What Raven Tools Alternatives are Decent Solutions to Profit Your Business?

Raven Tools is a trusted assistant to grow online, with its clean interface, simplicity in data capture, and different tools for SEO and marketing needs. Still, due to constantly new emerging trends and algorithms in the digital marketing arena, the platform’s features incorporated might appear not enough to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, it wasn’t easy to find equally strong or more powerful Raven Tools alternatives, but our experts did a great research job of performing so. 

That way, this post is the comprehensive showdown of best Raven Tools competitors. Considering the viability of tools, features, and unique add-ons as well as investment options and scalability opportunities, we present the list of hottest software for 2024 and beyond. Take a closer look at every single solution to pick the most suitable Raven Tools alternative to your requirements and objectives.

Consideration of Key Factors for Raven Tools Alternatives Selection

To make an educated decision, our team recommends evaluating alternatives to Raven Tools on the following critical aspects:

  • Keyword Research. Make sure this tool has substantial SEO power to discover profitable organic and paid keywords to target in your niche.
  • Rank Tracking. Measure capabilities to track rankings on desktops and mobiles, over time, and at local and national levels.
  • Backlink Analysis. Look carefully whether the tool brings value to in-depth auditing backlink profiles and drives winning link-building opportunities.
  • Competitor Analysis. According to our Raven Tools alternative specialists, this functionality has to diligently analyze competitors’ performance across SEO, PPC, and content/social media marketing campaigns in terms of keywords, traffic, and backlinks.
  • Site Audit. It is vital to understand the tool’s capacity to scan the site on issues with technical SEO, content, and structure, as well as if it provides actionable improvement tips.
  • Reporting. Top Raven Tools alternatives let create professional-looking SEO reports, including white-label reports with customizable data and metric parameters to showcase the progress of specific projects to clients.
  • User-Oriented Interface. It goes without saying that a formidable SEO platform should include an intuitive interface with effortless navigation, simple dashboards, and useful tutorial materials.
  • Pricing. As Raven Tools delivers one of the cheapest pricing policies, users must attentively assess if other platforms offer a better cost-benefit ratio.

It is also worth checking out factors like data accuracy and credibility, customer support and integration options, updates, email notifications, free trial periods, and learning resources.

List of Top Tools

Let’s quickly look over the best Raven Tools alternatives to add to your arsenal in 2024 and the well-grounded reasons behind these choices:

  • SE Ranking. Top-notch all-in-one SEO software with impeccable correspondence of quality and price at every tool and feature to ensure decent optimization from marketing individuals to large SEO agencies.
  • Moz. Perfect decision for experienced users who yearn for more advanced streamlining, especially regarding keyword research, and backlink analysis.
  • Semrush. A comprehensive SEO and marketing platform to handle any task from SEO and competitor research to PPC and social media marketing with its cutting-edge 55+ tools.
  • SEO PowerSuite. This software helps SEO professionals enhance online presence and raise search engine rankings with a powerful toolbox, including meaningful content-focused TF-IDF feature.
  • Ahrefs. Standout with its vast data coverage for keyword exploration and backlink audit as well as user-friendly SEO approaches and visually appealing reports within each optimization module.
  • SpyFu. An all-around SEO solution with a strong focus on SEO and PPC campaigns supercharging via solid keyword research and competitor intelligence.
  • Ranktracker. Primarily targets accurate keyword position tracking in real time around the globe based on rich data.
  • Majestic. A precious instrument to revamp link-building strategies with a most extensive Link index database.
  • WebCEO. Powered by 23+ advanced tools, ideally fits seasoned SEO specialists and marketers to get their digital products ahead across SEO, PPC, and SMM campaigns.
  • Site Analyzer. This service facilitates taking a business or a brand to new heights through 360-degree site analysis, keyword investigation, monitoring rankings, page crawling, and backlink research.

SE Ranking

se ranking en 1
se ranking en 2

SE Ranking is a world-class all-around SEO platform for tracking, managing, and improving SEO and marketing performance. It is a rare Raven Tools competitor that concurrently contributes to the efforts of freelancers, SMBs, entrepreneurs, agencies, and enterprises. Due to cutting-edge data processing algorithms, AI mechanisms, and ever-expanding keyword and backlink databases, any business can become industry-leading from scratch. 

