Best Writesonic Alternatives: A Complete Guide to Choose Your Robust Tool

Though being a relatively young platform, Writesonic has gained tremendous popularity among business owners. Powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms, this content-writing service helps generate any text, whether it is site copies, article summaries, landing pages, or product descriptions. Aside from leveraging the GPT-4 powerhouse, the software boasts a fantastic copywriting formula for running successful advertising campaigns and first-class data analytical capabilities. It sifts through tons of resources across the web to craft unique, up-to-date, and high-authority content according to set purposes.

However, while using Writesonic, you will meet a bit clunky and outdated interface with some unintuitive features that can slow down your workflow. Plus, it focuses only on content production processes and lacks other extra tools to reinforce optimization. This served as a trigger for our expert team to research the decent Writesonic alternatives. So check out the top 10 replacement picks to reveal one aligned with your expectations the best.

Consideration of Key Factors for Writesonic Alternatives Selection

To select the leading alternatives to Writesonic for online growth in 2024 and beyond, we considered the following aspects alongside their viability.

  • AI Content Creation Toolset. Taking into account that the program executes groundbreaking AI-driven technologies for content creation from A to Z, as well as provides solutions to craft images and generate audio, a Writesonic alternative must offer equally performing artificial intelligence capacity.
  • SEO Utilities. As Writesonic involves features for keyword optimization, analyzing competitive content, and plagiarism checking, make sure the chosen platform can propel your business with similar or even more extended SEO tools. 
  • Customer Service. If users experience some issues, reactive customer support and helpful tutorials and troubleshooting pages will come to the rescue here. That’s why it is crucial to mind this facet while picking among Writesonic alternatives, especially in case you don’t have background expertise.
  • Simplicity of Use. Frankly speaking, the software leaves much to be desired regarding the overall ease of use. It needs a UI upgrade and lightweight approaches for entry-level users. So searching for a platform with a more seamless user experience makes sense.
  • Pricing Policy. This point is pivotal, particularly when the budget is limited. Writesonic comes with very affordable plans, starting as low as $19 monthly for small teams and a free license for hobbyists. Check out if the replacement decision secures the same pricing tiers or even better value for money.

List of Top Tools

There is no doubt each tool from our list is a credible Writesonic alternative, but we would like to stand out a few first-class supplants.

  • SE Ranking. In addition to the matchless content creation and marketing toolkit, in-house pros and agencies can enjoy premium SEO features to ramp up the business at the most generous pricing.
  • Jasper AI. If you need to create high-quality content for any marketing purpose, including long-form texts, the remarkable  AI-driven functionalities of this Writesonic competitor will easily and effectively handle it.
  • Surfer SEO. The platform is far from affordable, but its foremost AI writing technologies impress with the optimization force to reach the top of SERPs in no time.

1. SE Ranking

se ranking


SE Ranking rightfully tops the list of best Writesonic alternatives due to second-to-none AI and NLP mechanisms for content production and streamlining. The platform shines bright with 3 intelligent content marketing solutions, prioritizing accurate data insights and unique suggestions all over the way.

se ranking content tool

The first notable thing about Content Marketing Tool is that it caters to different user personas as well as business sizes and directions. For example, copywriters and content strategists can benefit from this asset for seeking topic ideas to write articles from scratch, evaluate texts’ quality, and optimize them for search or drive their content calendars. If you are a marketing manager, it is possible to craft briefs based on customer-engaging topics and evaluate the value of texts for search engines. The feature comes in handy for site owners and bloggers to fill sites with relevant content resonating with the audience’s search intent, thus stimulating traffic and sales. 

Content Editor is another tool, making SE Ranking a brilliant alternative to Writesonic. Whether you write texts on your own or entrust this job to professionals, the AI capacity of this module will help diligently analyze SERPs to form a comprehensive brief, accelerate writing speed, compare articles against your head-to-head competitors, and ensure you meet all mandatory quality and readability standards. While building the brief, besides selecting relevant key terms, users can customize content parameters and text structure. To drill down to text optimization, review the accurate Content Score based on the number of keywords, headings, paragraphs, and images.

Furnished with trailblazing GPT-3 technology, AI Writer will deliver original texts with a personal touch in a few clicks. This utility is highly flexible, as you can use it to generate large articles with content topic selection and advanced editing functions or craft short copies with no further edits. Whatever the choice is, users will receive top-tier content with human-like language containing needed keywords and being coherent with a set tone of voice.

