SpyFu Pricing Plans 2024 ᐉ Comparison

SpyFu is a widely-used SEO and PPC tool, renowned for its powerful competitor analysis features. Initially launched as a “spy” tool to track competitors, it has since evolved into a comprehensive platform for keyword research, PPC features, and more.

If you’re contemplating a SpyFu subscription but aren’t sure which plan is right for you, our SpyFu pricing review can help you make the right choice. We will break down SpyFu pricing 2024 for the three main subscription plans: Basic, Professional, and Team, and compare their functionalities.

Read on to discover which SpyFu subscription plan in 2024 is the perfect match for your SEO and PPC needs.

SpyFu Basic Pricing Plan

The SpyFu Basic plan is an excellent entry-level option for those new to SEO and PPC, and working with a limited budget. At a monthly rate of $39, this plan offers all of the essential features to get you started. However, opting for the annual subscription is a better choice if you’re looking to maximize savings. SpyFu’s yearly pricing at $192 per year allows you to save a significant $276 as compared to paying monthly.

SpyFu provides a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee, regardless of the plan you select. If you find yourself unsatisfied for any reason—or just feel like canceling your plan—you can request a full refund within the first 30 days.

What does the SpyFu Basic pricing plan Include?

  • Domain Search Results: The Basic plan allows for up to 10,000 domain search results, offering a broad look at the performance of both your domain and those of your competitors.
  • Keyword Search Results: With the same 10,000-result limit, this feature enables you to perform extensive keyword research, which is essential for both SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Backlink Searches: This plan gives you the ability to conduct up to 10,000 backlink searches, helping you better understand your link-building strategy.
  • Competitors’ Results: You can monitor and compare your performance against up to 10,000 competitors, providing ample data for competitive analysis.
  • Keyword Group Results: This feature accommodates up to 10,000 keyword group results, adding another layer of depth to your keyword research.
  • Domain Comparisons (Kombat): The Kombat feature in the Basic plan allows for 10,000 multi-domain comparisons, providing insights into the keywords shared by your selected domains.
  • Exports for All Search Results: You can export up to 10,000 rows of data across all search types in various formats, such as Google Sheets or CSV.
  • Top Lists: This plan includes access to various top lists, such as “Top PPC Spenders,” providing additional context for your research.
  • Export Advanced Sales Lead Info: This handy feature allows you to export detailed information on sales leads.
  • Filter Sales Leads: You can also filter sales leads by factors like spending and industry.
  • Add Your Own Keywords: The plan enables you to add your own selected keywords for tracking ad placements and SEO rankings.
  • Track Ad Placement & SEO Rankings: This feature allows you to monitor where your ads are placed, as well as your SEO performance.
  • Custom SEO & PPC Reports: You can generate custom reports to focus on specific SEO and PPC metrics.
  • Small Domain SEO Report: This plan permits the generation of 10 Small Domain SEO Reports.
  • Google Ads Advisor PPC Report: This plan enables users to generate 10 Google Ads Advisor PPC Reports per month.

The SpyFu Basic plan is an excellent entry point for SEO newcomers or those operating on a tight budget. The plan offers a comprehensive competitive analysis, keyword research, and PPC insights. SpyFu guarantees unlimited data access across all SpyFu pricing plans, making it a particularly cost-effective choice for users seeking expansive data without breaking the bank. However, it’s important to note that access to historical data beyond the past six months is reserved for more premium packages.

Additionally, the Basic plan is tailored for individual users and doesn’t provide the option to add multiple accounts. If team collaboration is a priority, you should upgrade to a more premium Team package.

SpyFu Professional Pricing Plan

The SpyFu Professional plan targets users seeking more advanced capabilities beyond the basic offerings. At the price of $79 per month after the first month’s discounted rate of $39, this plan delivers a comprehensive suite of features designed for more in-depth SEO and PPC analysis. If you want to make a long-term commitment, we recommend choosing an annual plan. At $432 per year, opting for the yearly subscription saves you $516 compared to paying month-to-month.

Like other SpyFu subscription plans, the Professional option has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

What Does the SpyFu Professional Pricing Plan Include?

The Professional plan builds on the foundation of the Basic plan by offering not only all of its features but also significantly expanded limits and several new advanced functionalities.

