The launch of Overview AI brought up new opportunities and new challenges for publishers who want to rank on Google. This search machine holds over 90.8% of the global search engine market share as of May 2024. To avoid missing out on such a large market, SEO specialists have had to manually collect data on how this new AI-driven search block is performing. 

When the rules of the game change, you need to quickly adapt to new realities. Often, this means doing so without the right tools, as developing new analyzers takes time. Fortunately, some tools have been developed in anticipation of this change and can be used to analyze the new AI-driven search results. Among them is the subject of this review –


  • AI Overview Monitoring. Monitor the searches that lead to AI Overview on your site, compare your performance with your rivals, and study domains that got an edge. This data can be used to make proper decisions and enhance your strategies.
  • Indexing Monitoring. ZipTie reviews provide URLs on schedule and allow you to be aware of sudden site pages dropping out of the index and other errors promptly.
  • Integration with Google Search Console (GSC). Avoid wasting time by having the site data loaded into the tool as you begin the analysis.
  • Simple Interface. One does not have to be a technical person to get a ZipTie review of AI Overview presence or check indexation. It is very easy to use and appropriate for any kind of professional.


  • Request Processing Speed. Because of the tool’s increasing popularity, orders from different accounts are processed following the capacity of the system and on a first-come-first-served basis. This may lead to slow processing and production of reports hence affecting the normal running of the business.
  • Budget calculation. Certain users can experience difficulties in estimating the budget for the tool, as the credits are assigned based on the chosen plan, and a charge is made for each action that is subject to payment.
  • Dependence on GSC Data. The service is based on the GSC data and, therefore, is affected by the same disadvantages as GSC. Moreover, GSC integration and features like screenshots are only available to paid accounts.


ZipTie is an SGE tracking tool for those who want to learn more about website performance and improve ranking positions. It provides useful data about traffic through integration with Google Search Console, including page indexing, and warns users about pages dropping out of the index for selected search queries. 

One flagship capability that convinced us to prepare a review about is monitoring keyword phrases that trigger AI Overview. Its functionality is not limited to it, but that makes it significantly different from other similar tools.

This ZipTie review provides the following features description:

  • Onboarding. Start with a 14-day free trial to explore all features.
  • SEO Traffic Analysis. Get tips and data to boost your website’s ranking.
  • AI Overviews Tracking. Track your website’s rank accurately.
  • Indexing Monitoring. See which pages are indexed and get alerts if pages are deindexed.
  • Team Collaboration. Options for account sharing and easy subscription management.

Overall, ZipTie is one of the most useful and basic SGE tracking tools for keyword performance in the AI Overview. Nevertheless, it could be a problem if you rely on GSC data, the package price for agencies is high, and the pay-per-action system within the app is not very transparent.

In the further sections of this review of ZipTie, we explore these features in more depth and discuss how they can benefit your SEO strategy. 

Pricing & Plans

The tool has 4 paid plans and a credit system at its core. Some of the actions like monitoring a query, checking a URL, etc. cost you a certain amount of credits. For example, doing this ZipTie review we noticed that every keyword monitored costs 25 credits. You can spend your credits differently based on your needs, but to raise the limit of credits you’ll need to upgrade your plan.

  • The Basic plan starts at $29 and provides 10,000 credits per month. 
  • If your project needs more or you need GSC integration, you will need a Standard plan for $89. 
  • The Agency plan costs $849 per month and offers outstanding capabilities for auditing clients’ websites. 
  • Custom plans starting at $1000 are also available – contact the team to negotiate on additional GSC properties’ integration or unlimited project limits if necessary.

If it’s challenging for you to choose a plan straight away, get the 14-day free trial. It does not include integration but the account will have 5,000 credits to spend on your research.


In this chapter, we will focus on the features that will enable SEO specialists to get the most out of ZipTie. Starting from the integration with Google Search Console up to the unique AI Overview Monitoring, ZipTie provides a list of tools that will help you monitor your website’s performance. Learn how these features can help your website rank and why more and more people in the SEO niche start to talk about ZipTie in a positive context.


In our review about ZipTie, we noticed that this software has a very easy-to-use interface and it has all the tools that are needed to help you make informed decisions regarding your SEO. Getting started with ZipTie is really easy and needs no specific knowledge in SEO. 

The first thing you will see after registration is the dashboard panel with a summary of your projects, integrated GSC properties, indexation checks and alerts, recent checks shortcuts, and other useful info. Create a new project and share the URLs source and/or connect GSC data. Once the project is created, you can use all the tool’s features – start configuring indexation checks, analyzing traffic data, and measuring AI Overviews impact. The audit data will be linked to the project you created and appear in the shortcut sections of the dashboard. 

SEO Traffic Analysis

This feature provides you with precise calculations and specific recommendations for the steps you should take to enhance your site’s ranking. Connect your GSC property and get all the historical data together with the number of useful analyses. Being integrated with Google Search Console, ZipTie can represent why your website doesn’t work efficiently. 

AI Overviews Tracking 

This feature is the best part of this ZipTie review. It’s helpful as it lets you track how well your site ranks in AI-generated overviews, which top Google search results. ZipTie uses real Google accounts to ensure accurate tracking. 

To get started with the feature, upload a list of keywords for which you want to get an AI Overview summary. Specify a domain you’ll be tracking AI Overviews for, then add queries in a separate line each. If necessary, configure monitoring with a certain frequency for the chosen project. The action will spend your credit balance, so make sure you don’t run out of your monthly limit.

