Best AgencyAnalytics Alternatives: Which Replacement Should You Get?

AgencyAnalytics is a specialized reporting tool designed for marketing agencies that want to dazzle their clients with insightful and customizable reports. The platform includes different SEO tools, such as a rank tracker, backlink checker, and site-auditor.

In the guide below, we are looking for the best AgencyAnalytics alternative. Our experts searched the market up and down, looking for the top SEO tools with extensive reporting features. Check out the list and descriptions of the AgencyAnalytics competitors and find your favorite!

Consideration of Key Factors for AgencyAnalytics Alternatives Selection

Every platform mentioned in our AgencyAnalytics alternative list was screened to the smallest detail, and these are the factors we particularly focused on while checking the tools:

  • Reporting features. AgencyAnalytics offers extensive reporting options and white-label reports you can easily customize and automate. Any alternative would have to do a decent job in this department.
  • SEO tools. Does the platform have a site audit function? Can you track keyword ranks or check backlinks, and are there other SEO options to use?
  • Integrations. AgencyAnalytics alternatives don’t have to support integrations with 75+ tools like this platform, but supporting major ones like the Google Search Console or Facebook Ads can be a useful addition.
  • Pricing. AA charges $12 to $18 monthly per campaign or more for enterprise packages. Do the replacements offer more value for money? 

List of Top Tools

In the list below, you’ll find a quick overview of the best AgencyAnalytics competitors. Check them out and keep reading for detailed descriptions of each platform:

  1. SE Ranking. Customizable reports and a wide range of online marketing and SEO tools make this the top AgencyAnalytics alternative.
  2. SEO PowerSuite. It is the only alternative that features downloadable tools to run on your PC.  
  3. Semrush. A powerful high-end SEO platform that offers extensive coverage of SEO and online marketing requirements of individuals and teams. 
  4. Moz. Its huge database and user-friendly interface make it a great choice if you need an SEO and online marketing tool mix.
  5. SpyFu. It’s an affordable alternative to AgencyAnalytics and a reliable choice for PPC campaign experts.
  6. Raven Tools.  This is a comprehensive but affordable SEO toolkit with 30+ integrations with other tools.
  7. SEOptimer. The best choice for those who need reports in multiple languages. 
  8. DashThis. The report creator is user-friendly and versatile to make it suitable for individual marketers and teams.
  9. Databox. Integrate data from over 100 platforms in a single dashboard to track project performance to the smallest detail.
  10. Reportz. Unlimited widgets to add to reports and high customization levels make designing reports for complex projects a pleasure.

SE Ranking


Marketing teams and professionals will appreciate the option of boosting client trust by securing them real-time access to white-labeled SE Ranking tools. The lead generation widget is easy to install on your site, and you can also send unlimited automated reports to clients. The report builder comes with many customization options, including creating unlimited templates to fit each customer’s requirements.

Another reason why SE Ranking is the best AgencyAnalytics alternative lies in the platform’s local marketing options. You can track local rankings and get useful search statistics or audit business listings to identify things to improve. SE Ranking helps with reputation management by allowing you to check and reply to customer reviews from a single dashboard. 

If you browse other SE Ranking features, you quickly realize this is an all-around SEO platform. It does an excellent job of tracking keyword ranks on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube, and you can customize the search to a particular location or device type (desktop or mobile). Technical site audits will help you iron out any issues that might compromise your rankings, and the platform also has an on-page SEO checker with extensive information about a particular page.

Marketing experts know that learning more about the competition can be crucial when designing an advertising strategy. SE Ranking is the top AgencyAnalytics competitor to analyze your website’s rivals and receive comprehensive details regarding website traffic and keywords. Keyword research tools also offer comprehensive suggestions, and other features include an AI-powered content editor and backlink tracker. As for integration capabilities, you can connect SE Ranking to a wide range of tools, including but not limited to Google Search Console, Zapier, and ReportZ.


You have monthly and annual subscription options, with the latter securing a 20% discount. All users can try SE Ranking for two weeks via the free trial. 

Here’s an overview of the plans available:

  • Essential. A single manager seat and up to 100 competitive and keyword research daily are available, as well as five scheduled SEO reports. The plan costs $55 monthly.
  • Pro. The plan costs $109 monthly and unlocks 20 scheduled SEO reports and 5,000 competitive and keyword research reports daily. The package includes three user seats.
  • Business. Five user seats are available, as well as 50 scheduled SEO reports and 10,000 competitive and keyword research daily. The cost is $239 monthly.

