Anyone who has worked in digital marketing knows how difficult it can be to manage multiple clients, tasks, and teams across multiple platforms. Workflows get tangled, subscription costs balloon and valuable hours are lost on manual reporting.

DAXRM is an all-in-one extended relationship management platform specifically designed for digital marketing agencies. With this comprehensive DAXRM review, we’ll explore the functionality, usability, pricing, and pros and cons of this platform, and find out why DAXRM is ideal for digital marketing agencies of all sizes.

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● Project and client management functionality
● Customizable and automated reporting capabilities
● Provides professional features at a competitive price point
● Flexible account options


● No site audit functionality
● No backlink audit functionality
● Primarily tailored for agencies and not individuals


DAXRM is the first all-in-one digital agency extended relationship management solution — created by marketers, for marketers.

With DAXRM you have your entire campaign analytics at your fingertips. Explore PPC, organic, and social media campaign performance, track traffic and conversions and identify opportunities, and streamline your analytics reporting.

You can generate customizable reports through the Google Looker Studio integration at the push of a button. Create impressive and compelling branded client reports with white labeling functionality.

With DAXRM rank tracking you can track your keyword rankings for any location across any device, all in real time. Compare periods, analyze ranking fluctuations, check Google and Bing positions, and gain actionable insights into your SEO campaign.

DAXRM’s marketing connectors include Google Ads and Analytics, GMB, Facebook and Instagram, Bing, Xero, and more.

Pricing & Plans

We’ll start this DAXRM review by exploring the payment options. The platform offers a range of flexible payment plans tailored to the needs of your business.

● Basic Plan – Free
The Basic plan is free for up to five accounts. It comes with 50 free keywords and access to nearly all functionality.
● Essentials Plan – From $25 per month
The Essentials plan starts at just $25 per month for 25 accounts. It comes with 50 free keywords, 10GB of storage, and automated and scheduled rank-tracking capabilities.
● Enterprise Plan – Custom
The Enterprise is a fully customizable package with access to all functionality and pricing that is tailored to the requirements of the client.


Client Management

We’ll start the DAXRM review features section with a look at client management. Unlike many other digital marketing platforms, DAXRM also functions as a CRM, enabling you to manage your clients and projects from a single platform. You can create a single, reliable information source for all client contacts, requirements, attachments, and data. You can access and manage client analytics, projects, and timelines through the dashboard and create custom reports through Looker Studio.

With DAXRM’s Xero integration, you can simplify your invoicing and ensure a single data source for all relevant client information. Create and view invoices, track overdue payments, and send invoice reminders.

File storage functionality ensures that you have all essential information at your fingertips at all times, with the ability to drag and drop files, upload in a variety of formats, and monitor and control user access to all files. You can organize, store, and share project documents with secure storage in AWS.

Create roles with streamlined permission sets for team members, clients, or other stakeholders with customizable levels of access. Control who sees what and who can make edits. Provide granular user permissions to access tasks, projects, or real-time data regardless of role, job function, or organization.

Project Management

DAXRM is designed to streamline project management for marketing agencies. It enables you to create clear and easy-to-navigate workflows tailored to your digital agency project management. You can customize your workflow dashboard to clearly visualize and manage tasks and projects, and choose from the list view, kanban boards, team view, project group view, and more.

You can create, assign, and monitor tasks across team members and collaborators, set due dates, view progress in the timeline, and attach files in multiple formats. The ability to customize your task view allows you to create your workflow and filter by task, team and project, priority, due date, and more.

While carrying out this DAXRM review, we discovered a selection of easy-to-use templates designed for a range of common digital agency projects and processes. You can also create users, roles, and teams and customize permissions to ensure that the right people have the right access at all times.

With DAXRM, you can track work from start to finish across accounts, projects, tasks, teams, and goals. You can even monitor timelines for changes to accounts, companies, and tasks to improve visibility and accountability. All this helps to increase project visibility and transparency, improve productivity, and streamline collaboration.

Custom Reporting

With the DAXRM Looker Studio connector, you can create fully customizable reports with the push of a button. Whether it’s Google Ads reporting, GMB, or social media campaigns, you can get real-time insights, and track progress and performance. Access all important client data and display in a range of chart styles, explore underlying data for a deeper analytic dive into project or client performance, and access free reporting templates with white label functionality.

Using the power of Looker Studio, you can quickly and easily create compelling and fully customizable reports. You can also schedule your reports to generate automatically based on your reporting periods (daily, weekly, or monthly) and the data that needs to be included. DAXRM also allows you to quickly and easily share, email, and download reports at the push of a button. Additionally, the white label functionality enables you to add your agency’s branding or your client’s branding for customized, professional-looking reports.

The DAXRM digital agency reporting tool enables you to view user-friendly dashboards that display the most important client and project information. You can connect all your marketing data in one place, create compelling visualizations, filter results, and create tailored workflows for all projects.

