10 Up-to-Date Serprobot Alternatives to Take the Business to a New Level

When it comes to search engine optimization, curiosity is a decisive factor. Therefore, marketers and SEO specialists should be eager about  figuring out how the site operates and ways to streamline all the processes. And to do this, implementing SERP checker tools within the SEO workflow is the most efficient practice. 

No doubt, Serprobot is the leading SERP checker on the market, with robust bots that can fast-track all aspects of SEO. Though the platform provides an excellent idea of what needs to be supercharged, its toolkit  sometimes lacks features to scale the business. That’s why it is worth considering Serprobot alternatives. 

There are many valuable options with advanced functionalities to deploy  relevant strategies for top rankings . We have carefully explored various up-to-the-minute SEO tools and compiled a list of the best Seprobot competitors. Look through the detailed digest below to add a profitable solution to your arsenal!

1. SE Ranking

If you are seeking SEO software with a straightforward interface, SE Ranking is  the perfect top Serprobot alternative. Besides its sought-after SERP tracking opportunities, the platform boasts other valuable features for developing organic and paid search strategies, from keyword and competitor research to backlink analysis. Due to its advanced toolset and comprehensible dashboard, both SEO sharks and newbies mastering the marketing ropes will be able to get stunning results in terms of online visibility, traffic, and sales.


se ranking - top 10 serprobot alternatives

Considering its SERP tracing capabilities, there is no  Serprobot competitor more powerful With the Keyword Rank Tracker, users  get a complete picture of how pages are ranking for target queries. To be more precise, it is possible to attain a highly accurate and swift keyword rankings overview in any location, search engine, and device, as well as forecast traffic and monthly keyword search volumes. Furthermore, it helps you to keep abreast of your search rivals’ ranking performance for your target key phrases. 

Its Keyword Research options don’t  lag behind either. Compared to most Serprobot alternatives, they are extremely helpful in discovering relevant and long-tail keywords, peeping into the competition’s targeted key wordings within organic/paid search, and analyzing any keyword for core SEO metrics.

Thanks to the intelligent Backlink Checker and Backlink Monitor tools, which stand out from other alternatives to Serprobot, marketers may audit any site’s backlink profile, including referring domains, linking pages, and anchor texts. To progress on the SERP, the software allows for instant detection of lost and poor backlinks. It is also possible to keep an eye on competitors’ backlink performance to identify their credible backlinking sources and craft powerful strategies to outpace them.

The Site Audit and On-page SEO Checker will explore all major and minor on-site issues that need to be fixed for towering rankings and give insights into what measures to take to optimize the page for specific queries.

Another distinct draw of SE Ranking is its client-centered approach. The White Label and Report Builder features enable you to deliver deep, custom, and easy-to-consume customer reports to clients under the needed brand name. Meanwhile, the Lead Generator will drive high-quality leads to your company, hassle-free.


Instead of having a fixed rate for each plan like most Serprobot competitors, the platform offers affordable flexibility based on your project needs. The cost and scope of features gradually rise with the number of tracked keywords and ranking check frequency. You may choose between three pricing packages: Essential, Pro, and Business, priced at $55, $109, and $239x per month, respectively. The good news is users can access its all-inclusive functionality during a 14-day free trial and get free migration and a 20% discount with an annual plan.


Wondering how well-performing  SE Ranking is as far as SERP tools are concerned? It is definitely a flawless alternative to Serprobot, offering a perfect cost-benefit ratio. Its profound individual keywords analysis, historical data monitoring, and overall SEO performance tracking within major search engines will help advance the brand from a tiny company to an established enterprise. Not to mention the incredibly simple-to-follow interface and approachable pricing policy.

2. Ranktracker

In contrast to what the name implies, Ranktracker brings much more value than sheer  rankings tracking. Its multifaceted toolkit encompasses search engine ranking monitoring,  keywords investigation, and competition analysis, all under one roof. Both small and big businesses can leverage this tool to meet their local SEO needs, streamline site performance, and make more beneficial business-related decisions.


ranktracker - top 10 serprobot alternatives

Ranktracker is one of a few Serprobot alternatives that doesn’t require prior experience in SEO  to execute projects successfully. It supplies invaluable SEO solutions via the following toolkit:

  • Dashboard – introduces all essential SEO metrics to watch out for, like current SERP positions, backlinks, traffic, etc.
  • Rank Tracker – showcases your site fluctuations within search engines based on the selected keyword.
  • SERP Checker – traces keywords by location and identifies key phrases pages rank for in local search.
  • Site Audit – reviews the site from top to bottom for all tech issues impacting ranking.
  • Backlink Checker – uncovers the backlink efforts of your competition so you can develop more potent strategies to outpace them.
  • SEO Checklist – presents users with step-by-step site improvement guidelines.


