Semrush Pricing Plans 2024

Semrush has established itself as one of the leading SEO tools available on the market today, prized for its comprehensive suite of features and robust functionalities. However, it’s also one of the pricier options, prompting many to question what lies behind the cost of each package. 

If you’re contemplating investing in this tool but are uncertain about which Semrush pricing plan best serves your needs, this article will guide you. We will closely examine the four main Semrush subscription plans: Semrush Pro, Semrush Guru, Semrush Business, and the Free Trial subscription. We aim to help you answer the crucial question: Which Semrush pricing plan in 2024 best suits your specific needs?

Read on to make an informed choice.

Semrush Pro Pricing Plan

Semrush Pro is the most budget-friendly paid subscription plan offered by Semrush. It is priced at $129.95 a month. When it comes to Semrush’s yearly pricing, there is a discounted rate of $5,000, which amounts to $416.66 per month. This pricing plan is tailored to meet the needs of those just dipping their toes into SEO and small in-house teams that don’t need comprehensive features.

What does the Semrush Pro pricing plan Include?

For the basic price, you get access to a number of SEO tools, which we have listed below:

  • Projects: Users can create up to 5 projects, essential for collecting all vital data on a website’s performance. Crafting an effective marketing strategy becomes easier with this data on hand.
  • Keywords to Track: This Semrush pricing plan enables the monitoring of up to 500 keywords, offering daily updates across all projects via the Position Tracking tool.
  • Keyword, Domain, and Backlink Analytics: Subscribers gain access to more than 20 tools and reports that provide comprehensive analytics for every facet of website SEO. 
  • Domain & Keyword Results per Report: With this subscription, you can generate 10,000 data rows per report.
  • Reports per Day: The package allows for creating up to 3,000 daily reports.
  • Keyword Metrics Updates: Subscribers receive up to 250 fresh keyword metrics updates a month.
  • Mobile Rankings: The package includes the capability to monitor mobile rankings.
  • Targets per Project: In this plan, you can track one project, enabling you to monitor your website’s search visibility for a specific location, device, or language.
  • Pages to Crawl: This Semrush pricing plan permits crawling up to 20,000 pages per month for an in-depth on-page SEO analysis.
  • SEO Ideas Units: Subscribers can conduct up to 500 monthly keyword analyses using specific tools such as the SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, and On-Page SEO Checker.
  • Pages per OTI Campaign: This plan lets you receive data for up to 30 of your most-visited pages for each Organic Traffic Insights campaign.
  • Sharing with Other Users: The plan offers editing and read-only access for sharing projects with team members.
  • Scheduled PDF Reports: Users can schedule up to 5 PDF reports for automatic generation and delivery to multiple email addresses regularly.
  • PDF Template Sharing: This package allows users to share customized PDF templates within a team.

Add-ons with the Semrush Business pricing plan

If you want to expand your basic package with additional features, you can do so for an additional fee. Below is a list of add-ons and their prices:

  • Additional Users: For an added cost of $45 per month per user, the account owner can include extra team members with unique login credentials.
  • Semrush Local: At $20 per month, you can expand local search visibility by listing your business across key directories and managing your online reputation. If you need more features, for $40 per month, you can buy the Premium plan that also offers local heatmap analytics and centralized Google reviews management.
  • Semrush.Trends: For $200 per month per user, unlock four robust competitive research tools, including everything from Market Explorer’s comprehensive market overview to 24/7 competitor tracking.
  • Semrush Social: You can enhance your brand’s social media visibility for $19.75 per month and get a 360º view of both your and your competitor’s social media strategy.
  • Agency Growth Kit: For $69 per month, you can buy a Start plan with features like the Agency Partners directory and Lead Finder to help attract inbound and outbound leads. The Scale plan, at $149 per month, offers premium visibility and unlimited CRM and Client Portal access, among other features.
  • ImpactHero: Priced at $200 per month, this AI tool analyzes your content by buyer journey stages, identifies impactful copy, and provides optimization tips.


