, along with a plethora of additional tools not available in the cheaper package. For example, you can analyze up to 30,000 rows per report, as opposed to just 2,500 in the Lite plan, and export 1.5 million rows per month, a sharp increase from the Lite plan 500,000. Moreover, you get access to 6 months of historical data, as opposed to only 7 days offered in the Lite plan. 

Despite the cost being twice as much as the Lite plan, the Standard Package offers multiple times the value, making it a choice worth reconsidering.

Ahrefs Advanced Pricing Plan

The Ahrefs Advanced plan, starting at $399 a month, elevates your SEO strategy. It is designed for lean in-house marketing teams and offers an even more extensive selection of tools and data to fine-tune your campaigns. Like other Ahrefs pricing plans, opting for annual payment grants you two free months. It reduces the monthly rate from $399 to $333, with the total yearly cost coming to $3,990.

What does the Ahrefs Advanced pricing plan Include?

Features with extended limits:

  • Credits per Month: The Advanced plan has 750 monthly credits, which you can use for various tasks like opening reports or applying filters. 
  • Verified/Unverified Ownership: Choosing this subscription level provides unlimited verified projects and expands the limit for unverified projects to 50, allowing for extensive website management capabilities.
  • Portfolios: This tier offers the capacity to manage up to 250 portfolios.
  • Historical Data: The Advanced plan substantially extends your data reach, allowing for point-in-time comparisons and in-depth analyses for up to two years.
  • Data: This plan permits the generation of 75,000 rows per report and allows the export of as many as 4 million rows per month.
  • Rank Tracker: This Ahrefs pricing plan enhances your keyword tracking capabilities, accommodating up to 5,000 tracked keywords with weekly updates and unlimited reports.
  • Site Audit: This tier provides a generous 1.5 million monthly crawl credits and a maximum of 250,000 pages per project, allowing for more thorough site evaluations.
  • Keyword Lists: With this plan, you can create up to 100 keyword lists for organization within the dedicated Keyword Explorer tool.

Additional features:

  • Site Structure: The Advanced plan includes additional features such as Site Structure and HTML Source, offering an added layer of analysis.
  • Site Audit: In this package, the Site Audit feature includes the added capability of HTTP Authentication, which allows for the crawling of staging and restricted websites protected by basic or digest HTTP authentication.
  • Looker Studio: This is the most budget-friendly plan to include additional data analysis capabilities, thanks to its integration with Google’s Looker Studio.
  • Dashboard Folders: The Advanced plan enables users to organize their projects into folders, simplifying project management and streamlining shared access.
  • Web Explorer: This feature allows users to run advanced searches across all indexed pages, domains, and links via Yep.


The Advanced plan is a robust offering teeming with extensive capabilities. While Ahrefs markets it as ideal for in-house marketing teams, small SEO agencies could also find it useful, especially when augmented with add-ons like additional user seats. However, for companies not specializing in SEO or those without a large website, this package may prove to be an expensive choice. 

The plan lives up to its “Advanced” label by including features that delve into the more technical aspects of SEO, potentially offering more than what some businesses may require. Notably, this is the tier at which integration with Looker Studio becomes available—which is worth taking into consideration if this feature aligns with your needs.

Ahrefs Enterprise Pricing Plan

The Ahrefs Enterprise plan is the pinnacle of Ahrefs’ plans and pricing, with a starting price of $999 a month. It is tailored specifically for agencies and large enterprises and offers the most comprehensive set of tools and data available. An annual payment option for those considering long-term commitments reduces the effective monthly cost to $833, totaling $9,990 for the year. This plan is the ultimate choice for those seeking the highest functionality and analytical depth.

What does the Ahrefs Enterprise pricing plan Include?

