Best Frase Alternatives – Top 10 Picks for 2024 and Beyond

If you need a reliable SEO tool specializing in creating top-quality content, you can’t go wrong with Frase. From analyzing rival articles to helping build briefs and creating and optimizing your posts, this platform is a comprehensive content marketing tool.

But what if you are looking for something different? Perhaps you need a wider variety of SEO features, a tool that’s easier to use, or perhaps you’d just like to test different platforms. With that in mind, we singled out the top ten Frase alternatives. Keep reading to learn more about these replacements!

Consideration of Key Factors for Frase Alternatives Selection

If you’d like to know how we identified the top Frase alternatives, here are the factors we considered:

  • Competitor research. Frase can analyze competitor articles to assess the optimal word, heading, links, and image count and collect keywords to include in your text.
  • AI writing. The artificial intelligence-powered writer can build an outline or write an entire article or only specific sections. We looked for AI writing features of Frase alternatives and compared them with this tool.
  • Other SEO features. Frase offers keyword search volume and SERP data that includes backlinks and domain authority. However, the tool is far from being a comprehensive SEO tool, which is why we assessed if other alternatives have more to offer in this category. 
  • Pricing. The subscriptions vary between affordable options ($14.99 monthly) for individuals to more expensive choices for teams ($114.99 monthly). The AI writer is available as a paid add-on, which costs extra – $35 monthly. We compared those rates with other options to see which platform offers better value for money.

List of Top Tools

You can find detailed reviews below, but before that, here’s an overview of all the available Frase alternatives: 

  1. SE Ranking. It helps every step of the way through the content creation process, and it also covers all your other SEO needs, from site audits to rank tracking.
  2. Surfer SEO. It’s an advanced Frase alternative that is best suited for adapting your existing content to search engine needs.
  3. LSIGraph. The tool is an excellent choice for choosing the most fitting key phrases for your upcoming articles.
  4. Jasper AI. It’s a versatile Frase replacement with a vast range of pre-made content templates and a simple command interface.
  5. Content Harmony. This is an all-in-one content, image, and video analyzer, making it a versatile content creation tool.
  6. Writesonic. It has a decent free version, but a premium subscription is worth paying due to the GPT 4 compatibility that secures highly relevant content.
  7. WriterZen. It’s the best choice if you collaborate with other team members and writers on preparing the content.
  8. Clearscope. The content inventory makes it easy to monitor page performance, making this tool suitable for those serving multiple clients.
  9. Scalenut. This tool can do wonders in adjusting the tone of content to your brand’s tone of voice. 
  10. Rytr. The best alternative for daily content creation applications, such as replying to emails or online messages.

1. SE Ranking

se ranking


It will only take a few moments after you launch SE Ranking to see that this is a user-friendly platform with a modern design. Apart from looking great, it also delivers fantastic SEO solutions, especially for content creation, and that’s why it’s the first on the list of Frase alternatives.

SE Ranking has an AI-powered writing tool that can create only a brief or an entire article for you. It builds an outline after analyzing top texts in Google search engine results. You’ll get suggestions for the optimal word and heading count, but you are welcome to make any adjustments. 

While building the outline, the top-ranked content structure will be available, and you can choose the preferred sections. It’s even possible to turn off some rival articles to ensure you only include those you believe to be relevant. The AI writing assistant can prepare an entire article in seconds. The tool offers an option to add keywords manually if you feel that’s necessary. From there, you can use the Content Editor to optimize everything to your preference. 

SE Ranking is a great alternative to Frase if you need a more comprehensive SEO software suite. Although we focus on content creation, SE Ranking offers much more than that. You can analyze keywords with a detailed research tool, execute backlink checks and analyze the competition to the smallest detail. A fast and reliable site crawler will assess your website details, while rank tracking provides daily updates that keep you informed about the changes in the search engine positioning.


SE Ranking has a two-week free trial, which is more than enough time to test its services and see if they meet your expectations. Here are the basic premium subscription details:

  • Essential. It costs $55 monthly for up to five competitors per project, and 100 keyword and competitive research reports daily.
  • Pro. The price is $109 monthly, and it includes up to ten competitors per project and 5,000 keyword and competitive research reports daily.
  • Business. You get 10,000 competitive and keyword research reports daily and up to 20 rivals per project for $239 monthly.

Yearly subscriptions secure you a 20% discount.

As for content creation, there’s a special Content Marketing tool bundle. It costs from $29 monthly and grants access to the AI writer, content editor, plagiarism checker, content idea finder, Google Docs add-on, and the shared access feature.


