WriterZen is a potent AI writing tool and content marketing platform designed with strategists in mind. The workflow solution is packed with many useful features that help this powerful tool stand out from the crowd. With its clean user interface, WriterZen reviews have pipped it as the must-have SEO tool for 2024.


• Filter features help marketing teams view a wide variety of content in a preferred format and order.
• Users can import their pre-created keyword lists from platforms such as Semrush and Ahrefs to the Writerzen platform with just one click.
• Creators have access to many helpful materials and insights when they use the textbook mode to master the tool.
• The WriterZen plagiarism checker supports 46 languages at 195 locations worldwide based on Google’s language resources. 
• WriterZen features a buying Journey filter in keyword planning that helps marketers develop detailed content briefs.
• Additional users can be added at either a monthly fee or seats can be paid for annually.
• Shortcut features such as auto clustering and golden filter are tailored to reduce the manual work that goes into the development of a content SEO strategy.


• A few other WriterZen reviews have found that the amount of delivered data may feel overwhelming for newcomers.
• Getting used to the program could take some time. You need to understand several features to use it to its full potential.
• There is no heatmap available to users.
• Additional user seats are not available on the basic plan.


WritersZen has been lauded as a favorite among specialist marketers and SEO content writers. When used to its full potential, the tool can become a significant part of a well-set-out marketing strategy. For this WriterZen review, we found that between its ability to create a content marketing plan and articles that will rank, this powerhouse tool is packed with features anyone can master if given the time.

When other platforms review WriterZen, they found that it was designed to assist marketing professionals and content writers in streamlining the optimization and content creation process. We tend to agree with this. The features on WriterZen are created to help users drive monetizable traffic to their platforms.

Pricing & Plans

Users who want to test the platform can unlock a free 15-day trial. From there the pricing plans come in at mid-range from $23 per month to $119. Users who choose to pay for an annual subscription plan save 30%. Here’s a closer look at the plans and features you’ll be able to get with WriterZen:

Cluster Plan

This plan is affordable at $23 per month, but users only get 20,000 keyword imports and 30,000 keyword credits each month. You’ll also get 50 keyword lists. While you can access all the keyword planning features, you cannot access the keyword explorer or the content creator. Unfortunately, these are reserved for users in the All-in-One top-tier plan.

Cluster Combo Plans

Priced at $69 per month, users can choose between Cluster, Research, and Cluster and Content. In the Cluster and Research option, users get 30,000 keyword credits, 20,000 keyword imports, and 50 monthly keyword lists. They also have unlimited keyword lookups, the Keyword Golden Filter, and Revenue Forecast features.

As part of the Cluster and Content plan, users get 30,000 keyword credits, 20,000 keyword imports and 50 keyword lists each month, but they can create 100 content briefs and access unlimited AI Writing and Plagiarism checking. We agree with several WriterZen reviews that users must choose carefully if they are going for a payment option in this price range.

All-in-One Package

In the All-in-One package, users get a monthly limit of 50,000 keyword credits, 20,000 keyword imports and 100 keyword lists. Alongside two extra seats, users on this plan also get 100 content briefs each month, unlimited AI Writing, a plagiarism checker and keyword lookups. For the $119 per month, users can access the Keyword Golden Filter, Revenue forecast and unlimited topic lookup.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is geared towards large businesses. The plan costs $4,999 and is fully customizable to suite the needs of any agency. A demo of the plan can be booked through the WriterZen website.

WriterZen Features

Many platforms offer similar services to WriterZen, but they have fewer features. The features of WriterZen are what make it stand out from the crowd. They are designed to help users manage their marketing campaigns from start to finish. Here’s a quick look at some of the critical features of WriterZen, which we tested out for this WriteZen review:

Topic Discovery

The backbone of any SEO strategy is reliable, relevant content. The right content will capture the attention of audiences and keep them engaged. The only way to accomplish this, is through topic discovery. The heart and soul of topic discovery lies in the deep analysis of competitor content to discover new captivating ideas for content that is relevant to your audience.

When WriterZen was created, it was designed to follow a specific SEO workflow. The step of that workflow is to find pillar topics and sub-topics that will determine the content strategy for your business. The Topic Discovery tool does exactly that. We found the tool super easy to use. After logging into our account, we opened the Topic Discovery Tool and entered a location and a seed keyword.

When we started this WriterZen review, we expected the tool to be less efficient than it was. The results returned identified surging topics related to our seed keyword and insights to help us create relevant content. This tool is an absolute time-saver and a refreshing new approach to discovering topics. This tool is perfect for users starting a new site and those looking to expand their content ideas.

In the topic discovery users can also filter topics by search volume or relevancy. We enjoyed playing around with the detailed search intent data on each topic which is added straight from Google Suggest and Related Search insights. The filtered topics are concise and offer valuable insights into topic data.

Keyword Explorer

An effective keyword explorer helps creatives understand how hard it would be for their content to rank in the top 10 searches. The results are based on given keywords and usually give a score out of 100. Easy ranking keywords feature on the lower end of the scale while a keyword on the higher end would be more difficult to rank. The tool essentially gives agencies an idea of which keywords to use for their content to rank more easily.

The keyword explorer was the next feature we looked at during this WriterZen review. It features incredibly responsive filters, including the Golden Filter, Forecast and Cluster, to deliver more details about the keywords related to your topic. We found the tool somewhat similar to others available. It also gives results for the search volume and cost-per-click that can be used in advertising.

The tool also offers a SERP overview for the designated keyword, allowing users to see its competition. We also loved that the features could give us historical data for the keyword and its search volume without having to leave the page. This feature comes into its own with the use of the in-application filters.

