Jasper AI Alternatives – Which Should You Use for Better Results?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence copilot that helps to create a successful content strategy and write and optimize texts for your website. And while it can offer numerous SEO benefits, it takes a while to get used to this platform, especially if you are a beginner. Additionally, nobody can deny that premium subscriptions are quite pricey.

That’s why we’ve given ourselves the task of searching for Jasper AI alternatives. The good news is the market is full of them, and it’s all about picking a suitable option. Check out our top suggestions below!

Consideration of Key Factors for Jasper AI Alternatives Selection

Here’s what we considered while looking for the best Jasper AI alternative:

  • Artificial intelligence writing. Jasper AI can generate an entire draft for your blog post or rewrite it to ensure it’s catchier. Our team analyzed potential alternatives to see what they can do with the power of AI.
  • SEO features. You can use Jasper AI to compare your content with the rivals in the SERP, identify the right keywords for your article, and check for potential plagiarism.
  • Ease of use. We can’t say that Jasper AI offers the simplest interface out there. It comes with a small learning curve, so we check if any competitors have a platform that’s more user-friendly.
  • Pricing. Jasper AI costs $49 monthly for creators and $125 for teams. There’s a 7-day risk-free cancellation, and yearly billing secures a 20% discount.

List of Top Tools

Before going into detailed descriptions, here is a list of top alternatives to Jasper AI:

  1. SE Ranking. It doesn’t only impress in providing AI-powered writing assistance, but this platform has you covered for all other online marketing needs.
  2. Frase. It’s likely the best Jasper AI alternative that specializes in helping with content creation.
  3. Writesonic. The platform uses advanced GPT 4 model to leverage AI power to assist in preparing, writing, and optimizing content. 
  4. Scalenut. It combines AI writing features with useful SEO tools like a traffic analyzer and keyword cannibalization.
  5. WriterZen. The most powerful keyword and topic research will ensure you write the right articles for your website.
  6. Surfer SEO. Although it’s pricey, the tool offers one of the most advanced AI writing qualities in the market.
  7. Rytr. It’s the best free alternative to Jasper AI, and it offers support for over 30 languages.
  8. Dashword. This is your top choice when collaborating with content writers.
  9. Copy AI. The platform uses a generative AI that’s available via a chat-based dashboard.
  10. LSIGraph. It’s a great option to build your content strategy and identify the right keywords and topic clusters.

1. SE Ranking

se ranking


SE Ranking deserves a spot at the top of our Jasper AI alternatives because it offers AI-powered support throughout the content creation process. The platform will analyze the competitors’ texts that dominate in SERPs and use them to suggest the best possible brief for your text.

se ranking content tool

After the analysis, you can adjust the content parameters to your preference. It’s possible to turn off particular competitors and recalculate data, which is great if you detect an article that doesn’t fit the chosen topic.

SE Ranking uses the NLP technique to extract crucial key phrases from the competitor pages, and you’ll also receive a generous list of related keyword suggestions. After selecting the terms, you proceed to build an outline. SE Ranking is a Jasper AI alternative that makes it simple to build a brief. You just have to check the competitors’ structure and pick the desired headings.

Once the text is ready, SE Ranking will rate it based on grammar, punctuation, and readability, along with suggesting what to fix. At any point, you can use the help of an AI writing assistant to help you prepare a specific section or the entire article.

Although it might seem from the description so far, SE Ranking is way more than a Content Marketing Tool. It’s an all-around SEO platform with all the features necessary to boost your online visibility and traffic. The platform has a comprehensive keyword suggestion tool, and it can analyze competitor domains and backlink checks. SE Ranking also offers a detailed site audit with crawlers that collect up to 1,000 pages in two minutes and rank tracking that covers multiple search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


SE Ranking offers its AI writer as an add-on to any of the premium packages. Along with the AI writer, you can use the content editor, plagiarism checker, and content idea finder. The add-on’s price starts at $29 monthly.

As for SE Ranking premium plans, here are the details:

  • Essential. The subscription costs $55 monthly and offers a single-user seat and up to ten projects.
  • Pro. At $109 monthly, you get three manager seats and unlimited projects, as well as three months of historical data for domains and keywords.
  • Business. The price for five manager seats, unlimited projects and all-time historical data is $239 monthly.

You can qualify for a 20% discount with a yearly subscription. SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require card details.


SE Ranking is the best Jasper AI alternative since it combines AI-powered writing assistance with a wide range of other SEO tools. The result is a comprehensive service suitable for various online marketing needs, from boosting visibility to optimizing website content.