On top of that, a state-of-the-art interface, easy-to-use tools, and insightful resources make it hassle-free to optimize the site without a steep learning curve. For maximum impact on your projects and campaigns, the platform offers seamless integration with different channels as well as a flexible pricing system.


Though all built-in capacities might boost the site beyond recognition, the Rank Tracker tool is definitely the greatest selling point. It will showcase precise and deep insights into your daily ranking picture across major search engines via a visually engaging dashboard. Explore the distribution of positions, high-performing URLs and keywords, search visibility percentage, average position score, and organic traffic volume. Users are also free to monitor competitors’ ranking progress and extract historical data to reinforce their strategies even more.

When it comes to keyword research, this Raven Tools alternative brags about the Keyword Suggestion Tool and Keyword Grouper. The first feature generates a bunch of gainful SEO and PPC keywords to target, while the second one clusters related key terms for further distribution saving you time. On-Page SEO Checker is a valuable tool to keep abreast of all things hindering the site from climbing up SERPs and instantly fix them. If you want to perform expert-level checking of technical SEO issues, including content or site structure bugs, Website Audit will proficiently handle it. 

In addition, SE Ranking comprises a viable Competitor Analysis module where marketers may access comprehensive data on rival paid and organic campaigns to outrank them. Backlink Checker deserves special praise too. Users will find detailed stats such as Domain Trust and Page Trust, referring domains and URLs, anchor texts, top-linked pages, and link attributes for any backlink profile analyzed. Compared to most Raven Tools alternatives, the software comes with an exquisite agency-specific toolkit and AI-driven content marketing suite to entirely reload your strategies for topmost revenue.


SE Ranking implies a reasonable pricing model developed with varied-budget users in mind. Honestly, it will be really hard to find Raven Tools alternatives with such value for money. The available 3 plans offer different capabilities in terms of tracked keywords and competitors as well as advanced features that one can gradually unlock with an upgrading subscription. Decide on a monthly or yearly package according to your needs and scaling objectives and pick from:

  • Essential – $44 monthly
  • Pro – $87.20 monthly
  • Business – $191.20 monthly

Besides, an annual plan comes with a 20% discount, and you can test out any package with no credit card needed during a two-week free trial. Many best Raven Tools alternatives are not so lavish in this regard.


SE Ranking outpaces other alternatives to Raven Tools by leaps and bounds. The platform is a flawless combination of data accuracy and coverage, groundbreaking optimization mechanisms, straightforward UI, and affordable pricing. From entry-level users to skilled pros, everyone can take advantage of requisite utilities to change their industry game. Considering the bells and whistles offered, such a quality-price ratio is exceptional, and you can see it for yourself with 14-day free usage.


Moz is one of the pioneer SEO platforms on the market, with constantly updating and redesigning of functionalities, which make it a top Raven Tools competitor. Aside from a complete SEO tool suite, it has become a golden standard among marketers due to excellent metrics and scores, like Domain Authority, MozRank, and MozTrust. And though user experience might be not intuitive, with overwhelming features for newbies, immaculate reporting features fully make up for it.


Furnished with a 1.25B keyword database and revolutionary research mechanisms, Keyword Explorer is the tool shining the brightest. It will investigate the most traffic-engaging keywords and provide detailed stats on their search volume, keyword difficulty, organic CTR, and priority score. You can explore competitive top-performing keywords and determine untapped keyword opportunities to implement for strategies’ improvement. 

Thoroughly analyzing backlink profiles and unearthing link-building opportunities is available with Link Explorer. Compared to other best Raven Tools alternatives, it includes a fresher and more robust live link index that will assist in measuring Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score. Users can also check inbound links and referring domains, find broken links, discover new and lost links, and analyze anchor texts. No less effective Moz appears in terms of monitoring SEO performance. Rank Tracker offers comprehensive insights into keyword ranking progress across over 200 countries on desktop and mobile devices. Gauge search visibility and ranking distribution figures to understand key terms that perform well and that are better to replace.

With Site Crawler, it is effortless to keep an eye on all major and minor issues and promptly eliminate them by priority. Like plenty of Moz alternatives, the tool involves reporting functions, but they stand out in granularity and flawless customization options, including white labeling.


Moz is not among the cheapest Raven Tools alternatives, but the pricing is fair for the quality and feature variety you acquire. There are 4 plans for different SEO needs and marketing endeavors, from beginners who need the basic functionality to large organizations and agencies with ambitions to scale:

  • Standard – $99 monthly 
  • Medium – $179 monthly 
  • Large – $299 monthly
  • Premium – $599 monthly

When selecting the annual plan, you will save your budget up to 20%. Getting free full access to the platform for as many as 30 days is another nifty perk.