  • Unlimited Searches: The Professional plan offers unlimited results for domain searches, keyword searches, backlink searches, and competitor results.
  • Unlimited Exports: By choosing this pricing plan, you can export unlimited data across all search types, providing extensive report creation and analysis flexibility.
  • Enhanced Reporting: This plan allows you to generate 30 Small Domain SEO Reports and 30 Google Ads Advisor PPC Reports, offering a more extensive scope of analytics than the Basic plan.

Additional features:

  • 15 Years of Historical Data: This feature allows you to look back at extensive data archives, helping you understand the evolution of ad copies, SEO, and PPC strategies.
  • API Access: Available at this plan level, API access lets you integrate SpyFu’s robust data into your applications for more customized analytics.
  • Custom Branded Reports: This allows you to create PDF-ready reports that can be stripped of SpyFu branding, making your presentations more personalized.
  • Medium Domain SEO Report: The plan includes 10 Medium Domain SEO Reports, providing deeper analytics for more expansive domains.
  • White Labeling: This feature allows you to remove all SpyFu branding, offering a fully personalized and professional presentation of your reports.

The SpyFu Professional plan is a robust offering for advanced users with more complex needs. With unlimited options for critical metrics such as domain searches, keyword results, competitive analysis, and access to 15 years of historical data, the plan enables comprehensive research. In addition, white-labeling and custom-branded reports contribute to a professional presentation of results. However, if you represent an agency, remember that this plan still offers access to only one user, with no option to purchase additional seats.

SpyFu Team Pricing Plan

The SpyFu Team plan is designed for agencies and larger teams requiring extensive SEO and PPC capabilities. With a SpyFu monthly pricing of $299, it stands as the most advanced and expensive SpyFu pricing plan. However, for those looking to optimize their investment, the annual subscription offers substantial savings. At $1,788 per year, the annual Team plan allows you to save an impressive $1,800 compared to paying month-to-month.

Like all SpyFu plans, the Team option also comes with a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.

What Does the SpyFu Team Pricing Plan Include?

The Team plan is tailored for agencies and large teams, and offers all the features of the Professional tier but with added capabilities and increased flexibility.

  • Multiple User Accounts: Unlike other plans, the Team plan allows up to 5 user accounts, making it ideal for collaborative environments.
  • Small Domain SEO Reports: This plan offers unlimited Small Domain SEO Reports.
  • Medium Domain SEO Reports: This plan includes 30 Medium Domain SEO Reports.
  • Large Domain SEO Reports: By choosing this SpyFu pricing plan, you’ll also receive 10 Large Domain SEO Reports, with more than 30,000 keywords.
  • Google Ads Advisor PPC Reports: This plan enables the creation of an unlimited number of Google Ads Advisor PPC Reports, facilitating extensive PPC analysis.

To sum up, despite having a considerably higher price, the SpyFu Team plan offers features largely similar to those in the Professional package. The most notable difference is the provision for multiple user accounts—up to five users instead of just one in the Professional plan. It makes the Team plan more suitable for agencies and larger teams that require multiple users to access the platform.

SpyFu Free Trial Subscription

While SpyFu doesn’t offer a free trial subscription, it provides a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee as an alternative. If the software doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason—or even if you decide it’s not for you—you can request a full refund within the first 30 days. The cancellation process is straightforward, with no forms to fill out and no questions to answer. You can cancel at any time through various channels, including email, live chat, phone, Facebook, or Twitter.

Which SpyFu Pricing Plan is Best?

Determining the best SpyFu pricing plan depends on your needs and goals. However, the Professional plan is an exceptional choice if you’re looking for the most features for the best value. It offers almost the same range of capabilities as the more expensive Team plan but at a significantly lower cost. The primary difference is the number of user accounts, with the Team plan allowing for five users compared to the Professional plan’s one. 


To summarize this SpyFu pricing review for 2024, it’s clear that this tool has its strengths and limitations. It shines when it comes to basic rank-tracking and robust keyword research. However, it mainly focuses on PPC and competitor analysis and doesn’t offer any advanced AI-powered tools features like complex website audits or advanced AI-powered tools for content marketing. Unlike competitors such as SE Ranking, SpyFu simply doesn’t provide advanced agency tools or any add-ons to customize your plan, making it less flexible. 

Therefore, when choosing a SpyFu pricing plan, consider your specific needs and weigh them against what SpyFu can offer.

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