Moz pricing plans 2024

Moz is an all-in-one SEO software catering to diverse users, from small businesses and agencies to large enterprises. At the heart of its offerings are detailed keyword analytics, position tracking, and thorough site crawls that pinpoint errors, optimize pages, and enhance link structures.

Moz introduces three distinct packages, each tailored to specific needs:

  • Moz Local: Designed for businesses with a physical presence or distinct service areas.
  • Moz Pro: The ideal choice for those seeking significant web traffic and tangible results.
  • Stat: Suited for organizations that require extensive keyword tracking.

In this article, we will compare Moz’s Pricing Plans for 2024, covering Moz Pro, Medium, Premium, Local, Preferred, and Elite.

Dive in to determine which Moz pricing plan best aligns with your needs.

Moz Pro Pricing Plans

Moz Pro Standard Pricing

The Moz Pro plan is an outstanding starting point for those new to SEO or individuals seeking foundational tools. It costs $99 per month and offers the essentials to jumpstart your SEO journey. However, if you aim to achieve considerable savings, opting for their annual subscription at $79 per month (billed annually) gets you a 20% discount compared to the monthly billing cycle.

What does the Moz Standard pricing plan Include?

  • Campaigns: Subscribers can manage 3 distinct campaigns. Users can monitor one website and three of its competitors for each campaign. It encompasses weekly rankings assessments, the identification of potential site issues, and comprehensive on-page SEO evaluations. If additional campaigns are needed, users can expand by adding $10/month for each extra campaign.
  • Keyword Rankings: The plan allows for tracking 300 specific keywords, amassing 1,200 search results. It enables users to observe weekly keyword performance across various search engines. If your keyword tracking needs exceed the given limit, there’s an option to add more at $20/month for every 200 keywords. This Moz pricing plan ensures users can effectively gauge their website’s performance on mobile devices.
  • Page Crawling: The plan offers a substantial crawl capacity of 100,000 pages a week, totaling 400,000 pages a month. This feature automatically examines the specified pages in your campaign to identify technical SEO challenges and alert you of any new issues. An additional $15/month will increase the capacity by 50,000 pages for those needing more.
  • Performance Metrics: Users can track 60 specific URLs and access on-demand URLs 5 times a month. The plan also includes on-demand crawls for up to five websites each month.
  • Research Capabilities: The plan provides various research tools, including 150 monthly keyword queries with 10,000 rows for each. It also supports the management of 5 keyword lists, each containing up to 100 keywords. If more lists are needed, they can be added at $25/month for every group of 5 lists. The plan also encompasses 50 competitive research queries, 5,000 backlink queries a month, and daily rank checks for 200 questions.
  • Reports: Users can generate unlimited on-page grader reports, showcasing how well pages are optimized for their target keywords. Furthermore, PDF reports can be scheduled and sent weekly or monthly.
  • Access: The standard package grants access to a single user. However, more users can be added for a fee of $49/month per user.
  • Support: If users have any concerns or queries, they can benefit from 24/7 support.


The Moz Standard pricing plan is an ideal starting point for SEO beginners or those with budget considerations. It offers a broad toolset with the option to selectively extend specific limits without jumping to a higher-priced tier. However, it’s crucial to note that Moz Pro is among the pricier SEO tools available. Comparable solutions from competitors might offer similar features at nearly half the cost, making it essential to weigh the value against the investment.

Moz Pro Medium Pricing Plan

The Moz Medium Pricing Plan is the go-to choice for many who want to dive deeper into SEO. Priced at $179 a month, it boasts generous limits and grants comprehensive access to keyword research tools. For those eyeing long-term commitment and savings, the yearly option at $143 per month (billed annually) presents a savvy choice, yielding a 20% discount over the month-to-month pricing.

What does the Moz Medium pricing plan Include?

