Best Long Tail Pro Alternatives Revealed – Don’t Miss These 10 SEO Tools!

Long Tail Pro advertises its SEO platform as the best tool to search for long tail keywords, which can be an integral part of your search engine optimization efforts. In reality, LTP offers much more, such as SERP and backlink analysis, site audit, and rank tracking, making it an all-around SEO toolkit.

But what if the tool doesn’t meet your expectations and you need a Long Tail Pro alternative? We present a list of the top SEO platforms that compete to be the best LTP replacement!

Consideration of Key Factors for Long Tail Pro Alternatives Selection

While searching for the best Long Tail Pro competitor, we considered the following factors:

  • Keyword research capabilities. Can the platform offer better keyword suggestions than LTP, especially for long-tail phrases? Are there any metrics, tools, or other keyword research features worth mentioning?
  • Rank tracking. How reliable are the ranks, are there any position distribution graphs and comparisons with past ranks?
  • Backlink analysis. A Long Tail Pro competitor should feature at least a basic backlink profile with information about anchor texts, referring domains, and other important details.
  • Site audit. Can you count on the tool to provide site audit metrics and pinpoint errors and other issues on the scanned website?
  • Budget. LTP default subscription costs vary from $59.99 to $299.99 monthly, and there’s a 25% discount if paying annually. Needless to say that Long Tail Pro alternatives should offer similar or more affordable pricing, or better value for the money.

List of Top Tools

We’ll dive into detailed Long Tail Pro alternatives reviews in a moment, but first, here’s an overview of the suggested replacement tools:

  1. SE Ranking. The fantastic combo of features for the price puts this tool among the best in the industry.
  2. Sitechecker. An excellent choice for site monitoring features and tracking rank positions.
  3. Ranktracker. A great Long Tail Pro replacement for identifying longer keywords.
  4. Ubersuggest. This tool offers unique lifetime subscription options, making it a great investment.
  5. Raven Tools.  It’s the perfect pick for advanced reporting to clients.
  6. Mangools. A great all-around SEO tool for exploring different markets worldwide.
  7. SEO PowerSuite. The only downloadable SEO software tool recommended for industry experts.
  8. Semrush. Incredibly vast SEO solution that covers everything from keyword research to social media management.
  9. Conductor. An SEO software suite designed for teams and business clients. 
  10. Seobility. A budget-friendly solution with an attractive user interface.

SE Ranking

se ranking en 1
se ranking en 2

SE Ranking designed the Keyword Suggestion tool to help find the right phrases to add to your content and pursue high rankings in search engines. It all starts with keyword analysis that shows CPC and search volume details and the difficulty score, so you immediately know how challenging a particular phrase is for ranking.

This Long Tail Pro alternative divides keyword suggestions into multiple tabs. You can browse similar and related phrases, check out questions containing the seed term, and also look for low search volume words. The last is extremely convenient, especially for smaller websites and those with a limited budget, as you get suggestions on words that don’t require huge effort or resources to pursue the first-page ranking. Keyword Finder provides an in-depth overview of organic and paid search results to help identify even more suitable phrases and see which options are popular among the competition. 

SE Ranking is famous for its rank-tracking features, which secure accurate daily rankings for the desired keywords. Its AI-powered content editor guides you through the content creation process and suggests how to optimize your articles best. Other tools include backlink and SERP checkers, a site audit, white-label reports, and local marketing utilities.


You get a two-week trial without providing credit card details, and SE Ranking also grants a 20% discount for yearly subscriptions. Here are the premium package details for this Long Tail Pro alternative:

  • Essential – $55 monthly for a single user seat and up to ten projects
  • Pro – $109 monthly for three user seats and unlimited projects, as well as access to historical data on keywords and domains
  • Business – $239 monthly for five user seats and API access

Local and content marketing tools are available as add-ons and cost extra, and the same is true for the Agency Pack, which is only available with Pro and Business subscriptions.


The reason why SE Ranking is the best Long Tail Pro alternative is that it has all your SEO expectations and requirements covered. It does an amazing job in keyword research but also provides detailed backlinks and rank-tracking information, and its site audit is reliable.



Sitechecker isn’t a direct Long Tail Pro competitor, considering that its keyword research tools are still in construction. However, this platform has loads of other features to offer, which is why reputable brands like Sony and Whirlpool are among its clients.

SEO monitoring is Sitechecker’s main feature, and the tool will analyze everything from traffic to technical health to ensure you are familiar with every detail of how your website works. The platform collects data from the Google Search Console and Google Analytics but also has several native tools.

Sitechecker gathers suggestions based on the information it collected, so you can access a personalized to-do list with things to fix to enhance search engine performance. Thanks to detailed rank-tracking reports, you’ll know if any keyword has a significant decline or improvement. There’s no content editor, which is why some users prefer looking for Sitechecker alternatives.