2. Frase



Frase promises a smart approach to SEO, and its ease of use makes it one of the best Jasper AI alternatives. You can research SERP to acquire information about the competition and receive suggestions on domain rating and word and heading counts.

Thanks to the powerful AI offered by Frase, you can generate an entire content  in six seconds. Once you have the overview of the top SERP results, it’s easy to select which headings to include in the brief. The drag-and-drop editor is highly intuitive, and you can easily rewrite headings with the help of AI.

Frase is a reliable Jasper AI alternative whether you need to generate a single section like an FAQ, introduction, or an entire post. The collaboration tools make it easy to assign tasks to writers and add the instructions to the smallest detail.

For optimizing the article, Frase has a list of keywords that are suggested to include. The tool will indicate how many times each phrase should be used in the text. The tool has some SEO features, such as analyzing links coming from the top articles on a specific topic, but other Frase alternatives are a better fit for those looking for all-around SEO tools.


You can try Frase for five days for only $1. From there, here are the subscription plans available:

  • Solo. Individuals will appreciate the affordable price of $14.99 monthly, but you can only write and optimize four articles at this cost.
  • Basic. The number of articles to write and optimize increases to 30, and the price is $44.99 monthly.
  • Team. At the price of $114.99 monthly, you get three user seats and unlimited articles to optimize.

Frase AI Writer is a part of the Pro add-on, which is available for $35 monthly. You also get backlink and domain authority data in SERP results and the keyword search volume statistics.


Frase has one of the best AI-powered content creators among all Jasper AI alternatives. It’s user-friendly and suitable for beginners, and there’s an entry-range plan for individuals. Although AI writer is available as a part of the Pro add-on, it justifies the higher price tag.

3. Writesonic



Writesonic comes with multiple AI writing tools, but the core is the actual writer who promises to create texts that will resemble your brand voice. The platform utilizes the GPT-4 capabilities to search the Google search engine and collect info from competitor articles to help create an all-around and accurate post for your website.

It’s possible to add customized keywords to the post. The alternative is to use SEMRush since Writesonic is connected to it and pick suitable phrases based on its data. The entire article can be ready in several minutes,  and if you are unhappy with certain sections of older texts on your website, you can use the paraphrasing tool offered by Writesonic. It’s perfect to get better quality and plagiarism-free content.

Another advantage of this Jasper AI alternative is the text summarizer tool. It can shorten large sections or create summaries of entire articles quickly. Writesonic can even generate a story based on the provided description, tone of voice and other details. Online marketers will appreciate the option to create landing pages via the user-friendly feature that this platform offers.


Writesonic has a free version that covers 10,000 words per month for a single user. It only supports the GPT 3.5 version.

Here are the details of paid subscriptions:

  • Small Team. The cost is $19 monthly, and you get 100,000 words and a single user for the price. It’s possible to pick between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, but with the latter option, the number of words will decrease to 16,667.
  • Freelancer. At $20 monthly, you get unlimited words for a single user, but only with GPT 3.5.
  • Enterprise. The cost starts at $500 monthly, and you get a package customized to your team’s needs.

You can save up to 20% if you pay annually.


Writesonic is a Jasper AI alternative that uses the advanced GPT 4 model to leverage the power of AI when helping you create, rewrite, and optimize content. While it can be helpful, it can only take you as far as the current AI capabilities. It can’t replace a human writer, and the platform lacks other SEO features, but if you don’t have high writing expectations, Writesonic can be of great assistance.

4. Scalenut



Scalenut’s main advantage is the traffic analyzer. We’ll get back to the content creation features, but this is worth mentioning since you won’t find this SEO feature in many other Jasper AI competitors. The traffic analyzer shows metrics like CTR, traffic insights, and ranking positions. It’s possible to compare page rankings to assess those who progressed or dropped in the search engine results the most.

If you need ideas for a new article, Scalenut has a topic cluster tool. It can help build an entire text strategy for a website by checking out a report for a specific term and location.

As for the content creation features, Scalenut isn’t far behind the other Jasper AI alternatives. The Cruise Mode guides you through the process, which starts by conducting detailed research and creating an outline. The tool also offers a keyword list to use, including NLP terms to add to the text.


Scalenut has a 7-day free trial, and these are the available premium plans:

  • Essential. For 100,000 AI words and five SEO articles, the cost is $39 monthly.
  • Growth. You pay $79 monthly for unlimited AI words and 30 SEO articles.
  • Pro. The cost is $149 monthly, and you get 75 SEO articles, unlimited AI words, as well as one additional user seat.

The Enterprise package is customized to your needs, and the pricing is quote-based.


