Since business competition in the digital space is only intensifying, it is vital to conduct efficient and reasonable SEO. Everyone yearns to boost their online presence and organic reach, and this can be challenging without using robust SEO tools. One such tool that currently offers cutting-edge site optimization is RankWatch. With this all-in-one, market-leading SEO software, you will definitely take your brand to a new level.

This RankWatch review 2024 discloses the toolset’s capabilities, unique features, and pricing tiers as well as how it empowers users to handle every complexity of modern SEO. As we know that digital trends are ever-changing, our RankWatch review experts want to prove the app to be a relevant and effective solution for streamlining online visibility and obtaining higher search engine rankings. Read on to discover RankWatch offerings in detail and whether they suit your business needs and objectives.

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  • Rich feature set with a lot of statistics 
  • Concise and user-friendly interface
  • Ensures multi-domain support
  • Simplified insights within each tool included for SEO novices
  • Website Analyzer tool greatly facilitates lead generation campaigns
  • Flawless competitive analysis and local rankings optimization
  • Automated email notifications on every keyword rankings change
  • Easy-to-understand and craft SEO reports, including customizable white-label features
  • Affordable price point, especially for beginners


  • Outdated UI
  • Sometimes keyword tracking has data accuracy issues
  • Insufficient keyword functionalities for advanced streamlining
  • No refund policy
  • Not cooperative support


RankWatch is a cloud-based marketing software for boosting local and global SEO performance on SERPs, designed by the eponymous company in India. Covering a wide range of users across 100 countries, the platform presents a simple-to-utilize toolbox to successfully handle every SEO task from keyword research and rank tracking to site audit and backlink analysis. 

Like most RankWatch reviews, we affirm the app treats search engine visibility and positioning as the two core pillars within the functionality of the built-in tools. The intuitive interface will guide users through their campaigns by showcasing a 360-degree analysis of keywords, on-page issues, URLs, backlinks, and other critical SEO elements.

Though the platform caters to various marketing needs and business sizes, it is still a perfect match for those who want to learn SEO from scratch with little investment. Once you master sophisticated SEO concepts and seek more professional features and data, RankWatch might be insufficient. No doubt, the tool provides excellent value for the money, but this doesn’t deny the fact there are other more accomplished options, like SE Ranking.

Pricing & Plans

To keep you up-to-date concerning the pricing with this review of RankWatch, we have figured out that the tool currently offers 3 affordable plans:

  • M – $29 per month
  • L – $99 per month
  • XL – $499 per month

With the M plan, you can track 250 keywords and 145 000 backlinks with daily updates. Meanwhile, two higher licenses enable monitoring more keywords and backlinks and comprise a white label interface and dedicated training. It is also possible to shape a custom package with the needed set number of keywords and the respective price. Before deciding on a particular plan, RankWatch generously provides a 14-day trial period so you may test whether the incorporated functions align with your SEO objectives.

RankWatch Features

Aside from powerful rank tracking, RankWatch reviews and enhances other SEO facets such as backlink profiles, keyword research, the site’s overall performance, etc. The tool is also effective at analyzing competitors, giving detailed insights into all their activities across organic and paid campaigns. This section of the RankWatch review is devoted to the key features the software boasts, including the free scope of tools. We will shed light on all the principles and peculiarities of operation to make you aware of how every function might benefit your business intentions. Let’s start our in-depth overview! 

Rank Tracking

It would be reasonable to start with the feature that shines the brightest – Rank Tracking. Users can define whether their SEO campaigns are performing well by checking the rank for target keywords on organic search results.

To make sure the rank-tracking capabilities suit your requirements, we will highlight the following built-in features in our Rankwatch review 2024:

  • Daily Rank Monitoring. This module allows accurately scrutinizing rank-tracking data on a daily basis.
  • Worldwide Rank Tracking. Users can trace their search engine ranking positions across 170 countries, along with a multi-language option included.
  • Tracking Position History in Different Search Engines. Assess the effectiveness of keyword tactics over tons of search engines, including leading ones like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and more.
  • Extensive Rank Monitoring Algorithms. Due to multi-purpose rank-tracking mechanisms and timely updates, the tool offers a high granularity level, powered by a strong and dynamic algorithm.
  • Desktop and Mobile Ranking Lookover. It helps reveal which platform is more traffic-driving.
  • City-Based Tracking. With this tool, users may easily detect precise geo-specific keyword rankings via localized IPs. You are free to choose the search engine and the city to monitor.
  • Keyword Segmentation. The feature enables categorizing keywords on a tag basis. To get deeper insight, take advantage of advanced data filtering like page score, search volume, current rank, highest rank, featured snippets, and so on.
  • Website Statistics and Webmaster Analytics. With Google Index, Alexa Rank, and Backlink Count on a single dashboard, verify the global presence of the site. In addition, you can carry out an extra ranking analysis for metrics such as CTR, impressions, and clicks.
  • Search Volume. The Rank Tracker lets you know about the potential volume of needed keywords within a specific timeline. Obtain a country-based keyword search volume and keep abreast of its monthly updates.
  • Automated Ranking Notifications. The tool instantly sends email alerts on any modifications to keyword rankings.
  • Rank Update Frequency. It is possible to customize the frequency of ranking updates (weekly or monthly), depending on SEO needs.