Though the content creation suite takes the spotlight, we should mention SE Ranking is among the prime Writesonic alternatives for those who want a more complete SEO suite. The built-in features and vast datasets allow keep abreast of daily ranking progress, discover keywords, analyze competitors under the microscope, monitor backlink performance, and thoroughly crawl site health to improve weaknesses. Still, this is not the limit. White Label SEO Software, an extended Agency Pack, a Lead Generator, and an API will aid agencies in dealing with clients’ projects quickly, successfully, and hassle-free.


The platform amazes with its extremely fair-priced plans and a generous 14-day free trial to test if the capabilities provided are worth investing in. On top of that, you are free to pick from monthly and yearly subscriptions, where the last option secures a 20% discount. From newbie SEO individuals to mid-sized and big agencies, everyone will find a package contributing to their expectations:

  • Essential – $55 monthly
  • Pro – $109 monthly
  • Business – $239 monthly

Here is also available Content Marketing License, covering Content Editor, AI Writer, Content Idea Finder, Plagiarism Checker, and Google Docs add-on. The price ranges from $29 to $99 per month (in addition to the main subscription), based on the number of articles, which turns SE Ranking into a  profitable Writesonic alternative. 


When you have reservations about SE Ranking, rest assured it is the best Writesonic alternative. The program outpaces competitors with its vital AI-powered solutions and accomplished SEO toolset to make any business a big industry name. Whatever your online marketing need is, the service will smoothly guide you through the full cycle of content creation to reach the top of SERPs. At the same time, all-around SEO functionalities, from rank to backlink tracking, will improve your site to perfection to cut above the competition.

2. Jasper 

jasper ai


If you aim to promote your business at a global level, Jasper might be an excellent Writesonic alternative. It covers over 30 languages to earn an audience around the world with no barriers. Plus, the AI powerhouse with incorporated 50 templates contributes to creating a wealth of marketing copies, from eye-catching email subject lines to social media captions to blog posts parts and everything in between. The software especially assists ecommerce businesses that need to craft large-volume product descriptions or marketers to present content in a brand-new way.

Jasper Brand Voice is the potent toolkit responsible for generating texts entirely representing the company’s tone of voice and overall concept. It attentively considers facts about your brand, as well as learns the product variety to produce highly relevant writings. A no less valuable feature is Jasper Chat which helps users build the content pieces to their intents in the conversational format. Integration with SurferSEO and Grammarly grants you unique and top-quality texts on the basis of detailed research.

Like other outstanding Jasper alternatives, users can expect to leverage long-form content creation here. With the interactive writing capabilities, the editor facilitates the process of producing dedicated extensive articles for various marketing purposes. In addition, the built-in Chrome extension lets you generate high-ranking content directly from the browser, and project management functionalities give centralized access to ongoing projects for each team member to boost workflow.


The pricing system is carefully tailored to suit different customer needs and budgets. You can opt for the package depending on the required type of AI features: standard, advanced, or personalized:

  • Creator – $49 monthly
  • Teams – $125 monthly
  • Business – negotiable with sales

Users can qualify for a 7-day free trial to test out the toolbox in full before committing to the specific plan. While paying annually, it is possible to save up to 20%.


Since Jasper can meet any content need and grab the audience globally with the diversity of templates and languages supported, it definitely belongs to top Writesonic competitors. The software provides powerful AI capacities on all fronts, from ideas research to content production, to get your digital products ahead. Nevertheless, the cost is high for a tool that has no extra SEO utilities.

3. Frase



Creating top-ranking content and optimizing it to run high the search engine ladder is really a cinch with Frase, which puts it in a row with nifty Writesonic alternatives. It brags about its straightforward approaches to utilizing AI mechanisms and analyzing SERP for the competition and priceless insights into word and heading counts as well as domain rating. You will be impressed with the platform’s capability of shaping the brief that fits all requirements in as few as 6 seconds. It is actually a challenge to find such a speedy content creation tool among Frase alternatives.

As for crafting outlines, the platform facilitates your endeavors by picking headings/sub-headings from the stellar SERP results or generating related ideas with the power of AI. You may take advantage of the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder to get a well-structured outline and convert it into a full draft in minutes as needed. The text editor operates on a smart topic model to stack up the content against rivals and pinpoint what keywords are mandatory for involvement. You are also free to peruse the most frequently used topics by competitors.

AI Writer feature contributes to creating SEO-optimized content of different types and sizes. It might be tiny blog intros and FAQ sections or extensive posts or product overviews. Besides, only a few alternatives to Writesonic cover such intuitive and effective collaboration tools to alleviate and fasten the freelance or copywriting team workflow. Since Frase integrates with Google Search Console, it is possible to extract additional marketing data.


