Are you considering purchasing Senuto but unsure if it’s the best solution for you? You’re in the right place! We recently tested this SEO and content marketing tool, and the result is this review. Here, you’ll find an overview of all the essential functionalities and discover the strengths and weaknesses of Senuto compared to other competitive solutions. Check now and ensure if it’s worth the investment.

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Senuto – An SEO and Content Marketing Tool

Senuto is a popular SEO and content marketing tool from Poland, where—according to its creators—80% of industry experts use it. It relies on advanced technologies like machine learning to support SEO specialists and content experts in monitoring results, improving their websites’ visibility, and creating SEO-optimized content, also using AI. Currently, the full version of the tool is available in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Hungary. However, the creators plan further expansion soon. However, a number of Senuto’s functionalities are available globally which still makes a valid choice for many customers. 

Senuto consists of six modules and several advanced SEO and content marketing tools, which makes it stand out among other market solutions. Among Senuto’s features, you’ll find:

  • Content Planner: Generates content plans for several weeks or months ahead and provides article guidelines.
  • Content Writer: Helps write content tailored to Google’s guidelines.

These AI-based tools, according to the creators, reduce work time by over 50%. Regardless of whether we talk about SEO tools or content management tools, the company emphasizes the enormous significance of data, which will be utilized with their tool to bring the maximum benefits to your business.

The platform is aimed at a broad audience, regardless of the company’s size or industry. Thanks to various pricing packages, it’s suitable for freelancers and large marketing agencies alike. 


  • Extensive set of tools for SEO and content marketing.
  • Multiple integration options (e.g., Make, Looker Studio, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Slack).
  • Premium customer support.
  • Regularly updated and cleaned database.
  • Simple payment options.
  • Flexible pricing and the option to purchase functions and limits as needed.
  • Large base of tutorials and educational materials about Senuto and SEO.
  • API access available in every pricing package.


  • Some reviews indicate the lack of features like backlink tools. However, our editorial team was informed that work is underway on releasing this additional module.
  • No white-label functionality for agencies. However, Senuto offers a special solution for agencies and e-commerce stores. For more details, it’s worth contacting them via chat.
  • Small keyword database compared to other all-in-one solutions. Nevertheless, after introducing the 2.0 database in Visibility Analysis, it is one of the most frequently updated databases in tools of this type. Additionally, the creators guarantee no phrases without searches, no duplicate incorrect entries, and no duplicate incorrect inflections in the database.
  • Complicated user interface.
  • Limited mobile app functionalities.
  • API access requires an additional fee (in 3 out of 4 packages).
  • Focuses only on Google.

Senuto Packages and Pricing 

Senuto offers four subscription packages tailored to the needs and sizes of companies involved in SEO and content marketing.

  • Lite Package: €39 per month (or €30 with annual payment). Includes basic SEO tools with 100 visibility analysis queries, 50 keyword database queries, the ability to create 5 projects with 150 tracking phrases, one content plan per month, 5 articles in Senuto Writer, and 3 AI-generated contents.
  • Basic Package: €79 per month (or €66 with annual payment). Offers 200 visibility analysis queries, 100 keyword database queries, 10 projects with 1300 tracking phrases, 2 content plans per month, assistance in writing 15 articles in Writer, and 3 AI-generated contents.
  • Advanced Package: €159 per month (or €132 with annual payment). For advanced users, it provides 400 visibility analysis queries, 200 keyword database queries, 20 projects with 1000 tracking phrases, 4 content plans, 35 articles in Writer, and 3 AI-generated contents.
  • Prime Package: €399 per month (or €232 with annual payment). For the most demanding users, it offers 30,000 queries per month in visibility analysis and keyword database, 50 projects with 5000 tracking phrases, 15 content plans per month, 150 articles in Writer, and 3 AI-generated contents. Unlike lower plans, this package includes SERP analysis, all integrations, API access, and 13 additional SEO tools.

All Senuto packages include integrations with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Slack. Additional options (except for the Prime plan) include integrations with Google Looker Studio and the Make platform. API access and SERP analysis also require additional fees outside the top plan.

Users can purchase extra projects or tracking phrases regardless of the plan. The tool offers a 14-day trial and discounts from 17% to even 42% for customers who choose to pay annually.