The Semrush Pro plan offers a robust suite of SEO features that should be sufficient for those new to SEO or with more minor scale needs. However, it’s important to note that this plan lacks certain advanced features like access to historical data, the Content Marketing Platform, and Looker Studio Integration, which are available in the more expensive plans. Therefore, as you assess your SEO needs, consider whether this pricing plan offers tools and capabilities that align with your objectives.

Semrush Guru Pricing Plan

The Guru Plan is the next tier in Semrush’s subscription offerings, priced at $249.95 a month or a discounted rate of $208.33 per month with an annual commitment. It is designed to meet the needs of agencies and mid-sized businesses and provides an extended range of features for a more in-depth SEO analysis and strategy implementation.

What does the Semrush Guru pricing plan Include?

The Guru plan includes all the features in the Pro plan, expanded with additional numbers and new tools. Here are the most significant changes:

Features with extended limits:

  • Projects: Users can create up to 15 projects.
  • Keywords to Track: The Guru Plan allows the monitoring of up to 1,500 keywords with daily updates.
  • Reports per Day: This package lets you access up to 5,000 reports a day, expanding the depth of your analytics.
  • Keyword Metrics Updates: Subscribers of this plan benefit from up to 1,000 keyword metrics updates each month.
  • Domain & Keyword Results per Report: The Guru pricing plan, enables you to generate 30,000 data rows in each report.
  • Targets per Project: This feature allows tracking up to 10 targets per project.
  • Pages to Crawl per Month: Users can crawl up to 30,000 pages a month.
  • Pages to Crawl per Project: The plan permits crawling another set of 20,000 pages specifically per project.
  • SEO Ideas Units: With this subscription, you can run up to 800 keyword analyses a month.
  • Pages per OTI Campaign: Users can obtain data for up to 40 of their most-visited pages for each Organic Traffic Insights campaign.
  • Scheduled PDF Reports: This plan allows scheduling up to 20 PDF reports, which can be auto-generated and sent to multiple email addresses regularly.

Additional Features:

These features only appear in the Guru Pricing plan and are not available in the Pro Plan:

  • Looker Studio Integration: The tool integrates seamlessly with Looker Studio to amplify analytics capabilities.
  • Content Marketing Platform:
    • Unlimited topics for research, 
    • 800 SEO content templates,
    • 1 content calendar
    • 5 monthly plagiarism checks
  • JavaScript Rendering: This feature enables Site Audit to render JavaScript content during crawling.
  • Keyword Cannibalization Report: Thanks to this SEO tool, you can identify competing pages on the same search query in Google.
  • Historical Data: This pricing plan provides access to Semrush’s historical data from 2012 for deeper insights into performance metrics.

Add-ons with Semrush Guru pricing plan

In the Semrush Guru pricing tier:

  • Adding an additional user to your account costs $80 per month. 
  • The Agency Growth Kit is exclusively available in the Scale version, priced at $149 per month (the Start package is not available in this plan).

All other add-ons and their respective prices remain the same as those offered in the Pro version.


The Semrush Guru plan offers an expanded array of SEO features tailored to meet the needs of agencies and mid-sized companies. It sets itself apart with unique features such as Looker Studio integration, a Content Marketing Platform, and specialized tools like JavaScript Rendering and Keyword Cannibalization reports, which are not available in the Pro plan.

It’s worth noting, however, that the more users you add, the higher your overall cost will be. Owing to the enhanced set of features, each additional user in the Guru plan incurs twice the expense as in the Pro plan. This can significantly affect the cost if you need to provide access to multiple team members.

Semrush Business Pricing Plan

The final offering in Semrush’s subscription lineup, Semrush Business, is designed specifically for large agencies and enterprises requiring the most comprehensive SEO and marketing toolset. It is priced at $499.95 per month, or a discounted rate of $416.66 per month with an annual commitment, and it includes everything the Guru Plan offers and much more. If you’re looking for the ultimate in SEO and marketing analytics and have numerous clients and projects to work on, this plan is your gateway to unprecedented insights and capabilities.