Sitechecker has the following plans:

  • Basic – $49 monthly for three websites and 12-month data retention
  • Standard – $149 monthly for ten websites and 24-month data retention, as well as your custom logo in PDF reports
  • Premium – $249 monthly for unlimited sites and 36-month data retention
  • Enterprise – 60-month data retention is secured, but the price is only available upon contacting the company.

If you choose annual payments, you receive two months for free. You can test Sitechecker for two days since the money-back guarantee has you covered for 48 hours.


Sitechecker is the top Long Tail Pro competitor for those who’d rather focus on SEO monitoring rather than research. The tool provides extensive data on your website, including a technical audit, backlink analysis, and rank-tracking features.



The next tool in our list of Long Tail Pro alternatives is Ranktracker, which has a Keyword Finder with a huge global database. After you enter the seed phrase, the tool will show related terms, along with detailed information about search volumes, keyword difficulty, CPC, and PPC. 

Pay attention to the trend graph as it can show which phrases have had huge success recently and which are on the decline. Ranktracker allows accessing keyword history and analyzing SERP features, as well as saving desired phrases in custom lists.

Ranktracker offers far more than keyword research, which is why it’s among the top alternatives to Long Tail Pro. Backlink Checker and Monitor tools will give all details about the links, including how they changed over time. You can do the same with rank-tracking, which offers accurate information, while the site audit will discover any SEO errors on your website.

You might be surprised that Ranktracker also has an AI Content Writer. From helping create topic clusters and suggesting multiple content options to checking that the generated content is free from plagiarism, the tool has you covered throughout the content creation process. The downside is that this platform comes with a certain learning curve, which is why beginners might want to check out Ranktracker alternatives.


Ranktracker offers the following premium subscriptions:

  • Starter – $24 monthly for two users and 100 keyword suggestions per search and 100 finder lookups
  • Double Data – $59 monthly for unlimited users, 125 keyword ideas per search and 500 finder lookups
  • Quad Data – $109 monthly for 250 keyword suggestions per search and 1,000 finder lookups
  • Hex Data – $209 monthly for 500 keyword ideas per search and 2,000 finder lookups

You can test Ranktracker via the 7-day free trial, and if you pay annually, you qualify for a 20% discount. 


Ranktracker is worth considering as one of the top Long Tail Pro competitors for identifying longer keyword phrases to use to improve your SEO. With extra features like a site audit and AI content writer, this is a truly all-around content marketing platform. 



Ubersuggest belongs to the selection of Neil Patel’s online marketing tools, and its aim is to offer an affordable SEO platform accessible to everyone. Ubersuggest does a decent job of suggesting keywords, and the ideas range from short phrases to long-tail terms. There are five different categories, and it’s easy to create a list and manage keywords.

You can see useful statistics like recent keyword trends, traffic volume, and CPC. The platform shows overall SEO difficulty for the keyword and has a separate metric for the paid difficulty, which online marketers will appreciate.

Content Ideas can help identify popular topics to write on, but you’ll need Ubersuggest alternatives to prepare the articles since there’s no content assistant. Ubersuggest can also assist by providing a top SEO pages report, which is useful for spying on the competition, too.

Another notable Ubersuggest feature for competitor research, but also knowing more about your site, is the Traffic overview. You’ll learn more about organic traffic and keywords, SEO rankings, and domain authority. Extensive backlink data is also available, as well as a detailed site audit with a list of issues and suggestions on how to fix them.


Ubersuggest is free with limited features, and it’s also the only Long Tail Pro alternative that offers lifetime licenses. Here are the details of subscription options:

  • Individual – $29 monthly or $290 lifetime for managing one website and getting 20,000 monthly keyword suggestions
  • Business – $49 monthly or $490 lifetime for managing up to seven sites and getting 50,000 monthly keyword ideas
  • Enterprise / Agency – $99 monthly or $990 lifetime for managing up to 15 sites and getting 100,000 keyword suggestions monthly


Ubersuggest is among the most affordable Long Tail Pro alternatives, and you get a lot for the money. Keyword suggestions and content ideas are at an excellent level for an entry-range SEO tool, and extras like traffic and backlink analysis only sweeten up the deal.

Raven Tools


The secret lies in simplicity, which is why Raven Tools went with a clean layout for its platform. All results are presented in a user-friendly manner, making it one of the best Long Tail Pro alternatives for beginners.

Raven Tools collects over 600 million SERPs monthly, and you can use keyword research tools to look for the most suitable phrases and track keyword rankings. Multiple options to filter and export your data will ensure you find the data you need easily. It’s also possible to enter a domain or page and analyze all keywords found there.