Frase offers 3 affordable plans with the possibility of paying monthly or yearly at your choice. Checking out whether the software matches your objectives is accessible within 5-day testing for $1 for all packages:

  • Solo – $14.99 monthly
  • Basic – $44.99 monthly
  • Team – $114.99 monthly

The drawback is that users can unlock AI Writer features only by subscribing to the Pro add-on for $35 per month. This license also provides advanced keyword search volume data, backlink details and domain authority insights for top SERPs.


Even though you must purchase a Pro add-on to utilize AI Writer, which isn’t cost-effective, Frase still belongs to terrific Writesonic alternatives. Its simplicity in use and the suite of AI opportunities will suit both novice users and marketing sharks to craft texts Google will love.

4. Rytr



Rytr is another decent contender to become the best Writesonic alternative, promising to accelerate content crafting up to 10 times. The platform positions itself as multi-purpose and supports diverse writing types like taglines and headlines, job descriptions, blog/social media posts, ad copies, interview questions, and many more.

The center-stage feature is a hefty bundle of templates catering to drastically different industries and use cases. Aside from well-known email patterns, Rytr comes with options such as CTAs, SMS notifications, video channel descriptions, newsletters, cover letters, etc. In addition to 40+ templates, users can expand their business worldwide with 30 languages at their disposal and benefit from generating AI images for social media publications or other purposes.

Similarly to Jasper, here is available a straightforward AI Writer to equip users with top-ranking texts based on basic inputs like title, tone of voice, keywords, use case, and language. On top of that, the service is famous for its integration with Semrush, which is missing in other Writesonic alternatives. Thus, you can not only create content but also improve it according to the best SEO practices. 


Frankly speaking, the price tag of Rytr is among the cheapest on the market. Depending on the content production experience you want to earn, pick one of the following subscriptions:

  • Saver – $9 monthly
  • Unlimited – $29 monthly

Besides, the platform stands out from many Writesonic competitors with a Free plan allowing to generate up to 10,000 characters per month. When making annual payments, two months of use go as a gift.


Rytr is a delicious balance of premium AI technologies and affordable pricing. Its vast multilingual support greatly empowers marketers who strive to grow in the international arena and impresses with the template flexibility to accommodate almost every content need. It can be an impeccable choice for an entry-level program thanks to its simple-to-use interface. But for those seeking a more innovative and potent copywriting formula, it is better to consider another alternative to Writesonic.

5. Surfer SEO



Surfer SEO is a reliable assistant for producing highly readable and rankable articles. You will come across double-edged content generation approaches to increase organic traffic and boost visibility here. The first tool, Content Editor, pitches a list of relevant keywords and builds a well-organized outline with appealing headlines to write the text around it. The great news is that users have no language limitations and can optimize content using real-time measurables for word count and NLP-ready key phrases and imagery. Plus, texts go through an in-depth check on plagiarism to avoid penalties and ensure uniqueness to attract your audience.

Powered by next-gen AI writing mechanisms, Surfer AI is the second remarkable solution for crafting ready-to-rank content. Unlike Surfer SEO alternatives, the module combines researching, writing, and streamlining capabilities to generate a high-quality article in only 20 minutes. This feature runs on the GPT-4 version, sifting through over 300,000 words and analyzing 500 ranking factors. It also offers several templates and image insertion, as well as selects the most appropriate tone of voice based on SERP investigation to capture and retain visitors.

What really makes the platform to be an unparalleled Writesonic alternative is the availability of supplementary SEO utilities. Keyword research tool simplifies writing articles via discovering a plethora of related topic clusters from a seed keyword. Meanwhile, with Keyword Surfer Extension, you can attain keyword insights and search volumes directly in Google. SEO Audit will scan every SEO error, from the text length and NLP entities coverage to missing backlinks and referring domains, and provide how-to-fix guides to enhance content. Whitelabel option and integration with Google Docs and WordPress are also available here.


Understanding different business-scaling needs from small teams to large agencies, Surfer SEO comes with 4 subscription options:

  • Essential – $89 monthly
  • Advanced – $179 monthly
  • Max – $299 monthly
  • Enterprise – custom price 

With yearly billing, you can get a considerable saving of $600, but leveraging Surfer AI takes a fee of $29 per article.


If you are interested in advanced AI writing capacities fueled with SEO features incorporated, Surfer SEO is just the thing. Keep in mind that among Writesonic alternatives, the platform comes with the most exorbitant pricing, making it unapproachable for cash-strapped marketers. Still, the comprehensive GPT-4 technologies and extra SEO boons of keyword research and auditing fully make up for the high price tag.