White-label reporting is only available in Pro and Business plans on annual subscriptions, and it costs extra. For $50 monthly (charged annually), you get unlimited scheduled reports, ten client seats, and a lead generation tool. Local marketing tools are also charged extra.


SE Ranking is at the top of the best AgencyAnalytics alternatives since it’s an excellent choice for teams who need an all-around SEO software suite. It covers everything from keyword research and tracking to analyzing competitors and providing content marketing tools. Agencies will appreciate API access, a simple but powerful SEO report generator, and white-label SEO software.

SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite is a unique AgencyAnalytics alternative since it’s the only software you download and install on your computer. Four tools are a part of this suite – Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant, and Rank Tracker.

While it isn’t the fastest in gathering information, you’ll get access to detailed data. And that in-depth info is what makes SEO PowerSuite suitable for marketing experts and professionals. It’s possible to create customized reports and white-label them to impress clients. The tool allows sending reports from the app or scheduling them at a specific time. 

Marketing experts will appreciate the LinkAssistant tool, which isn’t a part of some other SEO PowerSuite alternatives. It helps identify link opportunities and has an integrated email client for simple outreach.

SEO SpyGlass focuses on backlinks, providing real-time information about your and competitors’ backlink profiles, as well as link quality estimates and warnings about potential risks. Site Auditor will assist in optimizing your site, from repairing SEO issues to improving content. Rank Tracker offers advanced position tracking and keyword research, along with difficulty and efficiency analysis.


SEO PowerSuite offers the following plans:

  • Free. You get access to all four tools without paying a cent. The options include unlimited trackable keywords, 500 URLs for site crawling, and 1,000 link prospects.
  • Professional. It costs $596 annually and removes limits from the free package. It also includes the option to save projects and schedule SEO tasks and allows printing reports with watermarks (no saving option).
  • Enterprise. The price is $1396 annually, and you can save PDF reports to the platform’s cloud or your computer and schedule reports and their delivery. Exporting data in html, sql, and csv is also supported.

A two-year payment will secure a 20% discount, and if you choose a three-year subscription, the discount increases to 34%.


SEO PowerSuite is the only downloadable toolkit among the AgencyAnalytics alternatives. It provides extensive information on keyword ranking, backlinks, and other areas, but there’s a learning curve for the software. Therefore, it seems that SEO PowerSuite is more suitable for advanced professionals and those who need comprehensive data rather than beginners.



If you observe from a marketing agency or expert perspective, there aren’t many better AgencyAnalytics alternatives than Semrush. Keyword research is extensive, and suggestions provided include different categories like broad and exact matches and questions. 

PPC keyword research includes vital metrics like volume and CPC. You can collect keywords by importing phrases or using the search tools, and Semrush will help you remove duplicates and clear out articles and other irrelevant modifiers from the phrases collected.

Advertising research on Semrush allows seeing live ad examples and PLA advertising, which helps identify queries that are successful for other Google Shopping advertisers. Another thing that makes this platform stand out compared to Semrush alternatives is social media management. You can streamline social workflow and access influencer analytics. The suite also includes a writing assistant and an on-page SEO checker.

Semrush is a great AgencyAnalytics alternative for those looking for excellent integration capabilities. It can be connected to Google Ads, Analytics, Looker Studio, and other tools made by this company. Other integrations include Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks, SEO tools like Wix and SurferSEO but also WordPress, Trello, and Zapier. Semrush allows creating reports from scratch or starting from a template, and automated and white-label reports are among the supported features.


Basic subscriptions for Semrush include the following:

  • Pro. It costs $129.95 monthly and allows PDF template sharing and five scheduled PDF reports, as well as keyword, domain, and backlink analytics and rank tracking.
  • Guru. For $249.95 monthly, you get access to historical data, content marketing platform, and Looker Studio integration. The number of scheduled PDF reports increases to 20.
  • Business. It costs $499.95 monthly, and you get everything from the Guru package and an increase to 50 scheduled PDF reports. This subscription also includes API access and the Share of Voice metric.