Competitors Analysis

To grow your business or brand skillfully, it is pivotal to get an edge over competitive sites in your niche. Our RankWatch review experts suggest that the Competitors Analysis tool deals with this perfectly . It will assist in discovering head-to-head competitors, focusing on keywords they rank for and top-performing ads.

When it comes to organic traffic opponents, the tool automatically defines the fiercest competitive domains from the SERP based on your keywords/key phrases. Users can get a holistic picture of keyword competition as well as a performance comparison from the last 7 days. 

RankWatch provides excellent value for unveiling paid traffic competitors. It will present a list of top domains running ad campaigns on your tracked keywords. The exciting functionality most RankWatch reviews point out is the ability to keep track of every competitive Google ad along with the targeted key terms. Learn what ads gain massive reach, including winning keywords. That way, you can develop powerful data-driven organic and paid SEO strategies to outperform rivals.

Furthermore, designing an effective SEO strategy requires a profound analysis of competitors’ parameters such as keyword search volume, keywords categories, average rank, SERP featured snippets, target location, anchor text, traffic data, index pages, backlinks, referring domains, and speed. The platform also gives you the liberty to manually add opponents for organic rank tracking if the sophisticated automated algorithm appears to be insufficient.

To have all the comprehensive competitive insights at your fingertips, RankWatch supports PDF and Excel report downloading. Effortlessly save reports individually or in bulk as needed.

Site Audit

If you diligently review about RankWatch, you will see the Site Auditor is no less viable a tool for site optimization than previous solutions. With this module, you can perform an all-around analysis of the site’s SEO performance for over 110 parameters, and as a result, boost the site’s crawling capabilities for search engines. There is no chance for any issue to prevent you from towering SERP rankings. The intelligent bot thoroughly scans pages for all minor and major problems . After that, it computes the Page score that points out how it is well-optimized for target key terms on a scale of 0 to 100. While generating the score, RankWatch considers factors like page content, keyword density, title tag, heading tags, outbound links, and WWW resolve.

Site Auditor comes with a unique micro-level analysis feature, which executes profound audits of the requisite URL on multiple metrics like indexability, HTTP status, load time, and much more. This is a great starting data point to work on further.

Another formidable function corresponding to the latest RankWatch reviews is arranging issues by the priority they need to be fixed. You will find such categories as:

  • High Criticality Problems – pages that contain duplicate content, missing titles/alt tags/content, broken links, incorrectly configured hreflang, missing canonical tags, etc.
  • Medium Criticality Problems – pages comprising missing descriptions, invalid canonical tags, and improper language.
  • Low Criticality Problems – pages with short-length URLs, orphaned URLs, and canonical tags, unsecured from mixed content.

The tool allows crawling time and speed scheduling according to your preferences as well as narrowing down the auditing process to a particular URL. Not to mention it swiftly finds pages invisible to search engine bots.

As we mentioned earlier, you can determine the HTTP status of every page. With well-structured data on HTTP code distribution, figure out which pages return server response codes and which ones redirect to a different URL.

Backlink Analysis

Quality backlink audit is one more feature that RankWatch review affirms to be profitable for your site scaling. The Link Center extracts valuable inbound link data in a few clicks and delivers a promising link-building strategy.

The analysis begins with the breakdown of the total number of backlinks into active links, referring domains, and lost links. The dashboard introduces insights into lost links vs. new links in the last week with eye-catching graphs. Dive deep into the comprehensive data on top landing pages, top linking domains, and top anchor texts to understand the most fruitful link-building tactics. On top of that, you can investigate the comparative percentage of nofollow links to follow links, linked texts to linked images, and homepage backlinks to internal page links.

If you think that the Backlink Analysis features end there, it is not the case. We agree with other RankWatch reviews claiming that the tool has many other goodies in its arsenal to supercharge your backlink profile. 