Catering to different SEO requirements and budgets, Ranktracker comes with four pricing plans: Starter, Double Data, Quad Data, and Hex Data, with corresponding monthly costs of $19.20, $47.20, $87.20, and $167.20 . Prices are entirely fair since it is possible to unsubscribe during the free trial period. Plus, prices are significantly lower than many of the Rantracker alternatives.


Ranktracker is a user-friendly, all-purpose SEO platform. It turns beginner webmasters into pros, which is rare for top Serprobot competitors commonly aimed at experienced users. In addition to robust rank-tracking features, there are other essentials like filtering keyword data by tags (location, traffic, search volume, etc.), automated custom reports, and dedicated customer support to help you grow in the digital marketing landscape. 

3. Serpwatch

Are you in search of a complex software suite that tracks rankings for modern SEO pros? If you are, then you are in the right place. Serpwatch will help marketers and agencies keep track of all critical changes to develop high-performing SEO strategies. By establishing rule-based notifications for substantial keyword alterations, users are  always able to stay on top of things.


serpwatch - top 10 serprobot alternatives

The platform is the best Serprobot alternative due to the business-scaling outcomes you might reach with its set of features. First on the list is an innovative dashboard responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and displaying KPIs, metrics, and core insights to illustrate the progress of particular OKRs. Another highlight is the proficient revenue management,  which assures smooth and credible company advancement. For example,  it is possible to manage links for creative purposes via a basic link management system.

On top of that, the platform is available for integration and collaboration endeavors, ensuring concurrent user management system utilization by numerous marketers. You can also get a clear picture of the site’s mobile rating for the same keywords traced on  desktop via in-built mobile search tracking options that some Serpwatch alternatives miss. Though the tool lacks backlink and competition analysis, an in-depth audit for particular keywords and domain-keyword combinations will compile and pitch the most accurate data you need.


If you strive to get maximum  SEO functionality with budget constraints, look no further than Serpwatch . Pricing schemes are the cheapest among Serprobot competitors. Starting at as low as $29/month for the Starter package, the price grows along with the number of keywords to check in the Growth and Premium plans, priced at $59 and $199 per month,  accordingly.


Serpwatch is a terrific Serprobot alternative in view of rank tracking and SERP analysis, but it’s not the limit. Opting for this platform, users will  revel in deep keyword research, white-labeling capabilities, and extensive report generation.

4. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a cloud-based SEO platform that assists in monitoring and improving the site with little cognitive effort. Ever-evolving functionalities and an intuitive UI enable organic and quick SEO progress from newbies to pros. It makes no sense to invest heavily in paid ads since the tool’s comprehensive SEO reports provide cost-effective solutions that result in increased revenue. Only a few Serprobot alternatives host this option, which makes Sitecker invaluable.


sitechecker - top 10 serprobot alternatives

At the heart of the platform is a state-of-the-art crawler module that looks through all the on-site technical SEO issues and immediately amends them to drive  traffic. So that the site operates seamlessly, users may detect broken links, scan site structure, and specify top landing pages. Similarly, you can discover on-page SEO problems related to meta tags, page response speed, and indexation that hinder  site performance. 

Unlike  Sitecheker alternatives, there are a Keyword Checker and Website Traffic Checker that offer unique opportunities. For instance, obtain a list of 10 relevant keywords that might be the most traffic-engaging to your site. Or investigate site traffic stats by various channels and in different periods. 


Sitechecker appears as one of the least expensive best Serprobot alternatives. There are three pricing models: Basic ($33/month), Standard ($124/month), and Premium ($208/month), each tailored to cater to SEO needs from small startup companies to qualified SEO teams and mid-sized agencies. Before committing to the platform, test out whether it suits your workflow with a free trial.


Sitechecker is the top Serprobot alternative for those who want practical and trouble-free  site performance without any SEO-connected issues. And despite somewhat complex onboarding, it provides great value for money with its rich in-built scope of functions.