Moz is the runner-up of our top Raven Tools competitors list for a reason. It encompasses premium SEO tools, vast databases, and effective metrics to optimize any strategy with data-driven stats. Still, keep in mind, that it is more geared toward pro-level users and newbie marketers might be confused about the huge data volume and cluttered interface.


Once you enter SEMRush, you will clearly see why some experts call it the best Raven Tools alternative. There is no online visibility facet that this SEO software might streamline, whether it be SEO, content marketing, competitor inspection, PPC, social media marketing, advertising, or market research. With extended and fast crawling databases of keywords and backlinks as well as geo coverage for 140+ countries, SEMRush will equip users with all the needed intelligence to grow online.


To help you get a holistic picture of the SEMRush optimization potential, here is a brief overview of the core pillars:

  • SEO. From keyword exploration and rank tracking to link-building and competitor analysis, you can leverage efficient tools to conquer the SERPs. Boost your traffic by discovering precious keyword gems to target and monitor their daily changes in any location of choice in detail. You can also monitor backlink profiles on authoritativeness and quality and enrich yourself with profitable linking prospects. An in-depth analysis of the competitors’ digital footprints across organic and paid campaigns to unveil winning keyword and content tactics is possible too. Like only a few Raven Tools alternatives, SEMRush has a solo-operating Local SEO module with 4 tools to optimize your business for local searches.
  • Content. This toolset will guide users through the complete process from devising a powerful content strategy to creating audience-relevant articles and their distribution. Actionable personalized tips to enhance content for heavy traffic are also at your disposal.
  • Market Research. An array of SEMRush alternatives lack this feature, but it is requisite to get an edge over rivals to lead the game. Assess their paid keywords and advertising approaches and track their social media presence to build more potent strategies.
  • Advertising. If you are a blogger, ad publisher, or affiliate manager, these functions will incredibly contribute to your marketing workflow. You can conduct high-level PPC keyword research to involve the audience with terms resonating with their search intents. 


Semrush is an expensive investment choice. But mind the fact that there is no need to purchase other platforms, as this software simultaneously caters to your SEO, marketing, advertising, and social media efforts. So it might come even a cost-effective solution in the long run. From tiny blogs and sites to established companies, you can choose between packages:

  • Pro – $129.95 monthly
  • Guru – $249.95 monthly
  • Business – $499.95 monthly


Whatever your set goal is, Semrush with its all-around scope of tools will achieve it. Both startups and seasoned marketers can enjoy leading-edge, seamless, and swift optimization from SEO to paid marketing and everything in between. At the same time, the pricing system is more aimed at advanced marketers and entry-level users mostly can’t afford this Raven Tools alternative.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is one more worthy SEO solution to make you prominent in your niche. The platform has no equal in terms of combining usability and pro-level features, meaning both beginner marketers and SEO professionals can easily utilize it. Stuffed with 23 tools, the software successfully completes every task from keyword research to SEO analysis, to monitoring ranks, to backlink audit, and much more. On top of that, built-in content optimization tools, especially the TF-IDF feature, all-around SEO reporting, and API access will help impressively level up the site.


The first thing we should note is that SEO PowerSuite is a desktop version, but this is a slight downside considering how tools might profit you. Let’s look at each functionality close-up:

  • Rank Tracker. Incorporated mechanisms enable unlimited checking ranking performance across multiple search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, etc., and on desktops and mobiles. Besides, the tool is valuable for local rank tracking, SERP analysis, inspecting competition’s keyword positions, and reviewing SERP features like Google Maps, FAQs, image packs, paid ads, and more.
  • Keyword Research. Recharging your keyword strategies with this complete kit is an effortless and time-saving process. It will find the best long-tail terms to target, evaluate the estimated keyword difficulty and CTR, discover promising keyword gaps, pitch tons of relevant keyword ideas, and carefully analyze the rivals’ content.
  • Website Auditor. It allows users to dig through pages to determine any SEO issues like broken links, duplicate content, redirect chains, heavy pages, site speed, etc., and immediately optimize the overall site health with practical how-to-fix guides.
  • Link Assistant. This is the most interesting feature according to the best Raven Tools alternative reviews. Depending on your link-building objectives, Link Assistant picks the relevant suggestions (guest posting, topical blogs, business directories, and so on) to attract customers of your niche. Furthermore, to know what link suggestions are worth attention, measure potential links’ value by Domain InLink Rank, Page Authority, domain’s organic traffic, social media popularity, etc.


