Sistrix vs Seobility Comparison: Which One to Choose for SEO Success in 2024

Improving search engine visibility is almost impossible with manual practices. That’s why more and more webmasters and SEO experts have started incorporating SEO-powered software into their workflow. The market is full of different kinds of apps to optimize sites and raise rankings to the top of Google. 

Among such solutions, there are two leading players – Seobility and Sistrix. Sharing a common goal of providing users with tools and insights to boost their online presence, they differ in their approaches, features, user experience, and opportunities. 

In this post, we will delve into the Seobility vs Sistrix comparison, shedding light on their core functionalities, data coverage, pricing policy, and overall benefits and downsides. With a clear understanding of the distinctions between these platforms by these points, you will be able to decide on the toolbox that best aligns with your SEO needs and objectives. 

So whether you are new to SEO or a proficient marketer, our exhaustive comparison of Seobility vs Sistrix will guide you in choosing the most suitable option for your SEO efforts. Let’s thoroughly explore the similarities, differences, and unique offerings of each software.

What Are Seobility and Sistrix?

Seobility Overview

Seobility is an all-in-one software for swift, efficient, and seamless 360-degree site optimization. Its functional potential covers powerful SEO auditing, backlink analysis, and rank-tracking capabilities to stay ahead of the competition, from beginner marketers to large businesses. Boasting a unique TF*IDF tool, the app also enables you to streamline your pages for topical relevance by analyzing the top-ranked Google content.


  • A versatile scope of features
  • Smooth UI and UX
  • Built-in exclusive TF*IDF functionality to enhance content from A to Z
  • Impeccable white-labeled and PDF reporting
  • The ability to rescan a site when needed
  • Free Basic plan


  • Missing filtering options for most reports/results
  • Lacks a step-by-step beginner guide 
  • Limited integrations with other third-party tools/apps

For a more in-depth understanding of Seobility’s capabilities, consider reading our detailed Seobility Review to gain comprehensive insights into its features and usability.

Sistrix Overview

Sistrix is an all-around marketing solution for SEO individuals, agencies, and social media influencers focused on dedicated keyword tracking, backlink analysis, and competitive research to improve site visibility across SERPs. Its module-based toolset operates both for on-site SEO enhancement and for developing winning social media/ad campaigns. The platform stands out from alternatives with its Visibility Index that showcases desktop and mobile ranking data with high-performing URLs for the preferred timeline. 


  • Social media management tools available
  • Efficient analysis capabilities and accurate insights within all modules
  • Constant updates with granular visibility graph
  • Customizable dashboard 
  • Open API for each module
  • Unlimited number of domains to analyze


  • The interface could be more user-friendly and navigationally straightforward
  • Separate-module pricing system, which is expensive
  • No data filtering options and crucial info within some modules

To explore how Sistrix stands against its competitors, our Sistrix Alternatives article provides a thorough analysis of other similar tools in the market.

Features Comparison

After employing the Sistrix and Seobility tools, we are ready to provide honest feedback on their core functionalities like Backlink Checker, On Page Audit, Keyword Research, Keyword Rank Tracking, and other exceptional features. Be sure that no stone will be left unturned while investigating these competing platforms.

Backlink Checker

Since link-building plays a significant role in web optimization, we will consider backlink tools first in our Sistrix vs Seobility digest.


No doubt, backlinks are decisive for a site to display on the top of search results. Seobility encompasses one of the most potent Backlink Checker tools to monitor your and your opponents’ link profiles and discover new backlink opportunities.

The built-in dashboard ensures a holistic rundown of the current backlink dynamics for the entered domain with insightful critical stats on the backlink profile. Gauge every single backlink on metrics like link source, link type, link target, follow/nofollow, and more. In addition, users can assess all backlinks against a rating algorithm to define the actual link and link source value level. Still, this is not the limit. In addition to the search option within the backlink profile, it is possible to get a breakdown of the weekly new and lost backlinks and react promptly to any modifications.

Aside from careful analysis, our Seobility comparison highlights the tool’s capacity to generate potent and top-notch quality backlinks. It forms a list of leading link sources for essential keywords resulting from high-ranked pages and links of your rivals.

Seobility also enables you to keep track of your competitors’ link-building strategies, digging into their SEO and marketing performance. That is to say, you may unearth potentially winning link sources for outreach and streamline your strategy based on rivals’ frequently linked content.

