The List of Hottest AccuRanker Alternatives to Lead the Industry Game

Whether you run a site, devise content strategies, or promote a brand, high search engine rankings should be your top priority. And to climb up SERPs successfully, equipping with the relevant SEO tools is a must. From the variety of market choices, AccuRanker proves to be a respected platform, famous for its rank-tracking capabilities. It allows accurate monitoring of keywords within different campaigns and devices and leveraging the up-to-date ranking data to make educated decisions.

However, the digital marketing realm is dynamic and competitive, and it is natural to constantly seek more lucrative SEO instruments to grow online. In this article, we will explore the cherry-pick AccuRanker alternatives, focusing on their built-in toolsets, features, unique perks, and pricing tiers. Read on to discover the AccuRanker competitor that perfectly resonates with your specific business needs and budget opportunities.

Consideration of Key Factors for AccuRanker Alternatives Selection

Of course, the AccuRanker alternative choice varies from case to case and primarily depends on set optimization goals and scaling expectations. But if you want your strategies to perform efficiently, there is an array of pivotal aspects to consider. Aside from a powerful rank tracker tool, make sure that the selected platform delivers:

  • Extensive databases of keywords and backlinks 
  • Keyword monitoring and research functionalities, along with rich metrics like KD, search volume, etc. 
  • Competitor analysis toolbox to spy on the rivals’ strategies, rankings, target keywords, and backlinks
  • Easy-to-use and navigate user interface
  • Customizable reporting functions to generate complete and data-driven summaries on specific SEO analysis
  • Affordable plans, where the cost corresponds to the quality
  • Integrations with third-party tools and apps and compatibility with different search engines
  • Reactive and helpful customer support 

On top of that, pay attention to updates and advancements as well as unique perks and offerings that stand AccuRanker competitors out from the rest. The level of data security and availability of free trials are also worth checking out.

List of Top Tools

Our experts scrutinized the current market options and compiled a list of cutting-edge AccuRanker alternatives that help both novice and seasoned SEO individuals, business owners, and digital marketing agencies stay ahead in their niche. Let’s see the reasons we picked exactly these platforms.

  • SE Ranking – an all-in-one solution for entry-level marketers and dedicated agencies who yearn to optimize locally and globally and run profitable content and social media marketing.
  • Ranktracker – best for deep keyword monitoring and analysis of historical ranking insights.
  • SEO PowerSuite – conducts 360-degree site streamlining, from keyword exploration to backlink analysis.
  • Rankinity – a straightforward platform to effectively track ranks in real-time based on location.
  • AuthorityLabs – brings excellent value for average business owners in tracking SERP performance in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Wincher – ideally fit businesses looking for user-friendly and accurate rank-monitoring capabilities.
  • Raven Tools – a comprehensive marketing suite that is most suitable for agencies or solo marketers running multiple concurrently.
  • Long Tail Pro – shines bright with its outstanding long-tail keyword investigation for developing winning content strategies.
  • Semrush – a well-rounded SEO platform for in-depth keyword investigation, competitor analysis, and PPC research to enhance online presence.
  • Ahrefs – an all-around SEO software powered by vast databases and remarkable with complete features for keyword research and backlink audit.

SE Ranking

Covering huge keyword and backlink databases as well as a versatile suite of tools and features for any SEO aspect optimization, SE Ranking deservedly tops the list of the best AccuRanker alternatives. The UI will smoothly navigate you through different modules and present detailed stats via eye-catching dashboards. With advanced AI algorithms, devising powerful content strategies is a cakewalk. The platform suits different marketing and SEO needs whether it is a small site or an established organization, which is rare among alternatives to AccuRanker. Drill down what you can expect from SE Ranking functionality to scale your business.