The Moz Medium pricing plan elevates your SEO capabilities with extended limits and new features tailored for deeper analysis and research. While the plan retains all the foundational attributes of Moz Standard, it distinguishes itself with the following enhancements:

  • Campaigns: An increased capacity, allowing users to manage up to 10 campaigns.
  • Keyword Rankings: With the Medium plan, track up to 1,500 keywords, translating to a comprehensive 6,000 total search results.
  • Page Crawling: A more robust crawling allowance, with 500,000 weekly pages, adding up to 2 million pages monthly.
  • Performance Metrics: In this Moz pricing plan, users can track 200 specific URLs and access 20 on-demand URLs a month. The on-demand crawl capacity is also amplified, allowing for 30 site audits each month.
  • Research: This pricing tier enables you to dive deeper with 5,000 keyword queries monthly and utilize up to 30,000 rows per query. You can manage 30 keyword lists, each accommodating a hefty 500 keywords. Additionally, you will enjoy 75 competitive research queries and a boosted 20,000 backlink monthly queries .
  • Reports: While maintaining the unlimited scheduled reports, the Medium plan introduces unlimited branded reports and report templates – perfect for businesses and agencies aiming to stamp their identity on data insights.
  • Access: In this Moz pricing plan, 2 user seats are included. 

For those eyeing specific expansions, add-ons for the Medium plan retain the same costs as the Standard plan.


The Moz Medium pricing plan predominantly stands out with its elevated limits and enhanced reporting capabilities and is tailored specifically for agencies. Its white-label features, like branded reports, are invaluable for agencies seeking to impress clients with custom-branded insights. However, if these white-label functionalities aren’t a priority, it might be more cost-effective to simply augment the Standard plan with individual add-ons versus upgrading to the Medium plan.

Moz Pro Large Pricing Plan

The Moz Large Pricing Plan is another one of Moz’s monthly pricing options, designed specifically for businesses and agencies serious about mastering search. At a rate of $299 a month, it ensures extensive capabilities for seasoned SEO practitioners. If committing to a longer horizon is in your plans, the annual subscription, priced at $239 per month (billed annually), offers a reasonable approach, allowing for a notable 20% saving compared to its monthly counterpart.

What does the Moz Large pricing plan Include?

The Moz Large pricing plan expands upon the features of the Medium plan, offering these advancements:

  • Campaigns: You can manage up to 25 campaigns, facilitating a broader oversight of projects or clients.
  • Keyword Rankings: This Moz pricing plan allows for tracking 3,000 keywords, encompassing a broad scope of 12,000 search results.
  • Page Crawling: Users can benefit from the ability to crawl 1,250,000 pages each week, totaling an expansive 5 million pages a month.
  • Performance Metrics: You can track 500 specific URLs and utilize 50 on-demand URLs each month. The on-demand crawl capability is also augmented, supporting 60 site monthly audits.
  • Research: Users can engage in 15,000 keyword queries a month, with a generous 50,000 rows for each query. You can also manage 60 keyword lists, each accommodating up to 750 keywords. The plan also supports 200 competitive research queries and a substantial 70,000 backlink queries with 50,000 rows monthly.
  • Access: This pricing plan provides the inclusion of 3 user seats. 

Users seeking specific enhancements can purchase selected add-ons for the Large plan at the same price as the Standard.


The Moz Large Pricing Plan essentially builds upon the foundation set by the Moz Medium plan without introducing new features. Its primary distinction lies in its enhanced limits, catering to more extensive SEO requirements. Just as with the transition from the Standard to Medium plan, it’s prudent for users to weigh their actual needs against the offered limits. Sometimes, it might prove more cost-effective to augment the Medium plan with individual add-ons rather than jumping to the Large package.

Moz Pro Premium Pricing Plan

The Moz Premium Pricing Plan is the top-tier choice for large SEO-driven agencies and dedicated in-house marketing teams. It’s priced at $599 a month and tailored to meet the most demanding SEO needs. Like other Moz pricing plans, the company offers a 20% discount for those opting for Moz yearly pricing, bringing the monthly rate down to $479 when billed annually.