  • Users & Credits: Customized to fit the unique requirements of your team, this plan surpasses the constraints of fixed credits and users, offering a tailored solution.
  • Verified/Unverified Ownership: The Enterprise plan includes unlimited verified ownership projects and allows for up to 100 unverified projects.
  • Portfolios: This Ahrefs pricing plan enables users to manage up to 1000 portfolios.
  • Historical Data: Users can tap into unlimited historical data, conducting point-in-time comparisons and in-depth analyses without restrictions.
  • Data: This Ahrefs pricing plan allows for in-depth analysis with up to 150,000 rows per report and an impressive monthly export limit of 10 million rows.
  • Rank Tracker: With this plan, you can track up to 10,000 keywords, receive weekly updates, and generate an unlimited number of reports.
  • Site Audit: Offering 5 million crawl credits per month and the capability to analyze up to 5 million pages per project, this plan provides an exhaustive audit solution.
  • Keyword Lists: Users can create up to 250 keyword lists in the dedicated Keyword Explorer tool, aiding in robust keyword management.


  • Access Management: The Enterprise plan gives granular control over who can access what within your organization.
  • Pay by Invoice: This package offers the convenience of manual payment through invoices, tailoring to the financial workflows of larger organizations.
  • Directory Listing: Exclusive to the Enterprise plan, your SEO agency can gain visibility by being listed in Ahrefs’ directory.
  • Audit Log: This added feature allows you to track user activity within your workspace, ensuring accountability and security.
  • API Access: By choosing this pricing plan, you can unlock the boundless possibilities of data manipulation and integration with Ahrefs API.
  • SSO: This feature streamlines your team’s login experience by enabling Single Sign-On (SSO).

Add-ons with Ahrefs pricing plans

Ahrefs offers flexible add-ons to meet your team’s and projects’ evolving needs. Additional users can be accommodated through a pay-as-you-go system, and extra data can also be enabled as required. For those on an annual plan, prepayment options are available at discounted rates.

  • Users:
    • Inactive User: Incurs a fee of 5 credits per month.
    • Casual User: Comes with an allowance of 100 monthly credits and costs $20 per user.
    • Power User: The credit allowance depends on your main subscription plan—Lite users get 500 credits, Standard users receive 600, and Advanced users are allocated 750. The cost is $50 per month per user.
  • Data: Once users exceed the 500-credit limit, they tap into a shared pool of additional credits, charged in blocks of 500 credits at $35 per month. You have an extra 1 million rows allowance of $50 per month for export rows.
  • Rank Tracker Tool: If you need to track more keywords than your plan allows, additional blocks of 500 tracked keywords can be added for $500 per year.
  • API: The Enterprise plan offers API units at $50 for 1 million monthly units. The cost of each API request is calculated based on the rows and fields involved, with a minimum charge of 50 units per request.

Ahrefs Pricing Plans 1
Ahrefs Pricing Plans 2
Ahrefs Pricing Plans 3

Which Ahrefs Pricing Plan is Best?

If you’re into SEO and want to market your business online, don’t cut corners when it comes to tools. Ahrefs offers different plans at different prices, so picking the right one is important.

If you’re new to SEO or have a small business, Ahrefs has a basic Lite plan that costs $99 a month. It’s okay, but you don’t get many features. After looking closely at our Ahrefs pricing review, we found that the Standard plan, which is $199 a month, is a good option, especially for SEO consultants or small companies. You get more options and can look at more data, so it’s better value for your money.

If you have a bigger team or a small SEO company, consider the Advanced plan for $399 a month. This plan gives you many features that can help make your SEO work much easier and more effective.

For really big companies, the Enterprise plan is the best choice. It’s expensive at $999 a month, but you get many customization options and features that you won’t find in the cheaper plans.

So, regarding Ahrefs pricing plans, you get what you pay for. Choosing the right plan is important if you want to succeed in online marketing.


We hope this rundown of Ahrefs plans pricing helps you make a smart choice that fits your needs and budget. 

And if you’re still on the fence about Ahrefs, don’t forget there are other options like SE Ranking, which offers similar features at a lower cost.

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