SE Ranking Pricing Plans 2024

SE Ranking is a solid and affordable all-in-one SEO platform offering a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance online visibility and performance. Catering to SEO professionals, it aids in crafting and executing potent strategies through the use of advanced datasets and cutting-edge AI technologies. Renowned for its functionality in the SEO market, SE Ranking continuously evolves, embracing the latest trends and expanding its offerings to provide clients with an ever-growing suite of solutions that ensure a competitive edge.

Are you wondering which pricing plan will work best for you? This article compares the three primary SE Ranking pricing and plans for 2024: Essential, Pro, and Business. Read on to find out which SE Ranking plan aligns best with your business’s SEO goals and strategies.

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SE Ranking Essential Pricing Plan

SE Ranking’s most affordable option is the Essential plan, designed for users looking for a basic set of tools to automate key site optimization tasks and achieve measurable results. This plan is available at $52.00 per month when billed annually or $65.00 per month for those preferring month-to-month billing. Opting for SE Ranking’s yearly pricing provides a 20% discount, saving $13.00 each month, and includes a complimentary migration service, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition to SE Ranking.

What does the SE Ranking Essential pricing plan Include?

  • Account: The SE Ranking Essential plan enables users to manage up to 10 website projects, allowing for detailed tracking of their SEO performance, including rankings and backlinks. It includes one manager seat for full access to project management, with the option to add more at $20 per seat. Additionally, the plan accommodates the monitoring of up to 5 competitors per project.
  • Rank Tracker: This tool included in the SE Ranking Essential pricing plan supports daily tracking of up to 750 keywords. It also allows for ranking checks across 100 combinations of search engines, locations, languages, and devices per project. This pricing plan also comes with a Visibility Rating feature to calculate and compare your website’s visibility against competitors in the SERPs for your chosen keywords. Plus, with the SERP Competitors tool, you can view the top 100 websites for any search query added to your project.
  • Website Audit & One-Page Checker: This SE Ranking pricing plan includes a Website Audit feature, allowing an extensive analysis of up to 100,000 pages per account. For each project, up to 15,000 pages can be analyzed. The tool can scan your website against 120+ parameters, providing detailed instructions for correcting issues to optimize your website’s performance. Moreover, it offers an on-page audit feature that allows you to audit the optimization quality of up to 20 pages per month.
  • SERP Analyzer: The tool permits 20 analyses per month, focusing on key SEO parameters of the top SERP competitors for your chosen keywords. 
  • Backlink Checker and Monitor: The SE Ranking Essential plan includes a comprehensive Backlink Monitor capable of tracking up to 17,500 backlinks. Additionally, you can analyze backlinks for up to 50 domains daily, giving you a broad scope for competitor backlink analysis. The plan also features a Backlink Gap Analyzer for uncovering backlink opportunities by comparing your profile with competitors. Each report generated by the Backlink Checker or Backlink Gap Analyzer can include analysis for up to 10,000 backlinks.
  • Competitive and Keyword Research: The plan permits up to 100 daily reports, each encompassing up to 1,000 rows of data, enabling comprehensive analysis of paid and organic keywords. Within the Keyword Manager, you can organize your keyword data efficiently, with the capacity to save up to 60 lists and 30,000 keywords. Additionally, the plan facilitates bulk exports.
  • SEO Reporting: The SE Ranking Essential plan offers unlimited manual reporting and templates, allowing for on-demand creation of detailed SEO reports. Additionally, the plan enables you to schedule up to 5 reports to be automatically generated at specified intervals.
  • Support: As part of the Essential package, you gain access to the SE Ranking Academy, which offers a range of video courses that will help you optimize your website, boost its visibility, and increase organic traffic.
  • Additional Features: The Essential plan from SE Ranking includes Insights for in-depth SEO analysis, a Mobile App, Traffic Analysis tools, and a Marketing Plan to guide your SEO strategy. It also features Social Media management tools and integrates with Matomo Analytics and Google Analytics & Search Console for comprehensive data tracking.

Add-ons with SE Ranking Essential pricing plan

Content Marketing

For those looking to enhance their content marketing efforts, additional packages are available at $29, $49, or $99, with the possibility of a 20% discount for annual payments.

  • Content Editor: Offers the ability to produce up to 15, 30, or 120 articles per month, aligning with the scale of content demand.
  • AI Writer: Depending on the option purchased, you can produce 25,000, 50,000, or 250,000 AI-generated words per month to support content creation.
  • Plagiarism Checker: It can include up to 3, 5, or 10 plagiarism checks monthly to maintain content integrity.
  • Content Idea Finder: Gives access to a wellspring of content ideas to fuel the creative process.
  • Google Docs Add-On: Integrates content optimization seamlessly within Google Docs for efficiency.
  • Shared Access: Facilitates collaboration by enabling shared access to content marketing tools across the team.

