Detailed SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs Overview to Choose a Lucrative SEO Solution

SEO and online marketing are two critical aspects of promoting the business and making it locally and globally prominent. As the current-day digital space is highly competitive and with constantly changing trends, having powerful SEO tools in your arsenal is a must. Ahrefs and SEO PowerSuite are doubtless among the top-tier platforms for efficient all-around optimization. Though they offer similar functionalities, the outcomes can drastically differ depending on the target niche, business size and type, the environment to scale, and other facets.

In this post, we will discuss SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs in detail so you may decide which one ideally fits your specific bill. You may be sure that our expert team left no stone unturned while exploring incorporated features, selling points, unique perks, and pricing systems of both software. So drill down the complete showdown and find out who wins this battle.

What Are SEO PowerSuite and Ahrefs?

SEO PowerSuite Overview

seo powersuite

Launched in 2004 as a backlink-building instrument, SEO PowerSuite has gone through a thorny pass of advancements and experiments to become the stellar tool to climb the search engine ladder we know today. It offers 4 valuable modules to effortlessly handle any SEO task from rank tracking and keyword investigation to site auditing, backlink analysis, and link-building. On top of that, you can leverage the nifty functions of PPC ads analysis and content streamlining and generate extensive SEO reports here. 

According to our Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite experts, competitive research capabilities as well as intuitive UI suitable for entry-level users also deserve special praise. Though the platform is available only at a yearly subscription it still might save you a considerable sum in the long run. For those who experience budget constraints, SEO PowerSuite gives access to a free plan but with feature limitations.

The SEO PowerSuite Review article is an excellent resource for understanding the nuances of SEO PowerSuite, including its comprehensive features and how it stands out in the competitive SEO landscape.


  • A versatile SEO toolkit with comprehensive reporting features
  • Compatible with a range of search engines and programs
  • A straightforward interface with smooth navigation
  • Granular keyword rank tracking and stunning crawling capabilities
  • The unique TF-IDF function helps craft SEO-friendly and topically relevant content for reaching the top of SERPs
  • A free lifetime plan is available


  • Is a desktop-based software, where each tool requires a separate downloading
  • Some features might be poor advanced and metrics lack accuracy for pro-level optimization
  • The free subscription comes with great limitations

Ahrefs Overview


Compared to SEO PowerSuite, Ahrefs entered the market years later, in 2010. Still, since then the platform remains one of the leading SEO giants to cut above the competition. Users can expect 5 core assets from keyword research to technical website optimization that cater to SEO and marketing needs of different scales and directions. Another notable thing is impressive data coverage, including over 20.4B keywords, 35T backlink records, and a 14.3B pages in the total content index. Not to mention the most active crawler on the web with the ability to process up to 5M pages per minute.

When selecting between SEO PowerSuite and Ahrefs, remember the latter software delivers a high-level view of competitor performance and contains an abundance of useful extra resources, especially beginner how-to guides. Ahrefs belongs to expensive solutions, but the SEO powerhouse acquired is worth every dollar spent. Plus, premium tools like Keyword Generator and Backlink Checker are accessible for free, which is rare among programs of such first-class quality.


  • A feature-rich functionality along with flexible customization within each module
  • Great data filtering and reporting options
  • The largest keyword and backlink datasets on the net
  • Detailed tracking positions in Google and keyword research across 9 search engines
  • A robust and lightning-fast crawler for cutting-edge SEO auditing
  • Excellent customer support 


  • The pricing is exorbitant, particularly for small-sized businesses
  • Local SEO features leave much to be desired
  • It has a steep learning curve for beginners to leverage all the utilities in full

Features Comparison

Keyword Research

SEO PowerSuite

After testing the platform, our SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs team revealed that the Keyword Research module boasts as many as 24 keyword-finding instruments to stay ahead of competitors across major search engines. Whether you are a startup company or an experienced marketer, SEO PowerSuite secures you with the needed capabilities to discover relevant and profitable terms, covering different countries and languages. Aside from the prevalent keyword estimation against metrics like KD, search volume, CPC, competition, and many others, you can benefit from the following functions incorporated:

