Best Xovi Alternatives to Boost Your SEO

Xovi was founded in 2009, and this Germany-based company has been offering SaaS solutions to the online marketing industry ever since. The brand is famous for its SEO & SEM monitoring tools, such as a rank tracker, keyword and link analysis, and search analytics.

But perhaps Xovi isn’t the right choice for you. The market is full of all-around SEO tools, so how do you pick the best Xovi alternatives? We want to assist you, which is why we analyzed the market and looked for the most suitable competitors to this platform. Check out the selection and the detailed reviews below!

Consideration of Key Factors for Xovi Alternatives Selection

The best Xovi alternatives should either provide similar all-around services like this tool or specialize in a single area that a particular user is interested in. Here’s an overview of the top factors analyzed while we were looking for the top Xovi replacement:

  • Keyword monitoring. Xovi does a great job in providing an overview of a domain keyword positioning, including discovering new phrases that could boost your rankings, and that’s an important task for any alternative to this tool.
  • Site audit. The platform analyzes website health and divides issues found into content, external links, server, and other sections. Other tools like Pagespeed Monitoring and SERP Snippet Generator are also there, so Xovi competitors should excel in the site audit and on-page optimization department.
  • Link analysis. Xovi analyzes all backlinks, providing detailed statistics on anchor texts, subnets, and other metrics. It also has a disavow analysis, helping you to recognize links in your profile that could lead to penalties.
  • Pricing. Premium plans at Xovi start at €99 monthly, and you also get a free trial that lasts for 14 days. Our aim was to find SEO platforms that are either more affordable or offer better value for money.

List of Top Tools

You’ll find detailed reviews of each tool we singled out below, but before that, here’s a quick overview of the best Xovi alternatives:

  1. SE Ranking. With features ranging from tracking ranks in four search engines and markets worldwide to a powerful backlink checker and a site audit tool, this is the best all-around SEO tool for all user types.
  2. Sistrix. The custom Visibility Index metric is its strongest suit, and it’s also great for everyone looking for a specialized Google, Amazon, or social media SEO tool.
  3. Seobility. The platform has a comprehensive site audit and reliable keyword rank tracking metrics.
  4. Ryte. It’s a great choice if your focus is on improving the website user experience, including compliance and accessibility enhancements.
  5. Ahrefs. Although it’s pricey, the tool is famous for its huge database and comprehensive SEO features, including a detailed competitor analysis.
  6. SpyFu. Go with this tool if you need extensive PPC statistics for your next advertising campaign.
  7. Conductor. It’s the best alternative for business-focused clients and, website owners and managers who’d like to make live page edits. 
  8. Semrush. It’s an advanced SEO tool with an extensive detail level, making it ideal for professionals and teams.
  9. Ubersuggest. It is the best choice for beginners and the only tool with a lifetime subscription option.
  10. Morningscore. It’s an SEO platform with a modern design and a simple interface, making it pleasant to use.

Now, let’s move to the detailed reviews of all Xovi alternatives listed above!

1. SE Ranking

se ranking


SE Ranking is a user-friendly SEO toolkit with extensive monitoring features. Its keyword rank tracker provides daily updates for positions on Yahoo, Google, YouTube, and Bing. You can tailor ranks per location or device, check if your site earned special SERP features for the specified keywords, and check target URLs to identify keyword cannibalization.

The backlink checker provides data from a database with over three trillion indexed links. You can check page and domain trust ratings, referring domains and top anchor texts and pages by links. SE Ranking will display active, lost, and new links and show a list of backlinks grouped by subnets and IPs. The backlink tracking tool will keep track of and notify you of any changes, such as the page dropping from the Google index. You can choose the links to disavow, and the platform will create a disavow file based on that info.

Another reason why we picked SE Ranking as the best Xovi alternative is its fast and reliable site audit. It provides over 120 metrics while being capable of crawling up to 1,000 pages in two minutes. The technical SEO parameters include security, crawling, usability, localization, and speed issues. You’ll get informed if your images, CSS, or JavaScript files aren’t optimized, and you can also compare audits and build reports to track progress.

