Sistrix Pricing Plans 2024

Sistrix is the go-to SEO and SEM tool for professionals looking to enhance their online visibility. It provides a robust toolbox filled with essential data on domains, keywords, and backlinks. If you’re considering purchasing this tool but are unsure which Sistrix pricing plan for 2024 is the best fit for your needs, you’re in the right place.

In this concise comparison article, we’ll examine four Sistrix pricing and plans: Start, Plus, Professional, and Premium. Continue reading to gain a clear understanding of each package and determine which Sistrix pricing plan aligns with your SEO requirements.

Sistrix Start Pricing Plan

The Sistrix Start Pricing Plan offers an accessible gateway into the SEO world for freelancers, beginners, and startups seeking to enhance their online visibility. Sistrix’s monthly pricing starts at €99, offering the flexibility of easy cancellation without any long-term commitment.

There is no Sistrix’s yearly pricing model, so the tool doesn’t offer any discounts, distinguishing it from other SEO tools.

Although Sistrix provides specialized packages for Google, Amazon, and Social, this article will focus exclusively on the features pertinent to Google SEO.

What does the Sistrix Start pricing plan Include?

  • Account: This pricing plan includes a single-user account.
  • Domain & Competitor Analysis: Subscribers gain entry to the SISTRIX Visibility Index for over 100 million domains in 30+ countries, along with comprehensive keyword research tools and domain analysis capabilities. The plan also boasts a robust backlink index compiled from a diverse range of data sources. For detailed scrutiny, users can view and export up to 10,000 results per analysis and delve into a data history spanning the last three months. It enables a solid examination of trends and domain performance.
  • Projects: The plan enables users to efficiently manage up to 3 projects, which is essential for conducting thorough on-page analysis, tracking keyword rankings, and monitoring performance metrics. With the capability to crawl up to 30,000 URLs each month, including both standard and JavaScript-intensive pages, the crawling technology mirrors the prowess of the official Googlebot. Furthermore, the plan offers SERP Updates, allowing users to monitor individual keywords not included in the typical keyword pool, ensuring that SEO strategies remain agile and responsive to changes in search results.
  • Workflow: The Sistrix Start pricing plan includes three reports, dashboards, and lists, which help organize and present SEO data efficiently. They also get 1,000 credits for data export weekly. Integration with Google Search Console and Analytics provides comprehensive visibility into SEO performance. Additionally, the plan boasts an alert system capable of sending up to 5 notifications through email or Slack, thus ensuring that users are promptly informed about significant changes in any domain.
  • Support & Training: The Start plan offers Standard-level support primarily through a chat service, ensuring inquiries received during working hours are addressed within 10 minutes. For users aiming to enhance their proficiency with the software and SEO practices, the plan grants access to online seminars. Annually, subscribers can participate in one such seminar designed to offer comprehensive insights into the capabilities of SISTRIX and the latest in SEO strategies.

The Sistrix Start plan, as the most economical option in their suite, offers a comprehensive set of features, However, in this Sistrix pricing review, it’s crucial to note that various competitors offer entry-level plans at nearly half this price point.

Sistrix Plus Pricing Plan

The Sistrix Plus plan is the preferred choice for small businesses poised for expansion. At €199 per month, it offers a middle ground for those outgrowing the Start plan but not yet requiring the breadth of the Professional or Premium tiers. Its popularity stems from a solid array of features tailored to support growth ambitions while keeping the price affordable.

What does the Sistrix Plus pricing plan Include?

The Sistrix Plus Pricing Plan elevates the feature set of the Start plan, offering these enhancements:

  • Account: The Sistrix Plus pricing plan includes 3 individual user accounts, each customizable and manageable for cohesive teamwork within a company. The plan allows for scalability, offering the option to add more user accounts at an additional cost of €24.90 per user.
  • Domain & Competitor Analysis: The Sistrix Plus plan maintains the comprehensive analytical features of the Start package while enhancing research capabilities. It increases the results per analysis limit to 50,000 entries and extends data history to five years, providing a deeper and broader historical perspective for domain and competitor analysis.
  • Projects: The Sistrix Plus plan significantly enhances project management capabilities by allowing users to oversee up to 15 distinct projects. This feature provides a substantial crawling capacity, enabling the analysis of up to 500,000 URLs each month. The plan also includes 15,000 SERP Updates, which aid in monitoring a broad spectrum of individual keywords not covered in the standard keyword set. For users with greater requirements, the option to purchase additional projects at 9.90 € each, extra page crawls at 0.21 € per 1,000 pages, or further SERP updates at 0.04 € each is available, thereby considerably expanding their SEO toolkit.
  • Content Marketing: Onfly from the Sistrix Plus plan, Sistrix users can access content marketing features necessary for crafting and executing effective content strategies. By choosing this Sistrix pricing plan, users can initiate up to 10 content marketing projects each month, and if they need more, they can buy additional projects for 7.99 € each. To maintain content originality, the plan offers 20 plagiarism checks, which scan the internet for content identical to or resembling the user’s, thus mitigating the risk of duplicate content penalties. The Content Discovery feature provides a rich database of over a billion content samples, offering inspiration and templates for content creation. Additionally, this package includes the Sistrix Content Planner feature, which enables 50 monthly analyses to help establish topic clusters—a strategic method for securing top rankings for competitive search terms through systematic, data-driven planning.
  • Workflow: The Sistrix Plus plan significantly enhances workflow efficiency by providing 25 reports, dashboards, and lists, enabling users to organize and analyze SEO data comprehensively. The capability to expand is available for those requiring additional resources, with additional reports, dashboards, and lists purchasable at 3.90 € each. Although API access within this tier is limited to the Visibility Index, the plan awards a generous allotment of export and API credits, with 10,000 available weekly to facilitate extensive data management. Additional credits are obtainable for further demand, with batches of 10,000 priced at 75.00 €. Moreover, this plan includes an alert system capable of dispatching up to 10 notifications.
  • Support & Training: Building upon the foundation set by the Start package, the Plus plan affords users the choice between online seminars and direct call formats for their learning experiences. It also increases the seminar attendance allowance to two per year, doubling the opportunity for users to enhance their knowledge of SEO workflows and the software’s extensive features. 

The Sistrix Plus pricing plan primarily distinguishes itself from the entry-level Start package by introducing access to content marketing tools, crucial for businesses aiming to bolster their content strategy. Additionally, the Plus plan provides expanded limits across various features, accommodating the growing needs of small businesses with ambitions for growth. Despite these enhancements, API access remains limited to the Visibility Index, and the plan does not include features typically expected in this price range, such as white-label reporting, which may be a drawback for agencies seeking a more tailored and client-centric reporting solution.

Sistrix Professional Pricing Plan

The Sistrix Professional pricing plan, set at 349€ per month is tailored to meet the demands of agencies and expanding businesses. 

What does the Sistrix Professional pricing plan Include?

  • Account: The Sistrix Professional plan offers 6 user accounts, with the option to add more at 24.90 € each, catering to the needs of larger teams and agencies.
  • Domain & Competitor Analysis: The Professional plan delivers comprehensive domain and competitor analysis with the capacity to handle up to 100,000 results per analysis, providing complete data history access for the past 13 years.
  • Projects: The Professional plan elevates project management to a larger scale, allowing users to handle up to 40 projects simultaneously. It provides a generous crawling quota, enabling the analysis of up to 2 million URLs. The plan offers 40,000 SERP updates for tailored keyword tracking, with additional updates purchasable at 0.03 € each. Should users require more, additional projects can be acquired at 8.49 € each, and extra page crawls are available at 0.16 € per 1000 pages, offering scalable solutions for growing SEO demands.
  • Content Marketing: With the Professional plan, Sistrix intensifies its support for content marketing efforts. Users can launch up to 25 content projects each month, with the option to purchase more at 4.99 € each. To ensure content uniqueness, the plan offers a substantial 100 plagiarism checks. Additionally, users can benefit from an increased allowance of 125 uses of the Content Planner per month.
  • Workflow: The Professional pricing plan by Sistrix brings a substantial leap in workflow management with an allowance of 100 reports, dashboards, and lists. A new addition to this tier is the White Label Reports service, allowing the customization of PDF reports with a company’s branding enhancing professional presentation and client reporting. Further, users looking to go beyond the standard offerings can add more reports, dashboards, and lists at a reduced cost of 2.90 € each. This plan also grants full API access, connecting user systems directly to Sistrix’s comprehensive data pool, far beyond just the Visibility Index data available in the lower tier. To accommodate extensive data handling and sharing requirements, the plan includes a generous 30,000 export and API credits per week. Moreover, the plan doubles the alert notifications to 20.
  • Support & Training: In this pricing plan, users receive premium-level customer support, meaning their requests are processed before those with the standard priority. They can contact support by phone and receive seats for 4 seminar participants.