Annual subscriptions secure discounts of up to 17%, and there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee on all plans. Many features are available as add-ons, making Semrush an expensive alternative to AgencyAnalytics. For example, the Agency Growth Kit costs from $69 to $149 monthly. It unlocks the Lead Finder tool to get inbound leads and access to the Client Portal and CRM. Local and social marketing features are also available via separate add-ons.


Semrush is a powerful tool and deserves its spot among the top AgencyAnalytics alternatives. It offers an impressive array of features for marketing experts, ranging from keyword research and rank tracking to local and social marketing tools. The only downside is the price tag since Semrush is quite expensive, putting it out of reach of those on a tight budget.



The next AgencyAnalytics competitor we focus on is Moz, which is among the SEO industry leaders. As for its reporting features, they are impressive, too. You can create custom reports by choosing one of the available templates or starting from scratch. It’s possible to include anything from site crawl data and links to rank tracking details.

Moz uses a drag-and-drop system to allow users to add graphs and charts, while extra observations and notes are there to help explain those visuals to clients. You can export reports in CSV and PDF formats and schedule their delivery to be daily, weekly, or monthly. The API function, with access to over 44.8 trillion links, is another thing why Moz is an excellent AgencyAnalytics alternative.

Don’t forget that this is primarily an SEO tool, and its capabilities are impressive. You’ll benefit from generous and relevant keyword suggestions, a reliable site crawler and on-page optimization. Link research can be beneficial for your online marketing efforts, and rank-tracking helps monitor positions to track your progress. Although some Moz alternatives specialize in some of these departments, this tool remains an excellent all-around SEO solution.


Moz Pro offers the following packages:

  • Standard.  For $99 monthly, you receive unlimited scheduled reports and a single user seat. 
  • Medium. The price is $179 monthly, and you get two user seats and unlimited branded reports and templates. 
  • Large. The cost is $299 monthly, and the package includes three user seats and everything in the Medium package.
  • Premium. The price is $599 monthly, and you receive five user seats and a speed crawler for your website.

Moz Local is available separately and costs from $14 to $33 monthly, with a 25% annual discount available.


Moz is an AgencyAnalytics competitor with a huge database that serves even the most advanced keyword research, backlink analysis, and other SEO requirements. It has reliable and useful marketing tools, including utilities focused on local efforts. Moz is an excellent fit for professionals and teams, while its price range makes it a bit out of range for newbies and those on a budget.



SpyFu is an SEO marketing suite, putting it among direct AgencyAnalytics competitors. You can access the Google Ads Advisor and check the advertising history, which will help tailor your future campaigns. Analyzing competitors and comparing domains will ensure you find the right approach for PPC advertising.

Extensive reporting options are mandatory for those competing for the best AgencyAnalytics alternatives, and SpyFu excels in this category. You can send SEO and PPC reports, identifying opportunities that still haven’t been used while monitoring the progress of the current campaigns.

In terms of SEO, SpyFu has every aspect covered. It will provide reliable suggestions when researching keywords, analyze SERPS and backlinks, compare domains and offer insights about competitors. Although the platform doesn’t have a database like some other SpyFu alternatives, it can be a useful asset in achieving SEO goals.


Here is the cost overview for each SpyFu subscription:

  • Basic. The price is $39 monthly, and the package includes ten custom small domain SEO reports and ten Google Ads Advisor PPC reports, as well as useful features like filtering sales leads and exporting search results.
  • Professional. You get ten medium and 30 small domain SEO reports, along with 30 Google Ads Advisor PPC reports. White-labeling and API access are also part of this and more expensive packages. The cost is $79 monthly ($39 for the first month).
  • Team. Unlimited reports for Google Ads Advisor PPC and small domain SEO are available, as well as 30 reports for medium and 10 reports for large-sized domains. Five user accounts are also included, and the price is $299 monthly.

All subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and annual subscriptions grant significant discounts.


SpyFu is among the affordable AgencyAnalytics alternatives, making the tool suitable for smaller teams and those on a budget. It features an easy-to-use interface and all-around SEO tools that have you covered from keyword research to extensive PPC advertising reports and other marketing-focused features.

Raven Tools


Raven Tools aims to attract everyone from freelancers to in-house marketers and agencies by combining useful SEO, advertising, and marketing data and enabling comprehensive reporting options. You can easily customize reports and include the desired sections or focus on only one area, like site analytics, PC campaigns, or social media.