SE Ranking has a simple but powerful keyword suggestion tool, and the content editor will help you generate top-quality content to outrank competitors. Competitor analysis checks any rival’s paid and organic campaigns, and you can execute the SERP checker to acquire SERP data for the desired keywords. Generating reports is easy, and there are options to white-label and customize them to your needs.


SE Ranking allows you to try the platform for 14 days via the free trial. Here are the pricing details:

  • Essential. It’s the recommended plan for newbies and freelancers, and the price is $55 monthly. You can track rankings of 750 keywords with daily updates and analyze up to 100,000 pages per account in a site audit.
  • Pro. At the cost of $109 monthly, this is the ideal choice for small agencies and teams. You get 2,000 keywords for rank tracking daily and the option to scan up to 250,000 pages per account in the site audit tool.
  • Business. Mid-sized agencies and businesses will find this plan, priced at $239 monthly, suitable. It includes 5,000 tracked keywords daily and 700,000 pages per account in the site audit.

If you choose annual pricing, you qualify for a 20% discount and a free migration from another platform.

Some features, such as content and local marketing tools, aren’t a part of subscriptions by default, and you need to pay extra to unlock them.


SE Ranking is among the Xovi alternatives with an equally generous free trial but more affordable pricing. But it’s not the cost that makes this tool the best Xovi alternative. SE Ranking’s comprehensive database that covers 188 countries, 4.2 billion keywords, and 2 billion domain profiles, along with extensive SEO monitoring and research features, is the reason why this platform tops our list.

2. Sistrix



Sistrix is a Xovi alternative that specializes in competitor analysis, rank-tracking, and helping you create top-quality content. The platform features a Visibility Index metric for Google, which is an absolute value that displays a domain’s organic visibility in search results. It’s a simple way to rate how you compare with the competitors.

Competitor analysis allows for checking the rivals’ keyword strategy, identifying traffic sources and discovering successful content formats and types. The content assistant can help pick the right topics and suggest phrases to insert into the articles you are creating. Sistrix has content and readability ratings, and it can check texts for uniqueness.

Finally, the Sistrix optimizer is a tool that focuses on discovering technical issues, such as missing meta descriptions, URLs with capital letters, and page loading speed. Another notable trait is that rank-tracking covers over 200 languages and countries and offers daily updates.

Sistrix has separate tools for Amazon, including the Visibility Index metric, but also checking product reviews and history and analyzing different product categories. Social tools for searching Instagram, TikTok and YouTube content creators are also available. Although Sistrix alternatives might offer more comprehensive SEO tools, these special packages for Amazon and social networks make this platform stand out from the competition.


Sistrix has separate Google, Amazon, and Social pricing plans. Here are the available premium Sistrix Google subscriptions:

  • Start. It costs €99 monthly, and you get a single user account, up to three projects and 10,000 results per domain and competitor analysis.
  • Plus. For €199 monthly, you get three user seats, up to 15 projects and 50,000 results per analysis of a domain and competitor.
  • Professional. The price is €349 monthly, and it includes six user seats, up to 40 projects and 100,000 results per domain and competitor analysis.
  • Premium. For €599 monthly, you get 12 user seats and 100 projects, along with no limits on results per search when analyzing domains and competitors.

Amazon pricing is similar, while the Social plan is still in the beta phase, making it more affordable. You can test the Start and Plus packages for free.


Sistrix launched its custom Visibility Index metric in 2008 and has been famous for it ever since. The tool is a good alternative to Xovi for those who focus on analyzing the competition and appreciate assistance when creating content. It’s also a great fit if you want a specialized platform for Amazon and social media analysis.

3. Seobility



Seobility is the next on our list of Xovi alternatives, and it’s a tool that’s famous for its crawling capabilities. It uses up to five parallel crawlers, depending on your plan, and checks for over 300 relevant factors. The results are sorted into three categories, with the first one covering technical and meta issues affecting your site’s health. The second focuses on website structure for visitors and search engines, such as problems with hierarchy, anchor texts, and internal links. Finally, content evaluation will help identify duplicate texts, keyword cannibalization, and even problems like typos.