Keyword Tracker

Senuto’s keyword tracking function allows for in-depth analysis of SEO activities’ effectiveness. With daily updated data, users can track how their website and competitors’ sites rank on Google for selected keywords. You get valuable insights necessary for optimizing actions and maintaining a competitive edge.

Just provide a list of keywords along with the competitors’ domains you want to observe, and you’ll receive daily updates on your ranking, allowing you to react to the changing market swiftly. Senuto’s monitoring enables the analysis of various valuable information, from current rankings in a chosen country, region, or city to monitoring ranking increases and decreases and full position history. It also includes data on snippets your site appears in within the SERP results.

For those who want continuous insights into competitors’ results, the tool offers detailed reports on the positions of competitive websites. Moreover, you can group them for separate visibility analysis for each group.

Additionally, Senuto provides extensive visibility statistics and graphs that transparently present positions for selected keywords for both your site and the indicated competitors’ sites. An interesting feature is the “competition matrix,” which aggregates this data in an easy-to-analyze format, enabling quick situation assessments and action planning.

Keyword Explorer

Senuto’s keyword analysis tool is another vital resource for anyone looking to boost their visibility on Google. As the name suggests, its primary function is to provide practical information about what customers are searching for online. This data-driven optimization allows the content to match the search intent of potential leads.

Senuto’s keyword database is impressive, containing 185 million phrases from 192 countries in 42 languages. Despite being a Polish tool, Senuto’s extensive resources enable a deep understanding of global trends and user preferences.

Upon entering a keyword, Senuto presents a set of phrases most relevant to that query. This tool is particularly useful for building “topical authority” (a crucial factor in site positioning referring to your authority in a given topic). It suggests related terms that can strengthen your content in search algorithms’ assessments.

Senuto’s keyword analysis includes long-tail phrases, often with higher conversion rates due to their specific purchase intentions. This is a valuable source of inspiration for content strategy, especially for content intended for the bottom of the marketing funnel.

As mentioned earlier, Senuto is an excellent tool for content creators, ensuring the power of keyword analysis in content marketing. It provides access to a list of questions users type into Google, suggesting a great base for blog topics or FAQ sections to attract traffic at various stages of the customer journey.

Another interesting feature is the ability to check Google’s automatic suggestions directly in the tool. For example, if your main keyword is “dress,” suggested phrases might include “wedding dress,” “evening dress,” “cocktail dress,” etc. For more in-depth analysis, you can analyze these suggestions for searches in different countries.

Focusing mainly on Google, Senuto has many functions allowing optimization of your SEO strategy specifically for this search engine. Therefore, another function in the keyword monitoring tool is Google trends analysis. It allows regular checks of popular terms and queries.

When selecting the right phrase, you can use intuitive filters to narrow the number of results to those of most interest to you. Senuto also provides insights into keyword statistics, including search volume, CPC, and yearly popularity, crucial for effective budget planning and marketing activities.

Senuto relies on the latest technological solutions and, besides Generative AI functions (automatic content generation tools), it also uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) functions that recognize specific parts of speech, enabling sorting phrases by popularity or grammatical structure. Moreover, by clustering phrases (automatically grouping by search intent), it allows better understanding of context and user needs, transforming into effective SEO actions.

In summary, keyword analysis in Senuto is an advanced, multi-dimensional tool providing comprehensive data necessary for creating optimized content. This way, you can not only improve your website’s visibility but also increase conversions and sales.

Visibility Analysis

Visibility analysis is another key Senuto feature aimed at those who want to understand and improve their domain’s position in Google search results. The tool provides detailed information about a site’s visibility in the TOP 3, TOP 10, and TOP 50 rankings, and analyzes organic traffic for both it and its competitors. This allows users to effectively evaluate their SEO efforts and compare these results with competitors. Currently, this analysis can be applied to the entire domain, a specific category (e.g., blog), or a selected URL.

The tool offers access to the full list of phrases driving traffic to the site and the positions the domain holds in search results. Given how quickly search results data can change, the ability to evaluate the current SEO status with graphs illustrating organic visibility growth and decline is crucial. This information allows Senuto users to quickly identify potential problems and what has been fixed.

Another important piece of information from visibility analysis is insight into how individual subpages contribute to generating organic traffic and the rankings of specific phrases. Although these data are also available in other tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console, Senuto displays all this information in one place and in a very simple and clear way.

With visibility analysis, you can also better understand the environment in which a domain operates, easily identifying competitors and leaders for specific keywords. Moreover, you can stay updated and track changes in keyword popularity.