Backlink analysis is another area where Raven Tools is impressive. Apart from analyzing backlinks and revealing up to 50,000 links for any page, you can also use the Link Spy tool. It will check the competition and generate new ideas to enhance your backlink profile.

Raven Tools has comprehensive site audit and reporting options that would impress anyone. You can use over 30 summary pages and data models to customize a report to suit your or the client’s needs. The downside is that the platform lacks content marketing tools, and that could be the reason to check out Raven Tools alternatives.


Raven Tools offers a 7-day free trial, and, here are the paid subscription details for this Long Tail Pro competitor:

  • Small Biz – $49 monthly for up to two users and campaigns
  • Start – $109 monthly for up to four users and 20 campaigns
  • Grow – $199 monthly for up to eight users, 80 campaigns, and full white-label reports
  • Thrive – $299 monthly for up to 20 users and 160 campaigns
  • Lead – $479 monthly for up to 40 users and 320 campaigns

A yearly subscription secures a discount of up to 30%, depending on the plan.


Raven Tools has about 1.4 billion keywords in its database, which isn’t as impressive as some other Long Tail Pro alternatives. However, it offers all the required metrics, including CPC and PPC information and traffic volume. Raven Tools is also among the best reporting tools out there, which is why professionals enjoy using this platform.



Launched in 2014, Mangools has the goal of simplifying SEO by offering several user-friendly tools. KWFinder is the one used for keyword research, and it’s among the best Long Tail Pro alternatives. You can search for phrases based on a seed keyword or domain. Narrowing down the search by language or location will ensure you focus on markets of interest.

The results screen is visually attractive and easy to navigate. Each keyword comes with search volume statistics that include historical data. You can check the keyword difficulty, CPC, and PPC and other metrics. Mangools has a database of over 2.5 billion related keywords, which is quite impressive when compared to most other Long Tail Pro competitors.

Mangools has a SERP analysis tool called the SERP checker, which is great for competitive analysis. You’ll learn the information about the best-ranked pages in Google for the selected keyword. That info can serve to create content, although there’s no writing assistant. If you need a tool with one, you can look for it in the Mangools alternatives.

LinkMiner allows focusing on new or lost links and also displaying a single link per referring domain. Rank tracking offers unique Performance Index metrics and daily updates, while the SiteProfiler excels in domain analysis. It offers ratings like domain and page authority, but also citation and trust flow, Facebook shares, top content and competitor details.


You can create a free account, and these are the paid subscriptions offered by Mangools:

  • Entry – $29 monthly for a single tracked domain, 25 keyword lookups and 50 suggestions
  • Basic – $49 monthly for unlimited tracked domains, 100 keyword lookups and 200 suggestions
  • Premium – $69 monthly for 500 keyword lookups, unlimited suggestions and competitor keywords, as well as three extra user seats
  • Agency – $129 monthly for 1,200 keyword lookups and five extra seats

You can save 35% with annual plans, and there’s a 48-hour money-back guarantee.


Mangools is among the top Long Tail Pro alternatives if you need a budget-friendly SEO platform. Exploring numerous markets available is great for customizing results to particular locations and languages, and domain analysis is an excellent asset for conducting in-depth competitor research.

SEO PowerSuite


Four different tools are a part of the SEO PowerSuite, and Rank Tracker seems to be the most versatile option. You use it to research keywords and receive accurate ranking updates. With local rankings for around 600 search engines, this is one of the best Long Tail Pro alternatives for those interested in boosting their presence in different markets and countries.

SEO PowerSuite offers integration with the Google Search Console and offers various tools like keyword gap analysis, related searches, and a keyphrase planner. SERP analysis can also help to identify the best terms to use for your website. Domain and topic competitors and top-page reports help content marketing efforts, but you won’t find a writing assistant here. You’ll have to look for a content editor among the SEO PowerSuite alternatives.

As for other tools, SEO SpyGlass specializes in backlink profile analysis, and LinkAssistant also helps to make the link building process easier. Website auditor is there to improve your site from a technical point of view. While SEO PowerSuite isn’t among the most user-friendly Long Tail Pro alternatives, it will be worth learning how to use this platform to its full potential.


The following are the premium subscriptions and their costs and features:

  • Professional – $596 yearly to unlock saving projects, schedule SEO tasks, and the option to print reports
  • Enterprise – $1,396 yearly to unlock saving reports to PDF, exporting data in HTML, SQL, or CSV, and removing the watermark on paper reports

SEO PowerSuite is among the Long Tail Pro competitors that don’t offer a monthly subscription. However, there’s a free version of SEO PowerSuite. It comes with limited features but it’s not limited by time.


SEO PowerSuite is the top Long Tail Pro alternative that offers downloadable software to run on your desktop computer or laptop. The tools are more intended for professionals since they offer complex data and come with a learning curve, but the software suite offers loads of useful info for online marketing professionals.