  • Keyword Rank Tracker. Gives you a holistic picture of your and your customer’s keyword performance across search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube, different locations, and on desktops or mobiles. It swiftly clusters and tags keywords for effortless analysis by metrics like SERP features, search volume, traffic forecast, and content score. With pro features, it is possible to measure how you stack up against rivals, identify the most traffic-driving keywords, and prevent cannibalization and traffic loss proactively. SE Ranking’s Keyword Rank Tracker automatically checks your site’s positions in the SERPs for all your target keywords for up to 100 locations per project. 
  • On-Page SEO Checker. This tool thoroughly scans through pages to detect all the issues hindering your site from high rankings. The issues are grouped into errors, warnings, and notices based on SEO facets related to user experience, metadata, text content, etc. You can obtain actionable fix recommendations as well as sort action items by priority, categories, and status.
  • Website Audit. According to AccuRanker alternative experts, you will meet an incredibly granular site tech SEO health score on the basis of crawled pages and found URLs. The visually appealing dashboard comprises insights into CoreWeb Vitals both from desktops and mobiles, showcases the top 5 issues to fix based on their significance level, and reveals problems by categories, along with their occurrence frequency.
  • Competitor Analysis Tool. This utility provides competitors’ organic and paid strategies analysis from A to Z. Users can check keyword rankings and new and lost keyword statistics of rivals. It is possible to inspect traffic data and keyword dynamics by parameters such as search volume, KD, CPC, etc. Keep an eye also on the competition’s PPC activities via profoundly exploring their ad campaigns. 
  • Backlink Checker. Powered by the immense backlink index, the tool gives the liberty to analyze any backlink profile in no time. Unearth valuable link-building opportunities by delving into complete insights on Page Domain, Page Trust, anchor texts, referring domains, active/new/lost backlinks, top-linked pages, dofollow/nofollow backlinks, and IPs and subnets. These are precious insights into knowing how many links and what quality you should create to take your page higher in the SERPs.
  • Local Marketing Tool. With this module, users can efficiently optimize their keyword strategies for local searches. Find out the top-performing keywords on mobiles and desktops, properly update business listings and directories, learn how customers comment on your business, monitor positions for small specific locations, and many more.

Furthermore, SE Ranking boasts a top-notch Agency Success Kit and Content Marketing tools which makes it the best AccuRanker competitor.


SE Ranking impresses with its pricing system no less than the toolset provided. You can pick from 3 affordable plans, catering to different pockets and SEO and marketing needs:

  • Essential – $55 monthly
  • Pro – $109 monthly
  • Business – $239 monthly

Unlike many top AccuRanker competitors, the platform allows access to extensive features even with the basic package subscription. Plus, you can get a 20% discount when paid annually and enjoy a free trial period of as long as 14 days.


If you are looking for a formidable AccuRanker alternative, SE Ranking is second to none.  It might be a great game changer for any business due to the first-class optimization of SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategies. Its vast databases, flawless AI mechanisms, intuitive interface, and budget-friendly pricing will assist beginner marketing specialists as well as SEO sharks to become a big industry name both locally and globally.


As the name implies, this platform primarily targets rank-tracking capacities and is the best AccuRanker alternative for accurate and up-to-date tracking of specific keyword progress. Still, Ranktracker has other noteworthy assets to stay ahead of the competition. 


  • Rank Tracker. Like most top AccuRanker alternatives, this module enables language-based tracking for desktop and mobile devices, includes white-label reporting options, and sends daily email notifications for the ups and downs within any SEO aspect. It checks SERP features positions and stands out with the Discovery tool that identifies the keywords you’re having but not tracking. You can easily monitor positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex.
  • Keyword Finder. This is a brilliant tool for engaging new visitors to the site in a short time. You can hassle-free discover and incorporate keywords of low-difficulty and high-search volumes into your strategies.
  • SERP Checker. Attain detailed Google SERP insights for any search term and uncover precious ranking opportunities at local and global levels.
  • Web Audit. It checks your site’s overall SEO health, defining all the issues to fix. Stay informed for urgent errors to tackle first and get a list of relevant practical optimizations.
  • Backlink Checker. You can luxuriate in prompt backlink analysis for any domain, including competitors. Gauge metrics like Domain/URL Rating, anchor text, new/lost backlinks, dofollow/nofollow status, first/last seen, etc. to adopt your strategies responsively and outrank opponents.
  • Backlink Monitor. Users may enhance their link-building practices by spotting who is linking to the site, along with their domain authority. Scrutinizing the backlinks you won and lost in detail as well as checking backlink progress over time to define trends are at your disposal.

 When it comes to content marketing, AI Article Writer aids in crafting traffic-driving content.


The platform comes with fair pricing tiers, which are significantly lower compared to those of market-leading Ranktracker alternatives. From newbie webmasters to pro users, everyone can choose the package that matches their SEO requirements and budgets.

  • Starter – $24 monthly
  • Double Data – $59 monthly
  • Quad Data – $109 monthly
  • Hex Data – $209 monthly

To ensure that built-in capabilities are worth leveraging, test Ranktracker on the fly for 7 days for free.


