The Ultimate Ahrefs vs Sistrix Comparison: Which SEO Tool to Choose?

Whether you are a website owner or an SEO expert working for a client, you share the same goal. You want the chosen site to position better in search engine rankings and boost visibility across different internet platforms. That’s not an easy task in today’s highly competitive market, which is why having a high-end SEO tool in your corner can be beneficial.

Today, we’ll compare Sistrix and Ahrefs to help you determine which platform is better for your needs. Our experts went and checked all relevant features, as well as the pricing terms for both tools. Keep reading to discover the winner of the Sistrix vs Ahrefs showdown!

What Are Sistrix and Ahrefs?

Sistrix Overview (+ Pros and Cons)


Sistrix is an SEO toolbox that can help improve your Google, Amazon, or social media performance. The platform offers different tools based on the chosen platform, but the common goal is to boost your online presence. 

The company’s history goes back to 2004. The main office of Sistrix is in Germany, although it has clients from over 30 countries. Sistrix requires a premium subscription, but you can also find several free utilities on its website. Those include SERP snippet and Instagram hashtag generators, a Google update radar, and the page-speed tool.


  • A simple and beginner-friendly interface
  • A separate Amazon subscription plan provides detailed statistics for this marketplace
  • The influencer search engine simplifies finding the most suitable content creators
  • A unique visibility index metric enables quick evaluation of your competitors


  • Not the best choice for advanced keyword analysis due to some limitations
  • Restricted number of monthly reports in every plan

The Sistrix Review offers a deep dive into its features, usability, and effectiveness in SEO strategies. It’s a must-read for anyone considering Sistrix as their go-to SEO tool.

Ahrefs Overview (+ Pros and Cons)


Ahrefs proudly states that it’s an SEO platform with the most active crawler in the industry. The company has been around since 2010, with its main office currently being in Singapore.

The platform offers detailed site audit and explorer features, which give you detailed info about your and competitors’ websites. Although Ahrefs is premium-based, you can use free tools like the keyword generator and backlink checker.


  • It covers nine search engines for keyword research
  • The most active web crawler in the industry
  • Comprehensive site audit that allows comparing HTML source codes and other advanced features
  • Extensive filtering options throughout the platform to tailor the data to your needs


  • No content editor available
  • It’s expensive, especially for more advanced plans

Features Comparison

Keyword Research


Our Sistrix comparison team tested the keyword discovery tool on this platform. We liked the option that you get related phrase suggestions the moment you enter the first phrase. For example, if you enter “pancakes,” you’ll get proposals to search on “pancaked with maple syrup” and similar queries. It’s possible to choose the language to search and pick from “word group,” “exact match,” and “contains” searches. 

Sistrix has a visually pleasing data presentation, which is a big advantage in the Sistrix vs Ahrefs showdown. You’ll see a neat table with the expected statistics like search volume, competition intensity, and estimated Google Ads click price. You can even check the SERP features for each keyword listed.

In the left-hand menu, Sistrix shows keyword groups. It helps if you want to combine the seed phrase with another term and have the tool list only those keywords. That’s basically automatic clustering, and it’s why many content experts enjoy using Sistrix. Many filtering options exist when sorting the keywords. That also assists when narrowing down the phrases to look for the perfect ones.

The platform has an option to analyze a particular URL for keywords. It can be an integral part of competitor analysis since you’ll know which keywords your rivals love using. Our Ahrefs vs Sistrix team mentions that Sistrix comes with integrated keyword lists. They make it easy to track desired keyword performance to identify any trend or other changes quickly.

Sistrix also has an Amazon keyword tool, which helps you analyze search queries on this platform. The feature works similarly, but it has some unique metrics like the average product price or average number of reviews.


Once the focus of our Ahrefs vs Sistrix team switched to the keyword explorer tool designed by Ahrefs, we quickly realized this platform is another excellent choice when searching for suitable phrases. The tool supports over 170 countries, and you can pick from several different search engines. That includes Google and Amazon, but also Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and other platforms.

After executing the search, Ahrefs shows results in seconds. You can immediately see the estimated keyword difficulty, along with global and local search volume estimations and the traffic potential. The last metric actually shows the organic traffic that the best-ranked page for the seed phrase receives.

Our Ahrefs comparison team notes that two history charts are available on the overview page – organic and paid history charts. These are useful for understanding SERP stability and clarity of the user search intent when looking for a phrase. 

If you want to dive into the keyword ideas, Ahrefs has a subsection in its main menu on the left side that’s dedicated to it. You can click on matching terms to see thousands of phrase ideas, along with top-ranked keywords listed first. The tool does automatic topic clustering by showing specific terms and parent topics on the left. You can also create and browse specific lists, use filters and search by adding the phrases to include or exclude.