  • Ranking Keywords. Users can instantly attain a list of competitors’ keywords simply by entering their site’s link. It is also possible to search terms by page or domain in both desktop and mobile search results. That way, the tool will showcase positions for particular SEO keywords of the entered domain (or page), so you could easily evaluate your ranking potential.
  • Keyword Gaps. As SEO PowerSuite comparison experts affirm, with this feature you can concurrently compare up to 5 competitive domains to figure out what keywords are a mother load for rivals (but unused by your website) and execute them to your strategies for immense traffic boost.
  • Keyword Suggestions. It empowers users with the capacity to unveil related key terms and generate a host of fresh ideas from various tools and databases such as Google Ads Keyword Planner and Yandex WordStat. In addition, by combining keyword suggestion instruments, you may earn a bunch of long-tail gems from autocomplete tools, to related searches, related questions, etc. as well as get insights into search trends of a certain niche.
  • Local SEO. The tool allows conducting keyword exploration manually or automatically for local or global search queries. Specifying a precise geo-location (region/country/town) is all you need to obtain a holistic ranking picture of the chosen area.
  • Competition Checker. With this asset, spotting who is your main opponents for the target keywords is a breeze. Users may look through what terms they already rank for and gauge each keyword by all crucial SEO parameters.

Still, this is not the limit. SEO PowerSuite enables a thorough negative keyword inspection to exclude poor-performing key terms, and the keyword mapping tool may enhance the density and keyword usage on the site. Thanks to Keyword Sandbox, it is hassle-free to manage keywords, from storing and grouping to filtering and tagging, within any project.


Keywords Explorer is the module responsible for searching keywords in Ahrefs. Even the numbers make it clear how viable the tool might be. The total keyword database of 20.4B, including 7B keyword suggestions monthly updated, and data insights for over 170 countries will help perform research to the smallest detail. Plus, most SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs comparison reviews single out the fantastic capabilities to process clickstream data from 9 search engines, like Amazon, YouTube, Bing, etc. besides Google. Thus, you can keep a close eye on the popular search queries there and assess them by key metrics. Let’s look through other perks marketers may take advantage of:

  • Tons of Keyword Suggestions with Granular Search Volumes. The tool will produce a slew of ideas sorted into groups: terms match, related terms, also rank for, search suggestions, also talk about, and questions. Due to monthly updates, Ahrefs grants accurate search volume numbers to adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Keyword Difficulty Esteems. Ahrefs calculates how a specific keyword would be easy/hard to rank in the top 10 organic search results on a scale of 0 to 100, where 100 means the highest difficulty level.
  • Deep Analysis with Advanced Metrics. Aside from KD scores, users are free to measure key terms by parameters like average monthly clicks, clicks per search, global search volume, and traffic potential. Plus, you may insert as many as 10000 keywords in one shot for audit.
  • SERP Analysis and Perusing Positions History. With the SERP Overview report, it is feasible to look over comprehensive insights about top-ranking pages. While choosing between Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite, keep in mind the first platform presents vital SEO parameters like backlinks, organic traffic, and organic keywords all under one roof. You can access the ranking history of the top 5 pages across SERPs and understand the reasons behind their high positioning. 
  • Parent Topic Feature. This utility can incredibly simplify the process of picking the right target keyword. The tool defines whether you will rank for the chosen key terms in case of targeting more general topics.

On top of that, we can’t help but mention extensive filtering capacities that give users the liberty to customize according to their priority points. Ahrefs ensures segmenting keywords by KD, search volume, SERP features, word count, etc. and saves them into lists for further convenient and prompt implementation.

If you’re delving into the intricacies of Ahrefs and seeking a broader perspective, the Ahrefs Review article offers an in-depth analysis, shedding light on its diverse functionalities and user experiences.


If you closely compare SEO PowerSuite and Ahrefs, it will be challenging to make a choice since both tools are very strong in keyword investigation. However, we pronounce Ahrefs as a winner for multiple reasons. It comes with more comprehensive keyword reports and better filtering and suggestion options, powered by a giant dataset. Plus, the fact the platform supports nine search engines for research equals great scaling opportunities for your business. On the other hand, SEO PowerSuite is valuable for unearthing promising keywords from competitors and via autocomplete tools, as well as discovering long-tail gems at a local level.