Anyone in the SEO game will know that using keyword finders brings up a never-ending list of keywords that takes hours to work through. For this WriterZen review, we discovered that on WriterZen, you can use the Golden Filter. The feature uses an algorithm to find the results that will be of the most value to your business.Through other WriterZen reviews, we found that the filter picks out the keywords that will rank easily and those with high search volumes. 

The Forecast filter opens up the WriterZen revenue forecast feature, an SEO crystal ball. The feature can calculate the revenue, traffic and sales you could expect by using selected keywords.

Keyword Planner

Keyword planning is essential in creating the most relevant content. A lack of planning for keywords is why many websites fail to rank in SERPs. With the right keywords, your content will reach your audience much faster. Keyword planning helps teams set targets for created content they plan to use in marketing strategies. 

The keyword planner on WriterZen was designed to help users make the best data-driven decisions for their SEO strategies. It is one of our favorite tools on the platform. It is super easy to use and returns usable data, unlike any other platform out there. We loved the instant return of search volume data and Keyword competitiveness. The keyword planner also gave us user insights, such as the buying journey and search intent.

The advanced technology behind the keyword planner scans Google’s keyword planner and suggested databases to find relevant keywords. The data returned during our WriterZen review was then placed into keyword clusters and yielded to the user. The results are a deep insight into each topic searched for. While researching for this WriterZen review, we found this tool to be an asset for anyone looking to create content that can deliver results.

Content Creator

Once you have keywords and clusters planned out, the logical next step in the SEO process is to create the content that will feature those keywords and clusters. The Content Creator feature on WriterZen allows creatives to do precisely that without leaving the platform. To start the process, we entered one of the keywords and a little information we wanted in the article. We included a note of intent and priority.

WriterZen gave us an overview of articles that rank for our keyword. The report included the headings, word count, images and more. We then gave the AI assistant a title and started writing our content piece. And, this is where we found that WriterZen is way different from others. While we were crafting content for this WriterZen review, the Content Creator kept track of how our blog post would compete with other content pieces. We were able to track the difference in word count, paragraphs and image usage.

When we were done testing the feature for this review of WriterZen, we received a grade on the content created which let us know how what we wrote stacks up to other pieces featuring the exact keywords. Working with this tool was incredible, and the results were delivered in real time, which meant we could implement changes to ensure our content would rank above competitors.

Plagiarism Checker

The built-in plagiarism checker further streamlines the user’s SEO content creation process. The checker is available at the click of a button, and it ensures that the content created is 100% original. We tested the checker for the WriterZen review with large and small parts of the copied text, and it caught around 97% of the copied text. While it’s not perfect yet, we have hopes that updates will be done soon and the checker will be able to catch all plagiarized text.

The plagiarism checker is not available to users on the Cluster Plan or Cluster and Research Plan. This means that you’ll need to make sure you selected the correct Cluster Combo plan or the All-in-One Plan to have access to the checker.

Overall, for this WriterZen review, we were happy with the result. We were able to visit the exact webpage where we lifted the copied content from, change the copied text, and export the plagiarism report. While we use many tools, it’s great that we could do our content writing and check it in one place.

Team Function

The team function on WriterZen allows creatives to collaborate on projects from inside the platform. The centralization of projects means that teams, including planners, strategists and creators, can collaborate seamlessly on listed projects from phase one to publication. The tool aims to enhance the productivity of the team as a whole, and we think it works just great.

We tested the feature for this WriterZen review from concept strategy to content creation, and we were able to actively track the process of the content through every step. Our centralized content piece was available for input and editing by every member of the team. This is something we would usually use a secondary platform to accomplish. 

The interface is user-friendly and offers a wide range of collaborative tools. The team function has the ability to speed up workflow, the allocation of tasks, and the onboarding of creatives and guests. The real-time monitoring allows clients and marketing teams to make changes on the go and effortlessly increases business scalability.


WriterZen is way more than an AI writer; it is an all-in-one package for solid SEO and Content creation. When used in its entirety, WriterZen can form a significant part of any team’s marketing and content strategy. For our detailed review about WriterZen, we utilized the tool from start to finish, from topic discovery, keyword research and writing and optimization, and it really does everything it claims.

It sped up the process tenfold and delivered content that needed minimal tweaking. We loved that WriterZen was able to provide organic search-optimized content. For those still in two minds about the tool, it is comparable to WriterZen alternatives, including Scalenut, Frase and Writesonic.

Quick Questions

What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is a highly efficient cloud-based SEO management and workflow solution designed to assist businesses, agencies and creatives in generating, analyzing, and optimizing their website content.

How to use WriterZen?

WriterZen is an all-in-one solution for those dealing in content marketing. While it is still new to the market, it is relatively simple to use. Sign up on WriterZen and begin by using the Topic Discovery tool. Once you have your topic use the Keyword explorer and Keyword Planner to delve deeper into the chosen topic, then use the Content Creator to build relevant content for your audience.

What is WriterZen used for?

WriterZen can be used to streamline the SEO process. It is an all-in-one solution for discovering topics, conducting keyword research, writing and optimizing content.

How much is WriterZen?

Users can access a free 15-day trial. From there the pricing plans come in at mid-range from $23 per month to $119. Users can save 30% by selecting an annual subscription. The Cluster Plan is priced at $23 per month and features 20,000 keyword imports and 30,000 keyword credits each month. The Cluster Combo Plans are each priced at $69 per month. The All-in-One package costs $119 per month, and users get a monthly limit of 50,000 keyword credits, 20,000 keyword imports and 100 keyword lists. Alongside two extra seats, users on this plan also get 100 content briefs each month, unlimited AI Writing, a plagiarism checker and keyword lookups.

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