Scalenut does a decent job of helping you create briefs and write SEO articles that boost your website’s rankings and credibility. It’s also among the alternatives to Jasper AI that try to add a bit extra by offering other SEO-friendly features like a traffic analyzer and keyword cannibalization tool.

5. WriterZen



WriterZen has your back from the moment of researching for keywords and topics for your articles. The platform will investigate SERP results, with the Wildcard search being its trademark feature. The idea is to analyze the user intent behind the search, which is helpful in understanding the potential audience and the type of content needed.

Another great option is the Golden Filter, which narrows down the keyword lookup to those terms that have low competition but a potentially high value. You can use the topic discovery tool to create clusters in minutes.

WriterZen has a content editor that’s user-friendly, and it’s ideal for those working with copywriters since you can adjust the permissions for each document. This Jasper AI alternative is capable of generating everything from the brief to the entire text in seconds. It also comes with a plagiarism checker to confirm content uniqueness.


WriterZen has a 15-day free trial and a 30% discount for annual payments. Here are the subscription details with monthly payments:

  • Cluster Only. You get 30,000 keyword credits and 50 phrase lists for $23 monthly.
  • Cluster & Research. The price is $69 monthly for all the features in the previous plan, along with the keyword golden filter and the unlimited phrase lookup.
  • Cluster & Content. It has the same features as the Cluster Only plan, except the extras include 100 content briefs and unlimited AI writing and plagiarism checks. The price is $69 monthly.
  • All in one. It includes 50,000 keyword credits and 100 phrase lists, along with all features from the previous two packages, for $119 monthly.


WriterZen has a decent content assistant and leverages the power of AI technology to help you create texts well. However, its strongest advantage is keyword and topic research since it’s great for discovering phrases that are worth becoming a part of your cluster. Together with affordable pricing, that makes it a great alternative to Jasper AI.

6. Surfer SEO



Surfer SEO has a standard content creation process that begins by entering the main phrase and picking the desired text parameters. The settings to pick include tailoring the tone of voice to your brand and the option to include key takeaways or FAQs. The great thing about this Jasper AI alternative is that it offers a wide range of article templates, so it’s easy to pick one that fits your preferences.

It’s possible to narrow the article outline to the smallest details. Surfer SEO uses advanced AI powers for the writing process since the platform will analyze over 300,000 words to ensure your text meets even the most advanced user expectations.

Surfer SEO isn’t only an alternative to Jasper AI, but you can also connect it to that tool. Integration capabilities also cover WordPress and Google Docs. The platform adds to the overall online marketing value by including existing article audits and keyword research tools. However, other Surfer SEO alternatives are more comprehensive in terms of SEO features provided.


Surfer SEO offers the following paid subscriptions:

  • Essential. It supports two user seats and creates up to 15 articles in the content editor. The cost is $89 monthly.
  • Advanced. For $179 monthly, you can create up to 45 texts in the editor and get five user seats.
  • Max. The plan includes up to 90 articles for the editor and up to ten user seats for $299 monthly.

Annual payments secure significant discounts, and there’s also a customized Enterprise plan with features and pricing tailored to your needs.


Surfer SEO is the best Jasper AI alternative for advanced content creation. Its AI writing quality exceeds all expectations, but it’s worth noting that the tool is among the most expensive in the market. Fortunately, it also offers some extra options like article audits and keyword research.

7. Rytr



Rytr is an AI writing assistant based on use cases. It has 40+ pre-set cases in the library, and they cover everything from blog ideas and outlines to emails, social media content, and replies to reviews and messages. Some plans even allow adding a custom use case to fit your specific requirements.

Another advantage of Rytr as a Jasper AI alternative is that it supports over 30 languages. It’s great for those who work with clients worldwide and need to use different languages in communication. 

However, don’t expect wonders since this isn’t exactly an advanced AI writing assistant, especially for languages other than English. You might want to check out Rytr alternatives for smarter AI writing solutions.


Here’s detailed information about Rytr pricing:

  • Free. The plan is free forever and includes generating up to 10,000 characters monthly and up to five AI-generated images.
  • Saver. It includes up to 20 AI-generated images and 100,000 generated characters for $9 monthly. 
  • Unlimited. You can generate unlimited characters but up to 100 images with AI. The price is $29 monthly.

Yearly payments qualify you for using the service for free for two months.


Rytr is the best free alternative to Jasper AI, and even its premium plans are quite affordable. Thanks to its support for over 30 languages, it’s an excellent choice for those covering international markets. But although Rytr claims to use scientific copywriting formulas, it’s not at the level of some other advanced AI writers from this list.

