What Are the Best Majestic Alternatives? 10 Top SEO Tools Revealed

Majestic is an SEO tool that specializes in backlink analysis and provides comprehensive link intelligence. The platform is user-friendly and has a huge historic database, as well as a 120-day fresh index. However, it still might not be the best fit for some users, and those might be considering possible Majestic alternatives.

Our guide gathers the list of top SEO tools that can be great replacements for Majestic. Check out the list below, read the detailed reviews and pick your favorite!

Consideration of Key Factors for Majestic Alternatives Selection

Before checking out the best Majestic alternatives, here’s the list of factors we analyzed while looking for the most suitable SEO tool:

  • Historical data. Majestic has two data indexes, with the Fresh one going back 120 days. The historic version gathers data from 2006, and Majestic alternatives should be at least a decent match to that huge database.
  • Backlink analysis tools and ratings. From topical trust and citation flow to link context, Majestic has metrics that provide extensive backlink profile details. Our experts check the backlink analysis capabilities that potential Majestic competitors have. 
  • Other SEO features. Majestic also offers a keyword generator, site explorer and other useful SEO features. Can a replacement be the all-around software solution you might need?
  • Pricing. Majestic subscriptions start at $49.99, with yearly payments securing a discount. There’s also a 7-day money-back guarantee, although there’s no free trial option. We compare those pricing terms with other alternatives to present the best-value choices.

List of Top Tools

First, here’s a brief overview of Majestic alternatives:

  1. SE Ranking. The perfect replacement for Majestic and an all-around tool for individuals, teams, and agencies.
  2. Linkody. An excellent and user-friendly choice to analyze and monitor backlinks.
  3. Mangools. An affordable tool with two databases to search – Fresh and Historic.
  4. Ahrefs. The best pick for experienced professionals and expert teams.
  5. Ubersuggest. A budget-friendly solution that’s ideal for website owners and SEO beginners.
  6. SEO PowerSuite. A downloadable but powerful tool with detailed backlink analysis and link management options.
  7. Semrush. It features a huge database that contains over 43 trillion backlinks and is updated at a large speed.
  8. SpyFu. The simplicity of using the Backlink Kombat tool makes it easy to identify linking opportunities.
  9. Moz Pro. Comprehensive reporting options make the platform suitable for agencies and teams.
  10. WebCEO. A beautiful design and affordable pricing make this tool a good SEO choice.

SE Ranking


SE Ranking is the best Majestic alternative if you are looking for a high-value platform with a wide range of SEO tools. Its backlink checker will display the backlink profile of a domain or URL, showing important details about anchor texts, top pages, and referring domains. 

You can look at domain and page trust scores, and even check backlink toxicity, analyze new and lost backlinks or add them yourself. That won’t be necessary often since SE Ranking has over three trillion backlinks and 262 million domains indexed, with seven billion pages crawled daily.

The backlink tracking tool is a way to monitor desired links. Crawlers will perform regular checks and inform you of any changes, such as the link dropping out of the Google index. The tool shows all key backlink metrics, such as follow/nofollow, domain trust, or target URL.

SE Ranking doesn’t stop there since it also provides domain analysis to assess the competitors, a site audit to improve your technical SEO and a SERP checker. Keyword research is extensive, and you can look for the right opportunities by assessing any keyword’s search volume, difficulty score, CPC, and other metrics.

Local marketing tools allow you to monitor your local listings from a single dashboard, while the content editor ensures you prepare top-quality content. It’s AI-powered, and you can leverage this option to create outlines or complete articles in seconds.


SE Ranking offers monthly and annual subscriptions, with yearly payments securing a 20% discount. These are the available plans:

  • Essential. It costs $55 monthly, and you get 17,500 backlinks monitored per account, as well as the option to analyze up to 50 domains daily. The plan also includes analyzing 10,000 backlinks in the gap analyzer.
  • Pro. For $109 monthly, you get from 30,000 backlinks monitored per account, 30,000 links in the gap analyzer, and the option to analyze up to 100 domains daily.
  • Business. The price begins at $239 monthly, and you get from 90,000 backlinks to monitor per account and 100,000 to use in the gap analyzer. With this plan, you can analyze up to 300 domains daily.