SE Ranking is the best Frase alternative for content creation and other SEO requirements. It offers extensive analysis and data collection when preparing an article outline, and the AI writer can whip up the entire article for you in seconds. SE Ranking has you covered with its other SEO features, ranging from a site audit and competitor research to backlink analysis and link tracking. That ensures this platform offers the best value for money from all Frase replacements suggested in this guide.

2. Surfer SEO



The main reason Surfer SEO deserves a place among Frase alternatives is content optimization. You can apply optimization tools to existing articles and the ones you are about to create. The suggestions will ensure you get the technical aspects right, from adding suitable keywords to optimizing image alt tags.

Like most Surfer SEO alternatives, this tool also uses the NLP method to collect phrases. However, some terms collected are quite generic, such as “get” or “use.” Once you finish optimizing the article, the plagiarism checker will confirm there’s no issue with non-original content. You can use the AI writer for any sections you feel the need to replace, insert, or improve. Even if you write the article from scratch, the AI will provide decent quality.

Surfer SEO is also a great alternative to Frase for preparing article outlines. The keyword research tool is great when preparing content strategy since it will ensure you easily find fitting topic clusters for your website. 

You can connect Surfer SEO to WordPress, Google Docs, and Jasper. It’s also possible to use the AI outline generator for free and add the Keyword Surfer extension to your web browser.


Surfer SEO has four standard premium subscriptions:

  • Essential. You can use the content editor for 15 articles for $89 monthly.
  • Advanced. Surfer SEO increases the number of articles for the content editor to 45 in this subscription, which costs $179 monthly.
  • Max. You pay $299 monthly for 90 articles in the content editor.
  • Enterprise. It’s a custom subscription that can be tailored to your needs, and it’s necessary to contact the company to get the price.

Surfer SEO has a 7-day money-back guarantee. All packages include Jasper AI and Google Docs integration. Surfer AI is available as an on-demand add-on for $29 monthly.


You won’t find a better Frase alternative for existing content optimization than Surfer SEO. It’ll ensure you do everything right from a technical aspect, while Surfer AI can be helpful in creating top-quality content. Although it’s not the cheapest, the tool is worth trying.

3. LSIGraph



LSIGraph promises to assist in three SEO departments – researching keywords, writing content, and creating a plan. For starters, you can use this Frase alternative to perform detailed searches on the desired key phrase. LSIGraph will offer the Opportunity Score metric, which is great for finding keywords that provide the best return on investment.

Other metrics are also there, including the basics like estimated traffic volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC estimation. Letters next to the phrase mark the keyword intent, which can be local, navigational, transactional, or informational. You can see the details for best-ranked pages with the SERP analyzer, and that includes learning about readability, word count, and other useful info.

LSIGraph has a content assistant that will recommend the preferred word and heading count and other technical aspects for the article. It measures your progress for all metrics, including keyword density, using the target phrase, adding outbound links, and others.

You can check what your rivals added to the text to enhance your sentences and the whole draft. LSIGraph allows adding up to three target keywords for a single content piece and offers a decent list of contextual terms. Another great addition that makes LSIGraph a useful Frase alternative is the option to use the Planner tool. It will help create a content silo, which is essentially an article strategy that ensures you cover all relevant phrases for your niche and make perfect internal linking.


LSIGraph is simple price-wise since you only have a single plan. You can pick to pay for it monthly ($43.99), or choose an annual payment (43% discount compared to the monthly subscription.) or on a three-year basis (67% discount). The platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you are looking for the perfect key phrase for the next article, you can rely on LSIGraph. The planner assists in building an entire content strategy by simplifying the creation of topic clusters. LSIGraph also has a decent content assistant, which is enough to place it among the best Frase alternatives.

4. Jasper AI

jasper ai


Jasper AI promises to be a fast and reliable AI copilot, and its services are primarily tailored to advanced professionals and teams. It has a command interface, which means you type in what you want, and the platform gets to doing it. That’s an intuitive and simple way of controlling the tool, making it one of the most user-friendly Frase alternatives.

Creating content is fast with Jasper AI, and an entire article can be available in seconds. You can help the platform learn how to optimize the content to deliver your brand’s voice, and the writer usually captures the tone well. It’s possible to pick from over 50 templates, ranging from blog post outlines to LinkedIn company and personal bios.

Another huge advantage of Jasper AI is the wide level of integrated tools. You can connect this platform to anything from Google Docs to Grammarly and even to some Jasper alternatives like Surfer SEO.


Jasper AI offers a 7-day free trial, and these are the available premium subscriptions:

  • Creator. If you pay monthly, the price is $49. You get a single user seat, one brand voice, and access to 50 knowledge assets and 50+ templates.
  • Teams. For $125 monthly, you unlock three seats and brand voices each, 150 knowledge assets, and the option to make a custom template.
  • Business. You get unlimited features and API access, but the price is request-based.