In the resulting AI Overview Monitoring report, you’ll be able to look up four charts: Overview, Queries, Competition, and Trends. Once the queries you added are processed (it may take some time before the tool processes it), you’ll be able to see how many of the queries appear in an automatic AI Overview, forced AI Overview, and which of them have no AI Overview as of now. You’ll also see the ratio of queries where your domain is included/not included as a source in AIO. Besides SGE, get the organic top 10 and featured snippets presence in this section. The Queries section contains details on each query you shared, which will be updated with the specified frequency. The same list is available for bulk export in the My Projects section.

The Competition section presents the ranged list of your competitors on the queries, filtered by AI citations by default. One more interesting insight on this tab is Share of Voice – the pie chart showing the top 25 sites that compete for your queries in AI Overview and organic results (separately.) Also, this panel has a Top New Competitors block where you can see whether some new domains started to appear in your queries’ AI citations, new organic top 10 rivals, and links won. 

Finally, the Trends section shows four graphs with positions changing over time:

  • AI Overviews State Over Time (automatic vs. forced)
  • AIO Sources Presence Over Time
  • Organic Results Presence Over Time
  • Featured Snippets Presence Over Time

Indexing Monitoring

Knowing if your pages are indexed is crucial for traffic. ZipTie reviews and gathers pages that aren’t indexed and sends alerts if pages get deindexed during Google Core Updates. This proactive approach keeps your content visible. Specify the URL source, and choose features to gain valuable data about your domain and page indexing.

To get started, go to the dashboard and choose Indexing Monitoring to enter an audit setup:

There are three options to provide URLs sources: Sitemaps, URLs List, and Crawl. With Sitemaps, the tool will check as many URLs as you specify in the field. You can also add a RegEx to include or exclude sitemaps and/or URLs provided in them on the Advanced settings tab. When choosing a URLs list, ZipTie reviews the indexation of all URLs provided (pasted or uploaded to a file). 

ZipTie can crawl your website if you want to check the website organically. This option may take more time and more settings to specify: crawl size limit, start URL, crawl algorithm preference and depth, visit or not nofollow links, follow or not follow canonicals, crawl outside the domain or not. Using RegEx you can exclude specific subdomains or URL patterns from the crawling, which makes the tool quite manageable.

Other settings you’ll need to specify to run an audit include inspection mode (defines the actions that will be done on the inspected pages), desktop/mobile mode, JavaScript rendering, making screenshots, checking the schedule, and on/off real-time monitoring of indexing coverage, for example, after Google Algorithm Updates. The last configuration is for paid plans only, however by using monitoring you can quickly notice arising problems with indexing. 

Once the settings are specified and submitted, get the report on your index coverage like below (including status codes, meta robots tags, canonicals, issues like missing meta description, soft 404s, empty categories, etc.):

If you switch to the next few tabs, you can found an URL List with status codes and response time for each crawled/checked URL, Core Web Vitals report (requires render JS enabled), Performance summary (requires render JS enabled), and Content Analysis including on-page tags statistics.

The report on your check will appear on the dashboard as a recent indexation check and will display an alert if any URLs become deindexed. 

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is made easy with ZipTie. You can share your account with team members and manage subscriptions efficiently. All the plans include unlimited seats – this is particularly useful for SEO teams working on multiple projects.

To manage your account usage appropriately, click on your avatar in the right upper corner of the panel and choose My Account. Here you can access your transaction history and balance sheet to find it out how your credits were used. 

Additional Tools and Resources

The last section you can find on the dashboard is News Feed. Their blog gives tips on various SEO topics, like AI Overviews, keyword filtering, and dealing with Google SGE disruptions – all accessible right from the tool’s UI. This helps you stay updated on the latest SGE trends, find solutions to any problems you may have while doing your audits, etc. 


This is our verdict after a thorough review: this tool is a reliable gear for everyone who wants to have a powerful advantage in SEO – especially for those who decided to use the opportunity of AI Overviews. The connection with Google Search Console and the intuitive interface makes the process of SEO analysis and monitoring easier. Some of the distinguishing features include the AI Overview Monitoring and the Indexing Monitoring which are not available in other tools within the market. 

However, the tool has its drawbacks that ZipTie alternatives can eliminate: it may take some time to process requests because of its fast development; the tool relies on GSC data as its primary source, which may be considered a disadvantage. Nonetheless, considering the benefits of applying this tool to your site, it is an excellent investment in the enhancement of your website’s performance. Based on this ZipTie review, it is evident that the tool can improve your SEO game plan and keep you ahead of the competition in the generative AI SEO reboot.


What is

ZipTie is an SEO analysis and monitoring tool focused on AI Overviews, which assists the user in tracking and optimizing your position on the Google search engine results page. It links with Google Search Console to offer practical information, uses real Google accounts to track AI Overviews’ performance, inspects and supervises indexing status, as well as supplies ideas on how to improve SEO traffic. It is aimed at anyone who does not want to be left behind in the SEO game.

How to use

Read this ZipTie review to find out that working with it is straightforward:

  • Sign Up. First, you have to create an account where you can get a 14-day free trial.
  • Integrate with Google Search Console. To link your website to ZipTie you need to connect it with your Google Search Console.
  • Monitor and Analyze. Check the performance of AI Overviews, see the current status of your indexing, and analyze the traffic from search engines.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions. Optimize your website’s SEO with the help of ZipTie and their insights and reports.

What is used for?

With ZipTie, you can benefit from the audit information and implement it into your SEO strategies to improve them:

  • Optimize and increase the volume of traffic from the organic search results by determining the opportunities for improvement.
  • Observe the AI Overviews performance to know the current standing of your website in AI search engine results.
  • Audit the indexing status of your website’s pages for Google and make sure that they are getting traffic.

How much is

The tool has paid plans starting from as low as $29 that comes with 10,000 credits. Take your own quick ZipTie review for free in manual mode for 14 days before you buy. If you need GSC integration, upgrade to a paid plan – you can also easily control your subscription and stop it whenever you want.

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