SE Ranking offers extras like local and content marketing tools in some subscriptions, and you can try the platform by using the 14-day free trial.


SE Ranking is an all-around SEO software suite that caters to the needs of different user types. Whether you are a beginner, a marketing expert or an agency, this tool can meet your expectations. It does a good job in backlink checking and monitoring but also covers other major SEO areas, rank tracking, keyword research, and content marketing, making it the best Majestic alternative out there.



If you need a similar alternative to Majestic, Linkody specializes in tracking link-building campaigns and managing backlink profiles. The platform has a dashboard that maximizes ease of use and ensures you can see crucial metrics from the start. Linkody collects Moz scores, including domain and page authority, Moz Rank, and spam score.

The backlink checker will show the hosting country, anchor text, target URL, and other important information. Linkody can monitor backlinks around the clock and inform you about potential changes. There’s a free Google index checker, and you can connect the platform to Ahrefs and Google Analytics for more data.

Linkody simplifies seeing the link location – you can see its position on the source page with a single click. If you have toxic backlinks, you can use the disavow Linkody tool to generate a disavow file, which is ready to be uploaded to the Google Search Console. CSV format is supported for exporting data, and you can generate white-label PDF reports for your clients. Compared to some other Linkody alternatives, the only downside is that there aren’t other SEO features like keyword research or site audits.


Five subscription options offered by Linkody include the following:

  • Webmaster. You pay $14.90 monthly for 500 monitored links on up to two domains.
  • Advanced. The price is $24.90 monthly and covers five domains and 2,000 monitored links.
  • Pro. It costs $49.90 monthly and includes three user seats, along with 5,000 monitored links and 20 domains.
  • Agency. The price is $99.90 monthly, and Linkody offers 20,000 monitored links across 50 domains, as well as five user seats.
  • Agency XL. The cost is $153.90 monthly, and you get ten user seats, 50,000 monitored links and 100 domains.

You can unlock a 30-day Linkody free trial without a credit card, and an annual payment secures using the service for free for three months.


Linkody is a great Majestic alternative if you need a simple but powerful tool to analyze and monitor backlinks. It’s user-friendly, making it a powerful choice for beginners. The platform relies on Moz ranks and has multiple integration options, which ensures you get comprehensive and accurate data.



Mangools has a set of five tools, including SERPWatcher, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler and KWFinder. It’s a concept similar to SEO PowerSuite, except these tools are web-based, which is the case with most other Mangools alternatives.

LinkMiner is a tool specializing in analyzing backlinks. You can execute searches for new, lost, or all links, and it’s also possible to choose to include only a single link from each referring domain. 

Apart from basic link information, such as the source URL and the anchor text, you can see five different metrics. These include trust and citation flow, external link and Facebook shares number, and Alexa rank. Mangools also has a website preview used to discover link placement, and you can save top finds in a list. 

Keyword research allows looking by keyword or domain, and rank-tracking allows filtering based on device or location. Another reason why Mangools is worth checking as a Majestic alternative is its modern and intuitive design that makes the platform a pleasure to use.


Here are the options Mangools prepared for its users:

  • Entry. It costs $29 monthly, and you get 25,000 backlink rows in the LinkMiner and a single tracked domain.
  • Basic. You pay $49 monthly for 100,000 backlink rows and unlimited tracked domains, with the latter also available in the more expensive packages.
  • Premium. For $69 monthly, you’ll receive 500,000 backlink rows in the LinkMiner.
  • Agency. You pay $129 monthly for 1,200,000 backlink rows.

Annual subscriptions secure a discount of about 35%, and Mangools also has a 48-hour money-back guarantee.


Mangools has a database with over 9.5 trillion links, including fresh and historical indexes, making this platform a serious Majestic competitor. The tool is beginner-friendly with a minimal learning curve, and affordable pricing makes it a great option for those with a limited budget.