Keyword ranking combines monitoring with on-page analysis and shows the number of words on a page, keyword occurrences, and other useful metrics. You can also see local search results, which is convenient if your business is focused on a specific area.

Seobility features a backlink dashboard with the usual metrics, such as the referring domains, follow and no-follow link percentage, and the list of all new, lost, and broken links. Although it’s a decent choice at the price, you might still find that Seobility alternatives offer a more comprehensive SEO tool selection. 


Here are the pricing details for Seobility:

  • Basic. Hobbyists and newbies will appreciate this free subscription that allows a single project with up to ten keywords. The limitations include not showing mobile ranking, no backlink analysis and no reporting features.
  • Premium. You pay $50 monthly for three projects with up to 300 keywords. 
  • Agency. The cost is $200 monthly for 15 projects with up to 1,500 keywords.

The Premium plan is available to try for 14 days via a free trial. If you choose annual payments, you save 20%.


If you are looking for a free Xovi alternative, Seobility has a version you don’t have to pay for. It comes with limited features, so agencies and teams will find premium plans a better fit. Overall, Seobility is a decent SEO tool choice with a comprehensive site audit, although it lacks some features like social media monitoring.

4. Ryte



Ryte is a Xovi competitor that focuses on maximizing website user experience. Apart from basic SEO tools, the services are focused on building a carbon-neutral and sustainable site, and also one accessible to all users without restrictions.

You can tailor the site audit to your requirements, including the number of URLs to analyze, and enable JavaScript crawling if necessary. Weekly traffic value and top ten pages are among the metrics provided by Ryte. You can also see keywords that underperformed, and the platform will sort issues by priority for easier navigation.

Web performance analysis will focus on page loading speeds. That includes large images that should be optimized, unnecessary scripts and files, and many other factors. Page scores will help to see the ratio of pages that need improvement, while the “Real Google Visibility” section displays clicks, searches, CTR, and position data. 

Ryte can check to confirm your website is GDPR-compliant to ensure you avoid any legal risks. Although Ryte alternatives offer more comprehensive SEO tools, compliance analysis can be important, especially for business websites.


Ryte has a quote-based pricing, so the cost isn’t publicly available. These are the two subscription plans:

  • Partner. You get monthly crawling for up to 5,000,000 URLs.
  • Enterprise. The platform will tailor the features to your needs.

You can schedule a demo via the official website.


Ryte focuses on analyzing your website to improve user experience. It’s not a direct Xovi alternative in the SEO department since it lacks keyword research and other important tools. But if you find user experience and website performance vital, including accessibility and compliance checks, then Ryte can be a smart choice. 

5. Ahrefs



Ahrefs crawls five million pages per minute, and it tops the list of SEO bots in terms of activity. The database contains over 20.4 billion keywords in 216 locations, making this the #1 Xovi alternative if you plan to focus on keyword research. Suggestions are sorted into several categories, such as questions, terms match, “also rank for,” and “also talk about.”

Site Explorer on Ahrefs offers detailed domain analysis in terms of organic and paid traffic, website structure, and backlink profile. Although there’s no separate backlink tool like in Ahrefs alternatives, the metrics you get have you covered completely. They include detailed lists of all, new, and lost backlinks, as well as broken and internal links with statistics like page traffic and referring domains.

Ahrefs also has a site audit that presents results in a visually attractive way, such as graphs for crawled URLs and error distribution. The platform checks over 140+ pre-set issues connected to performance, social and HTML tags, localization, and other areas. A content explorer and rank tracker are also part of the Ahrefs suite, and there are also limited reporting options.


Let’s check the available premium plans:

  • Lite. The plan includes 100,000 crawl credits and 750 tracked keywords monthly, with the price set at $99 monthly.
  • Standard. You get 500,000 crawl credits and 2,000 tracked keywords at the price of $199 monthly.
  • Advanced. It costs $399 monthly and includes 1,500,000 crawl credits and 5,000 tracked keywords.
  • Enterprise. You get 5,000,000 crawl credits and 10,000 tracked keywords, with the pricing starting at $999 monthly.