If one wants to get the best out of the SEO toolbox for minimal investments, Ranktracker is the terrific go-to option. It makes excellent value not only for tracking keyword ranks but also for keyword research, SERP analysis, site auditing, and backlink monitoring. The platform is one of the few best AccuRanker alternatives delivering tools for content marketing and custom report features with such attractive prices.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a one-stop SEO solution for running campaigns of different caliber and scale. A comprehensive scope of tools and extensive databases will help you successfully manage any SEO task whether it be tracking keyword positions, researching for profitable keywords, auditing the site on technical or SEO issues, or analyzing backlink profiles. Unlike most SEO PowerSuite alternatives, the platform covers the unique TF-IDF feature that optimizes the content for semantic SEO. We can go on and on with the list of add-ons, but let’s briefly overview if the core functionality is worth investing in.


  • Rank Tracker. This function lets users track rankings across different search engines locally and globally with no limits. With easily customizable dashboards and SEO reports, analyzing competitors’ keywords’ ranking performance and traffic will be effective and trouble-free. You may monitor rankings on desktops and mobiles as well as in any precise location of your choice. The Ranking History feature will reveal all the online visibility fluctuations for as long time as needed.
  • Website Auditor. It diligently scans the overall site’s or the page’s SEO health to detect all issues negatively affecting rankings, traffic, and user experience. These include problems with content and structure optimization like broken links and images, duplicate/thin content, site speed issues, redirect chains, internal linking errors, sitemap and hreflang tags bugs, etc.
  • SEO SpyGlass. Only a few AccuRanker competitors may brag about such a potent tool for backlink profile analysis. You can attain detailed info on your site’s linking history, backlinks and referring domains’ quality, top-linking countries, anchor texts, distribution of backlinks by top-level domains, etc. For deeper investigation, audit backlink quality by proprietary InLink Rank metric, HTTP status code, penalty risk, text/image links, and so on. 
  • Link Assistant. This module arms users with a bunch of relevant link suggestions that resonate with the topic and niche. It will also uncover opponents’ backlink gaps and pitch contacts for personalized outreach.


Maybe, SEO PowerSuite is not the most affordable of AccuRanker alternatives due to its yearly payment policy. However, considering the suite of tools and perks users can access, it is entirely fair. Moreover, there is a free version that can be a good starting point for beginner marketers on a shoestring budget. But keep in mind, with this version, you will be incredibly feature-limited, and it won’t be possible to save your projects. From small marketing teams to large agencies, everyone can decide on a Professional or Enterprise package, priced at $596 and $1396 per year, respectively. These licenses offer a free trial period of 14 days as well.


SEO PowerSuite is one of the best AccuRanker alternatives to get your digital product ahead. Stuffed with a variety of functionalities from keyword research to content enhancement, it will deliver all critical insights and generate complete reports to take the needed optimizations for climbing up SERPs.


If you are looking for SEO software with a strong focus on checking positions across search engines, Rankinity is that destination. It encompasses various capacities like keyword monitoring, keyword exploration, localization, mobile search tracking, visibility analysis, and competitor auditing, all packed in a straightforward-to-use interface. Still, if you want to streamline your content marketing strategies or backlink profile, it is better to opt for another alternative to AccuRanker.


  • Rank Tracking. This is the core draw of Rankinity which allows fast extracting real-time ranking positions from 1 to 1M keywords with no page reloads. It supports multiple search engines like Google, Google Maps, Bing, etc., and configures any location at city, region, or country levels. Both manual and scheduled checking rankings on any day of the week are approachable.
  • Visibility Analysis. This is a one-of-a-kind function compared to plenty of Rankinity alternatives. Users can measure the site’s SEO performance by all keywords at once or split key terms into groups and monitor the visibility of specific pages.
  • Competition Analysis. AccuRanker alternative experts note that it is the most outstanding platform’s feature aside from Rank Tracking. You can assess the power of competitors in terms of rankings, online visibility, and promotion campaigns. Discover their ups and downs and hidden strategies and figure out the top industry players to outpace.

In addition, you can take advantage of nifty white-label reporting, affiliate link offering, and API.


Rankinity differs from AccuRanker alternatives since you can’t meet the standard packages with fixed prices here. The software charges for the number of keywords and checks per month. The starting cost for 100 key terms and 30 checks per month is $9.84 per month. Plus, the balance doesn’t burn at the end of the month, and users may spend it anytime required.


When it comes to rank tracking capacity and competitor intelligence, Rankinity is an ideal decision. It would be hard to find a similar tool with such flexible pricing. Still, those who yearn to level up their business from a content and backlinks standpoint, might find the toolbox insufficient.