Don’t get confused with the fact that Ahrefs doesn’t have a backlink analysis tool under that name. It’s Site Explorer that does the job of analyzing backlink profiles for this platform. Just like with other Ahrefs alternatives, you can analyze a domain, subdomain, or an actual URL.

The overview page will show domain and URL ratings, as well as the total number of backlinks and referring domains. Ahrefs offers many options to customize graphs, including checking out historical trends for referring domains and other parameters. Backlink statistics sort links by type, domain and URL ratings, and other metrics. 

The complete backlink list enables checking all, new or lost links and seeing page traffic, anchor and target URLs, and other useful metrics. Separate sections are there for more info about broken and internal backlinks.

Ahrefs is a Majestic alternative that also offers a huge keyword database and ideas for nine different engines, such as Google, Baidu, and YouTube. The tool has the most active web crawler and performs a detailed site audit, rank-tracking, and content-exploring options.


You can pick between the following Ahrefs subscriptions:

  • Lite. It costs $99 monthly to receive 500,000 export rows, with a limit of 2,500 per report. Unlimited rank tracker and site audit reports are available in this and the more expensive packages.
  • Standard. You pay $199 monthly for 1.5 million export rows per month, with a limit of 30,000 per report.
  • Advanced. The cost is $399 monthly, and the plan includes four million export rows, with the maximum per report set at 75,000.
  • Enterprise. You pay $999 monthly for ten million export rows, but the limit is 150,000 per report.

Paying a yearly subscription qualifies you to use Ahrefs for free for two months.


Ahrefs tops the best Majestic alternatives for those looking for an all-around SEO tool with a comprehensive database and features. It’s great for experienced professionals and agencies who don’t mind paying a bit extra, considering this platform is also a bit expensive.



Ubersuggest is proof that the secret often lies in simplicity. It’s an entry-level Majestic SEO alternative with two backlink analysis tools. The main one will provide a backlink overview of a domain or exact URLs.

The domain authority ranking and the number of backlinks and referring domains are shown by numbers and a short comment if you are doing a good job, such as “amazing” or “great.” The following sections include graphs about backlinks over time and new and lost referring domains. You can see a quick overview of the anchor text distribution or click for detailed information.

Ubersuggest offers a backlink list with main metrics, such as domain and page authority, and it also displays the spam score and first and last seen info. The backlink opportunities tool compares your and the rival’s website to identify links that link to the competitor but not your site.

Other tools include rank tracking, a site audit, keyword research and traffic estimation. The information offered might not be as comprehensive as in some Ubersuggest alternatives, but the tool does come with all-around SEO features.


Ubersuggest prices are in the list below:

  • Individual. You get 2,000 backlink rows for a URL and 2,000 data export rows for $12 monthly or $120 per lifetime. 
  • Business. For $20 monthly or $200 per lifetime, you get 5,000 backlink rows per URL and the same amount of data row exports per report. 
  • Enterprise / Agency. It costs $40 monthly or $400 per lifetime and includes 10,000 backlink rows per URL and 5,000 data row exports per report.

You get a 7-day free trial for all subscription options.


Pricing is the main reason why Ubersuggest should be considered as the best Majestic alternative. It’s the only platform that offers a lifetime subscription, and even if you pick a monthly plan, the cost is affordable. At that price range, Ubersuggest does a great job of delivering a decent SEO solution.

SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite offers four tools, each requiring downloading and installing on your device to run. That’s not a common thing in the industry, which is why many look for SEO PowerSuite alternatives. But if you don’t mind this concept, install the SEO SpyGlass tool, which specializes in backlink analysis.

The database contains over 3.499 trillion external backlinks and 264 million domains. You can connect SEO PowerSuite with the Google Search Console and Google Analytics for even more displayed links. The profile shows the total number of backlinks, referring domains, and anchor texts, as well as other useful metrics, such as Penalty Risk and InLink Rank.