To recap, powered with the Backlink Checker by Seobility, marketers and SEO professionals can take advantage of the following:

  • Backlink updates on a weekly basis
  • Rich arsenal of link-building tools 
  • A complete review of competitive link profiles
  • Competitor comparison on core backlink metrics
  • PDF and CSV backlink data exporting


Attaining prompt and valuable info about backlink activities is easy as pie with the Sistrix Backlink Checker. All you need to do to start exploration is punch in the domain and click the Link option to see details of the required backlink structure along with the total number of backlinks. The thing to emphasize within the Sistrix comparison is that you may do a similar checkup on your digital rivals by applying various filters for more precise outcomes. Evaluate their backlinks on metrics like follow links, links to the homepage, high visibility links, etc.

Among the most precious functions while auditing competitors’ backlink structures and comparing them against yours is uncovering link-building opportunities that might favor you. Just enter three niche-leading competitor domains and revel in the list of promising linking sources. On top of that, users can always take a deeper look at each backlink to find out the link type, the page of the referring domain, the host/IP info, the page where the link connects, etc. This is incredibly handy for conducting bulky research.

No less impressive are Sistrix’s crawling and updating capabilities of 20B pages and 250B links per month, respectively. So assessing backlink weaknesses and strengths is lightning-fast and effortless. When hesitating between Seobility or Sistrix, keep in mind that the Backlink Checker of the latter platform offers the following perks:

  • Each link analysis (including backlinks of rivals) for its rating assessment
  • All the link sources with visibility ratings
  • Detailed stats on any backlink with the link type summary
  • Access to link-building historical data of the specific domain
  • Profound competition backlink profile audit concurrently revealing new links
  • Generation of backlink lists and reports with different filtering options


When comparing Seobility vs Sistrix from the Backlink Checker perspective, it is hard to decide the winner. Both tools are advanced and granular in their analysis, crawling, and link-building potential. Still, if you prioritize the thorough evaluation of incoming links’ weak and strong points along with multiple link sources, Sistrix comes out ahead. At the same time, Seobility brings more advantages for spying on rivals’ backlink activities.

On-Page Audit

Even if you produce the most captivating content, it is worthless if your site doesn’t respond to users the way it should. There are countless reasons for this, such as slow loading speed, wrong image size, broken links, 404 pages, and much more. That’s why a robust on-page SEO audit is needed to prevent all these issues. So the next section of Sistrix vs Seobility will explore on-page auditing tools under a magnifying glass.


Due to an evaluation against more than 300 SEO-relevant factors, Seobility not only performs accurate and comprehensive SEO audits but also helps save considerable time and effort. The presented insights refer to the three main categories:

  • Tech. and Meta: defines crawling issues across search engines and discovers other tech SEO bugs or problems with security, loading speed, and meta info that negatively impacts site performance. The exciting feature here is the tool generates a list of urgent issues to fix by importance. 
  • Structure: as the name implies, it is about site structure enhancement through correct page organization within the site. Discover internal linking problems (pages with overwhelming links, canonical link errors, redirect loops), identical anchor texts for different link targets, and sitemaps-related malfunctions. For more precise data, you can analyze the most frequent anchor texts and most popular pages according to the internal links number and click distance.
  • Content: discovers issues of low-quality and duplicate content affecting your ranking positions. This includes content that appears on multiple pages, keyword cannibalization, pages with insufficient or excessive text, duplicated HTML pages, typos or inconsistencies between on-page content and headings, etc.

While making the ultimate decision between Sistrix or Seobility, remember that with Seobility, you can freely set up automated and individual scheduled crawling for the required time frequency. Furthermore, receive site status reports after every single crawl and get email-alerts in case of severe problems. Thus, you may keep abreast of the site’s SEO health round-the-clock and take immediate measures not to fall in rankings. Downloading PDF and CSV all-in-one reports on specific issue audits is available as well. 


Regarding SEO auditing of Sistrix, the Optimizer module analyzes pages on your site’s structural and technical conformity. The comprehensive report will reveal what things work well, what are non-performing, and what requires slight modifications. The recommended improvements appear in the form of a list by priority. Plus, you may look through all updates done from the last crawl.

What’s essential is you can investigate every tech issue that confused or hindered Google bots, namely 404 pages, multiple H1 use across pages, etc. Instant notifications on rank fluctuations with the reasons behind them, as well as the ability to archive every suggested and processed change for further use, is the feature that shines the brightest.

While considering Seobility vs Sistrix, it is worth paying attention to unique functionalities like unlimited crawling and crafting a personal Visibility Index for your keyword database. These capabilities let users streamline the site as many times as needed and track a total of 1000 keywords for 50 countries. It is possible to measure exact key phrases against up to 6 opponents to review their performance and detect gaps to boost.