Whether you are a freelancer, small site owner, or mid-size marketing agency, AuthorityLabs will empower you with cutting-edge mechanisms to keep an eye on SEO performance, regardless of the volume of keywords to track within any project. Although this is a web-based software, which is typical to leading AccuRanker alternatives, it still offers flexibility and efficacy as far as it’s possible. 


At the heart of the platform is Rank Tracker, which lightning-fast and granularly tracks keyword positions. The tool enables local search results’ monitoring by state, city, and even zip code. But if you would like to expand your tracing activities to a global level, just add specific domains or pages from the requisite country, and attain the complete SERP picture from Google, Bing, or Yahoo. After testing out AuthorityLabs, our team underlines other goodies such as:

  • Daily position tracking for relevant keywords
  • Viewing comprehensive charts with crucial ranking data 
  • Comparing rankings against top rivals
  • Exporting daily, weekly, or monthly reports for in-depth comparison analysis
  • Automated checking of mobile and tablet rankings
  • Revealing not provided organic keywords 
  • Individualized white-label reports branded by the logo and color palette 
  • Featured snippet tracking
  • Google Data Studio integration


In the matter of pricing, AuthorityLabs is quite an affordable AccuRanker alternative. Depending on the number of keywords and domains to track within campaigns, the platform introduces 4 flexible packages for different marketing scales:

  • Plus – $49 monthly
  • Pro – $99 monthly
  • Pro Plus – $225 monthly
  • Enterprise – $450 monthly

Before committing to the tool, you can see whether functionalities contribute to your SEO workflow within two weeks of usage for no charge.


Despite being a web-based platform, AuthorityLabs proves to be one of the industry’s prime rank trackers. Like only a handful of AuthorityLabs alternatives, it will assist in boosting traffic, rankings, and online presence without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, marketers who need 360-degree streamlining should look elsewhere.


If you target accurately tracking keyword positions in Google and attract high-quality traffic from organic search, Wincher can be the best AccuRanker alternative. 


The center-stage feature is Rank Tracker since any SEO process plays around it. Users can effortlessly track keyword dynamics without switching between tabs as the tool is compatible with WordPress. Compared to other AccuRanker alternatives, you can stay updated on your search engine position data as well as your rivals’ ranking progress on a daily basis. Still, if you want more frequent rank checks, it is possible to refresh positions manually whenever needed.

Local Rank Tracking feature is another selling point. Covering 100, 000+ locations across 180 countries, it will help grow any business via a holistic ranking picture in a particular area. Regarding competitor monitoring, you may stack up against opponents in view of traffic and keywords, including stats on their traffic-attracting keywords and average ranking position over time. Though most SEO specialists interpret Wincher as primarily a rank tracker, it is still meaningful for keyword research. The tool will identify low-competition keywords based on search volume, CPC, estimated traffic, etc.

Furthermore, the platform sends prompt email notifications on any ranking movement and enables multiple users to access one account and view all the necessary stats simultaneously. Stunning customizable reports are at your disposal as well.


Understanding the investment opportunities from small site owners to large organizations, Wincher has designed the elastic pricing system. Based on the number of tracked keywords and the scope of features that gradually unlocks with the upcoming plan, you can pick from:

  • Starter – $39 monthly
  • Business – $74 monthly
  • Enterprise – $289 monthly

In contrast to Wincher alternatives, everyone might enjoy 2 months of free usage while paying for a year in advance. The platform also secures a 7-day free trial.


Every novice marketer and seasoned webmaster prioritizing rank-tracking capabilities will find Wincher a decent AccuRanker competitor. But if you want to go beyond local monitoring and surface-level competitor analysis, it would be better to opt for other more versatile SEO solutions like SE Ranking.

Raven Tools

If you are seeking an AccuRanker alternative primarily sharpened at rank tracking, site auditing, and reporting features, Raven Tools is just the thing. Of course, by choosing this SEO software, you attain a complete suite of features from keyword and competitor research to backlink and SERP checking. Nevertheless, exactly Site Auditor is the talk of the town among marketers and SEO pros.


Our showdown wants to highlight the following vivid functionalities by Raven Tools inherent to the best AccuRanker competitors.