The Sistrix Professional pricing plan represents the first tier that caters specifically to the needs of agencies and larger businesses by including pivotal features such as white labeling and full API access. It’s a solid plan that significantly expands upon the foundational offerings of the previous tiers, making it an attractive option for those requiring advanced SEO tools and functionalities.

Sistrix Premium Pricing Plan

The Sistrix Premium pricing plan is tailored for large enterprises, power users, and SEO experts, priced at 599 €. This top-tier offering is designed to meet the needs of high-end users who demand the most advanced features and the highest limits for their extensive SEO initiatives.

What does the Sistrix Premium pricing plan Include?

The Sistrix Premium plan encompasses all the Professional package’s features, further bolstering its offerings with additional options and enhanced limits for comprehensive SEO management.

  • Account: The Sistrix Premium plan includes 12 user accounts, providing ample access for larger teams. This pricing plan also introduces Roles and Rights Management, allowing customized user access levels. Additionally, it features an Audit Log, offering detailed records of user actions within SISTRIX for enhanced transparency and oversight in team usage.
  • Domain & Competitor Analysis: The Premium plan from Sistrix takes Domain and Competitor Analysis to the next level by offering unlimited results per analysis. 
  • Projects: Users can manage 100 projects, allowing for expansive on-page analysis and keyword tracking across numerous campaigns and clients. With a generous allocation to crawl up to 4,000,000 URLs, the plan caters to large enterprises and experts requiring extensive data for thorough website audits and performance assessments. In addition, 100,000 SERP Updates are provided to track ranking changes and adapt strategies accordingly. For those needing even more capacity, additional projects are available at 5.90 € each, extra page crawls cost just 0.14, and other SERP updates cost 0.02€ each.
  • Content Marketing: The Premium plan allows up to 100 monthly content projects, with extras available at 3.99 € each. It includes 500 plagiarism checks and the same number of Content Planner uses, aiding in crafting unique, data-informed content strategies.
  • Workflow: The Premium plan enhances workflow with 500 reports, dashboards, and lists, supporting extensive data organization and analysis. Additional sets are purchasable at 2.49 € each. With a generous allocation of 100,000 weekly Export & API credits and 50 alerts, users can manage large-scale operations efficiently.
  • Support & Training: The Premium plan maintains Premium support and training of the Professional plan, with up to 12 seminar attendees per year.

The Premium pricing plan offers notable enhancements, including a comprehensive Roles and Rights Management feature and a detailed Audit Log, which ensure meticulous access control and transparency of user actions. However, given the substantial price difference compared to other Sistrix subscription plans, you need to ensure this investment aligns with your specific needs.

Free Trial Subscription

SISTRIX provides a 7-day free trial for every pricing plan, giving you full access to all features without any limitations. It’s an excellent opportunity to test out all available tools and services to see how they can support your SEO strategy.

Which Sistrix Pricing Plan is Best?

Choosing Sistrix plans and pricing depends on your company’s specific needs. The Plus plan is often the most appealing for those seeking the best value for money. It offers a robust range of Domain and competitor Analysis features, granting access to essential content marketing tools. It allows for the expansion of feature limits without a steep jump in cost. On the other end, the Premium plan, while comprehensive, may not represent the best value for all businesses. It adds a few new features compared to the Professional plan but at nearly double the cost, making it less favorable for those who do not require its additional account management capabilities.


Before deciding, you should weigh your options across various SEO platforms. While Sistrix is recognized as a powerful tool in the SEO arena, it is also relatively pricey, especially considering the range of features it offers compared to more comprehensive solutions. Take SE Ranking, for example; with plans starting at just €39.20 a month, you could get a broader array of SEO tools at a fraction of the cost. Dive into the details and evaluate each platform’s features, and you might find that other solutions offer what you need. 

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