A Sneak Peek Into SGE Tracking Tools (AI Overview Tracking Tools)

SGE Tracking Tools (AI Overview Tracking Tools)

AI Overviews created a lot of buzz before it was released, but now we can learn how it works and what we need to do to adapt our SEO strategies. 

You can’t do it manually, because we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of search queries and keyword phrases. For instance, SE Ranking analyzed over 100K keyword phrases just to make a report on AI Overview results for you. However, there are already automation tools that can help you adjust your strategy based on the current situation, which is changing every day. 

Here are just a few best SGE checking tools we looked at while preparing this compilation for you. Decide which fits your project best and don’t miss your chance to improve your page positions using AI Overview as an advantage.

List of Top Tools

🥇SE Ranking. Designed for the needs of marketing agencies, this tool can handle any task of analyzing AI Overview responses.

🥈ZipTie. A lightweight and easy-to-use tool with rich functionality. Suitable as an addition to the main SEO stack of your agency.

🥉SEOmonitor. A platform that goes beyond AI Overview analysis and allows large teams to get insights based on various metrics.

🖇️Google AI Overview Citation Analysis. This SGE tracker extension for Chrome provides quick access to the search results insights including AI Overview citations.

🖇️Google AI Overviews SERP Extractor. Another Chrome extension to scrape and export SGE results data for your SEO workflows.

Functionality and Features

Before reviewing the Google SGE tracking tools, let’s analyze the main selection criteria and factors that influence the success of AI Overview analysis. Let’s start with the most to least influential:

  • Completeness of information about the search results generated by AI. Given the uncertainty and rapid market changes, Google SGE trackers need to get as many details as possible. Each of them can potentially give you an advantage over your competitors if you use them, and cost you lost positions if you ignore them.
  • Collect data on key phrases and their positions. The situation is changing rapidly, and you need to take into account the data on keyword positions obtained by AI Overviews.
  • Saving search results and answers for key phrases that triggered an SGE response. Such historical data allows you to analyze changes over a selected period.
  • Saving links to the sources of information used in AI answers and their analysis.
  • Additional features that expand the capabilities of SGE trackers.
  • The cost/use ratio. If you have a small team, a limited number of clients, or special projects, you should pay attention if there’s a point in buying expensive or rarely used tools.
  • The simplicity of the interface and the ability to quickly master the functionality.

After reviewing the SGE tracking software that already exists on the market, we selected the 5 most suitable for SEO and marketing agencies.

Five Best Google SGE Trackers Worth Trying Out

SE Ranking

se ranking sge 1
se ranking sge 2

SE Ranking is a robust platform for SEO specialists from in-house teams and agencies. It already offers 30+ tools for different SEO tasks and moves quickly to provide new solutions for the latest technologies. SE Ranking was among the first to add SGE detection capabilities to the platform, and now it’s developing a dedicated tool to track your presence in Google’s new AI Overviews (also referred to as SGE).

SE Ranking’s AI Overviews Tracker helps analyze and improve your website’s visibility in GenAI search results and lets you: 

  • Check AI Overview presence: Identify which of your keywords trigger AI-generated answers in search and evaluate their search volume and intent. 
  • Track positions in AI snippets: See where you and your competitors stand in AI Overviews and track position changes daily.
  • Analyze SGE links: Examine domains and URLs featured as sources in AI snippets and analyze their Domain Trust scores, referring domains, and keywords.
  • View AI SERP cached copies: Check saved copies of SERPs containing AI answers to better understand the content and sources, and spot changes.

This is just the beginning, and new functionality will be added with each iteration.

SE Ranking has intuitive navigation and makes each tool user-friendly. All the data is presented in easy-to-grasp tables and visualizations with tips and explanations for a better experience.

The platform’s pricing starts at $65/month. Depending on your subscription, you’ll have 1-5 manager seats, 5 unlimited projects, unlimited manual reports, and 5-50 scheduled reports, which is helpful for agencies handling multiple clients.