Rank Tracker

SEO PowerSuite

By opting for SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker, you will receive much more than usual tracing keyword positions. This software combines potent monitoring capacities to keep you updated on how your site is doing across local and global search results. Users may enjoy unlimited keyword tracking, analyze positions in SERPs on desktop and mobile devices, check rivals’ keywords rankings, schedule daily, weekly, and monthly automated tracks, and many more. Before deciding on SEO PowerSuite or Ahrefs, it is worth carefully examining the core features of Rank Tracker.

The first awesome benefit to review is the ability to monitor rankings in a dozen search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Naver, YouTube, etc. Moreover, only a few like-kind tools ensure such granularity in checking positions for any location of choice, whether it is a country, city, state, or street address. When it comes to Google ranks, your tracking can go far beyond organic listings and capture SERP features such as featured and review snippets, Google Maps, paid ads, FAQs, image packs, and so on.

Every time you run SERP analysis, Rank Tracker saves the history with the top 30 outcomes per each check. This function helps determine any keyword potential by deciphering correlations between ranking factors and these 30 results for the term. Users can also access the ranking history as long back as they require to evaluate their keywords’ fluctuations over time and those of opponents as well. What’s more, computing search visibility alterations for a single keyword or a bulk of key phrases is possible.

In the course of the Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite comparison, we revealed the latter is highly useful for spying on competitive ranks in Google and checking their SERP features. With detailed insight into rivals’ average position and ranking progress, you can keep abreast of how you stack up against them and act accordingly to improve your positions.


Though Ahrefs primarily focuses on tracking keyword dynamics in Google, it covers as many as 190 countries to monitor search results both on desktops and mobiles. You are free to choose how to monitor ranks: by typing keywords manually, importing a ready-made list of key phrases, or connecting the Rank Tracker to Google Search Console. The last option allows pursuing keyword data for nearly one and a half year back.

Our Ahrefs comparison underlines the way of data representation in this module. Interactive graphs will help swiftly visualize whether your SEO endeavors are not in vain. Users can get a bird’s eye view of the average position, traffic, and positions distribution numbers. Still, the icing on the cake is the unique Share of Voice metric that calculates the percentage of clicks from organic traffic going to your site. Another noteworthy feature is the meticulous SERP analysis, letting to retrieve insights from 15 different features, including local packs, top stories, thumbnails, bottom ads, shopping results, video previews, and others. 

The tool incredibly saves time and alleviates the rank-tracking process with flexible data segmenting and seamless automation. You can apply needed filters and group keywords by tags in a heartbeat. The same relates to reports that are possible to schedule for weekly or monthly emailing so as to be in the loop of all critical changes in positions. 

If you are still in two minds regarding Ahrefs or SEO PowerSuite, the first software brags about detailed competitive intelligence of ranking performance. The Competitors Overview function will diligently audit up to 10 rivals and display their SEO success by 3 key aspects: positions, traffic, and SERP features. To dive deep, users may find out what precise sites and pages they share search traffic with for tracked key terms.


While comparing SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs side-by-side, the latter dominates in this department. The platform shines bright with more dedicated rank-tracking approaches, fueled by extensive insights and unique metrics. Users can also stack their ranking progress against rivals under the microscope and luxuriate in a complex exploration of SERP features, not to mention visually-catching data organization. Of course, if you need to accurately monitor ranks across other search engines besides Google, SEO PowerSuite can be an ideal choice. However, the software won’t accommodate high-level keyword tracking needs in full as Ahrefs does.

Exploring Ahrefs Alternatives can provide you with a fresh outlook on other SEO tools that might better align with your specific requirements, offering a range of solutions outside the Ahrefs ecosystem.