Yearly payments qualify you for a 20% discount.


Jasper AI has an incredible range of templates to use when creating content, which makes it a versatile Frase alternative. Its command interface makes it suitable for beginners, and integrations ensure you can easily connect it to many other platforms.

5. Content Harmony

content harmony


Content Harmony is among the most suitable Frase alternatives for essential keyword analysis. You enter the phrase, and the platform will scan search engine results while focusing on content-related metrics. Those include average words and reading level, primary user intent and content difficulty. You can also see domain and link difficulty, and estimated search volume and CPC. It’s also possible to conduct video and image content analysis with Content Harmony, which adds to the tool’s versatility.

From there, you can proceed to build your article with the content brief. You can pick between numerous brief templates and edit other parameters. Content Harmony will suggest an outline based on research if you don’t want to waste time on building it by yourself but still want to cover all important areas for that key phrase. It’s easy to share briefs with writers, and you can even add notes if you have extra instructions.

The platform also has a Content Grader tool, which will provide an overall text score based on the phrases used, and you can also check word count and readability preferences.


Content Harmony charges per workflow, which is essentially a single article creation. It will cost you $50 for five workflows, $99 for 12, and $299 for 50 content workflows monthly. The more pieces you need, the lower the average price per text. Annual subscriptions secure discounts, and there’s a trial option where you pay only $10 for the first ten workflows.


Content Harmony streamlines the entire workflow of creating a text. It provides one of the most comprehensive keyword reports among the Frase alternatives. The brief builder is easy to use and share with writers, and the grader is basic but useful. Content Harmony’s strongest feature is the option to analyze videos and images, which compensates for the lack of advanced AI writing features.

6. Writesonic



Writesonic is likely the most affordable Frase competitor, making this content creation tool suitable for newbies and individuals. Experienced marketers and professional content creators will appreciate the GPT-4 compatibility, which secures a high level of accuracy and relevancy when searching SERP results and working on your posts.

The content creation tool is easy to use and allows inserting any desired keywords. Writesonic is compatible with Semrush, and it taps into its database to collect suitable phrases for your article. Once the text is ready, you can review it and check for plagiarism. The optimizer does a decent job, but it’s not as comprehensive as in some Writesonic alternatives.

Writesonic can rewrite any sentence or paragraph with the paraphrasing tool. It’s also great if you need to rewrite older content to make it fresh and unique again. Another reason why Writesonic belongs among the top alternatives to Frase is its option to make a story based on the chosen parameters, such as tone and description.


Writesonic has the following subscription options:

  • Free. You get up to 10,000 words monthly, but the limitation is that only GPT 3.5 is available.
  • Freelancer. It also only works with GPT 3.5 but unlocks access to unlimited words. The price is $20 monthly.
  • Team. The cost starts at $19 monthly for 100,000 words. You can use GTP 3.5 or GPT 4, and you unlock access to a personalized article writer, API, and five brand voices.
  • Enterprise. The pricing starts at $500 monthly, and it includes a customized package tailored to your business.

Yearly subscriptions secure a 20% discount.


Writesonic might be the top free Frase alternative out there. If you are a professional, you’ll need a premium subscription, but even those aren’t expensive. The impression is, however, that you should pick the GPT 4 option since it’s significantly better than the older AI version.

7. WriterZen



WriterZen has excellent keyword management capabilities since you can create lists, import external keywords, create clusters, and categorize them by topic. The keyword explorer is impressive, especially since you can use the Golden Filter. It’s a special parameter that narrows down the search term to those who don’t have much competition but can be of high value.

Another useful filter is the Wildcard search, which focuses on user intent behind the search. Once you pick the phrases, you can proceed to create the content. WriterZen offers many languages to choose from, but the AI writer only supports English.

The platform analyzes the content of the top 20 rivals and collects NLP keywords from Google, recommending the best terms to insert into the text. Collaboration is easy with WriterZen, which makes it a top Frase alternative to use when working with writers. You can add comments, replies, and mentions and create shareable links for freelancers.


Here’s an overview of the WriterZen premium plans:

  • Cluster Only. You can sort up to 30,000 keyword credits to use for $23 monthly. There’s no access to the content creator or keyword explorer.
  • Cluster & Research. This tool also has 30,000 keyword credits and unlocks access to Keyword Explorer. The price is $69 monthly.
  • Cluster & Content. You get 30,000 keyword credits and access to the content creator for $69 monthly.
  • All in one. Apart from 50,000 credits, you also get both content creator and keyword explorer, as well as the topic discovery tools and two member seats. The cost is $119 monthly.

If you choose an annual subscription, you can get a 30% discount, and there’s also an option to try WriterZen via a free trial.