Ahrefs also offers a detailed ads history overview and the traffic share by domain or page reports. The platform proudly states the existence of the Clicks metric, which displays the estimation of the number of clicks for each phrase. Keyword lists make it easy to manage all terms.


If we have to pick Sistrix or Ahrefs for keyword discovery, our choice is Ahrefs. The tool might have a more complex interface, but once you get used to it, you’ll benefit from the variety of options available. Ahrefs covers more search engines and offers different keyword reports for deep analysis, ensuring you easily find the most suitable phrases for your content.

SERP Analysis


The keyword discovery tool can be helpful in analyzing SERPs, but Sistrix also has a great rank-tracking tool. The platform offers 350 countries and language combinations or tailor rankings to one of over 10,000 cities available. These customizations are convenient if you need rankings for a specific area.

Our Sistrix vs Ahrefs team noted that Sistrix offers separate rankings for PC, mobile, and tablet devices. It’s worth noting the platform also supports Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex rankings.

The thing that makes Sistrix stand out from the competition is its unique Visibility Index. For this platform it’s been a trademark metric since 2008. The platform uses millions of data points to see the success of Google page rankings daily.

The Visibility Index is a single metric that gives you an instant idea of how you compare to the competition and perform in SERPs. You can compare up to six domains and check historical data for each. The performance chart will ensure you notice any relevant changes immediately.

According to our Sistrix vs Ahrefs team, you can check the visibility index for an entire project, but also for your own keyword sets. That means you define keywords, and the platform does the math. Visibility indexes are available for mobile and desktop rankings, and they are available for nearly 40 countries. That makes Sistrix worth checking out if your website is available on multiple markets.


You can use the keyword explorer on Ahrefs for a top-page SERP overview. After entering the seed phrase, scroll down and find the SERP overview table. It focuses on the top ten results and shows the main metrics like domain and URL ratings, referring domains, and the top keyword of each page. These statistics provide a quick overview of all the information you need about best-ranked pages.

Our Ahrefs vs Sistrix team notes that it’s possible to compare top results for two different keywords. You can do this by using the “compare with” button above the SERP overview to make a comparison of the SERP. You can also click on the top keyword of the page from the SERP overview, which will lead to Ahrefs opening a new dashboard of SERP overview with those results.

Rank tracker is another core tool from Ahrefs that can serve to track your website performance and keyword ranking in Google search engine. The platform offers rankings for 190 countries, including Google mobile and desktop. It’s possible to schedule regular email reports and add multiple locations per keyword.

Our Sistrix vs Ahrefs comparison team underlines that the visual presentation in Ahrefs is flawless, and interactive graphs are a nice touch. You can see the SOV (Share of Voice) metric that shows the percentage of clicks for organic traffic that leads to your site based on the tracked keywords. You can track traffic estimations and average positions, as well as a position breakdown.

Ahrefs will show the ranking percentage for your SERP features and detailed information for each, which is great for identifying areas for improvement. If you scroll down, you can see raw data for tracked keywords. That includes recent position, search volume, traffic and keyword difficulty. For each keyword, you can see 100 Google search results. Another great thing that our Ahrefs vs Sistrix reviewers noted is the option to compare your rankings with the inserted competitors.


The clear winner of the Sistrix vs Ahrefs comparison in the area of SERP analysis is Ahrefs. The platform offers the SERP overview table, which offers a quick glance at the top-ranked pages for the chosen phrase. The rank-tracking features are also comprehensive. Although Sistrix offers a different and simplified approach with its visibility index, Ahrefs is more suitable for experts and teams.

Exploring Ahrefs Alternatives can provide insightful comparisons and potentially better-suited options for your SEO needs. Dive into a comprehensive list of tools that stand as strong contenders against Ahrefs.

Backlink Analysis


Sistrix offers backlink analysis that’s simple to use and fairly detailed. The platform claims that its crawler assesses billions of sites monthly. However, it’s the mix with other databases that makes Sistrix worth checking out. The platform collects data from Majestic, which specializes in link analysis. In the Sistrix vs Ahrefs showdown, this is a big point in favor of this platform.

The overview page lists the total links for the domain or URL assessed and shows countries and top-level domains by percentage. If you look at the link profile tab, you’ll see data about hosts, domains, IPs, and networks.

Once again, Sistrix leans on its visibility index metric. You can see the backlink distribution chart based on the visibility index. The list below shows where the link is coming from and the destination page, along with the anchor text. Sistrix has detailed sections where you can learn more about new and lost links, referring domains, and other specifics.

The platform also comes with the link opportunities tool. That will identify potentially valuable links that your competitors use but you’ve missed. You can see a flag for the country, which will also help recognize links for specific markets.