Competitor Analysis Tool

SEO PowerSuite

Competitor Research Toolkit is definitely the treasure trove of SEO PowerSuite and serves as a potent weapon to get an edge over rivals in organic traffic. We have already mentioned how competitor research features operate for analyzing keyword and ranking performance, and this section of Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite showdown will take other priceless capabilities into the spotlight.

You should be aware of your opponents from A to Z to outperform them and the complete Domain Strength report will assist you in this. This functionality is available in all 4 modules, where competitor analytical mechanisms define the overall SEO strength of competitive sites, revealing info domain age, IP address and country, search traffic forecast, number of backlinks and pages indexed in major search engines, and social media popularity. You can also gauge the traffic picture, including organic/paid search, referral traffic, etc. to understand what opponents are worth watching out for.

Staying updated on the competitive backlink profiles is equally vital to carve out the niche. If users compare Ahrefs and SEO PowerSuite, with the second program, they will earn the awesome SEO SpyGlass tool for in-depth link profile analysis and devising effective link-building strategies. It houses one of the greatest historic backlink indexes to promptly discover fresh backlinks and spot untapped backlink opportunities from rivals. 

As our team studied out during the test drive, the software promises decent competitor content investigation. Users may refine their SEO content with the precious insights from the Website Auditor. It not only graphically visualizes any site’s structure but also equips you with all the essential info to streamline needed pages for target keywords based on top-ranking competitors’ pages for those terms.


Our SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs review team discovered that the program includes Site Explorer, which is liable for auditing all digital footprints of rivals. This asset prioritizes 3 core facets while learning the competition: organic and paid traffic performance, backlink profile, and site structure.

Since the platform supports more than 189 locations for monitoring keywords, you will receive exhaustive insights to accurately measure Google organic traffic. For digging deeper, users can browse historical data to uncover what keywords competitors rank for/bid on, their most profitable pages, and gained or lost backlinks over time. Whatever organic or paid traffic stats you want to explore, the overview dashboard represents the total of keyword numbers and traffic estimations for any location and timeframe needed. 

On top of that, it is possible to peruse various metrics of competitive key terms, such as KD, CPC, position, etc. Ads position history chart will show how long opponents invested in specific keywords. When it comes to link profile analysis, Ahrefs allows estimating the quality of rivals’ backlinks with Domain Rating, URL Rating, referring domains, backlink details, and many more. The Site Structure module provides you with competitive intelligence regarding the number of pages the analyzed site includes, alongside its overall hierarchy and internal linking incorporated.

When picking Ahrefs and SEO PowerSuite, you should note that Site Explorer is also viable for batch analysis. With this feature, users can get exhaustive SEO parameters for up to 200 competing domains. The Content Gap tool will come in handy to dissect all keywords that your rivals occupy high-ranking positions for in the SERPs, but you don’t. In addition, you can revamp your content strategies by spotting significant topics your site is missing.


SEO PowerSuite and Ahrefs are both reliable and effective solutions for competitor research, but our vote goes for the first option. It appears to be more sophisticated in its analytical capabilities tailored to different research needs from complete domain comparison, and checking traffic and SERP features to discovering PPC costs, keyword and link gaps, and many more. 

Backlink Analysis Tools

SEO PowerSuite

SEO SpyGlass goes far beyond a simple backlink checker, it is the place where all data sources unites in one complete, easy-to-utilize backlink software. Aside from viewing all of the backlinks and referring domains with a vast backlink index of 3.5T and 7.1B pages crawled daily, users can acquire more links by connecting to Google Analytics and Google Search Console or importing links from other sources via CSV. When you consider Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite for ramping up link-building strategies, take into account the following advantages of SEO SpyGlass:

  • Versatile Link Profile Analysis. The tool instantly measures the site’s authority with a plethora of parameters from linking history and referring domain quality to top linking countries and anchor texts, presenting statistics in an accurate breakdown. To immerse deeper in the backlink research, you are free to scan each backlink’s quality based on InLink Rank, HTTP status codes, first/last found date, text/image links, etc. The dashboard also comes with a Linked Pages section pinpointing pages that attract the lion’s share of backlinks. You can discover what exact backlinks generate the most of your referral traffic as well.
  • Harmful Links Detection. Users may see all potentially dangerous links on the basis of Penalty Risk score, which counts domain age, page/domain InLink Rank, and so on. Rectifying toxic links is a breeze with a Disavow File Generator. It prepares files with all spammy links impacting your site for Google Disavow link tool to eliminate them.
  • Link Intersection Module. This capacity gives a 360-degree view of all backlinks you have in common with your niche opponents. That way, marketers can use this list as prospecting opportunities to leverage for future link-building campaigns.