However, the perks don’t stop there. If you are practicing international marketing and the reflag attributes checking tool is your must-have, this module comes to the rescue. You will constantly be aware of whether the site is optimized for the actual intended audience. At the same time, in-link access to the API supports seamless integration with pinnacle tools like SE Ranking and Ahrefs with an accomplished SEO audit package for more powerful outcomes.

For those interested in exploring more about Sistrix’s functionalities, a complete Sistrix Review is available, offering a deeper dive into its strengths and limitations.


If we compare Seobility and Sistrix, we can say that Sistrix lags behind a bit in terms of crawling power. Going far beyond technical, meta, and structural audit, it also analyzes and tackles all content gaps and those throughout internal and external links. Nevertheless, Sistrix comprises features to boast, like the Visibility Index to track keywords across a wide range of languages and countries for tailored SEO analysis.

Keyword Research and Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyword research and keyword rank tracking tools significantly contribute to any SEO optimization strategy, simultaneously assisting marketers in outpacing competitors. So we are going to examineSistrix vs Seobility in this pursuit, accenting the core benefits.


The Keyword Research tool by Seobility is a true find, not to mention it comes for free. It will help identify viable keywords by topic to engage the audience and turn them into leads. Type in the focus term and set up the target countries to reach valuable keyword ideas by such categories as:

  • Similar keywords – those related to the entered phrase
  • Questions – frequently asked issues by search engine users
  • Related searches – ones displayed within Google search queries
  • Autocomplete searches – those Google suggests while typing the term
  • Related terms – refer to the same category as the entered key phrase

To attain high-volume and low-competition keywords, users may leverage diverse sorting and filtering options to narrow down searches. The tool enables you to analyze specific domains or URLs to discover keywords it ranks for within the organic and paid search results.

Besides, it is possible to peep into your competition’s keyword performance by scrutinizing two aspects: Gaps and Intersections. While Gap analysis unveils promising ranking opportunities pointing out rivals’ stellar keywords, the intersection outline provides a list of key phrases that will show you where you are ahead of opponents and where there is room for enhancement.

To compare Sistrix and Seobility honestly, remember that the Seobility Keyword Rank Tracking tool represents the cross-linking of an on-page data audit with keyword monitoring two in one. Site owners may clearly see the rankings and keywords of every individual URL, and ranked URLs are showcased for each keyword combined with on-page crawling insights.

Furthermore, such integration is handy since it ensures precise optimization suggestions indicating how to raise a particular page ranking for a specific search term. The facets to get analyzed are:

  • The distance between the landing and the requested pages
  • Internal links to the page, including the search term within the text
  • The availability of the search term on the page, in the title/heading/media


For conducting fruitful keyword research, Sistrix presents a Keyword Discovery tool. Start a deep exploration by entering a seed keyword and selecting one of the 40 country databases. After that, you will get a complete overview of all relevant keywords with detailed info like:

  • Respective search volume
  • Assessment of the organic SERPs’ competitive intensity
  • Seasonal dynamics of the search volume
  • Search intent
  • Estimated CPC value

Examining stats like the proportion of mobile desktop searches for a specific keyword or the average number of clicks will aid you in making a data-driven decision about which keywords to add to the tracking list.

Stacking up Sistrix vs Seobility, we should note the rank tracking process is effortless here and takes place in the SEO module. What’s exciting is the keyword opportunity table uncovers all the key terms for which your domain is not ranked for on Google. The Interesting rankings feature accurately defines where the site currently stands.

Due to being able to trace any SERP keyword history since 2010, you can considerably optimize the page as well as obtain a report on ranking improvements. Another priceless functionality making waves within this section is the Visibility Index. It refers to the graph demonstrating the top 100 keywords presently used based on Google’s SERP. You can filter it according to the requisite country, region, and target market. Fortnight list updating and separate updates for PC users and mobile users are at your disposal as well.

To solve the Seobility or Sistrix dilemma, take into consideration that Sistrix allows you to look over the fence to see how your digital rivals are doing in view of keywords in their organic and paid search results. Thus, marketers and SEO specialists will unearth competitors’ traffic sources so they can check if these keywords might also favor their sites.


Throughout this Seobility vs Sistrix comparison, you will discover that Seobility is more sophisticated and data-empowered than Sistrix in keyword research and rank-tracking performance. Plus, Sistrix lacks user-friendliness regarding filtering options and SERP features, which makes it highly challenging for newbie marketers and SEO individuals to employ. So Seobility is an evident leader in this section.