Compatibility with over 30 platforms ensures you can import data from Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, YouTube and many other services. Saving templates and using them to auto-generate reports is another useful option to ensure you don’t miss filling out the report.

It’s not only reporting that makes Raven Tools one of the top AgencyAnalytics competitors. SEO tools are also impressive, starting from the site audit, which analyzes critical and other issues and improves your website health. Backlink tools and competitor research features are impressive, and you can track ranks on multiple search engines, including Google, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo, and Bing. However, there aren’t any content marketing features, so checking out Raven Tools alternatives is our advice if you also need those tools.


You won’t find many AgencyAnalytics alternatives that offer five default subscription options, and Raven Tools does just that. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Small Biz. You pay $49 monthly for partially white-label reports with shareable URLs and live CSV and URL data.  Two users and two campaigns can be created.
  • Start. For $109 monthly, you get the same reporting features as in Small Biz, but four user seats and up to 20 campaigns.
  • Grow. Full white-label reports are included in this and the more expensive packages. For the Grow subscription also supports eight user seats and 80 campaigns for $199 monthly.
  • Thrive. It is a good choice for large teams since you get 20 user seats and up to 160 campaigns for $299 monthly.
  • Lead. The priciest package, which costs $479 monthly, secures 40 user seats and 320 campaigns.

All accounts receive a 7-day trial, and annual payments secure a discount of up to 30%.


Raven Tools is a comprehensive but affordable SEO and marketing reporting toolkit. That’s a suitable description for this AgencyAnalytics competitor, which uses Moz and Majestic databases to provide extensive information to users. The drag-and-drop reporting editor is a pleasure to use and guarantees that you will impress your clients.



SEOptimer is famous for having over 50 simple SEO tools available for free via its website. As for premium features, a comprehensive site audit is the one that makes this tool stand out compared to SEOptimer alternatives. You’ll see an overall site health grade, as well as ratings in different categories, such as links, usability, performance, social, and on-page SEO.

Customizing report templates and adding your agency’s name, logo, and details will boost client trust. It’s possible to change colors, fonts, and text to fit your brand and even customize scoring methodology. Another thing marketing experts will appreciate is the option to run a bulk audit analysis by adding URLs or importing them via a CSV file.

SEOptimer has a keyword research tool with basic metrics like the monthly search volume and CPC. Tracking the positions of the chosen keywords and their movement will ensure you monitor the progress. 


The following is an overview of the available SEOptimer subscriptions:

  • DIY SEO. It costs $19 monthly and includes SEO audits and keyword tracking but no white-label PDF reports.
  • White Label. The price is $29 monthly, and you unlock white-label PDF reports in 15 languages, three templates and ten scheduled reports.
  • White Label & Embedding. It includes all white-label reporting features, along with six templates and 50 scheduled reports. You also get embeddable website audit tools for $59 monthly.

Yearly subscriptions are 25% off, and the trial lasts for two weeks.


SEOptimer can deliver reports in 15 different languages, with professional translations. That makes it the best AgencyAnalytics alternative for those working in non-English markets. Although it’s not exactly an all-around search engine optimization platform, SEOptimer’s site audit and keyword research capabilities, along with a wide range of free utilities, make this platform worth trying.



DashThis is a marketing reporting tool present in over 122 countries. The platform can connect to 34 different digital marketing platforms, ranging from Google Analytics 4 and YouTube to Facebook, Moz, and Ahrefs.

It’s easy to customize a dashboard for each client, making DashThis one of the alternatives to AgencyAnalytics that’s a true pleasure to use. Data is updated automatically, and it’s possible to use CSV files to import your proprietary data.

DashThis offers different templates, such as SEO, PPC, e-commerce, social media, and others. You can start from there and customize reports to the smallest detail. It doesn’t have keyword research or other SEO tools, so you’ll have to look for those in DashThis alternatives.


Here are the pricing details for DashThis:

  • Individual. The price is $45 monthly, and you get three dashboards with the options to choose from preset color themes and add a custom logo to your reports.
  • Professional. For $139 monthly, you receive ten white-labeled dashboards with the option to add custom color themes, emails, and domains.
  • Business. You get access to up to 25 dashboards and all the features in the Professional package. This and the more expensive package also includes priority support and personalized onboarding. The price is $269 monthly.
  • Standard. The cost starts at $419 monthly, which you pay for 50 dashboards. If you need more, you can select the preferred amount, and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

A free trial lasts for 15 days and includes ten dashboards. Yearly subscriptions secure a discount.