  • Keyword Rank Checker. It promptly uncovers ranking keywords for any domain by analyzing data points like position, URL, estimated traffic, CPC, global search volume, traffic cost, and SERP features. Keyword grouping by relevance, competitor research by core metrics, and seamless integration with related tools will help you find and target low-hanging fruits to dominate your niche.
  • Site Auditor. One of the attention-grabbing things is that the tool clusters all issues into 6 main groups by default. These are visibility, meta, content, link, image, semantic issues, and additionally desktop and mobile page speed problems. Besides the listings of errors, users get a simple-to-follow, practical checklist of improvements. Using Site Auditor on various devices like desktops, mobile, and tablets, as well as applying advanced settings like crawl depth, are also possible. On top of that, to get the best out of the tool, you can integrate audit KPIs directly into a report, share results with your team via an HTML link, and schedule audits.


If you compare this software against other Raven Tools alternatives, it outperforms them with a more flexible pricing formula. Tailored to meet marketing needs and budget possibilities, from small blogs and sites to huge companies and agencies, the platform supplies 5 plans with monthly subscriptions:

  • Small Biz – $49
  • Start – $109
  • Grow – $199
  • Thrive – $299
  • Lead – $479

When users decide to yearly prepaid, they might save up to 30%. Testing out how the platform operates in practice is accessible with a 7-day free trial.


Raven Tools is a fantastic SEO solution for both entry-level marketers and well-versed SEOs. Offering a great price-benefit ratio, it will especially favor those who wish to capture the best AccuRanker alternative for accomplished SEO auditing, keyword tracking, and reporting capacities.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is an all-around software aimed to supercharge content marketing practices. This is definitely among the best AccuRanker alternatives due to its impressive keyword opportunities. The tool applies an integrated approach to discover the right niche keywords to target, thus attracting immense high-quality traffic.


  • Rank Tracker. Easily keep track of how your strategies perform with up-to-minute comprehensive daily ranking reports. Assess your ranking efforts in terms of target keywords and make data-driven decisions based on advanced metrics. The tool gives the liberty to closely monitor any specific term viability via weekly email reporting on its positioning activities and take actionable steps for increased rankings.
  • SERP Analysis. Users can track up to 200 manual keywords at once and understand the organic traffic potential. Analyze your competitors’ SERP performance, define opportunities for expanding your audience by core metrics audit, and more.
  • Keyword Research. This is a precious gem of the overall toolset responsible for generating 400+ valuable long-tail keywords from a seed key term in no time. Unlike Long Tail Pro alternatives, it covers the proprietary Average Keyword Competitiveness metric that calculates the viability of keyword suggestions for your business on a scale of 0 to 100. Cluster your keywords and filter them based on search volume, CPC, rank value, etc. to finetune your strategies. The feature also makes it possible to measure keyword difficulty and detect top-performing key terms of rivals.
  • Backlink Analysis. It gives you the liberty to effortlessly monitor all the backlinks to particular domains or pages. Find broken links to keep the link equity, verify inbound links to know winning content, and gauge any backlink profile on parameters like TF, CF, anchor text distribution, etc.


Long Tail Pro comes with reasonable pricing tiers within 3 packages available:

  • Starter – $59.99 monthly (suitable for newbies and small teams)
  • Pro – $89.99 monthly (a perfect match for mid-sized companies)
  • Agency – $299.99 monthly (best for scaled agencies and enterprises)

Each plan differs in the number of keyword results daily, tracked keywords and projects as well as scope of functions. Plus, you can save your pocket up to 25% if paid annually.


Are you only starting your way in digital marketing and want to equip yourself with the top AccuRanker competitor to devise powerful keyword-focused content strategies? Long Tail Pro nicely suits both in view of capabilities and investment options. Rest assured, with its tools, you can win every niche and considerably raise traffic to your site.


Whether your focal point is SEO/content optimization, market research, advertising, or social media, Semrush, with its advanced 55+ tools, will handle it for you. It alleviates SEO endeavors from keyword exploration and rank tracking to competitor tracking and on-page site auditing. The platform is one of few AccuRanker alternatives that encompasses end-to-end PPC features, paid advertising functions, and a complex content marketing suite. Still, we should note that Semrush with its cutting-edge multi-faceted tools is core-oriented on marketing individuals, organizations, and agencies with great expertise and investment opportunities.


As it might last hours to discuss built-in functionalities, let’s take a closer look at the prime features standing the software out from other Semrush alternatives.

