Similarweb Pricing Plans 2024

SimilarWeb is an insightful analytics platform that evaluates website traffic, providing businesses with a competitive edge by unveiling potential competitors’ traffic sources and engagement metrics. It’s an invaluable resource for understanding market trends and optimizing digital strategies. Are you considering buying the SimilarWeb tool and need to navigate through its various pricing plans for 2024?

In this article, we will compare four pricing plans for 2024: Starter, Professional, Team, and Enterprise. Find out which SimilarWeb plan best suits your needs and helps you lead in your market.

Similarweb Starter Pricing Plan

The SimilarWeb Starter plan is designed for entrepreneurs embarking on website traffic analysis and competitive research. It’s priced at $125 per user/month when billed yearly or $149 for those preferring a month-to-month billing cycle.

What does the Similarweb Starter pricing plan Include?

  • Benchmarking and competitor tracking: Subscribers to the Similarweb Starter pricing plan receive vital insights to benchmark and track the competition effectively. It includes detailed website analysis with metrics on total and unique visits, average session duration, bounce rate, and many other engagement indicators. This pricing plan includes 1,000 keyword analysis, 3 automatic competitor trackers, and access to the top 300 websites in chosen industries, facilitating a broad overview of market standings.
  • Search strategy optimization: This Similarweb pricing plan aids in optimizing search strategies with data on paid and organic keywords, branded and non-branded terms, keyword phrases, and search engine rankings. It also highlights effective paid landing pages, enabling a targeted approach to search marketing efforts.
  • Understanding audience behavior: Subscribers get insights into audience behavior by measuring and comparing traffic and engagement metrics, alongside demographic data and audience interests. It enables a deeper understanding of who visits a site and what they care about.
  • Deconstructing the audience’s journey: It helps in deconstructing the audience’s journey by analyzing incoming and outgoing traffic to reveal the sources of website visitors and where they go next, offering a clear view of the user’s navigation path.
  • Shaping the advertising strategy: Subscribers can shape an effective advertising strategy with insights into outgoing display traffic and audience engagement. This plan reveals active advertisers and their PPC spend, assesses affiliate traffic contributions and provides access to a collection of 500 display and video creatives. 
  • Admin and sharing: This plan supports only one user. It provides customizable pre-built dashboard templates with sharing options and email updates for efficient solo or team use.
  • Data extraction: The Starter plan allows you to download reports as PDFs, gives you 100 monthly credits to pull data, and lets you export information into Excel for further analysis.
  • Services: Users gain access to the Similarweb Academy for self-guided onboarding and product assistance. They can also utilize the comprehensive Knowledge Center and request support via email and in-app chat.

The SimilarWeb Starter plan is ideal for new entrepreneurs exploring traffic analysis and competitive research. It provides the most critical website insights, search optimization data, audience behavior understanding, and ad strategy-shaping tools. It’s a strong starting point for SEO and marketing analytics with user-focused admin features and helpful onboarding services.

Similarweb Professional Pricing Plan

Designed for marketing professionals aiming to refine their strategies and comprehend the competitive landscape, the Similarweb Professional plan provides a comprehensive toolkit for $333 per user/month when billed annually. For those who prefer month-to-month billing, the plan is available at $399 per user/month.

What does the Similarweb Professional pricing plan Include?

The Similarweb Professional Pricing Plan encompasses all the features available in the Starter plan, with the added benefit of extended limits and additional tools.

  • Benchmarking and competitor tracking: This Similarweb pricing plan elevates your competitive insight by offering a cap of 5,000 keywords, leverage 10 automatic competitive trackers, and access a list of the top 500 category-leading websites. 
  • Understanding audience behavior: The Professional plan enriches your audience analysis by integrating geographic data, allowing you to discern the distribution of your website’s traffic across different countries.
  • Shaping the advertising strategy: It enhances advertising efforts by providing an expansive library of 1000 display and video creatives. 
  • Data extraction: Subscribers are equipped with 500 monthly data credits for data extraction, enhancing their capability to analyze and report on key metrics extensively

The Similarweb Professional Pricing Plan, while offering a more robust data allowance compared to the Starter plan, essentially provides similar features. At over double the price, you should weigh the necessity of these extended limits against their specific needs, as the core functionalities remain largely the same.

Similarweb Team Pricing Plan

The Similarweb Team Pricing Plan is designed for marketing teams engaged in active multi-channel strategy management. It addresses the collaborative demands of such teams by offering customized solutions tailored to their unique goals and processes.

The pricing for this plan is determined based on the team’s specific needs, necessitating a request for a personalized demo to understand the full offerings and benefits.

What does the Similarweb Team pricing plan Include?

  • Benchmarking and competitor tracking: The Similarweb Team pricing plan expands competitive intelligence with 50,000 keyword analysis, unlimited competitive trackers, and app insights for both iOS and Android platforms. It offers a detailed look into industry trends with access to custom industry data and website segments, plus visibility into the top 10,000 websites to inform strategic decisions.
  • Website structure analysis: Subscribers can scrutinize popular pages to gauge audience engagement, examine site folder structures for strategic content insights, and evaluate subdomains for targeted marketing efforts. Additionally, this plan offers a deep dive into the technology stacks of competitors, revealing the platforms and tools, plugins, or integrations they use.
  • Understanding audience behavior: This Similarweb pricing plan provides an in-depth look at user search behaviors, distinguishing between new and returning visitors. Interestingly, it also measures audience loyalty by identifying exclusive visitors who don’t visit competitors within the same session.
  • Deconstructing the audience’s journey: By analyzing channel origin, teams can understand precisely where visitors are coming from. The plan also includes conversion analysis capabilities, enabling a deep dive into which channels are not just driving traffic but actually converting visitors into customers.
  • Shaping the advertising strategy: Users receive unlimited access to a vast library of display and video creatives.
  • Admin and sharing: Team plan supports five users and enhances collaboration through advanced sharing capabilities. Administrators can finely control access, choosing to share assets with the entire company or with specific users. 
  • Data extraction: It provides robust data extraction capabilities, offering a substantial allowance of 5,000 monthly data credits, facilitating extensive reporting and analysis. It also includes API access, allowing organizations to integrate Similarweb data directly into their systems. Moreover, it features Rapid API capabilities with a rate of 10 requests per second, enabling high-speed data retrieval to support dynamic, data-driven decision-making.
  • Services: The Similarweb Team plan takes services to a higher level with prioritized product support, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. In addition, subscribers can benefit from full-service onboarding, which is personalized to meet the unique needs of the organization, ensuring that teams are fully equipped to leverage all the features and capabilities.