SE Ranking also has an Agency Pack with extra features like White Label, Lead Generator, unlimited automated reports, 10 user seats, and a listing in SE Ranking’s Agency Catalog. 


  • All-round AI Overview tracking
  • AI snippet sources analysis
  • Organic metrics for keywords and sources
  • Cached AI SERPs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible pricing and generous limits
  • Agency-oriented features


  • No comparison of SGE and traditional rankings. This feature is planned for the next iteration.  
  • Currently in development. You can join the waitlist.


SE Ranking’s AI Overviews Tracker fills the SGE analytics gap, as there’s no official tool or report by Google to track your performance in GenAI search. And it does so quite effectively. The data you get will help you optimize your agency’s and clients’ websites for better visibility in AI-powered search.

Overall, the platform is agency-friendly, offering all the necessary tools to automate major SEO tasks and streamline collaboration within your agency. Its Agency Pack adds even more helpful capabilities to help you deliver better results to your clients.


ZipTie sge

ZipTie is an SGE tracking tool for those who want to learn more about website performance and improve ranking positions. Its functionality is not limited to monitoring keyword phrases that trigger AI Overview, but that makes it significantly different from other similar tools. It provides useful data through integration with Google Search Console, including page indexing, and warns users about pages dropping out of the index for selected search queries. 

To get started with the tool, sign up for a free account, create your first project, and upload a list of keywords for which you want a summary. Both domain statistics concerning competitors for the given keyword phrases and keyword data like their AI Overview status changes are available.


  • The tool is integrated with GSC. Save time by automatically loading site data into the tool. 
  • AI Overview Monitoring. Keep data on your site’s queries triggering AI Overview, compare your positions with competitors, and analyze domains that have gained an advantage. Make data-driven decisions to improve your current strategies.
  • Simple interface. You don’t need technical knowledge to get started with this SGE tracker. It is as easy to use as possible and is suitable for professionals of any profile. 
  • Free trial period. During 14 days you can test the basic functionality of the tool in manual mode for free. You’ll have 5,000 credits (monitoring one keyword takes 25 credits off your account).


  • Credit system. Some users may find it challenging to calculate the budget for the tool because it allocates credits according to the chosen plan and then deducts them for each chargeable action. 
  • The service is based on data from GSC and will be subject to the same limitations as GSC.
  • GSC functionality is locked down behind the paywall. Only paid accounts with Standard plan or above have access to automation. The same is true for advanced features such as screenshots.


The tool has 4 plans; the basic one starts at $29 and provides 10,000 credits per month. If your agency needs more or you need GSC integration, you will have to pay $89. The plans customized for agencies cost $849 and more.


ZipTie is one of the most handy and simple SGE tracking tools for tracking keyword performance in AI Overview. However, its reliance on GSC data, high package price for agencies, and opaque pay-per-action system within the app can complicate your experience. 


SEOmonitor sge

SEOmonitor is among the comprehensive SGE tracking tools for analyzing various SEO indicators throughout the campaign cycle, with agencies as its main target audience. They have only recently gotten the AI Overview functionality for analyzing AI Overviews. By subscribing to this tool you get access to keyword tracking, forecasting, competitor analysis, and other basic features of SEO tools.


  • All-in-one platform. Combining data analysis obtained from AI Overview with other metrics can be an advantage.
  • Daily AI Overview updates. Get daily reports on changes in keyword positions in AI answers, both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • API access. Integrate the tool with the rest of the stack thanks to the API.
  • Get deployed reports on client demand. Build trust with customers thanks to large-scale reports and provide detailed insights.


  • Relatively high cost. You can’t buy the AI Overview analysis module alone. If you already have a tool integrated into team processes, it may make no sense to overpay.
  • Temporarily unavailable for small teams. SEOmonitor paused new trial registrations for organizations without a sizable SEO team due to the high demand for onboarding new clients.
  • Separate data from different devices. Reports for mobile and desktop versions of search results are provided differently. You’ll have to spend additional time to collect data in one report.
  • Steep learning curve. The wide range of features goes hand in hand with difficulty in mastering for new customers.