Ahrefs doesn’t have backlink analysis as a core tool, but it’s part of the site explorer. It’s essentially a competitor analysis feature, and it all starts by entering the domain, subdomain, or page to scan. The top-level view shows URL and Domain Rating scores, along with the total number of backlinks and referring domains. You can see recently added links, as well as how many the website has throughout history.

If you pick the Backlink profile tab in the main section, you can see the average rank for the website in the Ahrefs database for up to five years. In the right section, the platform shows various statistics, such as the type of referring domains.

Our Ahrefs vs Sistrix team pinpoints that you can see a complete backlink list or narrow down the analysis to new, lost, or broken links. The report is as detailed as you’d like it since it contains DR and UR scores, backlink metrics, and even the sentence where the anchor is located. That’s a nice touch to help you discover potential options for how to use the link in your content.

It’s easy to sort results by using the available filters. Other reports include those that focus on outgoing links, anchors or internal backlinks.


If you compare Ahrefs and Sistrix in backlink analysis, the winner would be Sistrix. That’s because it taps into the Majestic’s database apart from its own and leans on its visibility index metric to speed up finding the worthiest backlinks. On the other hand, Ahrefs goes into extensive detail and also has a huge database, making it suitable for those who want to analyze every single aspect of a backlink profile.

Site Audit


Sistrix Optimizer is the tool to focus on for improving the technical aspects of your website. Our first impression is that the interface is a bit confusing since it’s a bit different from most other SEO tools. But once you figure out how everything works, you’ll see that Sistrix does a decent job of auditing your website pages.

You can schedule the website crawler to assess the site regularly. The crawl report will include the last and next crawl dates, as well as information about crawled URLs. Our Sistrix vs Ahrefs team mentions that Sistrix has a bot based on JavaScript technology, just like Googlebot. 

The overview of the Issue topics will sort problems into errors, warnings, notices, and those already resolved. You can see how many pages have a specific problem, along with the comparison with the previous audit.

Sistrix has a performance section that will help you learn about the website’s response and uptimes. The Lighthouse section analyzes page speed and provides an overall performance score, along with the first input delay and largest contentful paint metrics.

Site structure reports focus on status codes, and you can also head to a detailed on-page analysis. While choosing between Sistrix and Ahrefs, keep in mind that Sistrix makes it easy to invite other team members and clients to a project. That simplifies collaboration and working together on improving technical SEO.


Ahrefs will crawl your website and check over 140 technical and other pre-defined SEO issues. The overview is well-organized and shows the overall health score, crawl statistics, and the top issues. Our Sistrix vs Ahrefs team mentions that this priority sorting is important since it will tell you which problems to work on first. You can check detailed instructions on how to fix the issue, which is great if you don’t have advanced technical knowledge.

Detailed reports are available for each category, such as indexability, localization, and performance. The All Issues tab will list all problems by category, ranging from links to redirects and content. Ahrefs has a convenient Page Explorer tool. It shows all raw data collected during the crawl, and filters make it easier to customize the list to your requirements. 

If you click on a particular URL, the platform will show details about that page, and it’s even possible to see the page source and compare it to previous crawls. Ahrefs also has a link explorer and a tool focused on link opportunities. That utility will show internal link chances that can help strengthen your backlink score.

Finally, our Ahrefs vs Sistrix comparison team mentions that Ahrefs allows scheduling website crawls at the desired frequency. The available frequencies are daily, weekly, or monthly. 


We’ll pronounce Ahrefs to be the winner for the site audit category because it offers extensive filtering options and reports that cover even the smallest details. That being said, this platform is perfect for advanced users and teams. But if you are a beginner choosing Ahrefs or Sistrix for a site audit, Sistrix will also offer a decent analysis and useful metrics to cover most of your needs.

Comparison of Other Features

You can see many similarities when comparing Sistrix and Ahrefs. These include content discovery tools, APIs, and other features. However, there are also some differences. Apart from the features covered above, here’s what else to expect in Sistrix:

  • Influencer search engine. Finding the most suitable content creators to spread the word about your brand isn’t an easy task. Sistrix comes with an influencer search engine that currently covers over 94 million profiles on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The results will include engagement and growth estimations, along with the number of likes. It’s possible to use filters to tailor the results by age, number of followers, and other parameters.
  • Detailed Amazon search. Sistrix offers a separate subscription with tools specializing in Amazon. You can evaluate brands with the visibility index, research keywords, and analyze product reviews. European marketers will appreciate separate statistics for multiple countries.
  • Technology analysis. The tool analyzes over 1,000 different technologies, such as payment providers, CMSs, and shop systems. The idea is to help you identify the most popular options to help you pick the ones to implement.
  • Content assistant. It’s a decent content editor that can help check the readability and uniqueness of your texts, as well as inspect if you covered all relevant keywords and sections.