  • Position Tracking Tool. With this module, in-depth ranking data analysis as well as defining new ways to reach the top of the SERPs, are guaranteed. You can thoroughly esteem keyword ranking potential based on stats on visibility, estimated traffic, average position, new and lost keywords, and ranking distribution in Google’s top 3, top 10, top 20, and top 100. Aside from this, users may find the Position Tracking tool handy for analyzing SERP features, detecting competitors for the target keywords, and crafting detailed ranking reports to stay updated on critical position modifications.
  • Content Marketing Tools. This suite is a terrific combination of creativity and analytics to create data-driven content strategies that entirely resonate with your audience’s needs. Discover valuable content ideas to make the articles relevant and engaging with the Topic Research Tool. SEO Writing Assistant will help craft top-notch unique pieces by checking the SEO score and originality, enhancing readability, and harmonizing the tone of voice.
  • Paid Marketing Tools. The Advertising Research feature lets peep into opponents’ ad strategies in detail regarding profitable paid keywords, ad copy examples, and budget spending over the year. You are free to scrutinize the performance of Google Shopping advertisers, along with their most effective ads.


Frankly speaking, Semrush is a pricey decision, and users with budget constraints can’t afford it. However, such an extensive scope of tools and features you acquire is worth every penny spent. You may opt for one of the following packs resulting from your marketing needs and scale of projects:

  • Pro – $129.95 monthly
  • Guru – $249.95 monthly
  • Business – $499.95 monthly

The platform generously offers a 17% discount with an annual payment subscription.


Regardless of the data-overwhelming UI and expensive pricing policy, Semrush still deserves to be the best AccuRanker alternative. With its any-plan subscription, you can luxuriate not only in impeccable optimization of different SEO angles but also get your brand industry-prominent across PPC campaigns, content marketing, and paid ad tactics.


Initially conceived as a backlink authority checker, the up-to-date Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO platform to grow business. It delivers a high-level view of all SEO processes via an intelligent dashboard, viable tools, and vast databases to progress online from small sites to dedicated enterprises.


The platform is rightfully considered the top AccuRanker alternative since it conducts efficient analyzing within each module to reach high rankings, find best-fitting keywords, detect SEO issues, analyze backlinks, and refine content. Level up your site by leveraging such solutions by Ahrefs like:

  • Rank Tracker. This feature keeps you informed on the ranking progress of specific keywords across 190 countries, both on desktops and mobiles. The interactive dashboard will give a bird’s eye view of metrics like share of voice, average position, traffic, SERP features, and positions distribution. Rank Tracker allows swift automatic sorting of keyword data by filters, tags, and pages to understand clearly what terms are the most winning. Connecting GSC to the tool, seeing how you stack up against rivals, receiving scheduled email reports, and many others are at your fingertips within this module.
  • Site Explorer. Inspect under the microscope any URL or site on organic and paid traffic performance, backlink profile, and site structure. With the fastest backlink crawler and over 14T of live backlinks, it is as easy as pies to accurately analyze competitors on Domain Rating, URL Rating, Domain/Page Traffic, Linked Domains, and External Links.
  • Keyword Explorer. Powered by a huge keyword database and operating across different search engines, the tool will pitch tons of brilliant keyword ideas. Calculate the potential of key terms with accurate search volumes, keyword difficulty scores, and other advanced SEO metrics like Cost per click, Clicks per search, etc.
  • Content Explorer. It discloses high-performing content in your niche and finds a bunch of relevant link prospects in the database of 14.0B web pages. This tool is incredibly useful for searching low-competition topics and revealing precious guest-blogging opportunities.


Ahrefs offers 4 pricing options with regard to the scale of data coverage and feature set. Whether you run a small business or act in an agency/company purposes, you will find your cup of tea:

  • Lite – $99 monthly
  • Standard – $199 monthly
  • Advanced – $399 monthly
  • Enterprise – $999 monthly

Though the pricing models are not approachable like other Ahrefs alternatives, those who tested tools on the fly say it is a formidable solution to invest in. 


Ahrefs relates to first-class AccuRanker alternatives for a reason. It greatly contributes to any SEO and content marketing facet optimization with its powerful toolkit, giant databases, and intuitive interface. The only downside is pricing, but it is completely justified. Instead of several cheaper platforms, you obtain one well-rounded software for remarkable streamlining.


Each of the software described above can be a viable alternative to AccuRanker depending on what you prioritize. Before an ultimate platform decision, carefully assess ease of use, the suite of features, strong points, unique bells and whistles, and investment and scalability opportunities. It will help take on board the best AccuRanker competitor, aligned with your set goals and SEO preferences, to smoothly and successfully progress your business.

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