The cost of this SGE tracking tool changes dynamically depending on the features you use and the volume of keyword phrases you want to track. A subscription for unlimited SEO campaigns will cost you €99. Then, add another €47 for every thousand keywords (minimum purchase is 3,000) and €9.99 for each domain you want to connect via GSC/GA. The minimum monthly plan is €240. 


SEOmonitor is suitable for large teams with a need for in-depth analysis of SEO criteria that go beyond AI Overview tracking. Recommended if other SGE tracking tools lack features for your projects.

Google AI Overview Citation Analysis

Google AI Overview Citation Analysis sge

The main purpose of the best SGE tracking tools is to allow SEOs to effectively compare AI Overview data source links with traditional search results. This Chrome extension examines the URLs AI used to generate the answer and provides useful data about the new structure of Google’s search results. Get a list of domains listed as primary sources of snippet information, a summary of the domain presence in AI Overviews, and a traditional SERPs summary within one view.


  • Sheds light on the AI Overview impact on search visibility.
  • Dynamically updates data each time the add-on is launched.
  • Download tables with data on AI Overviews, Featured Snippets, and conventional SERPs for searched keywords.
  • Domain presence summaries. Understand which domains are often listed as data sources for AI Overviews to optimize your pages.
  • Simple and free to use. Suitable for testing and learning AI Overview, simple tasks, and reports.


  • The app is dependent on Google’s source code. The add-on may temporarily lose functionality after Google updates.
  • The tool doesn’t provide a more in-depth keyword summary. To get more comprehensive data, you need to use another add-on from this developer – AI Overview Impact Analysis. Switching between tools can create difficulties in reporting.
  • No follow-up questions or specific attributes (for products, places, etc.) are supported.


This tool is free and offers unlimited searches for your study.


For a first step in exploring the capabilities of AI Overview analysis, this is an ideal candidate among other SGE tracking tools. It will also become a must for small teams and agencies with small budgets.

Google AI Overviews SERP Extractor

Google AI Overviews SERP Extractor sge

This add-on analyzes the content of the responses generated by AI and supports all forms of responses available in the output. In addition to text responses, it can display products, locations on a map, video content, etc. It supports scraping interactive page elements like follow-up questions which helps in further refining the search.


  • Get the most comprehensive list of sources. All the references and textual content of the answers are recorded. It also identifies unique UI attributes such as “SGEApparelProduct” and “SGECitedPlace”, enriching the dataset.
  • Intersections with conventional SERP. The tool finds intersections of conventional SERP and AI Overview sources, emphasizing the main criteria for your SEO strategy.
  • Content analysis. Get a summary of word count, YouTube links, and other characteristics.


  • Dependence on Google source code. Possible downtime for the team if changes in Google code require an extension fix.
  • Concentration on text responses and links. Due to the limitations of this tool, there’s no deeper exploration of non-text output elements, such as product cards and maps.


This app is free and offers unlimited searches for your study.


This tool is the best SGE tracker for small teams. It helps to highlight the main characteristics that distinguish sources that have been cited in AI Overview. As a complement to the previous one, it allows small teams and agencies to get SGE data without additional subscriptions.


As you can see, each tool provides tons of value. The choice can only be made by knowing the specifics of your agency’s projects. Regardless, any of the Google SGE checking tools reviewed provide an advanced summary of search query results data. Hopefully, their limitations will soon be mitigated, and information on how to adapt an SEO strategy in this new market condition will become accessible.


Can I get data on changes in AI Overviews for my keywords?

Yes, tools like SE Ranking SGE Tracker or ZipTie enable you to follow fluctuations in AI Overviews for your target search terms and receive new data.

What SGE tools do not require a subscription and registration?

While there are basic versions of SGE checking tools that one can use without a subscription or registration, a lot of these features and tools come with a price.

Where do these applications get their data for analysis?

These SGE trackers work on the data gathered directly from Google’s SERP including AI Overviews and then analyze the data for useful information.