5. Rankranger

Personalized SERP data, insights into social media campaigns, and the competitors’ online presence,  you can find all these in the tool suite by Rankranger. So if you feel the site lacks SEO powers, SERP features such as rank tracking, local and mobile monitoring, competitor analysis, and entirely customizable white-label reports will fill all the operational gaps, and bring massive traffic and high rankings.


rankranger - top 10 serprobot alternatives

This Serprobot competitor supplies the favorable tool goodies below:

  • Rank Tracker – monitors how pages progress across search engines, including specialty ones like YouTube, Google Play, etc. Users can incorporate requisite tactics based on reports by parameters such as best/current rank, keyword difficulty, search volume, and more.
  • Competitor Analysis – audits your site’s SEO efforts against industry-leading competitors. Assess crucial aggregate metrics for each competitor, like visibility score, total search volume, etc.
  • Mobile and Local SEO – allows tracing local mobile rank modifications for the site as frequently as needed (on a daily/weekly/monthly basis).
  • Social Media Analytics – a rare feature of  other Rankranger alternatives, it explores social media campaigns on marketing success, like increased organic traffic, sales, and brand awareness.
  • White Label Reports – generates in-depth reports resonating with your client’s site branding.


The pricing system of Rankrager is designed to satisfy each user, from midsize to large businesses. Following the paid plan, the scope of functionalities extends. The cheapest plan, Lite, will cost you $79/month, while the most expensive, Premium – $2700. Everything depends on the number of keywords and dashboards needed. Plus, you can create your customized plan or try any package for free during a two-week  trial.


Overall, Rankranger is a promising alternative to Serprobot with huge potential to become an all-purpose SEO tool. Though there are some imperfections with its backlink analysis, it furnishes the impeccable rank-tracking toolkit versatility to go beyond the standard SEO and hit the jackpot in local optimization .

6. Ahrefs

If you yearn to strengthen your SEO strategies with potent keyword research and fruitful link-building solutions, Ahrefs is just the job. Apart from robust SERP ranking tools, this is the best Serprobot competitor in terms of interface and metrics. Its web crawling capabilities are also noteworthy.


ahrefs - top 10 serprobot alternatives

Its well-organized automation within SERP ranking tools  immediately delivers accurate data on  overall SERP performance. You may dive deep into  insights about keyword rank, average position, and historical parameters. The advanced functionalities give you access to more extensive metrics such as CPC, the amount of SERP features capitalized by a page, and more.

Unlike other Ahrefs alternatives, the platform comprises an invaluable toolkit by Site Explorer, Content Explorer, and Site Audit. This makes it possible for users to contribute to their SERP campaigns via competitor analysis, discovering content ideas, linking opportunities, and detailed site auditing with optimization guidelines. With the Keywords Explorer, finding relevant keywords that resonate with your customer search intents will be easy as pie.


Frankly speaking, Ahrefs is not the most affordable option among alternatives to Serprobot, but the scope of features presented by each plan makes it totally worth it. Small businesses, freelancers, agencies, and enterprises can get what they expect through 4 pricing tiers: Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise, respectively priced at $99, $199, $399, and $999.


Ahrefs is a top Serprobot competitor with a full-stuffed SEO toolbox to develop the business from scratch. Covering all the needed features for streamlining keywords, content, and linking strategies, added to an effective Rank Tracker, you can swiftly gain organic traffic and the desired ranking in SERPs.

7. Rankinity

Searching for a unique experience to check the site’s positions across search engines? With its lightning-fast tracking for specific keywords, Rankinity is the perfect match. Both SEO agencies and site owners can luxuriate in its multifaceted scope of features for collecting accurate data, conducting solid audits, and solving SEO issues.


rankinity - top 10 serprobot alternatives

The  draw of Rankinity, which makes it meaningful in the SEO arena, is a full-fledged real-time mode for acquiring site ranking with no page reloads. As a result, users may concurrently search and filter keywords, and only a few Serprobot alternatives boast such a function. Both SEO-savvy individuals and site owners can benefit from its competitor investigation and analysis mechanisms, micrographic tools, and flexible reports.