Our SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs comparison team also wants to accent on the brilliant features of bulk backlink analysis of up to 200 domains and the Historical Data module allowing perusing backlink profile fluctuations over the required time. Customizable white-label reports and automated backlink checks and notifications are in service as well.


The software doesn’t have a separate backlink-checking tool, but it ensures a backlink analysis with Site Explorer. Though this module primarily focuses on competitive intelligence, according to a slew of Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite reviews, you can still enjoy comprehensive data here. Whether it is a domain, a subdomain, or a page-level scanning, the platform will display granular info about the number of backlinks and referring domains, alongside the Domain and URL rating scores. In the case of scrutinizing the entire site, you can extract data on the most liked-to pages and the snapshot of all outbound links. To provide a clear picture of what to expect from Ahrefs, we mention the core backlink data incorporated here:

  • Careful Backlink Profile Audit. Besides gauging the authority of linking domains, users can learn backlink types as well as the geolocation of each referring domain. Accessing the historical data of up to 7 years to track backlink profile dynamics throughout time is at your disposal too.
  • New and Lost Links. The tool keeps you updated on all the links the site earns or loses so you can act instantly to restore backlink balance.
  • Anchor Text Exploration and Broken Backlinks Discovery. Ahrefs takes a close look at anchor texts to define how other sites link to yours. You can also uncover and fix broken links directing to your site, thus enhancing SEO performance and UX.

In addition, our specialists assert that Site Explorer helps reinforce link-building strategies with great capabilities for spotting link intersect, noticing and disavowing suspicious backlink activities, and analyzing competitors’ links. Agencies might profit from extensive filtering options and downloadable reports in a PDF or CSV format.


Regardless of Ahrefrs and SEO PowerSuite going hand in hand in backlink analysis, we declare the latter as a top dog in this matter. It can aggregate backlink data from different sources aside from its own immense index to disassemble link profiles into details. Plus, the variety of built-in metrics, including granular Penalty Risk, and historical data module entirely meet advanced optimization needs. On the contrary, Ahrefs boasts a larger backlink database and proprietary DR and UR scores. However, as it doesn’t include an individual utility to monitor backlink performance, pulling and handling stats might be difficult, specifically for beginners.

Site Audit

SEO PowerSuite

The last department of Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite comparison showdown to talk over is site auditing power. The unparalleled crawling capacity against over 40 crucial SEO factors lies at the heart of Website Auditor by SEO PowerSuite. This tool enables high-end scanning of all internal and external resources at a site or page level. The SEO Spider detects all technical SEO malfunctions from HTML to videos and everything in between like different search engine bots do and offers actionable how-to-fix tips based on the list of problems. That way, users will be in the loop of every single issue affecting their site’s indexation, rankings, and user experience. The recently added Core Web Vitals module will give a holistic view of the overall performance of your pages and loading speed issues.

If you scrutinize specific pages, the platform uncovers existing problems with such on-page elements as titles, meta tags and descriptions, internal linking, CSS errors, visuals, etc. What’s more, the software lets analyze content on topical relevance, keyword usage, and refine pages with step-by-step SEO instructions.

Many SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs experts state the Website Auditor hogs the limelight via easily generating XML sitemaps and robots.txt files and managing hreflang tags for international SEO. Site structure visualization features are equally impressive. The tool effortlessly discloses issues in the site architecture and generates complex graphic reports. Users also have the liberty to craft interactive sitemaps, relying on Page Rank to check internal link juice distribution. As for reporting functions, they profit agencies with complete customizing and white-label options across various devices. With an autopilot delivery feature, clients will always have critical findings at their fingertips.