Local Marketing

Local Marketing Add-Ons offer tools to boost local SEO across 1, 5, 10, or 50 locations, integrating with Google Business Profile, tracking local rankings, managing reviews, monitoring listings, and performing local marketing audits. Packages range from $7 to $181 monthly, with a 20% annual discount available.

Pay-As-You-Go Data

For flexible, on-demand SEO tasks, the Pay-As-You-Go Data options are available:

  • Keyword Grouper: You can organize your keywords efficiently for $0.004 per request.
  • Search Engine Autocomplete: This feature gives you insights into popular search queries for $0.001 per search query.
  • Index Status Checker: You can check if search engines index URLs for $0.005 per URL.


SE Ranking’s Essential plan is highly regarded as one of the most functional and affordable options for SEO beginners and small businesses. With an abundance of useful features, it is competitively priced, providing outstanding value for money for emerging companies.

SE Ranking Pro Pricing Plan

SE Ranking Pro is the most popular SE Ranking pricing plan and favored option for small agencies and teams, offering expanded data limits and improved collaboration capabilities.

It presents two pricing options: the standard tier at $119.00 per month and an extended limits tier at €199.00 per month.

Opting for an annual payment secures a 20% discount along with complimentary migration services.

What does the SE Ranking Pro pricing plan Include?

The SE Ranking Pro pricing plan builds upon the Essential plan’s offerings, providing the same robust suite of SEO tools with the addition of advanced features and increased limits to meet the growing needs of small agencies and teams.

  • Account: The Pro plan offers unlimited projects and 3 manager seats with an option to add more for $20 each. It also allows tracking up to 10 competitors per project for expansive competitive analysis.
  • Rank Tracker: The Pro plan amplifies keyword tracking, permitting daily checks on up to 2,000 or 3,500 keywords, depending on your selected tier.
  • Website Audit: The Pro plan significantly expands your auditing capabilities, offering analysis for up to 250,000 pages per account and 40,000 pages per project. It also includes a feature to monitor page changes for 100 or 175 pages, depending on the chosen pricing option.
  • On-Page Checker and SERP Analyzer: The Pro plan allows for more comprehensive on-page SEO audits and SERP analysis, including the ability to audit up to 30 or 40 pages per month and analyze SERPs for 100 or 200 different keywords monthly.
  • Backlink Checker and Monitor: The Pro pricing plan extends backlink monitoring capacity to 30,000 or 60,000 backlinks per account and increases the number of domains you can analyze each day to 100 or 200. 
  • Competitive and Keyword Research: This SE Ranking pricing plan allows you to generate up to 5,000 reports daily and export up to 50,000 rows of detailed keyword data per report. Historical data spanning the last three months provides insights into keyword and domain performance over time. It also allows for an unlimited number of lists in Keyword Manager, with a cap ranging from 50,000 to 90,000 keywords. Moreover, it enables you to expand your keyword database by 10,000 to 17,500 keywords per month.
  • SEO Reporting: The Pro plan upgrades your reporting capabilities, increasing the number of scheduled reports to 20.
  • Support: The Pro pricing tier augments the Essential Plan by offering priority support, ensuring users can anticipate swift responses to inquiries within a 24-hour window. Additionally, this plan includes the services of a dedicated account manager, an onboarding call to facilitate the initial setup, and tailored team training for up to 4 hours. 
  • Additional Features: The Pro package includes all additional features from the Essential Plan, plus integration with Looker Studio.

Add-ons with SE Ranking Pro pricing plan

All Add-Ons for the Pro plan are consistent with those in the Essential plan, featuring identical pricing that varies based on the number of items, such as locations or articles, selected. 

Moreover, one additional add-on is available for Pro plan users that was not available in the lower package:

Agency Pack

This package is priced at $50/mo and is available only with an annual subscription. It includes features tailored for agency use, such as white labeling and white label reporting, along with unlimited scheduled reports. It simplifies client management by offering 10 client seats. Additionally, SE Ranking provides tools for lead acquisition, like the Lead Generator, which allows agencies to attract customers by integrating the On-Page Checker widget on their website. Agencies can also be featured in SE Ranking’s Agency Catalog, enhancing their visibility to potential clients.


The SE Ranking Pro Pricing Plan is an excellent choice for medium-sized businesses and agencies with more extensive business requirements. It provides ample flexibility, allowing the selection of necessary options and required limits. Notably, valuable add-ons are available for purchase, including a specialized package for agencies that can enhance the company’s image and potentially attract new clients.

SE Ranking Business Pricing Plan

The SE Ranking Business Pricing Plan is specially designed for mid-sized to large agencies and businesses seeking advanced data processing features and priority support. This plan is available at three price points: $259.00/mo, $409.00/mo, or $599.00/mo, depending on the number of keywords you wish to track. 