What does the Semrush Business pricing plan Include?

Features with extended limits:

  • Projects: The Business Plan permits users to create up to 40 projects, a noteworthy increase over the Guru Plan’s 15 projects.
  • Keywords to Track: Users can monitor 5,000 keywords with daily updates in this tier.
  • Reports per Day: This package grants access to up to 10,000 reports per day.
  • Keyword Metrics Updates: Subscribers are entitled to up to 5,000 keyword metrics updates a month.
  • Domain & Keyword Results per Report: The Business Plan lets you generate up to 50,000 data rows in each report.
  • Targets per Project: This pricing plan offers limitless tracking potential.
  • Pages to Crawl per Month: Users can crawl an impressive 1,000,000 pages a month.
  • Pages to Crawl per Project: The Business Plan enables crawling up to 100,000 pages per project.
  • SEO Ideas Units: Subscribers have access to up to 2,000 keyword analyses a month, providing broader content optimization possibilities.
  • Pages per OTI Campaign: This plan allows gathering data on up to 50 of your most-visited pages per Organic Traffic Insights campaign.
  • Scheduled PDF Reports: The Business Plan accommodates up to 50 scheduled PDF reports.
  • SEO Content Templates: Subscribers can use up to 2,000 SEO content templates.
  • Calendars: With this package, users enjoy unlimited calendars for streamlined project and content management.
  • Plagiarism Checks per Month: The Business Plan includes up to 10 monthly plagiarism checks.

Additional Features:

  • Share of Voice Metric: This feature calculates the ratio of traffic your domain receives with the sum of search volumes for the tracked keywords, providing a clear picture of your market influence.
  • API Access: This feature allows for seamless integration with other platforms and is particularly useful for larger operations that require bespoke configurations.
  • Product Listing Ads Analytics: By calculating the ratio of traffic received to the sum of volumes for the tracked keywords, this feature helps you gauge the effectiveness of your product ads.

Add-ons with Semrush Business pricing plan

In the Business tier of Semrush’s offerings, the cost of adding an additional user to your account is $100 per month

All other add-ons, such as the Agency Growth Kit, Semrush Local, and specialized analytics tools, are priced the same as those in the Guru plan. 


The Semrush Business package is one of the most comprehensive SEO and marketing toolsets available today. With its expansive range of features and significantly higher limits on individual functions, it offers immense possibilities to fulfill the rigorous demands of large agencies and enterprises. 

The plan is designed to enable efficient and sophisticated operations on a large scale. However, if you find that even these extensive options don’t fully meet your needs, Semrush offers the flexibility to customize a plan specifically tailored for you. You just need to contact them to get a custom quote.

Free Trial Subscription

Semrush offers two options for a 7-day free trial: the Semrush Pro Plan and the Semrush Guru Plan. You’ll need to provide your payment card details to take advantage of this offer. 

Remember that once the 7-day trial period ends, you’ll be automatically charged the monthly subscription fee for the plan you chose. 

Which Semrush Pricing Plan is Best?

Determining the best Semrush pricing and plans largely depends on the size of your agency or enterprise and your specific SEO and marketing needs. The Pro plan is a good starting point for freelancers and startups, providing basic features at an affordable price. The Guru plan offers a wider range of SEO tools and reporting features for agencies and mid-sized companies. And if you’re looking for the most comprehensive set of tools with higher limits, the Business plan is specially tailored for large agencies and enterprises. 

With options for a 7-day free trial for both the Pro and Guru versions, you can explore and find the best fit for your operations.

Conclusion: Semrush Pricing 2024

We hope this summary aids you in making an informed decision about which Semrush pricing plan in 2024 best suits your needs. If you’re still unsure whether Semrush is the ideal solution for you, there are other alternatives to consider. For instance, SE Ranking offers a compelling value proposition, providing a package with similar functionalities but at a more affordable price.

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