  • Regular recurring updates on backlinks whenever needed.
  • The ability to join the tool’s proprietary data with the Majestic link database to unearth even more link-building opportunities.
  • Tracking content pieces linked to your domain along with identifying their authors and contacting them for future collaborations.
  • Monitoring the rough age of backlinks with the ability to group them on those that were added today, yesterday, this/last week, etc.
  • Data filtering on the basis of link age, anchor texts, author country, and more.
  • Complete weekly reports that carefully analyze every backlink performance and are downloadable in PDF.
  • TLD feature that showcases the most traffic-attracting domains to the site, categorizing them by top-level domain type.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is among the core pillars of the site’s successful optimization both at local and global levels. So we can’t help but review RankWatch from this angle. The tool allows tracking performance of an array of keywords over the requisite time period and offers actionable keyword suggestions to boost rankings to the top of the SERP. All it takes to start the keyword exploration is to enter the key term or a phrase and choose the country. In seconds, RankWatch will pitch you detailed data and relevant keyword suggestions that resonate with your topic and niche.

The Keyword Research tool profoundly analyzes every keyword against such factors as:

  • Keyword Difficulty: Displays the ranking difficulty of the particular keyword. The KD score is formed on the basis of how competitive the key term is.
  • CPC: Gives a clear understanding of the rough CPC amount of required keywords so users can promote effective Google ads.
  • Competition: Helps in measuring a keyword’s competitive potential on a score between 0.1 to 1.0
  • Search Volume Trend and Geo-Distribution: Discovers the location-based search volume of tracked keywords. Plus, you can find out high search volume locations with the function of heat signatures.
  • Keyword Suggestions: Empowers users with top-performing short-tail and long-tail keywords to raise ranks across organic and paid campaigns. It is also possible to gain profitable question-based keywords with nifty search volume.
  • Hidden Opportunity: Our RankWatch review specialists note this feature provides a plethora of keywords that rank well and are low-competition at the same time. Leveraging these key terms makes it easier to attract organic traffic to your site.
  • Keyword Grouping: Through analyzing the actual keyword, the tool clusters recommended keywords into two categories – primary keywords and question-based keywords. While the first group encompasses keywords with high search volumes, the latter lists why, how, which, can, shall, etc. phrases related to the search keyword.

White Label SEO Program

The White Label SEO Program is a valuable solution by RankWatch offering flexible customization according to the client’s needs. With this tool, digital marketing agencies, site owners, and freelancers can craft top-notch SEO reports under their own brand names.

RankWatch reviews details stats within each SEO module from the toolset, including ranking info, competitors and backlinks insights, and website analysis inferences, and shapes comprehensive and concise reports. At the same time, this feature targets maintaining a unique identity of business and customer relationships.

Customization options are what stand out in the White Label SEO Program the most. The first thing worth mentioning is the ability to craft unlimited reports. If you need to report to clients on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, the platform will provide the needed number of white-label reports without limitations. Besides, it is seamless to integrate the tool into your workflow and brand aesthetics. In other words, you are free to tailor reports, dashboards, and communication with regard to set goals and branding. Generate in-depth and visually appealing white-label reports, demonstrating the progress of SEO campaigns and share them with your clients. 

As our review about RankWatch discovered, to make a report look highly professional in PDF format, the tool enables adding a logo and the company URL. The same relates to the customizable dashboard hosted over your own server. Give it the look and feel of your business to showcase your proficiency and ensure a great client experience.

In addition, the White Label SEO Program boasts flawless automation and user management. You can schedule reporting timeframes and assign projects via the dashboard in a minute. With the IFRAME Accessibility feature, embed the white-label dashboard to any page of your site to entitle clients to approach their respective project insights.

Free Tools

In this part of our RankWatch review, we will uncover the app’s notable free tools, focusing on their functionalities and ways they can supercharge overall SEO performance.

Mobile Friendly Checker

As the name implies, this tool checks the site for mobile responsiveness. Just enter the domain’s name and email address to initiate the process. RankWatch reviews the site loading speed, and how it appears on mobile devices, detecting areas to improve.

Testing the site with the Mobile Friendliness Checker is a cakewalk. The latest RankWatch review 2024 states it diligently scans your site on critical factors and gives actionable tips on:

  • Responsive Layout. Make sure your site has a responsive layout on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. It means the site should be able to adapt to different screen sizes without breaking the content.
  • Loading Speed. Look through the site loading time indexes on various devices and analyze the bounce rate. If your site loads for more than 5 seconds, you are likely to have visitors switch from your site to another resource. And since more than 64% of users tend to search for info via smartphones, it is decisive to optimize mobile loading speed for high rankings.
  • Font Size. Count the font size while developing a site design. As mobile screens are pretty much smaller than desktop ones, make the font size bigger for better info consumption. If the text isn’t optimized for the appropriate size, you risk losing a major chunk of your target audience.
  • Relevant Web Design. Discover whether the site is cluttered and contains elements covering the content. If so, eliminate them immediately to make the content visually appealing. Moreover, ensure that all on-page articles are not blocked by ads.

After the mobile-friendly checkup and all the fixes are made, run the site on a smartphone to see how it performs.