In this package, opting for an annual subscription also provides a 20% discount and includes a free migration service.

What does the SE Ranking Business pricing plan Include?

The SE Ranking Business plan encompasses all the features of the Pro package, along with some additional functionalities tailored for more extensive requirements. The specifics, such as the number of keywords for various features, depend on the price range among the three available options. So, the more extensive your needs are, the higher the price tier you can opt for.

  • Account: The Business plan includes 5 Manager seats, allowing for enhanced team collaboration and project management.
  • Rank Tracker: This pricing plan offers varying capacities for keyword tracking, allowing up to 5,000, 10,000, or 15,000 keywords based on the selected pricing tier.
  • Website Audit: The SE Ranking Business plan offers scalable website audit options depending on the chosen pricing tier:
  1. Audit up to 700,000 pages per account and 80,000 per project, with a Page Changes Monitor for 250 pages.
  2. A limit to 1,250,000 pages per account and 100,000 per project, plus monitoring for 500-page changes.
  3. Audit 2,000,000 pages per account, 150,000 per project, and monitor 1,000 page changes.
  • On-Page Checker and SERP Analyzer: Users of the SE Ranking Business plan can choose from three levels for on-page and SERP analysis per month:
    1. No more than 100 on-page audits and 1,000 SERP analysis.
    2. Up to 200 on-page audits and 1,500 SERP analysis.
    3. Limit of 300 on-page audits and 2,000 SERP analysis.
  • Backlink Checker and Monitor: Users have three options for backlink tracking and analysis depending on pricing tier:
    1. Monitor up to 90,000 backlinks per account and analyze backlinks for up to 300 domains per day.
    2. Increased the capacity to monitor 175,000 backlinks per account and analyze 400 domains daily.
    3. The most extensive option that allows monitoring of 375,000 backlinks per account and analysis for 500 domains each day.

All three options include up to 100,000 backlinks analyzed per report.

  • Competitive and Keyword Research: Users can generate up to 10,000 reports daily, with each report including up to 100,000 rows. They can also access insights from any available historical data on keywords and domains. Depending on the chosen pricing tier, users can add up to 25,000, 50,000, or 100,000 keywords monthly to Competitive and Keyword Research and save up to 120,000, 250,000, or 500,000 keywords in the Keyword Manager per account.
  • SEO Reporting: In the SE Ranking Business plan, subscribers can greatly enhance their reporting capabilities with the ability to schedule up to 50 reports.
  • Additional Features: This is the only SE Ranking pricing plan that includes API access, offering advanced integration capabilities.
  • Support: The SE Ranking Business enhances Pro Plan offering by doubling the team training time to a total of 8 hours.

Add-ons with SE Ranking Business pricing plan

The Business plan maintains the same options for the Agency Pack, Content Marketing, Local Marketing, and Pay-As-You-Go Data add-ons, all available at the same pricing tiers as the lower packages.


The SE Ranking Business plan is a comprehensive and adaptable SEO solution, particularly considering its range of add-ons. Designed for scalability, it caters to the expansive needs of growing companies by offering an array of powerful customization options. A key distinction of this plan is its provision of API access and the ability to tap into an unlimited historical database, setting it apart as a prime choice for organizations that require depth and breadth in their SEO tools suite.

Free Trial Subscription

SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial that lets you explore its features without providing credit card details. During the trial, you can track up to 750 keywords monthly, analyze 50 domains daily, audit 100,000 pages each month, and run 100 competitor reports per day. Additionally, you receive 30,000 results for each keyword research report and can use the SERP Analyzer for 20 keywords or pages monthly.

Which SE Ranking Pricing Plan is Best?

Choosing the best SE Ranking pricing plan depends mainly on your specific SEO needs and business size. The Essential plan offers an affordable starting point with ample features for small businesses and those new to SEO, providing a solid foundation for website optimization and performance tracking. For small agencies, the Pro plan, especially when enhanced with the Agency Pack, offers advanced features, including tools tailored for agency needs and more comprehensive support, facilitating efficient client management and collaboration. Larger companies and those prioritizing extensive integration capabilities will find the Business plan particularly valuable, as it includes API access, allowing for seamless synchronization with other tools and systems. 

Each plan is flexible, allowing you to add additional features as needed and ensuring that whatever your SEO demands, SE Ranking has a tailored solution to meet them.

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SE Ranking stands out as one of the premier SEO platforms available, with high user ratings underscoring its robust functionality and continual feature expansion. Its great flexibility and affordability ensure you receive exceptional value for your investment. Additionally, SE Ranking offers a completely secure, no-commitment 14-day free trial, presenting an excellent opportunity to test its comprehensive capabilities. If you’re contemplating an SEO tool, try SE Ranking and start your SEO journey today.

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