In contrast to prime SEO PowerSuite alternatives, the platform supports a free version. It has limited access to a lot of features, but individuals who only started learning SEO ropes might be absolutely satisfied with this package. Skilled marketers and big agencies can opt for the plan with regard to their preferences from:

  • Professional – $299 yearly
  • Enterprise – $499 yearly

Remember that the tool requires a yearly payment, which is costly to pay at once, but can save your pocket in the long run.


SEO PowerSuite is a strong candidate for the top Raven Tools alternative in terms of tool diversity, granular data insights, and impressive reporting features. It especially favors those who are looking for unique link-building approaches and extensive SEO auditing.


If we have to describe Ahrefs in one word it would be trustworthiness. This is the cut-crossing concept of the platform implied in robust tools and metrics, and one of the fastest web crawlers to build up the brand and make it niche-authoritative. Moreover, already-established businesses constitute the majority of users, since Ahrefs boasts gigantic databases to scale at a global level.


As many experts affirm Ahrefs is the best Raven Tools alternative in terms of backlink and keyword activities. Peeping into your opponents’ backlinks and keyword ranking performance is facile with Site Explorer. You can trace what sites link to competitors and evaluate their backlinks’ quality. This module also introduces stats on site structure and organic paid traffic volume, along with KD and CPC figures. With the Ads Position History chart, users can reveal specific keywords rivals are bidding on.

Keyword Explorer will generate thousands of excellent keyword suggestions from 170+ countries. You may get accurate keyword search volume estimations for 10 different search engines and find low-hanging fruits based on KD calculations. Segmenting relevant keywords into lists and saving them for further implementation is possible too.

Get a bird’s eye view of the overall site performance with an SEO health score. Site Audit automatically checks all the pages for more than 140 SEO issues from HTML tags and content quality to external pages. The colored charts facilitate better information consumption to fix harmful errors instantly.

Rank Tracker lets you estimate your SEO progress on desktop and mobile across 190 countries. Look through a snapshot of Share of Voice, Average Position and Traffic, Positions Distribution, and SERP features to see if your strategies work. Content Explorer is definitely a rare tool with those of Ahrefs alternatives, and here it brings value for unearthing low-competition topics and gainful link prospects.


We must underline that regardless of expensive pricing tiers, Ahrefs totally makes value for money. Plus, if users decide on an annual plan, they will get 2 months of free usage. Whatever package marketers select according to their business size and needs, there will be everything needed for complete optimization:

  • Lite – $99 monthly
  • Standard – $199 monthly
  • Advanced – $399 monthly
  • Enterprise – $999 monthly


Seeking an SEO solution for affecting optimization and global scaling two in one? Ahrefs is the best Raven Tools competitor in this matter. The greatest databases on the web and eye-catching dashboards with well-structured insights will aid users in simply managing projects and campaigns to keep the business always ahead of opponents. 


If you want a reliable and low-cost tool to drive clicks to your SEO and ad campaigns, SpyFu can be that destination. In reference to plenty of marketers, this platform offers impressive features for link and keyword research as well as PPC competitor analysis. The clean interface makes it trouble-free to access needed data and generate exhaustive reports.


This tool will give users an advantage edge in creating content better than that of their rivals with the ability to overview comprehensive ranking data for the same keywords. In addition, Google PPC AD Research functionalities dive into detailed insights into competitor budget calculations, landing pages, ad text, ad history, etc. You are free to esteem current and previous organic keyword ranking performance and compare it against your competitors. 

The Organic Keyword Research module specializes in ideating keyword topics that resonate with the target audience for crafting winning organic content. The Kombat feature is one more perk turning the platform unique from SpyFu alternatives. Showcasing overlaps of targeted keywords in paid search between you and your rivals empowers you to redesign strategies for better returns.

When it comes to Backlink Analysis, the software is incredibly useful for competitors’ backlink profile audits with first-class metrics related to inbound links for all-authority level domains. At the same time, SpyFu is among a few Raven Tools alternatives, where local rank analysis and on-page technical auditing leave much to be desired.