Website Analyzer

Designing strategies, eradicating SEO issues, and enhancing search visibility are simple and efficacious with the Website Analyzer. You can get a complete report highlighting the site’s weakest points and solutions to fix them in a few clicks. Furthermore, the tool gives a holistic picture of all the problems, and divides them into sections according to the priority level.

Our RankWatch review team underlines that reports by Website Analyzer show detailed stats on loading time, speed, on-page SEO parameters, meta tags/headers, etc. which might assist in increasing SERP rankings. Since it concurrently focuses on 6 modules dedicated to different parts of SEO, users will generate 360-degree custom reports with high-performing improvement tips. Another priceless use case of the Website Analyzer is the competitive audit. Find out the strongest sides of your rivals, their keyword rankings, traffic, loading speed, and other aspects you can utilize within your site. 

But this is far from all that makes this add-on a terrific troubleshooting instrument. Let’s take a look at the prime features users adore most:

  • Overviewing the site’s link-building efforts
  • Showcasing comprehensive insights on the site’s SEO data like Google SERP, preview, sitemaps, and so on
  • Profound check for web page responsiveness and speed, along with optimization suggestions on all factors
  • Reporting on social distribution across social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Unveiling site servers and hosting used

Backlinks Analyzer

Seeking a robust tool to analyze your backlink profile in detail and save you money at the same time? Backlinks Analyzer is just the thing. It will aid users in exploring backlink performance, with a focal point on active and lost links, domain authority, and anchor texts, to alleviate link-building efforts. RankWatch reviews and uncovers actionable SEO metrics by any domain entered. These metrics include:

  • Every Backlink Accumulation. By auditing all the backlinks directed to the site, the tool divides them into active and deleted links. If you want to obtain a quick overview, look over the graph representing the link acquisition to your site.
  • Referring Domains Investigation. With an intelligent dashboard, track the total number of backlinks to the site from each referring domain and identify the most promising ones.
  • Anchor Texts Analysis. Discover anchor text parameters, like trust, citation, and topical score via industry classification.
  • Backlink Distribution Insights. The Backlink Analyzer swiftly determines backlink types, status, etc., to take your business to be a step ahead. Accurate structuring of backlinks into follow/nofollow, active/deleted, link/image/frame, and revealing gaps within will give you a bird’s eye view of what link-building strategies to implement.

If you carefully review RankWatch, you will see that the Backlinks Analyzer tool provides excellent value for competitive analysis as well. You can peep into opponents’ link-building endeavors, replicate performing strategies, and leverage missed opportunities.


To recap our RankWatch review, everyone who is in search of a simple-to-use and affordable SEO ally will find this platform a decent solution. RankWatch equips users with a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize for increased search visibility and the top of SERP. Rank-tracking functionality, keyword research capabilities, site audits, and backlink insights will help you always remain a prominent player in the niche. Not to mention flexible report customization and effective client collaboration with white-label SEO features. For small businesses and startups, the app generously provides free tools that are quite enough for entry-level streamlining. 

However, no matter how attractive the pricing policy is, it can’t cover the lack of advanced functions and outdated UI. Once users become more skilled in SEO processes and start yearning for more granular data, it is better for them to look for RankWatch Alternatives. From a plethora of leading SEO tools, SE Ranking proves to be the best. Catering to different business sizes and SEO needs, the platform runs successful digital marketing campaigns with a sophisticated toolkit from keyword tracking to competitor analysis. Give it a try and you will enjoy impressive results for sure.

Quick Answers Questions

What Is RankWatch?

RankWatch is a cloud-based all-in-one SEO software that helps site owners, digital marketers, and agencies track keyword rankings, enhance online visibility, boost traffic, and analyze competitors. You will find a scope of tools and features for 360-degree site optimization in terms of keywords, backlinks, on-page auditing, and white-label reporting. The app also comes with three entirely free tools for efficient SEO management.

How to Use RankWatch

Since RankWatch is accessible in a cloud-based mode, you need to create an account first to start using it. After registration, opt for a suitable pricing plan and run the app. Depending on the SEO module you choose, the use case will vary. For example, if you want to track keywords, enter your site and keywords, and RankWatch will monitor rankings across different search engines.

What Is RankWatch Used for?

According to the latest RankWatch review 2024 information, the software’s primary purposes are improved search visibility and top search engine rankings. To achieve this, users can take advantage of different tools considering their site’s weak points and SEO objectives. Track keyword performance, analyze backlink profiles and competitors’ strategies, and generate detailed reports, all based on data-driven insights.

How Much Is RankWatch?

On the basis of the tracked keyword and backlink numbers and update frequency, RankWatch supplies three plans: M, L XL, priced respectively at $29, $99, and $499 per month. You can also shape a custom package tailored to your specific SEO requirements. Before subscribing, it is possible to test all features within a 14-day free trial period. But there is no refund policy, which is a minus.

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