What does the Moz Premium pricing plan Include?

The Moz Premium pricing plan stands as the pinnacle of the company’s offerings, truly catering to SEO professionals who demand the most:

  • Campaigns: You can manage up to 50 campaigns, ensuring extensive project or client oversight.
  • Page Crawling: With the Premium plan, users can crawl 2,000,000 pages a week, amounting to 8 million pages a month. Moreover, the Premium plan enables you to crawl sites 10 times faster, optimizing the speed of site analysis.
  • Performance Metrics: You can track 1,000 specific URLs and also access 100 on-demand URLs each month. Additionally, the number of on-demand crawls per month is increased to 100.
  • Research: Dive deeper with 30,000 keyword queries a month and tap into 100,000 rows per query. You can also manage up to 100 keyword lists, each supporting up to 1,000 keywords. Furthermore, the plan accommodates 150 competitive research queries and allows for 100,000 backlink queries a month with 75,000 rows per query.
  • Access: The plan offers an expanded team collaboration space with 5 user seats.

It’s essential to note that aside from the expanded limits and new features highlighted above, all other features remain consistent with the Moz Large plan. Additionally, for those seeking specific add-ons, the pricing remains unchanged from the Moz Standard to the Moz Premium.


The Moz Premium plan significantly amplifies your SEO research capacity with its expansive limits on various indicators. However, it stands out as one of the priciest SEO solutions on the market. Apart from the accelerated page crawl time, it doesn’t introduce any new tools beyond what’s available in its less expensive counterparts. Before investing in this high-end plan, you should evaluate other SEO platforms that may offer greater functionality at a similar or even lower price.

Moz Local Pricing Plans

Moz Local Lite Pricing Plan

The Moz Local Lite Plan offers an affordable entry into the world of local SEO. Priced at $14 a month per location, it provides an easy and efficient way to handle your listings and keep an eye on reviews. You can effortlessly distribute location data from the centralized dashboard and ensure your listings stay accurate and up-to-date. Plus, when choosing Moz’s yearly pricing option, you can save up to 25%.

What does the Moz Local Lite pricing plan Include?

  • Listing Management: With the Moz Local Lite Plan, you can create and oversee listings from a unified dashboard.
  • Automated Location Data Distribution: This Moz pricing plan empowers you to automatically dispatch location data to partner sites, applications, and data aggregators.
  • Continual Syncing of Location Data: Users can benefit from instantaneous updates on partner sites, ensuring listings remain precise and up-to-date.
  • Standard Directories Submission: You can send your location data to the leading search engines, directories, social media platforms, and applications.
  • Data Aggregator Submission: This plan allows you to submit your location details directly to Foursquare.
  • Data Cleansing Process: The Lite Plan ensures your location data is meticulously formatted for submission, undergoing a thorough review process before dispatch.
  • Automated Duplicate Deletion: This feature automatically identifies, verifies, and removes duplicate listings, reducing potential confusion.
  • Google & Facebook Integration: By choosing this pricing plan, you gain a comprehensive view of your presence on Google and Facebook and can effortlessly publish your data to these platforms.
  • Activity Feed & Notification Alerts: This Moz pricing plan enables timely alerts and notifications, notifying you of customer reviews and other pressing matters.
  • Review Monitoring: With this plan, you can seamlessly read and monitor customer reviews from various sites, all from one centralized dashboard


The Moz Local Lite Plan is an exemplary choice for those venturing into local SEO. It offers many helpful features and ensures a seamless experience in managing listings and efficiently monitoring reviews from a unified dashboard. While the pricing seems affordable at first glance, you need to remember that the cost is per individual location. If you have multiple locations, the charges can add up, so it’s essential to consider this when budgeting.

Preferred Pricing Plan

The Moz Local Preferred Plan is a step up for businesses aiming for a more comprehensive grip on their local digital footprint. At $20 per location per month, this plan not only incorporates all the features of the Lite package but also adds new valuable functionalities. For those planning ahead, the annual payment option delivers an up to25% discount, making it a wise choice for sustained local and reputation management.