Now, let’s proceed with our Ahrefs vs Sistrix coverage of other features by focusing on those offered by Ahrefs:

  • Yep, and Web Explorer. Yep is a search engine established by the owner of Ahrefs, Dmytro Gerasymenko. The web explorer tool can scan all links, domains, and pages this engine indexes. You can run advanced searches and check parameters like word counts on pages and the number of external links.
  • Batch analysis. Advanced users will appreciate the option to add up to 200 URs in a single report and receive detailed metrics for each. It’s a convenient option to find guest-blogging opportunities or websites to acquire.
  • Content gap. It’s a neat tool suitable for competitive analysis since you can add multiple domains to identify common keywords and potential gaps. The table is detailed and visually attractive, ensuring you can easily see what each competitor has or is missing.

For an in-depth understanding of Ahrefs’ capabilities and user experience, consider reading a detailed Ahrefs Review. This analysis covers everything from features to pricing, helping you make an informed decision.

Price Comparison


Let’s start our Sistrix pricing vs Ahrefs pricing showdown by learning more about the subscriptions offered by both platforms. As for Sistrix, these are the plans available for the Google subscription:

  • Start. The price is €99 monthly, and you get one user account, three months of data history and 10,000 results per domain or competitor analysis.
  • Plus. For €199 monthly, you get three user seats, five years of data history, and 50,000 results per competitor or domain analysis.
  • Professional. It costs €349 monthly for six user accounts, complete data history (13 years), and 100,000 results per domain or competitor analysis.
  • Premium. The price is €599 monthly, and it includes 12 user accounts, complete data history, and unlimited results when analyzing domains and competitors.

Sistrix Amazon offers the same prices and similar features. Sistrix social media subscriptions are in the beta phase, so you can get them for €1 monthly. All prices are without applicable taxes. And you can also try Sistrix for seven days for free.


Ahrefs also has four premium subscriptions with the following prices:

  • Lite. A single user and 500 credits, along with six months of point-in-time comparisons, are available for $99 monthly.
  • Standard. The price is $199 monthly, and you get one user seat, 600 credits monthly, and two years of point-in-time comparisons.
  • Advanced. The cost is $399 monthly, and it includes 750 credits monthly for a single user. You also get five years of point-in-time comparisons.
  • Enterprise. The plan starts at $999 monthly, and it allows customizing the features to your needs.

Ahrefs also offers annual payments, which trigger the option to use the platform for free for two months. Although there’s no free trial, you can use free tools with limited features.


The similarity between Ahrefs pricing vs Sistrix pricing are that the most affordable subscription is still quite expensive. If we talk about value, it seems like Ahrefs is more comprehensive and offers better SEO features for the money. You can also save if you pay annually, making this platform a smart choice for those looking for a premium SEO tool.

Alternative to Ahrefs and Sistrix

SE Ranking

Ahrefs and Sistrix are versatile SEO tools, but what if they don’t feel like the right choice? Perhaps you’d like a more affordable option with tools more suitable to your requirements. If that’s the case, make sure to check SE Ranking.

SE Ranking has databases from over 185 countries and offers data for over two billion domain profiles and 4.2 billion keywords. The platform offers extensive SEO monitoring features, which include a website audit and an on-page SEO checker. You can analyze and monitor backlinks, and the rank tracker is among the most reliable ones in the industry.

The keyword suggestion tool includes all key parameters, such as search volume, CPC, and difficulty score. SE Ranking offers an AI-powered content assistant, which goes into more detail than Sistrix. The platform uses an NLP approach in collecting suitable keywords, and you can use the AI writer’s help to build outlines or entire articles.

SE Ranking is ideal for those who focus on local marketing. Apart from detailed rank tracking and distribution statistics, you can monitor all reviews from a single dashboard. The kit designed for agencies includes a lead generator widget and white-label reports.

As for pricing, SE Ranking has multiple plans starting at $55 monthly. You can save with an annual payment, and testing the tool for 14 days via the free trial is a convenient option.

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Ahrefs is one of the best tools in the industry, so it’s no wonder that it comes out on top of our Ahrefs vs Sistrix showdown. It covers nine platforms for keyword research, and you can benefit from the most active web crawler in the industry. You’ll find detailed statistics throughout the entire Ahrefs platform, with advanced filtering options to customize the data to your requirements. That makes this tool ideal for those looking to dive into the smallest detail to learn more about their SEO performance.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t neglect Sistrix when choosing between Ahrefs and Sistrix. Our review team notes that Sistrix comes with an influencer search engine that’s a great addition for those who want to focus on social media marketing. You can also benefit from a content editor and the unique visibility metric, which can simplify the evaluation process. Ultimately, think about what works for you more and pick the tool accordingly!