The great news is that no matter what package you select, it comes with unlimited access to all datasets. By and large, SpyFu is in the same pricing ballpark as leading Raven Tools competitors. You can subscribe on a monthly or an annual plan with best-aligned offerings to your needs, whether you are a novice or a pro user:

  • Basic – $39 monthly
  • Professional – $39 perc the first month, and $79 thereafter monthly
  • Team – $299 monthly


SpyFu is an excellent Raven Tools alternative to drill down into competitive intelligence, especially across PPC campaigns. An intuitive interface and affordable pricing make it a perfect decision for beginners to outrank competitors with high-performing organic and paid keywords. Backlink analysis capabilities are also noteworthy, but if you want a powerful local SEO and site auditing toolkit it is better to look somewhere else.


Ranktracker is an all-in-one SEO platform tailored to the marketing needs of both small sites and large agencies. Besides covering such basics as tools for monitoring search engine rankings, keyword inspection, and site auditing, it brags about exquisite features of AI Article Writer, and SERP Simulator. 


The biggest pride of the platform is the Rank Tracker tool as the name implies. You can keep track of all ranking updates in any location locally and globally. The simple-to-use dashboard will present ranking changes over time based on visibility, average position, web traffic, and SERP positions. For more granular analysis, it is possible to hone down your search by filtering criteria like search engine, language, device, and so on. The tool will keep you in the loop regarding ranking fluctuations via daily notifications.

Similarly to other Ranktracker alternatives, the platform has a module for keyword inspection. Keyword Finder focuses on detecting relevant keywords on the basis of estimated keyword difficulty and search volume scores. Dipping your toes into historical keyword progress and gauging SERP feature opportunities are at your disposal as well.

AI Article Writer is an innovative solution for creating unique and traffic-driving content. Due to cutting-edge GPT-4 and machine learning algorithms, this feature will save you time and effort in generating high-quality articles based on the unique topic choice. Plus, users might not worry about relevancy, originality, and target keyword usage, since it entirely delivers on that.


Ranktracker is extremely generous in its pricing policy, offering some of the cheapest plans on the market. At the same time, it allows try out full-fledged functions for a two-week free trial before subscribing which is not so common in Raven Tools competitors. Depending on the capabilities you want to acquire there are the following options to pick from:

  • Starter – $19.20 monthly
  • Double Data – $47.20 monthly
  • Quad Data – $87.20 monthly
  • Hex Data – $167.20 monthly


Everything related to monitoring ranking performance has found the best implementation in Ranktracker. The platform can also successfully handle other SEO tasks like researching winning keywords to target, auditing sites, and refining content. Still, proficient marketers might find these features insufficient for solid optimization.


From the link-building standpoint, Majestic is a head-to-head Raven Tools competitor. Since its data coverage goes back to 2006, it fuels users with impressive Link Intelligence. But we should note that this is a single-purpose software because users won’t meet other valuable assets besides link analysis features and a bit of keyword research. 


The main tool is Site Explorer which is responsible for deeply analyzing any profile’s link performance with extensive metrics. You can get a precise representation of backlink quality and quantity with the award-winning Trust Flow and Citation Flow estimations. Unlike Raven Tools alternatives, this feature gives users the liberty to check metrics like Visibility Flow, Topical Trust Flow, and Flow Metric Scores as well as referring domains and anchor texts. Plus, find out your top-performing backlinks, search for intersecting links with other sites, detect link-building opportunities by spying on competitors, and much more.

Historic and Fresh Indexes are definitely trademarks of Majestic. They will assist in extracting valuable insights into the linking success within the requisite timeline. The exciting thing is with the Historic Index you can trace back data from more than 16 years ago, while the Fresh Index will disclose insights for the last 4 months. But this is not the limit. The innovative Link Context module makes it possible to reinforce your content strategies via browsing and auditing backlinks in whatever articles.


Considering the toolset is completely oriented on link-building performance, pricing models are overpriced, compared to most full-packed Majestic alternatives. From tiny sites to large agencies, users can subscribe to such packages:

  • Lite – $49.99 monthly
  • Pro – $99.99 monthly
  • API – $399.99 monthly


Among most industry-leading Raven Tools alternatives, Majestic is of the narrow direction, namely link-building. But the software simultaneously proves to be the most cutting-edge and data-stuffed in its field. So when building a strong backlink profile and obtaining linking prospects are your top priorities, this software is an ideal investment choice.