8. Dashword



Dashword creates the most comprehensive content reports from all Jasper AI alternatives mentioned. It’s not the fastest tool for generating a report, but the data is comprehensive, especially since you can search SERP results in different countries. The report includes metrics like competition, CPC and monthly search volume.

After you access the content brief, you can generate an outline for your article. The process is simple, although it might seem the screen is a bit loaded with the text. It’s because Dashword shows a detailed list of the competitors’ outlines, allowing you to pick headings for your text.

Those who believe FAQ sections are important will appreciate the option to pick from the list of questions connected to the selected phrase. Don’t forget to check the Link section, which reveals the list of the cited links the rivals added to their content. It’s excellent to offer some inspiration to the writers and also find the most useful links for your text.


Dashword doesn’t have a free trial, but it won’t charge the first report requested on this platform. If you are happy with the service, here are the premium plans:

  • Startup. The plan costs $99 monthly and includes 100,000 words from the AI writer and 30 content reports.
  • Business. You can use AI writing without limitations and get 100 content reports for $349 monthly.

It’s possible to get a 20% discount if you pay annually.


Dashword offers a user-friendly outline creator that’s ideal for sharing your content requests with writers. It’s easy to add AI-generated titles, as well as link and word count preferences. The content reports are detailed and offer comprehensive info to ensure Dashword is a Jasper AI alternative that supports creating detailed article outlines.

9. Copy AI

copy ai


After you sign up for Copy AI, you’ll immediately access the Chat section. It’s the main dashboard where you can write a task, and generative AI will try to do the rest. You can add brand voice by inserting content to analyze, as well as browse many available prompts. Those include content and SEO articles, social media, paid ads, email marketing, and templates in other categories.

Copy AI is among the easiest-to-use alternatives to Jasper AI. All you need to do is to ask the bot to write an article about a topic, and they will produce it in seconds. You can then move the article to the content editor to make the necessary changes. The impression is that the editor is simpler than in other tools.


Copy AI offers the following subscription options:

  • Free. A single user seat and 2,000 words in chat are secured free of charge.
  • Pro. The cost is $49 monthly, and you receive 500 workflow credits and five user seats. This and the following subscriptions come with unlimited words in chat.
  • Team. At $249 monthly, you get 20 user seats and 3,000 workflow credits.
  • Growth. For $1,333 monthly, you get 75 seats and 20,000 workflow credits.
  • Scale. The cost is $4,000 monthly, and it includes 200 user seats and 75,000 workflow credits.

An annual subscription secures a 25% discount.


Copy AI does a good job at using generative artificial intelligence to help you create outlines and entire articles if necessary. The chat approach makes this Jasper AI competitor suitable for newbies, and the tool is generally a better pick for individuals who don’t need advanced AI writing solutions.

10. LSIGraph



LSIGraph has a keyword research tool that impressed us, and it’s why we placed it among the Jasper AI alternatives. You can analyze everything from the estimated traffic volume to keyword difficulty, CPC, and the competition level. The platform even has an Opportunity Score metric, which helps identify keywords with high value and low competition. 

Topic clustering is another useful option to create articles that can potentially generate the most traffic. LSIGraph also has a content writer that helps prepare and optimize texts easily. It will analyze word counts and paragraphs, as well as title length, use of target keyword and its density. After you finish optimizing the article, the LSIGraph planner will help interlink your texts and build a content silo.


LSIGraph comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, with only a single subscription available. The pricing is different based on how frequently you pay, with the following options specified:

  • Monthly. You pay $43.99 each month.
  • Annually. The cost is $24.92 monthly if you pay yearly, which secures a 43% discount.
  • Three-year plan. If you pay for three years of using the service at once, the price is roughly $14.69 monthly, so you get a 67% discount compared to the monthly subscription.


LSIGraph is an excellent content strategy-building tool. It’s among the best Jasper AI alternatives for identifying keywords and building topic clusters. It doesn’t excel in terms of AI writing quality, but the assistant will provide useful suggestions on optimizing texts based on those who have top ranks in search engines. 


Now that we’ve rounded up our list of Jasper AI alternatives, we only hope that you have a favorite. The best way to go is to find a platform that offers a reliable and fast AI content assistant, as well as other SEO tools. That being said, SE Ranking is your best choice if you need an all-around SEO platform with an impressive AI-powered content editor.If you prefer to focus only on AI writing, check out specialized Jasper AI alternatives like Frase or Writesonic. Don’t hesitate to utilize the option of free trials, as they can give you an idea of whether the platform meets your needs. It will take a bit of time, but the fact you have many options available guarantees you’ll find a fantastic Jasper AI alternative fast!

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