The Similarweb Team plan offers extensive features and possibilities for marketing teams. It provides comprehensive tools and data to inform and enhance multi-channel strategies. However, without listed pricing, it is challenging to assess the product’s value for money.

Similarweb Enterprise Pricing Plan

The Similarweb Enterprise Pricing Plan is designed for advanced organizations aiming to leverage comprehensive data for significant business growth and digital excellence. Similar to the Team Plan, pricing is customized according to the unique requirements of each organization.

What does the Similarweb Enterprise pricing plan Include?

  • Benchmarking and competitor tracking: Subscribers get to explore a massive list of up to 150,000 keywords. They can also group and study a company’s websites to see their total online presence and performance. Additionally, users can set up and check out 50 unique industry categories, dive into details for 50 website groups, and get endless access to the most successful websites in different fields.
  • Understanding audience behavior: The plan offers insights into visitors’ keywords on your site’s search function. It allows you to filter these searches by the length of the phrases and tag specific terms for inclusion or exclusion, providing a detailed understanding of what your audience is looking for when they arrive on your site.
  • Admin and sharing: Similarweb Enterprise pricing plan allows for 10 users with full administrative privileges. Additionally, it offers options for viewers who have access to see data and reports but cannot interact with or alter them
  • Data security: This plan prioritizes security with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, complemented by robust two-factor authentication options.
  • Data extraction: The Enterprise plan comes with an expansive allowance of 50,000 monthly data credits for comprehensive data extraction needs. It also features enhanced API capabilities, allowing for up to 15 requests per second.
  • Services: Subscribers benefit from a dedicated team that actively manages their accounts and provides tailored insights.

The Similarweb Enterprise plan is an exciting offer for large organizations seeking to leverage comprehensive digital insights for strategic decision-making. With a vast array of data points, dedicated account management, and customized support, this plan is a powerful tool for businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge and drive digital growth. However, the lack of transparent pricing means that potential users must contact the sales team to determine the value proposition for their specific situation.

Add-ons with Similarweb pricing plans

Similarweb offers its users 3 possible add-ons. None of them has a listed price and you need to contact sales to get this information.

  1. App Intelligence: This adds-on is designed to bolster your digital strategy with in-depth insights into app performance. It is ideal for teams focusing on mobile as a growth driver, allowing for daily performance analysis and ranking tracking. The add-on enhances the Team package by providing data on daily and weekly user engagement, country-specific store downloads, retention, and usage patterns. Moreover, it delves into audience demographics and interests, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the app’s reach and impact.
  2. The Search Intelligence: It empowers SEO and PPC teams with crucial daily tracking tools, focusing on safeguarding key business terms. This feature, included in the Team package, offers two main tools: the Rank Tracker for monitoring daily organic search rankings, and Brand Protection to alert teams of competitor bids on branded terms. This add-on extends its utility by enabling a company to monitor its share of searches and offers brand protection within PPC campaigns. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive analysis of search engine results pages (SERP), with the precision to track performance down to specific locations, even at the zip code level, ensuring localized and targeted search marketing strategies.
  3. The Market Intelligence: This add-on is a solution for gaining insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and business performance. This essential tool, part of the Enterprise package, helps businesses stay abreast of market shifts, understand their performance within the context of these changes, and keep an eye on evolving consumer demands. Included features enhance a company’s ability to track its digital market share accurately and assess the market size and segmentation for better strategic planning. It also aids in evaluating the level of competition or market difficulty, which can inform market entry and investment decisions. Additionally, the add-on provides the ability to monitor consumer search trends, offering businesses valuable data to anticipate market needs and adjust their offerings accordingly.

Free Trial subscription

The Similarweb platform offers a 7-day free trial subscription for both the Starter and Professional packages, allowing potential users to explore the wealth of features and capabilities without any commitment. No credit card information is required.

Which Similarweb Pricing Plan is Best?

Selecting the right Similarweb pricing plan in 2024 truly depends on your specific needs and budget. If you’re just starting out or working within a tight budget, we’d recommend trying the Starter or Professional plan’s 7-day free trial—no credit card required, which is a great risk-free way to see if it fits your objectives. For those of you managing larger teams or seeking in-depth data analytics, requesting a demo for the Team or Enterprise plans is your best bet. Remember, the best choice is the one that aligns with your goals and feels right for your business.


In conclusion, without full pricing transparency across all plans, it’s evident that Similarweb’s offerings can be quite pricey, especially when compared to other tools in the market. It’s also worth noting that the Starter and Professional plans are limited to individual users. Therefore, investing in the more advanced Team or Enterprise plans would be necessary if teamwork is a cornerstone of your strategy. And it underscores the importance of thoroughly assessing the cost against the value it brings to your team and business before committing.

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