SEO PowerSuite Pricing Plans 2024 ᐉ Comparison

SEO PowerSuite has firmly established itself as an essential toolset for the modern SEO professional, providing a comprehensive range of functionalities tailored for various users. Boasting four integral applications – a Rank Tracker for diligent keyword analysis, WebSite Auditor for in-depth site audits, SEO SpyGlass to delve into backlink opportunities, and LinkAssistant for effective link outreach – SEO PowerSuite offers a holistic approach to SEO management. 

In our review, we’ll compare the SEO PowerSuite pricing 2024 options, diving deep into the offerings of SEO PowerSuite Free, Professional, and Enterprise. 

Continue reading to decipher which SEO PowerSuite subscription plans align with your SEO goals.

SEO PowerSuite Free Pricing Plan

The SEO PowerSuite Lite Pricing Plan is an unbeatable choice for those starting their SEO journey or testing the tool without financial commitment. It offers a risk-free exploration of its features and the ability to perform simple SEO tasks and analyses.

What does the SEO PowerSuite Free pricing plan Include?

  • Data Import Capability: Users can import data in TXT/CSV formats.
  • Keywords & Rankings: This SEO PowerSuite pricing plan offers rank tracking across 400+ search engines, including major platforms like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It supports local, mobile, and universal search rankings with an adjustable rank-checking depth of up to 1,000 results. The plan also includes a Google Penalty Checker.
  • Competitive Insights: This plan provides insights into the ranking of one competitor.
  • Keyword Tools: With the ability to track rankings across over 400 search engines, this plan provides a comprehensive perspective on search positions. It covers local, mobile, and universal search rankings. The adjustable rank-checking depth, extending up to 1,000 results, offers thorough insights. Furthermore, users can monitor one competitor’s rankings for comparison. A notable feature is the inclusion of ‘Not provided’ data within the organic visits metric.
  • On-page SEO: Site crawling and auditing are available for 1/3 of the pages. The plan also provides tools like a sitemap generator and robots.txt generator, each with the same page limit. An in-app content editor is included, but exporting is not available.
  • Backlink Analysis: This SEO PowerSuite pricing plan supports backlink research for up to 1,100 links per project and offers access to the SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer index. It integrates insights from Google Search Console & Analytics. It includes tools for link penalty risk audits, a disavow file generator, and a feature to compare backlink profiles between 2 sites.
  • Link Building: With ten link prospecting methods, users can target up to 1,000 prospects per project. The plan also features an in-built email client and outreach templates. Additionally, the tool facilitates efficient link verification and management.
  • SEO Reports: This pricing plan enables users to generate customizable SEO reports.


Considering there is no cost, the SEO PowerSuite Free plan offers an impressively robust toolkit . Serving as an ideal entry point, it allows users to familiarize themselves with the software and evaluate its potential before considering a transition to the paid tiers.

SEO PowerSuite Professional Pricing Plan

The SEO PowerSuite Professional Pricing Plan, priced at $596/year, is tailored specifically for in-house use. Unlike the majority of offerings on the market, you won’t find SEO PowerSuite monthly pricing, as it offers only an annual commitment. This SEO PowerSuite pricing plan is positioned as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to manage and refine their SEO efforts internally. This pricing plan level offers an extensive array of features to navigate the complex SEO landscape at an affordable price.

What does the SEO Professional Business pricing plan Include?

The SEO Professional Business pricing plan elevates the capabilities of the Free package by not only retaining all its foundational tools but also introducing enhanced limits and several superior functionalities.

  • Data & Export: Users of this plan benefit from unlimited project saving with history, ensuring long-term tracking and comparisons. Additionally, the hassles of CAPTCHAs are eliminated, paving the way for smoother query processing. Integration with SEO PowerSuite Cloud for up to 20 projects and Dropbox ensures a seamless storage experience.
  • Expanded Competitor Analysis: This SEO PowerSuite pricing plan supports the tracking of up to 5 competitors, ensuring a broader overview of the SEO landscape.
  • On-Page Tools: Site crawling and auditing are limitless, empowering users with comprehensive insights. The restrictions on sitemap and robots.txt generators have been removed, and the in-app content editor now facilitates exports, broadening content strategy horizons.
  • Backlink Analysis: Users can undertake boundless backlink research and set the stage for strategic decisions with the ability to compare up to 6 sites’ backlink profiles.
  • Link Building: This pricing plan uncaps its link prospecting methods, granting unlimited avenues to explore and connect.
  • Reporting: This pricing tier not only allows users to craft in-app reports but also to print them. It’s worth noting that they come adorned with a watermark.