Comparison of Other Features

The above described tools of Seobility and Sistrix are the basics to progress sustainably and efficiently across search engines. But there are also other unique utilities within each app to take advantage of, and if to juxtapose Sistrix vs Seobility, the latter produces more goodies for site optimization. These cover:

  • TF*IDF tool – detects vital terms and keywords of high relevance to search engine ranking for particular search queries and compares your content to opponents.
  • Audience Insights – assists in understanding audience demographics and assessing visitor behavior
  • Social Sharing – monitors who shares your content and drive conversions 
  • Local SEO – follows and reports on ranking in local search results
  • Channel Acquisition – uncovers competitors’ activities of acquiring customers via different channels
  • Customizable Dashboards – enables curating and highlighting specific competitive data through personalized reports

The second part of the Sistrix vs Seobility comparison delves into extra perks by Sistrix:

  • Visibility Index – provides a quick overview of competitors’ SEO performance over time in eye-catching graphs. Plus, it helps monitor a content move, re-launch, or the effects of Google updates 
  • SERP Environment – checks out features for every domain, allowing you to click down for more detailed info
  • Indexed Pages – enables users to historically review the number of pages found in Google’s index over the specific timeline

Price Comparison

Considering Seobility pricing vs Sistrix pricing is equally essential as the toolset opportunities. And expensive does not always mean high-quality. So now we will focus on learning what investments Sistrix and Seobility make to make an informed software decision.


Unlike most alternatives, the Seobility pricing system is about transparency and affordability. The most exciting thing is the platform offers a free Basic plan with lots of features that paid packs provide, which ideally suit novice marketers and SEO individuals. For mid-sized businesses and large agencies, Seobility delivers two pricing tiers reasonably tailored to their SEO needs:

  • Premium – $50 per month
  • Agency – $200 per month

A 14-day trial period free of charge is also available.


Understanding the SEO needs of various business levels, Sistrix presents 4 different pricing solutions based on the volume of data to process:

  • Start – $99 per month
  • Plus – $199 per month
  • Professional – $349 per month
  • Premium – $599 per month

A critical point to remember when choosing Sistrix or Seobility is that the first app enables purchasing standalone modules, which is not pocket-friendly, though. Before committing to the suitable package, try out the built-in features for 14 days for free.


Looking closely at Sistrix pricing vs Seobility pricing, Seobility is more user-oriented with affordable plans, starting at $50 per month, while Sistrix has a much higher pricing policy with an initial plan cost of $99 per month. Seobility is definitely a bargain also because of the free Basic plan with great features included. At the same time, its head-to-head competitor supplies module-based payment that might harm the budget in the long run.

Alternatives to Sistrix and Seobility

If after Seobility vs Sistrix exploration, you are looking for a similar toolkit to stay ahead of the competition, there is no better choice than SE Ranking. Besides covering similar features like those available with Seobility and Sistrix, it shines bright with other unique utilities to optimize your site and take it to the peak of Google. Let’s briefly go over the in-link tools and how they might help your business:

  • Keyword Rank Tracker checks site rankings across major search engines on a national or target location level, including unveiling overall competitors’ ranking performance
  • On-Page SEO Checker detects all technical issues across pages hindering high rankings and instantly fixes them
  • Site Audit assesses the overall site’s SEO health by core metrics and provides valuable improvement tips
  • Competitor Analysis Tool gives a holistic picture of the competition’s performance within organic and paid campaigns in terms of keywords, traffic, backlinks, historical data, etc.
  • Backlink Checker deeply audits any backlink profile to develop winning strategies and uncover promising link-building opportunities

Alongside SE Ranking, there are several other options worth considering; our Seobility Alternatives article outlines some of the top competitors in the field.


While comparing Seobility vs Sistrix, both are standout SEO solutions. Seobility is well-known for its flawless rank tracking and backlink checking capabilities, along with affordable pricing, while on-page auditing is a strong point of Sistrix. Users can run into unique features for seamless and effective streamlining on both platforms, like the TF*IDF tool at Seobility and the Visibility Index at Sistrix.

There is no right decision for all businesses. The best-fitting choice depends on specific SEO needs and objectives. Still, if you want to empower yourself with an efficient Seobility vs Sistrix alternative, SE Ranking, with its comprehensive toolkit, user-friendly interface, and attractive pricing, is the perfect decision.