Competition Analysis

Your SEO strategy wouldn’t be complete without a thorough competitor analysis. Senuto’s creators are well aware of this, so their visibility analysis tool shows which domains rank for the same keywords. This allows you to not only observe their actions but also optimize your own SEO strategy.

But that’s not all. You can also closely monitor three selected competitors, comparing their visibility in Google with your site’s. This analysis is conducted according to three main categories:

  • Common Keywords: See how your domain ranks against selected competitors for the same keywords.
  • Keywords unique to competitor: Identify the “content gap”—keywords your competitors are ranking for that your site isn’t yet targeting. This is an invaluable tip for creating new content plans.
  • Keywords unique to your website: Discover unique phrases that effectively attract traffic solely to your domain.

All data is presented on clear graphs, illustrating your position compared to industry leaders. Additionally, you can filter results based on positions of interest, giving you greater control over the analysis scope from the first to the fiftieth position in the search engine. A clear summary table provides insight into metrics like average monthly searches and cost-per-click (CPC) for individual phrases. This is an invaluable knowledge source when creating SEO and SEM strategies.

In summary, Senuto’s competition analysis is a key element for an effective SEO strategy, enabling informed, data-driven actions tailored to the dynamically changing online environment.

SERP Analysis 

Senuto’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis tool allows for a deeper understanding of how websites achieve high positions in Google search results. This information is extremely useful and can be used to optimize your site, creating content capable of competing with and potentially surpassing competitors’ positions in the top 10.

The first step in SERP analysis is providing the main keyword for which you want to optimize a text. Then, you receive a detailed assessment of the factors likely influencing the top-ranking pages. Understanding these factors helps comprehend Google’s algorithms and forms the basis for building effective SEO strategies. Knowing detailed information about, for example, length, header arrangement, or titles of top-performing pages, allows you to create your content in a way that favors better positioning.

Besides SERP analysis, you can also use additional tools to understand better what needs improvement to achieve the best results. These tools include domain and URL structure analysis, SERP history (with data available since June 2016), HTML SERP snapshots, SERP comparison, and more. This set of tools provides an in-depth and comprehensive insight into what makes a particular content valuable to Google algorithms.

In summary, Senuto’s SERP analysis functionality is a valuable tool for SEO specialists who want to understand the key success factors of top-ranking pages and apply this knowledge to improve both SEO and content marketing strategies.

Senuto Review Summary – Is It Worth Investing in This Tool?

Senuto undoubtedly stands out as one of the leading tools for both SEO and content marketing. With features like Content Planner and Content Writer, this tool not only aids in SEO optimization but also in planning and creating content, providing invaluable support to copywriters and other content specialists.

While its popularity is well-deserved, Senuto still has a few limitations, such as the lack of a backlink analysis tool. However, as we mentioned, the team is already working on this module, which will likely enhance the tool’s usability and attractiveness for companies needing more comprehensive solutions.

Senuto’s great flexibility is commendable. However, it’s essential to carefully consider the package choice since some key features like API access or SERP analysis require additional fees.

In conclusion, Senuto is a valuable tool for SEO specialists, content managers, and content creators, not only in the Polish market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Senuto?

Senuto is an advanced SEO and content marketing platform supporting specialists in keyword identification, visibility analysis in search engines, position monitoring, and content optimization. The tool also allows competition analysis and content personalization according to current search trends.

Who is Senuto for? 

Senuto is designed for a wide range of internet marketing professionals. It’s suitable for SEO agencies, content managers, copywriters, e-commerce specialists, bloggers, and small business owners who want to effectively promote their services online.

How to use Senuto? 

Using Senuto involves choosing a subscription package tailored to your company’s needs. After selecting the desired plan, registering, and making a payment, you can use all available functionalities directly from your web browser.

What is Senuto used for? 

Senuto is primarily used to improve a website’s visibility in search engines. It helps in identifying and selecting effective keywords, monitoring the site’s ranking positions, analyzing competitive websites, and planning content according to SEO trends.

How much does Senuto cost? 

Senuto offers four subscription packages with varying functions and limits: Lite (€39/month), Basic (€79/month), Advanced (€159/month), and Prime (€399/month). Annual payments reduce these prices by 17% to 42%. The package choice depends on the user’s individual needs and the size and scope of their SEO and content marketing activities.

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