What does the Moz Local Preferred pricing plan Include?

The Moz Local Preferred Pricing Plan builds upon the foundation set by the Moz Local Lite package, adding new tools that enhance your local SEO efforts. Additional features of this plan are:

  • Reputation Management: This feature allows users to read and respond directly to customer feedback, fostering active engagement and providing a clearer insight into review sentiments, all from a single dashboard.
  • Social Posting: With this plan, users gain access to additional local directories, the availability of which might vary by region, thereby expanding their local online visibility.

Moreover, users from the US who choose this Moz pricing plan can also purchase the optional Data Aggregators add-on for $4/month. It integrates Data Axle & Neustar Localeze, enhancing location data distribution capabilities.


The Moz Local Preferred Plan is a compelling option for businesses with a comprehensive grasp of their local SEO operations. With added features like reputation management and social posting, this plan empowers businesses to strengthen their local online footprint and gain clearer insights into customer feedback. As with the Lite package, it’s crucial to note that the pricing is per location. This can lead to substantial accumulated costs for businesses operating across multiple locations.

Elite Pricing Plan

The Moz Local Elite Plan represents the pinnacle of local SEO management tools provided by Moz. At a rate of $33 a month per location, this Moz pricing plan includes all the benefits of the Preferred plan while giving users the added advantage of distributing location data to even more directories. For those looking for a more economical commitment, there’s an opportunity to save up to 25% with the Moz yearly pricing.

What does the Moz Local Elite Plan Include?

The Moz Local Elite Pricing Plan includes all the features of the Preferred plan while offering additional capabilities. 

An upgrade in the Elite plan is the Additional Directories Submission through a unified dashboard. This feature provides businesses unparalleled access to an expanded array of local directories, though their availability may vary by region.


The Elite Pricing Plan primarily offers just one added functionality: access to additional local directories. While the cost difference might seem steep for just one feature, for businesses that prioritize expanded directory access, it could be a worthwhile investment.

Moz Free Trial subscription

Moz offers a 30-day free trial for its Moz Pro tool without any financial commitment. No charges will be made during the trial period, and any user can cancel before the month ends without incurring any costs. The free trial provides access to SEO data, various SEO tools designed for insights and reporting, 24/7 online support, and other functionalities.

Which Moz Pricing Plan is Best?

Selecting a Moz subscription plan for 2024 depends on your SEO endeavors’ unique needs and scale.

In the case of Moz Pro, the primary distinction between tiers is the increased limits. It means businesses paying more are getting a broader capacity to handle their SEO tasks rather than a more comprehensive array of features. On the other hand, with Moz Local, as you move up the pricing tiers, you’re paying for additional features.

For beginners in SEO or smaller businesses, the Moz Pro and Moz Local Lite plans offer foundational tools that cater to essential requirements. Medium and growing companies might find the Moz Medium or Moz Local Preferred plans more suitable due to their augmented capabilities. Larger enterprises or SEO-centric agencies could lean towards the Moz Premium or Moz Local Elite plans, as these plans promise a comprehensive toolset and the most extensive reach.

However, it’s essential to remember that if you’re operating a local business and desire an all-encompassing SEO perspective, solely investing in Moz Local might not suffice. While it’s proficient in local features, it doesn’t cover SEO management tools. Thus, a Moz Pro subscription would still be necessary for a complete SEO overview. As always, consider your needs, the specifics of the plans, and your budget before making a choice.


Moz is an established player in the SEO world, recognized for its vast data access. Yet, its user feedback reveals some reservations about its value proposition. Its pricing is steep, and the pace at which it is evolving seems to lag behind competitors like SE Ranking. The platform lacks groundbreaking features, and contemporary functionalities powered by AI and geared towards content marketing are missing. Potential users should weigh these considerations before deciding if Moz truly aligns with their needs amidst the competitive offerings.

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