With its multi-faceted capacities from monitoring rankings, complex SEO auditing, keyword exploration, and backlink checking to social media and content optimization suite of tools, WebCEO stands in a row of best Raven Tools alternatives. The platform is definitely priceworthy taking into consideration the feature variety that equally caters to in-house SEO teams and digital marketing agencies. On top of that, users can enjoy cool extras like multilingual Interface, DIY SEO checklist, Google Data Studio Connector, and others.


  • Well-rounded 23 Tools for SEO and Online Marketing Optimization. You can track site rankings and those of your rivals on over 370 search engines locally and globally and find the invaluable keywords to target from 4 different sources, like Google Ads Keyword Planner, Google Autocomplete, Related Searches, and People Also Ask. The platform delivers efficient utilities for SEO and traffic analysis, link earning, and Google Business Profile Integration. To reload your content strategies and outbeat competitors in the social media arena, you might leverage unique SEO Content Assistant and comprehensive Competitor Metrics.
  • Agency-Focused Toolbox. Like in the best WebCEO alternatives, multiple-project management options, SEO task scheduling, and lead generation widgets are available here. Furthermore, craft and customize white-label reports with needed metrics, templates, and a company logo to introduce outcomes in a visually attractive manner to clients.
  • Email Notifications. Due to flawless automaticity, you will always have the needed info on ranking changes, traffic metrics, keywords, and backlinks at your fingertips. The platform instantly sends exhaustive reports. along with the list of optimizations to take.


Whether you run a small site, work for clients, or are part of an in-house SEO team, WebCEO has pricing solutions for every use case. Based on the number of tracked keywords and scanning frequency, choose your cup of tea from:

  • Startup – $74 monthly
  • Agency Unlimited – $74 monthly + scanning fees
  • Corporate – $251 monthly

When people want to make sure that this is a worth-investment tool, they might test it on the fly for 14 days completely free of charge. 


Like a handful of alternatives to Raven Tools, WebCEO is a balanced combination of advanced features, intuitive UI, and quite reasonable pricing tiers. By utilizing it, everyone from startup marketers to dedicated SEO teams can become a significant player in their niche.

Site Analyzer

There is no guesswork about what the platform prioritizes due to the name. SEO specialists may revel in 360-degree site analysis for boosted online visibility and high search engine rankings. Site Analyzer collects SEO insights from trusted sources to generate detailed and easily exported reports.


  • Crawl. This feature is the core reason to suggest Site Analyzer as the best Raven Tools alternative. With a groundbreaking checking-up mechanism, detect any harmful or potentially dangerous issue from broken links, redirects, duplicate URLs to non-indexed content, and page speed. Explore errors by priorities, figure out the reasons behind them, and get a list of actionable recommendations.
  • Rank Tracking. Keep abreast of specific keyword ranking performance daily across 58 countries and 36000 towns around the globe. The colored charts of keyword distribution and ups and downs will give a clear understanding of profitable tactics and other favorable SEO factors.
  • Backlinks. The tool will conduct a thorough backlink profile expertise in minutes by accurate metrics of Domain Influence, Page Influence, and Spam Rating. The dashboard also includes an overview of all external links pointing to any required domains and URLs.


The pricing policy is elastic according to various SEO and marketing requirements and budgets. There are 4 plans with corresponding monthly prices:

  • Strater – $29
  • Pro – $69
  • Agency – $139
  • Reseller – $359

Considerable budget savings of 40% are accessible if paid annually, which generosity is rare in SiteAnalyzer alternatives. 


Site Analyzer is arguably the top Raven Tools competitor with regard to crawling and analytical capacities. However other tools provided are less powerful and lack advanced features if compared to those of SE Ranking or SEMRush. Anyway, marketers can ensure whether the game is worth the candle with a 14-day free trial.


No doubt, Raven Tools is a formidable tool for all-around optimization, but ever-evolving SEO and marketing trends dictate their own rules. It means platforms that were meaningful yesterday, might bring no value today. That’s why, you should be aware of the best Raven Tools alternatives to equip with for 2024 and beyond.

Our pro team has performed dedicated testing of the top 10 platforms in terms of features, unique perks, interface, usability, and pricing to give you honest feedback. Drill down to each section and decide which one is the most coherent with your goals and business scaling needs. Still, opting for SE Ranking is a win-win for sure.

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