6. Copywritely



Copywritely is the Writesonic alternative focusing on optimizing articles. Although the instrument doesn’t include an AI generator, its content improvement qualities are doubtless more viable than those of like-kind platforms. Whatever writing goal you pursue, this intelligent software will help successfully achieve it. SEO specialists can elevate rankings by resolving plagiarism and keyword stuffing issues. For copywriters, there are precious built-in features of word counting, paraphrasing, and grammar checking. Finally, marketers will get immense conversions via turning texts into incredibly digestible and readable.

According to our experts, the tool comes in handy for scrutinizing rivals’ content across SERPs to identify their top-engaging topics and common keywords, bigrams, and trigrams to seize. You can also considerably ease the copywriting process thanks to impeccable task automation and the implementation of various ready-made templates. SEO Content Checker aims to polish articles to perfection with progressive plagiarism-revealing mechanisms, spotting spamming keywords, analyzing the overall relevance for search, and calculating the readability score. Copywritely isn’t limited to English and Spanish, as plenty of Copywritely alternatives do, and has nine languages in its arsenal to expand the business globally. 


The platform’s pricing model extremely differs from other Writesonic replacements and charges solely for the total of pages optimized. Starting as low as 50 pages, it is possible to upgrade to a maximum of 5000 pages monthly, depending on the marketing needs. The following price examples will give a clear understanding of how it goes:

  • 50 pages – $29 monthly
  • 100 pages – $49 monthly
  • 5000 pages – $1,250 monthly

Users can make sure Copywritely meets their requirements with a free trial period and get a 20% discount if they pay annually.


In case you prioritize article streamlining and have no need for content generation, Copywritely might become your perfect ally. From the get-go of usage, the software impresses with a lightweight interface, effective improvement suggestions, and the scope of features to convert mediocrity text into a writing masterpiece.

7. MarketMuse



MarketMuse is a versatile Writesonic alternative to improve your content marketing strategies. It will guide you through the complete process of text creation, from outlining to optimization, providing personalized insights for better decisions. Plus, its automated content audits pinpoint poor-performing areas and what requires special attention to streamline for the highest search engine ranking positions.

The Content Planning tool will assist in shaping a detailed content strategy backed by crucial SERP insights as well as page-level and site-level data. One more notable feature to gain bigger exposure is content clustering. It helps determine what topics you should target for catering to customer search intent and evaluate opponents’ clusters for precious keywords to include. 

MarketMuse varies from Writesonic competitors with a comprehensive Keyword Research module. It can not only provide relevant keywords but also sort and prioritize them based on already existing clusters. Plus, the granular difficulty scores will showcase how easy/hard your site might rank for particular topics.


The service comes with an above-the-market pricing policy but still secures a 7-day free trial. Those who are ready to fork out might choose from 3 paid plans:

  • Standard – $149 monthly
  • Team – $399 monthly
  • Premium – custom cost 

All packages differ in the option of page/site-level insights and the number of users and queries per month. If one opts for an annual subscription, the platform grants a great discount.


MarketMuse employs credible and efficient AI algorithms to breathe new life into any content strategy. It empowers users with everything needed to succeed in their niche, from features for content sketching and brief crafting to well-rounded optimization.  Though only seasoned marketers can afford the expensive packages offered, advanced clustering options, deep competitive intelligence, and invaluable keyword research functionalities are totally worth it.

8. Content Harmony

content harmony


Unlike the standard content creation tools, Content Harmony initiates building articles based on the detailed keyword report. It means the tool will deliver high-quality texts by counting stats on search volume, primary intent, average words, and content difficulty score. Content Workflows conveniently unite AI forces with competitor data to make the overall process seamless and hassle-free. 

This Writesonic alternative is unique with its search intent classification system that aids SEOs and content creators in understanding what request types most resonate with the audience. You can determine different intent types such as video, news, local, answers, visual, transactional, etc., for chosen keywords and view Primarily search intent and intent scores for all the groups. The high score indicates the intent types you should direct your efforts at.

With the Editor feature, it is possible to create entirely customizable briefs of any format needed. Users may also leave comments and instructions to ensure the writer with the task requirements to the smallest details. The Content Grader will compute accurate readability and overall content estimates alongside providing the recommended keywords sorted by priority or by other filtering options. Thanks to the AI-driven topic model, it is a breeze to learn how a specific topic performs and publish top-notch content without multiple preoptimizations.