Annual payments will qualify you for using the tool for free for two months. 


Ahrefs probably has the most impressive database among all Xovi alternatives, but using its services comes at a high price tag. If you don’t mind paying extra, you’ll get a comprehensive SEO tool with excellent site audit and analysis features that can help improve your website performance and analyze rivals to the smallest detail.

6. SpyFu



If PPC campaigns are an integral part of your online marketing, consider SpyFu as the Xovi alternative. It will display all PPC keywords for any domain and estimate their traffic. You can also see a list of competitors for a particular term or website. Checking ad history and visiting the Google Ads advisor and templates will help adjust the ads to your preferences. The Kombat tool will look for keyword gaps when compared to rival domains to help identify the right opportunities for your site.

You’ll also find the Backlink Kombat tool with a similar purpose, while the Backlink Outreach can also help identify strong links for your profile. SpyFu has an SEO overview for your or competitor’s domain analysis. It shows metrics like organic keywords and estimated monthly SEO clicks, as well as terms that lost or improved ranks recently.

SpyFu makes it easy to create reports for clients, and you can focus on SEO or PPC when creating reports. The platform sorts data well, but it takes a while to get used to the navigation, which is why SpyFu alternatives might be easier to use.


Here are the SpyFu subscription details:

  • Basic. It costs $39 monthly, and you get six months of historical data, along with 10,000 rows of search results.
  • Professional. It costs $79 monthly, but it’s $39 for the first month. The plan includes 10+ years of historical data, API access, and unlimited search results.

SpyFu has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and there’s a significant discount if you pay annually.


SpyFu does a great job in domain and competitor analysis, including finding keyword and backlink gaps compared to rivals. The platform is the best choice for everyone looking for Xovi alternatives that provide extensive PPC statistics and help create top-quality Google Ads.

7. Conductor



Improving your website’s health is among the top focuses of the Conductor SEO tool. A site audit will show any technical errors for your domain or specific page health issues. Thanks to ContentKing, the platform will track any important website changes 24/7, and you’ll receive real-time alerts. But the strongest feature of this Xovi alternative is the live page editor. It ensures you can publish content and technical updates via Conductor, which saves time and simplifies things.

Keyword research displays top terms by search volume or social mentions and shows monthly search interest in a particular phrase. Conductor provides audience insights to help you understand the demographics and intents of your potential visitors and customers.

The platform also has daily keyword ranking software across different languages, locations, and devices. You can monitor digital content through Google SERP, but also press coverage, social media, and other channels. But unlike some Conductor alternatives, the tool comes with a learning curve, especially for utilizing it to its full potential.


Conductor doesn’t offer clear pricing details. Instead, they require contacting their digital marketing experts and booking a free live demo. These experts will explain how the tool works and specify ways it can help achieve your particular goals.


The Conductor is among the business-focused alternatives to Xovi since its primary clients are teams and agencies. While it’s not the cheapest tool out there, its unique features, like the live editor, make it worth checking out.

8. Semrush



Semrush presents the level of detail you won’t see in many Xovi alternatives. The site audit begins with a detailed overview dashboard with a site health rating and information about errors and crawled pages. You get thematic reports and ratings in crawlability, site performance, HTTPS, internal linking, core web vitals, international SEO, and markup.

Seeing a detailed list of issues comes with a short explanation of how and why to fix that problem, and you can compare crawls with the ones made in the past. And although you’ll find cheaper Semrush alternatives, not many have a database with over 43 trillion backlinks. The platform indicates their base is constantly updated to secure access to the freshest information. A backlink audit, bulk analysis, and a link-building tool round up the offer in this area.

As for competitive research, Semrush has a domain overview with detailed and well-sorted info. From organic and paid search traffic info to distribution by country and historical charts, the presentation is visually pleasing. The tool has backlink and keyword gap analysis tools, and also a keyword magic tool and manager to help you find and manage terms suitable for your website.


