Conductor was founded in 2006 by Seth Besmertnik and Jeremy Duboys as a company focused on marketing services, and in 2010, the company launched Conductor Searchlight, its cloud-based software platform aimed at supporting SEO. Since its launch, Conductor has become the number one organic marketing platform aimed at enterprise SEO, web teams and content.

Conductor services are aimed at those in the retail, technology, healthcare, finance, travel and hospitality industries. Through this review of Conductor, we set out to uncover the platform’s true potential to see how it fares in implementing B2C optimization.

In fact, Conductor enjoys a significant market reputation. The platform is capable of generating detailed reports about customer intent. Together with other SEO tools, you’ll know important details necessary to boost your website traffic. Conductor also has a live editor to direct you during all steps of making top-quality content across your websites.

While conducting research for this review about Conductor, we scoured the internet to see what others thought of the platform. Here are a few of the pros and cons we could find from others who have used Conductor:


  • A live content editor
  • Covers most SEO pillars
  • Great customer service
  • Large amounts of available data
  • Helpful onboarding team
  • Comprehensive keyword insights
  • Recommendations on content allow users to see where improvements could be made to their websites
  • Competitor analysis gives valuable insights into strategies others are using
  • Automated reports delivered by email
  • The ranking is shown for local packs, carousels and images


  • The platform is very big, and some users report having trouble finding what they need
  • Keyword associations can be tedious
  • For this Conductor review, we found that there is no backlink tool on the platform
  • Extra charges are incurred for the same keyword on desktop and mobile
  • Data reports are only sent out weekly


conductor en

While researching for this Conductor review, we discovered that Conductor’s cloud-based software platform supports search engine optimization (SEO). The platform is centered on content marketing and offers suggestions for optimizing digital marketing metrics. The content intelligence platform also generates customer intent insights. The insights can be used to create compelling content, leading to increased traffic and higher organic marketing ROI. 

The platform features valuable tools such as keyword research, content optimization, site health optimization, rank tracking, and impact measurement. Conductor relies on integration with Google Search and Adobe Analytics. Without the integration, there are limited SEO insights. A large number of trained SEO experts work on the platform to help customers.

Some of the things that really stood out about Conductor were that it allows users to clearly understand their customers’ voices while gathering valuable audience insights. The platform enables more information about site health, along with suggestions on how to improve it. We were able to investigate what our competitors were doing while we created and optimized content that would out-rank them. Conductor is able to expedite workflow and measure the performance of instituted actions to increase conversion and, as a result, increase revenue.

Pricing & Plans

When we set out to review Conductor, we found that there were no pricing plans for the platform. Instead, the platform operates on a quote basis. You can book a free live demo by filling a basic form on your site. It should contain your basic info and company details, such as the country and number of employees.

Conductor also has a 3-minute video product tour. It’s a fast way to see the platform in action and see if a live demo is suitable for you. 

Some pricing details are available on other websites, but they aren’t official. The only certain information is that the package will be tailored to your company’s needs, so the cost can vary significantly.

Conductor Features

Conductor is not just a platform or SEO tool but a partnership with experts. For this Conductor review, we wanted to determine how this partnership can help businesses scale through effective SEO. As other Conductor reviews have found, when you sign up with the platform, you don’t just get access to tools and features to help you; you also get an expert team who will help you create an SEO strategy to help you hook paying customers.

The first thing we noticed was a simple but attractive layout. You can’t exactly say that Conductor has the most modern design of all SEO tools in the entire market. However, the creators focused on presenting all data in a simple way that’s understandable for beginners. That’s something they delivered, ensuring that even first-time users will immediately be comfortable with the content.

Here’s everything you need to know about the features Conductor has to offer:

Research Keywords and Competitors

Other Conductor reviews claim it to have the largest keyword database, with over 20 billion keywords. The platform has the ability to unlock infinite possibilities centered around keyword research to help users elevate their brand through keyword research. The feature can also return search results on competitor sites, allowing users to glimpse their competitors’ SEO strategies.

For this Conductor review, we found that the tool works really well and has been thoroughly thought out by the developer team. The keyword research was performed surprisingly fast, especially considering the big database size.

The results are features in a clean layout, ensuring the data is easy to understand. You can search different keyword categories, such as long-tail keywords, phrase match, or question terms. Checking the top keywords by search volume, social mentions, and other parameters can help pick the right phrases for your strategy. You can check the monthly search volume and other useful parameters for each keyword, such as cost per click or competition level.

The search results also returned statistics on customer intent, which can help users uncover a deeper understanding of their audience and enable them to craft better content. Insights about the visitors are surprisingly detailed, ranging from occupations to interests and useful demographic information.

The ability to instantly analyze competitor strengths and weaknesses side-by-side is tremendous and offers users maximum results for their searches. The details include total keyword ranks, visibility distribution, top traffic-driving keywords and other useful statistics.

We loved that we could filter results to show where our content could have the most significant impact over our competitors and where our content may lack a little oomph. 

Create Winning Content

Any SEO specialist will tell you that it’s not enough to know what content you need to produce. You also need to understand how to optimize that content so that it can appear at the top of the search engine results page. Other Conductor reviews say that the AI tool on Conductor helps you do just that. We decided that we would see if it really does. For this Conductor review, we found that the first thing Conductor does is help users analyze the performance of their content.

The analysis showed us which pages on our test site featured revenue-generating content by showing us how visible our articles were on the Search Engine Results Page. It also showed us (with the help of keyword research) what type of people were visiting our page. This feature has the ability to help users uncover content as well as optimization opportunities that will have the highest impact on the SERPs.