You can visit each section for detailed information or use domain comparison and link intersection tools to compare your website with rivals and find new link opportunities. Don’t hesitate to combine SpyGlass with LinkAssistant, which helps with link building and management. An extensive rank tracker and website auditor are also tools offered by SEO PowerSuite.


Unlike other Majestic alternative, SEO PowerSuite doesn’t have a monthly subscription. It has annual, two-year, and three-year plans, including the following choices:

  • Free. You receive 1,100 links per project when doing backlink analysis, and you can compare the link profiles of two sites. As for link building, there are 1,000 prospects per project.
  • Professional. It has unlimited link-building prospects and links per project for analysis and you can compare six websites in the backlink profile comparison. The price is $596 annually.
  • Enterprise. All features from the previous package are there, plus the option to compare up to 11 sites in the link profile comparison. The cost is $1396 annually.

Multi-annual plans secure discounts of up to 34%.


Although it doesn’t have monthly pricing, the free version and affordable yearly subscriptions make SEO PowerSuite one of the best Majestic alternatives. It’s more suitable for professionals and advanced clients since it can provide comprehensive data about backlinks and other SEO areas.



Semrush has an entire section dedicated to link building, and backlink analytics is a great place to start. The basics, like the quantity of referring domains, backlinks, and monthly visits, are there. Semrush also has an authority score rating, which will reveal if you lack organic traffic or link power. Unlike some other Majestic alternatives, you can see the categories of referring domains based on content, such as news or business. 

A backlink audit is a useful tool that detects potential link networks and other toxic backlinks that could harm your website’s reputation. Bulk analysis supports up to 200 URLs or domains, and you can use the link-building tool to search for link prospects. Semrush will compare your and multiple competitor sites to display domains that are optimal link opportunities for your website.

Semrush can perform comprehensive competitive research, site audit and on-page SEO analysis, and its rank-tracking and keyword research is famous for reliable results. Furthermore, price might be the only reason why you’d even consider Semrush alternatives.


The following is a Semrush subscription overview:

  • Pro. It costs $129.95 monthly and includes 10,000 results per report in the area of domain and keyword analytics, with a maximum of 3,000 reports daily.
  • Guru. The price is $249.95 monthly and includes 30,000 results per report for domain and keyword analytics, with 5,000 reports available daily. 
  • Business. The cost is $499.95 monthly, and you get 50,000 results in a report, with up to 10,000 domain and keyword analytics reports daily.

You get a 7-day money-back guarantee and an annual subscription saves up to 17%.


Semrush has an impressive database, with over 43 trillion backlinks inside. But it’s the speed of updating the database that makes it the best alternative to Majestic SEO. If you need a reliable tool to be the first to know about your rivals’ campaigns, Semrush is a great choice.



SpyFu is an SEO marketing suite, and it does a great job of providing detailed PPC intel. It provides a monthly PPC overview for the chosen website, including estimated clicks and budget, as well as a list of shared paid keywords. Google Ads Advisor, templates, and ad history can help optimize your campaign for better results.

As for backlinks, SpyFu displays estimated domain strength, monthly organic page and domain clicks, and other useful metrics in the link table. The Backlink Kombat tool can help identify inbound links that your competitors share but you lack. That addition, combined with the Backlink Outreach tool, is why this platform can match SpyFu alternatives with bigger databases.

Other features put SpyFu among the potential Majestic SEO alternatives. It offers detailed keyword research and SERP analysis, convenient list builders, and extensive rank-tracking options.


These are the available SpyFu plans:

  • Basic. The cost is $39 monthly, and the plan includes 10,000 backlink searches, 100 domain overview PDFs, and ten small domain SEO reports.
  • Professional. It includes 30 small domain and ten medium domain SEO reports, along with unlimited backlink searches and exports for $79 monthly ($39 for the first month).
  • Team. The cost is $299 monthly, and it includes unlimited small, 30 medium, and ten large-domain SEO reports, along with unlimited backlink searches and exports.

SpyFu comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a discount for yearly payments.