Semrush has the following premium subscriptions:

  • Pro. It doesn’t include historical data, but you get 500 daily tracked keywords and five projects for $129.95 monthly. 
  • Guru. You unlock historical data for $249.95 monthly and also increase the number of tracked keywords to 1,500 and projects to 15.
  • Business. The most expensive plan costs $499.95 and supports 40 projects and 5,000 keywords to track.

You’ll get a discount of up to 17% if you pay annually. There’s a 7-day money-back guarantee on all subscriptions. Some tools are paid extra, including Trends and Local features.


Semrush is an advanced SEO tool and an excellent Xovi alternative for anyone who isn’t a beginner. If you expect a comprehensive online marketing suite and you are an experienced professional or need a tool for your team, Semrush is among the SEO industry leaders, making it a great choice.

9. Ubersuggest



Ubersuggest has a dashboard that identifies your top SEO opportunities right after you enter the domain. The page also shows basic information about backlinks, keyword rankings, and other metrics, making it an all-around alternative to Xovi.

If you enter the traffic overview, you can see organic keywords and traffic statistics, along with the number of referring domains and backlinks. Along with the top SEO pages and keywords, this is a decent tool to analyze the competition, although some Ubersuggest alternatives are more detailed.

As for the site audit, Ubersuggest is pretty fast and discovers a wide range of issues while providing recommendations on how to fix them. Load time, interactivity, and visual stability metrics are important for user experience, and you can see separate statistics for desktop and mobile devices. Backlink analysis and keyword research are also a part of the Ubersuggest SEO suite.


Ubersuggest has a free version with restricted features. Here are the premium subscription prices:

  • Individual. The cost is $290 per lifetime or $29 monthly, and it’s great for individuals and solo entrepreneurs managing a single site.
  • Business. The price is $490 per lifetime or $49 monthly, and the plan includes up to seven websites.
  • Enterprise / Agency. You unlock a plan that supports up to 15 projects for $99 monthly or $990 per lifetime.

Ubersuggest has a 7-day free trial available.


You won’t find many better alternatives to Xovi that offer as many SEO features for free as Ubersuggest. The premium subscriptions are also affordable, and you have the option of a lifetime purchase. Combined with a simple user interface, Ubrersuggest tops the list of the best SEO tools for beginners.

10. Morningscore



Although it’s technically the last on our list of Xovi alternatives, Morningscore is right up there with other options, especially if you need a simple SEO tool. You can use the keyword research tool to get suggestions and track the positions of the specified terms.

If you move to website audit, it will show the health score and past changes, as well as the most recent issues. All problems are sorted into three categories including basic, content, and technical. You have a step-by-step explanation of how to repair the issues, and you can also specifically analyze landing pages for their health.

A link scanner comes with a Linkscore metric, which estimates your backlink profile strength. You can access the list of all but also new and lost links. SEO reports are easy to make, although not as extensive as in some Morningscore alternatives. Beginners will appreciate the SEO missions that gamify the entire experience of improving your website’s SEO.


These are the Morningscore plans:

  • Growth suite. The price is $65 monthly, and you get two user seats, five websites, and 200 keywords.
  • Professional suite. You get ten user seats, 25 websites and 1,000 keywords for $125 monthly. 
  • Master suite. At $237 monthly, you unlock access for 20 users, and the plan supports 100 websites and 2,500 keywords. 
  • Agency suite. It costs $685 monthly, and you get 25 user seats, 400 websites, and 10,000 keywords.

The prices shown exclude VAT, and you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Morningscore if you are a new user.


Morningscore shows that the secret lies in simplicity. An intuitive design and a user-friendly interface, combined with decent data depth at affordable prices, make this tool an excellent choice for beginners.


Do you already have a favorite Xovi alternative? SE Ranking seems like an excellent choice since it’s not only more comprehensive but also more affordable than Xovi. It’s pleasant to work on this platform, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Other Xovi alternatives can also be a great pick. For example, Ahrefs has an impressive backlink and keyword database, while Ubersuggest is a great choice if you don’t want to pay a single cent. Ultimately, think about what you expect from an SEO tool and find the most suitable platform in our guide accordingly!

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