Semrush is among the SEO industry leaders, so we have to consider it as the best Long Tail Pro alternative. The platform offers an incredibly comprehensive keyword overview, with classic metrics like CPC and keyword difficulty, but also unique information like the key phrase intent. Semrush will analyze SERP features to help you rank by using these options, and there’s a simple keyword manager with a single list supporting up to 2,000 phrases.

The database has over 25 billion keywords, and the suggestions are sorted into multiple categories. From browsing phrases with an exact or broad match to checking related terms and questions, Semrush offers everything an SEO expert might need.

Rank-tracking and link-building tools are every bit as good as in other best Long Tail Pro competitors. You can analyze rivals to identify backlink and keyword gaps and conduct a site audit to discover and learn how to fix technical issues on your website.

Competitor and market analysis tools, with a special focus on paid advertising, are also part of Semrush. The platform has an AI-powered SEO writing assistant with WordPress and Google Docs integrations. Although this sound impressive, you can look at Semrush alternatives for more affordable tools that also offer impressive SEO features but at a lower price.


Semrush is among the more expensive Long Tail Pro alternatives, with the following pricing:

  • Pro – $129.95 monthly for up to five projects and basic research, PPC, and SEO tools
  • Guru – $249.95 monthly for up to 15 projects and extra features like the historical data and the content marketing toolkit
  • Business – $499.95 monthly for 40 projects, PLA analytics, API access, and extended limits

A yearly payment secures a 17% discount, and there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee on all subscriptions.  


Semrush is undoubtedly among the best Long Tail Pro alternatives and SEO tools overall. It covers every aspect of online marketing, including specialized social media and agency growth kits. The only downside is the cost, which is why it’s more recommended to advanced professionals and teams.



Conductor specializes in offering SEO solutions for enterprise teams with the goal of boosting organic marketing results. The platform’s database contains over 25 billion keywords, and the results are well-digested, with useful suggestions found quickly. 

You can check the top keywords by search volume or social mentions but also read audience insights to understand your website visitors. Conductor offers details on the audience’s occupation, age, and location. 

The tool has a content guidance section that analyzes the best ranking pages with your page and utilizes AI to offer data-driven recommendations. You’ll appreciate the live on-page edits and the option to send briefs via different platforms like Trello. However, it will take a while to get used to everything, and it’s clear that Conductor alternatives are easier to use, especially for beginners.

Conductor will analyze your site health with a strong focus on content-related issues. You can activate alerts to receive warnings about potential problems before they affect your traffic. Monitoring SEO performance is available via keyword rank tracking that locations or different search engines can filter.


Conductor doesn’t reveal its prices publicly. Instead, this Long Tail Pro alternative invites you to schedule a live demo of the service. The company promises a digital marketing expert will be there during the session and show you how to leverage Conductor to reach various business objectives.


If you are a team or enterprise looking for the best Long Tail Pro alternative, Conductor can be a great choice. It has a strong focus on creating and optimizing website content, and live on-page edits that help test different options are the tool’s strongest feature.



Last but not least on our list of the best Long Tail Pro alternatives is Seobility. You can try its keyword research for free to see how it works. Although it’s not the most impressive out there, it offers a decent list of suggestions and basic metrics like search and competition volumes and CPC details. 

Users can browse related searches, and people also ask for sections as well as check the results from the Auto Complete tool.  You can use the icon next to a phrase to check the top ten organic Google rankings for it.

Seobility is a reliable tool for a detailed website audit, ranging from technical factors and meta information to the site structure and content. Rank tracking offers daily updates, and backlink tools will analyze your link profile and the competition to identify potential opportunities for your website. However, it’s clear that some features are missing, and this platform isn’t an all-around SEO solution like some Seobility alternatives.


Seobility is a free alternative to Long Tail Pro, but there are also two premium subscriptions:

  • Premium – $50 monthly for up to three projects, unlimited re-crawls, backlink analysis, mobile rankings, and reporting features
  • Agency – $200 monthly for the option to have sub accounts and create up to 15 website projects

The Premium package comes with a 14-day free trial, and paying for your subscription annually saves 20%.


Seobility isn’t the most comprehensive tool out there, but it deserves to be considered the best Long Tail Pro alternative for offering a visually pleasant interface and loads of useful data. It might lack some tools, such as social media and local marketing management, but Seobility does the job well in the areas that it covers.


That rounds up our list of Long Tail Pro alternatives with replacement tool suggestions that meet different expectations. It’s up to you to decide whether you need a comprehensive SEO solution that covers all areas that an online marketing specialist would find relevant or a tool that’s more affordable but offers fewer tools and less information. Think about what best fits your requirements and pick the best Long Tail Pro alternative accordingly!

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