SpyFu is among the affordable alternatives to Majestic SEO, with backlink analysis not being the tool’s strongest suit. It doesn’t have the largest database, but the Kombat tool can help identify backlinks and keyword opportunities, and the simplicity of using the tool makes it attractive to beginners.

Moz Pro


Moz Pro has a Link Explorer tool that will help you understand your backlink profile better. The platform offers the domain authority score, statistics about inbound links, linking domains, and ranking keywords. Similar to other Moz Pro alternatives, the tool will also display the top pages and links to the site.

If you check the overview of URLs linking to your site, you’ll find about each domain’s page and domain authority. The tool allows the creation of link-tracking lists to monitor your progress easily. You can add up to four websites to a link profile comparison, and the tool will highlight the winner in each category.

It won’t take long to figure out that Moz Pro is among the best Majestic alternatives for all-around SEO requirements. The site crawler offers extensive information from each performed audit, keyword research can generate helpful suggestions, and there’s an option to create custom reports.


Moz Pro subscription options are in the list below:

  • Standard. For $99 monthly, and you get 5,000 backlink queries with 10,000 rows per query. The plan also supports a single link-tracking list.
  • Medium. The price is $179 monthly, and it includes 20,000 backlink queries with 40,000 rows each. The subscription includes 30 link-tracking lists.
  • Large. The cost is $299 monthly, and you get 70,000 backlink queries with 50,000 rows each, as well as 60 link-tracking lists.
  • Premium. The price is $599 monthly, and you get 100,000 backlink queries with 75,000 rows each, and the package also supports 100 tracking lists.

You get a 30-day free trial, and there is a 20% discount for yearly payments.


Marketing teams and agencies looking for alternatives to Majestic SEO will find Moz Pro an excellent replacement. It’s an all-around platform that is user-friendly and provides comprehensive reporting options to keep your clients informed at all times.



WebCEO has 23 SEO software tools, including the backlink checker, internal, toxic and competitor link analysis. Apart from the general information like the number of backlinks, you can learn about the most frequently used anchor texts, top-linking TLDs and other metrics. 

WebCEO will visually display new and lost backlinks across the previous 120 days and notify you about losing backlinks. All the link authority metrics are present, including the trust and URL citation flow. You can monitor most linked pages and check out the comprehensive linking domains report. Everything is user-friendly, and the design is modern, making this a great Majestic SEO alternative for beginners.

Traffic and social analytics, a site audit, and keyword research are all available in the WebCEO suite. Although a content assistant is there, some WebCEO alternatives seem like a better choice in this area.


You can pick between four plans:

  • Solo. The price is $37 monthly, and it includes 1,000 backlinks analyses, a single user seat and a project. 
  • Startup. It costs $99 monthly for up to five user seats and projects each, as well as 2,000 backlinks for analysis per project. 
  • Agency Unlimited. The default price is $99 monthly plus scanning fees, which means you pay depending on active projects, user seats, and queries made. 
  • Corporate. The price is $299 monthly, and you get 6,000 backlinks for analysis per project. The maximum is 30 projects, and you get 10 user seats.

Annual payments secure up to a 16% discount, and a 14-day WebCEO is free.


WebCEO probably has the best design out of all Majestic SEO alternatives, and its visual presentation is flawless. It’s primarily designed for agencies, which is why white-label reports are included, but lower price tags make WebCEO attractive to individuals, too.


That wraps up the list of the best Majestic alternatives, and SE Ranking remains our top pick. It’s clear why – the platform covers every area that an SEO or marketing professional or team might need. From extensive backlink analysis to content creation and rank-tracking, this tool has a set of reliable tools that work flawlessly.

If your budget allows it, you can try Semrush, considering that its database has a huge quantity of backlinks. Some affordable solutions, such as Ubersuggest, might be a better choice for beginners looking for alternatives to Majestic. It’s ultimately your call, so remember it’s not about a one-size-fits-all formula. Think about your expectations and pick an SEO tool accordingly! 

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