SEO PowerSuite Professional is undeniably a robust tool, boasting a plethora of advanced features. Although its price tag may appear steep, especially given that many of its functionalities are available in the free version, the additional benefits such as the ability to save projects, schedule SEO tasks, and unlimited crawling & auditing capabilities make it a consideration worth pondering.

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise Pricing Plan

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise, priced at $1396/year, is meticulously crafted for those catering to client work. Positioned as a premium offering within the SEO PowerSuite suite, this plan is not just a mere upgrade but a comprehensive solution designed to cater to the intricate needs of agencies and consultants handling multiple client projects. As with the Professional plan, only SEO PowerSuite yearly pricing is available. 

What does the SEO PowerSuite Business pricing plan Include?

The SEO PowerSuite Enterprise pricing plan is designed to cater to more extensive and intensive SEO needs, especially when handling multiple clients. Building upon the strengths of the Professional Plan, it not only incorporates all its features but also expands its capacities.

  • Data & Export: With the Enterprise pricing plan, users have an enormous storage capacity, thanks to the SEO PowerSuite Cloud, which can house up to 400 projects or 4,000 reports. Furthermore, versatility in data export is evident, as users may export in diverse formats such as CSV, SQL, HTML, and XML.
  • Competitor Analysis: This SEO PowerSuite pricing plan makes competitive analysis more exhaustive, permitting tracking for up to 40 competitors. Such depth ensures a comprehensive competitive landscape, vital for strategic positioning.
  • Robust Backlink Analysis: Besides encompassing all features from the Professional Plan, it raises the bar by allowing backlink profile comparisons for up to 11 sites, enabling more detailed comparative insights for strategic link-building decisions.
  • Reporting: Reporting takes a sophisticated turn in the Enterprise edition. Customizable SEO reports can be white-labeled, ensuring your brand’s prominence. The watermark-free printing provides professionalism, while the ability to save and email reports in PDF/HTML formats amplifies convenience. Sharing insights becomes effortless with one-click sharing via direct links. Furthermore, including scheduled reporting and delivery mechanisms ensures timely and automated dissemination of insights to stakeholders.


SEO PowerSuite Enterprise emerges as a formidable force in the realm of SEO tools, equipped with a vast array of sophisticated features tailored for client work. This plan undoubtedly positions itself as a compelling investment for those engaged in intensive client management and requiring white-labeling, advanced reporting, and extensive competitor tracking.

Which SEO PowerSuite Pricing Plan is Best?

Deciding which SEO PowerSuite plans and pricing is optimal for your needs becomes relatively straightforward once you understand the differences between the offerings. 

For novices stepping into the realm of SEO, the Free plan might suffice, offering a substantial toolset without any financial commitment. 

On the other hand, organizations seeking to bolster their in-house SEO endeavors will find the Professional plan suitable for their requirements. 

Meanwhile, agencies operating at a larger scale would find the Enterprise plan indispensable, especially with its comprehensive reporting features tailor-made for client interactions. 

In essence, irrespective of the plan you lean towards, initiating your journey with the free version can serve as a litmus test, offering clarity on the tool’s potential value to your operations.


SEO PowerSuite presents itself as a noteworthy tool worth exploring in the domain of SEO. Yet, upon closer examination, its offerings don’t necessarily stand head and shoulders above the competition. An intriguing catch lies in the allure of its free version, which might inadvertently make users accustomed to its ecosystem, subtly nudging them toward the paid tiers. However, it’s prudent to pause and assess other options like SE Ranking, which arguably brings more innovative functionalities to the table, potentially delivering a more favorable cost-to-value ratio.

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