In addition to the full reporting functionality, you can also provide access to DAXRM dashboards for your clients to check up on their marketing data whenever they choose. You have full control over permissions to allow stakeholders to track real-time data using a secure client login. They can view data and analytics, track projects and performance, and access a full view across large digital projects.

Rank Tracking

No DAXRM review would be complete without a dive into the rank-checking tool. A reliable and fast SEO ranking checker is an essential part of project management for marketers. With the DAXRM digital agency CRM, you can perform real-time keyword ranking checks and access rank tracking data for any location across any device.

You can monitor keyword positions and changes on desktop and mobile devices and gain targeted insights into rankings, providing actionable data insights that enable you to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. An essential tool for digital marketing campaign management.

You can also monitor your keyword rankings across locations. Whether local, national, or international, you can track rankings for actionable location data. This helps to sharpen your local, national, or international SEO campaigns, rank better in your target locations, and improve visibility in key areas.

DAXRM also offers competitor analysis functionality. You can input up to three competitor websites and track your comparative keyword rankings in real time.

The rank tracker allows you to track and compare keyword rankings over historical time periods, providing actionable insights into keyword movements. Combat ranking volatility with clear data and analyze responses to algorithm changes.

You can set the keyword rank checker to automatically provide ranking data across your website for preset time periods (daily, weekly or monthly). This helps to compare keyword performance across time periods, monitor changes, and proactively address rank declines the moment they happen. Customizable reporting through Looker Studio means you can streamline your digital agency client management by automating your rank-tracking reporting.


As with other DAXRM reviews, it’s important to take a look at the integrations. As a
recent entrant to the market, DAXRM provides all the essential integrations you need for
your SEO and digital marketing projects, with the developers continuing to expand the
range of connectors.

  • Looker Studio: With the DAXRM digital marketing CRM you can harness the power of Looker Studio custom reporting. With ready-to-use templates and quick and customizable reporting, you can create compelling reports, that you can schedule, download, share, or collaborate on.
  • Google Ads: With the Google Ads connector you can take control of your PPC campaigns. You get access to all your campaign and keyword analytics and metrics, helping you to drive sales, leads, and site traffic by getting your ads in front of the right audience.
  • Google Analytics: Seamlessly integrate Google Analytics into your DAXRM dashboard. You can visualize and segment your data, explore audience behavior and activity, and take a deep dive into conversion tracking.
  • Google My Business: Access and view your GMB page analytics and generate engaging custom reports and actionable insights with the push of a button. Explore search metrics, visitor actions, and track phone calls and reviews, and ratings.
  • Google Search Console: Quickly and easily access all your Search Console data, measure site traffic and performance, and identify and fix errors.
  • Facebook Page Insights: Analyze multiple Facebook pages on one simple dashboard. Track likes, engagement, post-performance reach, and more.
  • Facebook Ads: Visualize and analyze campaign performance with the Facebook Ads dashboard, break down audience demographics, and gather actionable insights from your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Microsoft Ads: Take a deep dive into all essential Microsoft Ads data including impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, conversion rate, revenue, and more.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools: Connect to Bing Webmaster Tools and access and display all essential Bing metrics on one easy-to-manage dashboard.
  • Invoicing: Integration with Xero is currently available, with Myob and Quickbooks coming soon.


Ultimately, while no platform is perfect, our DAXRM review team found the combination of features, functionality, customization, and affordability make it ideal for digital marketing agencies of all sizes. With its ability to streamline workflows, simplify rank tracking, and optimize and accelerate the creation of reports, all while saving you money on multiple platform subscriptions, DAXRM represents a solid investment for your agency.

While DAXRM doesn’t offer the complete SEO functionality of some of its larger competitors, the combination of SEO tools and CRM capabilities, together with the extremely competitive price point, makes DAXRM a great choice for any digital marketing agency. We hope you found this review of DAXRM helpful.

Quick Answers Questions

What is DAXRM

DAXRM is an all-in-one extended revelation management platform specifically designed
for digital marketing agencies. It combines the power of a CRM with a range of essential
marketing connectors, real-time rank tracking capabilities, and complete custom
reporting functionality.

How to use DAXRM

DAXRM is a cloud-based SaaS platform that does not require any download or
installation. It can be accessed from any up-to-date desktop or mobile browser. To
access DAXRM, you need to create an account using an email address and select the
plan that’s right for you. The Basic plan is free to access for up to five accounts,
allowing you to try nearly all the features without any payment.

What is DAXRM used for?

Just about anything that a digital agency needs from a CRM, DAXRM can do. From
client and project management, rank tracking, to campaign data analysis, and
customized reporting, DAXRM offers versatile functionality designed for the specific
requirements of digital marketing agencies.

How much is DAXRM

DAXRM is free to access for up to five accounts and 50 free keywords, with most
functionality accessible on the basic plan. The Essentials plan starts at $25 per month
and comes with 25 accounts and 50 free keywords. The Enterprise plan is fully
customizable and can be tailored to the requirements of your business. Contact the
DAXRM team to tailor a package to your needs.

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