The prioritized recommendations help users eliminate guesswork by using an on-demand AI designed to deliver precise, data-driven results on keyword insights, content attributions, and even page health. The feature lets users optimize their content in real-time by identifying content improvements as the content is written. We loved that the created content could be published without us leaving a website, when we can go back again to check our SEO preferences.

The team briefs enabled us to effortlessly integrate recommendations on keywords, content and optimization briefs to teams. We even included competitor examples. Overall, we loved this feature for our Conductor review and thought it would benefit many enterprises.

Optimize Site Health

The optimized site health feature has been featured in several Conductor reviews, stating that it can maximize websites for better organic visibility. Through our Conductor review, we determined that the feature is indeed world-class, offering a 24/7 technical site audit with monitoring tools. We were also able to set up alerts. The feature allows users to change pages instantly and offers push-button edits for published pages immediately after changes have been made.

The feature is designed to help users optimize their websites for customers and crawlers faster than ever. The strong technical foundation gives users the opportunity to instantly bring up issues related to the health of their websites, including technical errors. The best part is that there is no longer a need to take a time-consuming deep dive into the site for the desired results. We loved that we received intuitive advice for implementing the best changes for our site.

During our Conductor review, we tested and optimized in real-time. This feature worked wonderfully, allowing us to optimize for visibility by testing instant changes to our content. We believe this could be life-changing for anyone looking to outdo their competitors in real time. Some of the adjustments we tested were to meta descriptions, headers tags and titles. It’s possible to see the changes of text appearing on the website, which also helps you see if further edits are necessary to ensure the content outranks the competition. 

Track Keyword Rankings

One of the things we were looking forward to most when we set out to do this Conductor review was to see how well the keyword rank tracker worked. After hearing so much about the tool that helps users boost their online visibility, we were giddy just giving it a go. The feature unlimited tracking on a global level, including different devices and search engines, as well as specific locations.

In our Conductor review, we focused on monitoring digital asset noticeability. That ranges from tracking domains to social platform accounts and product pages on Amazon. It’s possible to monitor rankings in various locations, and also customize results by devices.

We were able to track our digital reputation to understand our brand’s visibility, including our website domain, YouTube and other international markets. Limitless keyword tracking allowed users to keep up to date with changing customer needs seamlessly. We also tracked our competitor’s keywords and performed on-demand keyword research, which we used to enhance content to drive more traffic to our site.

The feature allows users to track keywords in their locations to give marketing teams the context that matters the most. By using this feature, we identified content opportunities that can keep up with the constant evolution of the SERPs by including smart filters and segments across locations, languages and devices. The technology behind the rank-tracking feature is class-leading and extremely intuitive. We loved that the ranking analysis for all the sites tested was housed in one place.

Measure your impact

With any SEO strategy the key is to deliver measurable results, results that unlock ROI. The measurement of SEO success often takes time and can be tedious. An automated report is often very sought after, and that is precisely what we found for this Conductor review. The measurement feature allows users to report on content performance and get a broader picture of the impact of content. The feature also has automated content change detection, which alerts users if there are any changes to their content, its position and its ranking. All reports generated are automatically and are fully customizable.

We loved that we were able to track our organic performance while conducting this Conductor review. Using this feature, we could check the traffic driven to the page, revenue generated, and SEO KPIs from organic search.

It was pleasing to uncover the ROI of our content. We believe this type of technology will drive future connections to results and revenue for many clients using Conductor. The automated alerts worked instantly to show us how changes made to content impacted the performance of our website over time.

The results were then packaged up in an easy-to-read intuitive report, and we were able to share this with stakeholders and others interested in the performance of our website. The reports were value-orientated, and we loved that we could quickly and easily customize our templates. We are confident that the measurable impact reports could drive results, turning leads into cash flow for our business and others.


Conductor offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise SEO. Joining Conductor means gaining access to valuable SEO tools and partnering with a team of experts to guide your business to organic success. The platform’s offerings include ranking monitoring, keyword research, and AI assistance to help users craft compelling content. We absolutely loved the site health optimization feature, which we believe can truly help businesses improve their technical aspects. The A/B testing worked exceptionally well, and the ability to implement instant edits was a game-changer in our industry. 

In our line of work, we are always looking for ways to streamline content optimization, and we felt the built-in AI recommendations were able to do precisely this. We were also able to impactfully measure the results and set automated alerts for content to let us know if there were any changes. On the downside, the tool can be a bit expensive compared to Conductor alternatives, and some other SEO tools go more in-depth in specific areas. Despite that, Conductor can still be a good solution for your company’s search engine optimization efforts. 

Quick Questions

What is Conductor?

Conductor’s cloud-based software platform supports search engine optimization (SEO). The platform is centered on content marketing and offers suggestions for optimizing digital marketing metrics. The content intelligence platform also generates customer intent insights. The insights can be used to create compelling content, leading to increased traffic and higher organic marketing ROI. 

How to use Conductor?

Conductor functions as a web-based platform. That means you access its services via a web browser. Although everything is mobile-friendly, our review of Conductor indicates that it’s better to use a PC or laptop, primarily because of a larger screen. Essentially, once you sign up for a subscription, you receive credentials to access the platform. The features and services available will depend on the package you picked.

What is Conductor used for?

Conductor is an enterprise-level SEO platform that helps businesses improve their website’s technical optimization, improve existing pages, and create new content. Conductor’s organic marketing platform allows marketers to create content to drive site traffic and increase revenue. 

How much is Conductor?

Conductor does not have a fixed pricing structure, and doesn’t share cost details publicly. Instead, you an ask for a live demo by filling out a form on their website. After the demonstration, you will receive a quotation based on the services and features that your company needs.

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