If you want to swiftly and effectively reveal what impedes your site from top-ranking positions, the Site Audit tool is that destination. The overview dashboard covers the overall Health Score, and numbers of URLs having errors, along with top issues distribution. Ahrefs checks the site for more than 140 pre-defined SEO problems sorting them by importance and elimination urgency. 

The leading Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite professionals mention you may look through solid data automatically organized in colored charts by error types. There are issues related to performance, localization, content, links, HTML tags, redirects, indexability, and many more. Optimization recommendations are highly comprehensible so even those who know only the basics may hassle-free rectify malfunctions.

In the case of auditing a huge site, marketers can set parameters to include or exclude particular sections and tune the speed. For seasoned users, Ahrefs offers segment filtering with flexible customizability, empowering to create filters based on the requisite metrics or add specific problems. With this feature, profound inspecting any URL on links, duplicate content, resources, hreflang, and pagination is a cakewalk. By visiting the Crawl log section, it is possible to retrieve info about auditing dates, session duration, and the number of URLs crawled.

We also adore the Site Audit’s capability to fully scrutinize pages and links incorporating JavaScript. Keeping track of the indexing for mobiles is among nifty extras as well. The tool enables in-depth mobile-version scanning to adjust the site for a seamless small-screen user experience. In addition, you can luxuriate in smooth daily, weekly, or monthly audit automaticity alongside saving outcomes of each crawl for lightweight exporting anytime.


After carefully testing SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs in terms of auditing power, the evident leader is the latter software. It grants a better level of crawling details and filtering functions to contribute to the most intricate streamlining needs. SEO PowerSuite also stands as a formidable solution but lacks granularity in some aspects, so it’s an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Comparison of Other Features

Throughout this Ahrefs vs SEO PowerSuite comparison our focal point was to shed light on how platforms execute on similar features. To help you make an informed decision, we sifted through the laundry list of both tools’ unique goodies to introduce the hottest ones. Let’s start an exploratory journey with SEO PowerSuite.

  • Link Prospecting Tool. This module thoroughly assesses competitors, topics, and link-building techniques to provide viable link opportunity suggestions. It seeks prospects on Google based on directories, guest posts, review blogs, forums, comments, etc., and adds promising ones to the analysis feed with an in-built browser.
  • SEO Content Editor. It will guide users through the whole process of content optimization, from writing and editing to publishing SEO-friendly articles. You can use it as a writing assistant to create topic and keyword ideas, based on the most popular Google search terms, preview your and your competitors’ snippets within SERPs, and craft SEO guidelines for the content team.
  • Google Penalty Checker. Diagnosing how Google algorithm updates influence site performance in terms of organic traffic, keyword rankings, and visibility is easy as pie here. The instrument quickly checks the site on different Google penalties and simplifies analysis to develop an efficient penalty recovery strategy.

For those considering different SEO solutions, the SEO PowerSuite Alternatives article presents a curated list of comparable tools, helping you make an informed decision based on your unique needs and objectives.

When choosing between Ahrefs or SEO PowerSuite, you should be aware that the first option comprises a greater number of boons. But we won’t describe all of these and concentrate on the most beneficial bells and whistles.

  • Content Explorer. The given asset brings value for two core facets – content marketing and link-building. It discovers low-competition topics and those that generate massive links, finds promising guest-blogging opportunities, unlinked brand mentions, and red-hot niche content, and looks after the rivals’ posting frequency.
  • AI Writing Tools. Entrust content creation to cutting-edge AI mechanisms that deliver compelling copies from scratch. It has an array of potent features from paraphrasing, rewording, and summarizing to producing ideas related to blogging, social media, or business marketing to outshine competitors.
  • SEO Toolbar. By running this free extension on Chrome and Firefox, it is possible to leverage extensive SEO data within any page or site visited. It also comes with SERP positions and on-page SEO reporting, including a broken link checker.