Keyword management and collaboration features are two main reasons why WriterZen stands out from other Frase alternatives. The content creation tool is user-friendly, and AI writing is of acceptable quality, ensuring that WriterZen offers good value for money.

8. Clearscope



Clearscope has tools that help throughout the entire content creation, starting with a useful keyword discovery feature. The platform analyzes SERP results and rival content to give you a better idea of top-ranked articles. You can learn about monthly searches, CPC, and other metrics to help you understand specific keywords better.

Content reports will give specific recommendations on what you should include in the article outline, and the reports can be checked for multiple locations. The content editor uses the familiar approach you’ll also find in many affordable Clearscope alternatives. It scans the best pages for that term and gathers NLP keywords to include in the article to optimize it for search engines. 

Another reason why we added Clearscope to the potential Frase alternatives is its content inventory. It’s where you can monitor content performance, including metrics like content health and impressions. That addition is great if you manage multiple websites and need to keep up with their performance.


The only Clearscope plan with public pricing is the Essentials subscription, which costs $170 monthly. It includes a single user seat, one content report and 20 inventory pages, and support for five languages. You can contact the company for details regarding Business and Enterprise subscription prices.


Clearscope is the best Frase competitor for teams and individuals serving multiple clients. It’s easy to monitor content performance from the inventory to ensure you don’t miss anything important. As for content creation, the tool helps from identifying the right keywords to optimizing articles.

9. Scalenut



Scalenut tries to automate content creation with the Cruise mode. The platform keeps up with other Frase competitors by using the NLP method to obtain the most suitable phrases from Google. You can use a simple form to specify the tone of voice, with traits like friendly, humorous, or uplifting. Scalenut will analyze your content, or you can enter manual texts to let the AI recognize your preferred tone of voice.

While creating an outline, you can pick the desired writing points. That’s convenient since you can specify what exactly to insert into the article. Once the content is ready, you can paraphrase, regenerate, expand, or shorten specific sections and even request the AI to place it in bullet points.

Scalenut offers a traffic analyzer feature, which offers details like CTR, traffic, and ranking positions. It also displays the pages for the given phrase, along with top-ranked ones and those texts that had the most significant rises or drops in the rankings.


Here are the details of Scalenut subscriptions:

  • Essential. You get 100,000 AI words and the option to make five articles with the content creator for $39 monthly.
  • Growth. For $79 monthly, you get unlimited AI words and 30 articles to make with the content creator.
  • Pro. Apart from unlimited AI words, you get 75 articles to make with the content creator and an extra user seat. The price is $149 monthly.
  • Enterprise. You can contact the company to receive a price for a package tailored to your requirements.

Scalenut has a 7-day free trial. If you pay annually, you can save significantly.


Scalenut tries hard to determine your brand’s tone of voice, and that’s what makes it one of the top alternatives to Frase. It’s also simple to edit created content and optimize it to suit your preferences.

10. Rytr



Rytr is an AI platform supporting over 30 languages, making it a Frase alternative worth considering. If you plan on adjusting your content for multiple markets, you’ll appreciate this feature. The platform also has an option to generate images with AI, which is convenient to spice up your content.

AI writing is of decent quality, and you can pick from over 40 templates when creating a text. Rytr calls these use cases, and they vary from landing pages and blog sections to business idea pitching and responding to emails and reviews. It’s possible to create your own use case with some subscriptions. Rytr has over 20 tones of voice available and an integrated plagiarism checker.


Rytr is a budget-friendly tool, and its plans confirm it. Here are the options available:

  • Free. You can get up to 10,000 characters and five AI-made images monthly.
  • Saver. For $9 monthly, you get 100,000 characters to generate and 20 AI-made images.
  • Unlimited. You remove the limit for generated characters but can only get up to 100 images for $29 monthly.

If you pay annually, you can use the service for free for two months.


Rytr is an affordable Frase alternative that’s easy to use and beginner-friendly. While it’s not the most advanced, it’s convenient for daily use since the templates cover everything from email and review replies to social media content creation.


That completes our list of the best Frase competitors, and it’s good news that there are so many content creation tools out there. You can go for Surfer SEO if your primary focus is optimizing existing content, or pick Jasper AI to create texts based on numerous templates. WriterZen is great for working together with writers, while Writesonic and Rytr have free versions that don’t require paying anything.But what if you expect something more from Frase alternatives? The answer lies in trying SE Ranking. The tool can do a lot to help you create top-quality content, but it also has other extensive SEO features. You can perform a technical site audit to look for various issues that are compromising your rankings, use a rank tracker to monitor your positions, and much more. But ultimately, it’s all up to you. Don’t hesitate to assess your requirements as that’s the answer to finding the most suitable Frase replacement.

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