The service charges for content workflows range from the article number you want to produce on a monthly or yearly basis. Here are some pricing details to have a clear vision:

  •  5 content workflows – $50 monthly
  • 12 content workflows – $99 monthly
  • 200+ content workflows – from $1000 monthly

The annual payment option can profit you with a great discount. Plus, each plan includes unlimited users and projects, as well as rollover credits and free team training. With a trial for $10, you will get ten content workflow credits.


Content Harmony is among Writesonic alternatives for a reason. It brags about the extensive keyword report, which is a vital point for making SEO-optimized texts. Experienced marketers might find built-in AI writing algorithms too basic for pro-level streamlining, but the search intent classification system and topic model algorithms are just as good as gold.

9. LSIGraph



LSIGraph promises to transform any content into high-ranking and drive heavy traffic to a site with 3 core solutions: Keyword Research, Content Writer, and Planner. Before writing and optimizing texts, the software will conduct a dedicated keyword inspection to reinforce you with low-hanging fruits (keywords). You can discover promising keywords by overviewing stats on trend, volume, KD, and CPC. 

Compared to the best Writesonic alternatives, LSIGraph comes with an exceptional Opportunity Score metric to spot terms with the greatest ROI promptly. Users also may strategize their content reasonably with Keyword Intent Analysis and access the full rivals’ content performance picture with SERP Analyzer. Topic Clustering is an equally valuable feature that allows peruse the traffic volume certain topics might bring.

Driven by stunning AI qualities, Content Writer will help generate writings that Google yearns to see. It benchmarks your articles with the top 10 results, showcasing how you perform against leaders. During this analysis, the tool counts the total of words, headings, paragraphs, images, keyword density, internal links, and others, recapping in the precise Content Score. In addition, actionable optimization suggestions are always at your fingertips to improve content for the Top 10 league. 

Finally, once you streamline the text, Planner gets to work. It will help build a perfect content silo with easy-to-comprehend visual maps and make instant and educated interlinking decisions.


Each subscription option of LSIGraph differs in the payment and content production frequency:

  • 1-month plan – $43.99 monthly
  • 12-month plan – $24.92 monthly if you pay for the 1-year usage at once
  • 36-month plan – $14.69 monthly if you fee for the 3-year usage immediately

The software also grants users a money-back guarantee within 30 days.


LSIGraph can become a robust tool for content planning and building purposes. Incorporated powerful functionalities for keyword research, SERP analysis, and topic clustering put it in the row with first-class Writesonic alternatives. Maybe AI technologies are less viable for soaring large businesses to new heights, but the innovative Planner tool balances this gap.

10. Usetopic



At the heart of this Writesonic competitor is a research-oriented content creation approach. To launch the process, you simply need to input the focus keyword for upcoming content. Then the tool will swiftly sift through the top 30 Google results to pick the most palatable headings, key terms, and questions to apply.

Outline Builder is another highlight of Usetopic that delivers ready-made briefs according to the requirements in a moment. Both editors and agencies can transform research outcomes into relevant outlines with intelligent drag-and-drop options. In case you don’t like proposed ideas, AI capabilities will come to the rescue. The platform scans through headings to generate precious suggestions. 

With the straightforward Content Grader, users can instantly evaluate the draft from A to Z. This feature points out areas for improvement and crafts a feedback loop that vouches for every piece of content to accommodate the audience’s search intent. It is worth mentioning that Usetopic is available in 5 languages as well as integrates with Google Docs and WordPress for an even more fruitful content production journey.


The software contributes to various content needs from small startups and in-house teams to large agencies with 3 paid plans:

  • Starter – $99 monthly (allows streamlining up to 10 articles per month)
  • Plus – $199 monthly (allows streamlining up to 25 articles per month)
  • Premium – $299 monthly (allows streamlining up to 50 articles per month)

Like most Writesonic alternatives, you can meet a pleasant saving of up to 20%.


Stuffed with a state-of-the-art interface and rapid content-optimizing mechanisms, Usetopic earns a place among the leading alternatives to Writesonic. It supports 5 different languages to target an international audience and includes nifty functions for crafting texts of high semantic value.


Setting optimization goals and realizing what functionalities you should acquire is decisive in selecting the right tool. Rest assured, all the platforms mentioned above are expert-approved Writesonic alternatives. Some are renowned solely for their tiptop AI writing tools, while others still boast extra powerful SEO features to ascend the SERP summit. There is no ultimate solution concurrently tailored to different customer personas, business sizes, and budgets, and the best Writesonic replacement rangers from use case to use case. However, SE Ranking proves to be the strongest candidate for this role. With its accomplished SEO toolkit, including cutting-edge content creation assets and AI-writing algorithms at the most generous price tag, it can empower in-house teams and agencies equally.

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