Even if it’s not the best AgencyAnalytics alternative, DashThis is certainly the easiest to use. It has integrations with all major digital marketing platforms and customizable dashboards to tailor to each client. You can customize every detail in the reports or use one of many templates, so if you are okay with the pricing, this can be a true asset for your marketing agency.



If you only check the list of tools supported for integration, Databox is easily at the top of the list of the best AgencyAnalytics alternatives. It’s compatible with over 100 tools, including paid advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, SEO tools like Semrush, and e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

You can create customizable dashboards that will present data in a visually attractive way. Data calculations allow checking custom metrics by building formulas and by using the drag-and-drop creator. There’s no need to have any design or coding skills – everything is user-friendly, and you get a powerful tool that allows customizing the available information to the smallest detail.

Databox allows setting and tracking goals and even alerts you if you are off track. Scorecards secure a quick insight into performance updates. The platform has a powerful reporting software that’s highly customizable. Similar to Databox alternatives, you can schedule reports or set reminders.


Here is Databox pricing information:

  • Free. The free plan includes up to three sources and databoards. You get daily data updates and 5GB of storage in the warehouse.
  • Starter.It costs $59 monthly and secures four-hour data updates, 20GB of warehouse storage, five users and unlimited databoards.
  • Professional. The price is $169 monthly for 15 users and hourly data updates, along with 20GB of warehouse data storage. Building custom databoards is also a part of this and more expensive subscriptions.
  • Growth. For $399 monthly, you unlock unlimited user and databoard access, with 20GB of storage, and extra data and AI features.
  • Premium. For $999 monthly, you get 100 data source connections (three are included with other packages), unlimited custom metrics and 15-minute sync for up to five sources.

Annual payments save you 20%.


Databox is among the most powerful AgencyAnalytics alternatives in terms of collecting extensive information about a business. You can integrate any number of over 100 compatible platforms into a single dashboard to get the most comprehensive overview of the business performance. That depth is why this is one of the best AgencyAnalytics alternatives for advanced users, but beginners might be able to find a more affordable replacement.



Reportz is the last on our list of alternatives to AgencyAnalytics. It allows mixing different widgets to design customized reports that fit a particular client’s needs. The available metrics range from rank tracking and PPC to SEO, and you can use many pre-made templates.  Reportz has a custom widget creator, which means you can easily filter data to display the information you want to emphasize.

The platform features 20 available integrations, which isn’t as impressive as some Reportz alternatives. However, the team keeps adding new integrations. Some notable additions are Google Search Console, SE Ranking and Semrush, Instagram, WooCommerce, and MailChimp.

Reportz will update information in the dashboard in real time, which means you’ll always have access to the latest data. Automating report sending, importing data via CSV and exporting it via PDF files are all supported.


Reportz is among the AgencyAnalytics alternatives that offer a free trial, which lasts 15 days. The platform offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, with the latter securing a discount. Although subscription terms are customizable, the three basic suggested options include:

  • Consultant. Create up to five dashboards for $49.50 monthly.
  • Agency. You get up to 20 dashboards for $192 monthly. 
  • Enterprise. It’s possible to create up to 70 dashboards for $602 monthly.


Although it’s only been around since 2017, Reportz has already shown to be among the better AgencyAnalytics alternatives if you want to custom-build reports. There’s no limit to the amount of widgets, so tracking and making reports is easy even for the most complex projects.


That rounds up our list of the best AgencyAnalytics alternatives currently available. If you need a reliable reporting tool combined with a powerful SEO platform, that’s what you’ll get with SE Ranking. Tools like that can be perfect for your company’s needs since they’ll help with website and search engine optimization and help track your online marketing progress and report it to clients.

On the other hand, you can also look for AgencyAnalytics alternatives that strictly focus on marketing reporting. DashThis might be a great choice for this, but it ultimately depends on the features you require. That’s why our final advice is to think about what you expect from an AgencyAnalytics replacement and pick the tool from our list accordingly!

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