Price Comparison

SEO PowerSuite

Finally, we will drill down SEO PowerSuite pricing vs Ahrefs pricing to determine a more budget-friendly platform. As for SEO PowerSuite, it secures only a yearly-basis subscription available with two packages:

  • Professional – $596
  • Enterprise – $1396

Users who are on a shoestring budget can access a free-forever plan with restricted functionalities or purchase the separate tools needed. When paying for a 2-year or 3-year license, you can get a 20% and 34% discount respectively.


Though the platform may cost an arm and a leg, it also comes with a broader scope of pricing choices meeting different marketing and SEO requirements. You can select between 4 plans on monthly or annual payments:

  • Lite – $99 monthly
  • Standard – $199 monthly
  • Advanced – $399 monthly
  • Enterprise – $999 monthly

If you decide to subscribe to the yearly package, Ahrefs generously gifts two months of free use. Users can’t meet a free trial period here, but non-charged tools with feature limitations are available.


If simply look up Ahrefs pricing vs SEO PowerSuite pricing, the undeniable winner is SEO PowerSuite. At first, users must fork out on a yearly plan, but they will eventually considerably save the budget. Plus, a free plan with limited functionalities can be a good starting point for novices. On the other hand, Ahrefs is a more accomplished toolkit, so the expensive pricing is totally justified. Typically pro marketers are ready to overpay for such top-notch quality.

Alternative to Ahrefs and SEO PowerSuite

From the myriad of market choices, SEO PowerSuite and Ahrefs are doubtless among the best SEO decisions. Still, they might appear not so helpful in some use cases as desired. That’s why, it is worth opting for more proficient alternatives, and we highly recommend paying attention to SE Ranking

It delivers a top-tier SEO toolset with advanced features and impressive data coverage to cater to in-house teams and mid-size agencies. Be sure that impeccable automation, unique insights and metrics, and actionable suggestions will await in any module of choice. In addition to robust capabilities of keyword and competitor research, position tracking, backlink analysis, and site auditing, you can revamp your strategies with other outstanding utilities. 

Successfully optimize for local search, analyze SERPs, manage social media performance, create branded white-label reports, generate leads, and many more. Content creation tools fueled with trailblazing AI and NLP will assist in creating high-quality SEO-optimized texts to ascend the search engine summit. The pricing, starting as low as $55 monthly is extremely generous considering the streamlining power you acquire.


Summing up this SEO PowerSuite and Ahrefs comparison guide, we can say that both platforms with their unique perks deserve a spot in your arsenal. Of course, the ultimate decision depends on the features you require to reach SEO supremacy and investment opportunities. 

Ahrefs seems to be a bit better halt in spite of exorbitant prices and a learning curve. Our experts revealed it includes more comprehensive features as well as ample datasets to bring bang for the buck for large sites and established companies. At the same time, SEO PowerSuite is a better software regarding cost and straightforward-to-use interface. It also has every tool needed to make the business renowned, but seasoned marketers might lack the level of detail within some modules.

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Roupert Greek
Roupert Greek
11 days ago

Which tool is better for a small business just starting with SEO?

Greta Jener
Greta Jener
11 days ago
Reply to  Roupert Greek

SEO PowerSuite at least has a free plan, so this is the first argument in its favor. Its tools completely cover the needs of small agencies and freelancers. When you scale up, then you can move on to something more solid. 

11 days ago

The main point about Ahrefs is that it primarily focuses on Google. This is a serious limitation for those who focus on other search engines.

Marie Neplyah
Marie Neplyah
5 days ago
Reply to  SEO GUY

but we still see the only possible winner in the seo powersuite vs ahrefs score

10 days ago

I read a lot of articles about ahrefs vs seo powersuite and still don’t understand how they can be compared. If someone has the opportunity to choose ahrefs, will they really think about powersuite? 

Vayolet Soreng
Vayolet Soreng
9 days ago
Reply to  Selena

maybe it’s more for beginners who don’t understand the tools yet. why not)

4 days ago

I can’t speak for everyone, but personally, I’m really annoyed by the outdated seo powersuite interface. Yes, it’s comprehensive, but it seems to me that if you want to have customers, you have to improve. 

Amelie (Marketing dept)
Amelie (Marketing dept)
2 days ago
Reply to  Kristin

it’s not just you …

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