It is really challenging to come across a similar service among AuthorityLabs alternatives from a competitive standpoint. The reason is that the platform supports multiple search engines and manually and automatically checks volumes and location searches. With no limits, you can overview competitors’ promotion progress and assess their positions and online visibility. It will help you determine the best industry player along with their hidden tactics  and design strategies to outperform them.


Coming with no fixed prices, the payment method of this service highly differs from the best Serprobot alternatives. The platform charges solely for the number of performed keyword checks, starting at $9.84/month, which is very affordable. Another perk is that it is possible to spend the balance anytime since it doesn’t burn at the end of the month.


When seeking a Serprobot alternative with a fresh look at SEO and PPC optimization and trustworthy strategies for positive dynamics on SERP, Rankinity is an ideal choice. Affordability and operational versatility  will help the business to level up.

8. Whatsmyserp

An intelligent interface, robust features, and an attractive pricing model –  Whatsmyserp unites all these to gauge site rankings against essential SEO metrics. The platform is a Serprobot competitor due to its flawless automated user data updates that keep it relevant. Its unlimited keyword rankings feature lets you refresh rank tracking on demand and as frequently as needed.


whatsmyserp - top 10 serprobot alternatives

Whatsmyserp includes the following key functions that don’t require any background programming knowledge:

  • Local Tracking – enables selecting a country-specific Google domain, searching from a particular Google domain, and including Local Map Pack in results.
  • Infinite Domains and On-Demand Checks – allows for adding and monitoring 25 keywords simultaneously with further adding  and rank refresh.
  • Desktop and Mobile Tracking – assists in keeping tabs on how the site is ranking for metrics like location, search history, behavior, and environment on all devices.
  • SERP Checker – searches for keywords based on Google rankings and compares your current ranking spots against past ones. Plus, you may obtain ranking reports and download them in PDF format for presentation purposes.


Similar to Rankinity, Wahtsmyserp has no settled paid plans. The cost directly equals the amount of tracked keywords. Users can start checking as few as 25 keywords for $4.99/month. To make sure your SEO campaigns  profit from the built-in options, take a 7-day trial.


This Serprobot alternative is an excellent rank-tracking solution for those who are only starting running SEO projects and are on a shoestring budget. Regardless of the modest toolkit, it can still perform good local optimization.

9. Ranking Check

Unlike the best Serprobot alternative, SE Ranking, with its accomplished suite of features, Ranking Check mainly focuses on discovering  keywords and the site position on Google. Still, with its rank-checking capabilities, you can simply and effortlessly figure out which keywords perform well and which are non-effective.


ranking check - top 10 serprobot alternatives

Through deep analysis, users are able to attain essential keyword ranking data like keyword phrases that resonate with the target audience, search volume, traffic, and percentage. On top of that, the service allows you to overview the keyword distributions on the page and check if keywords get indexed. Marketers and SEO experts will have the opportunity to see all  metrics in extensive reports and know which streamlining techniques to implement for business scaling.

One more thrilling highlight of this Serprobot alternative is search trends. Look through the hottest keywords used within search queries and incorporate those that align the most with your content . That way, it will end in increased traffic and conversions.


This is an entirely free ranking check tool, which makes it even more attractive. All you need to do is enter a domain and enjoy sharp ranking insights.


If your focal point is solely tracing keyword ranking across popular search engines, Ranking Check is a good option. Though missing  comprehensive toolkit perks, it allows users to stay informed about present-day industry keyword trends. Take actionable marketing steps to engage the target audience based on solid analysis.

10. SEO Rank Monitor

SEO Rank Monitor is a priceless SEO solution with useful functionalities besides the usual rank tracker. Marketing individuals and large SEO agencies can safely and soundly develop their strategies via organic traffic analytics, SEO forecasting, and keyword research tool sets. In contrast to other Serprobot competitors, the software encompasses agency-specific features like dashboards and client reporting options.


seo rank monitor - top 10 serprobot alternatives

The vendor offers a range of reporting features, from specific keywords to keyword group levels, involving content clusters or tagged key phrases. Users may keep track of ranking positions across various search engines and locations. The exciting function related to this is the ability to review ranks for three search engines in one result with no settings alterations.

The ranking modification overview between two particular dates is likely the best part of this Serprobot alternative. In addition, the platform showcases a vivid chart of ranking performance, the top 10 high-performing key phrases, and site stats. In terms of spying on competitors, it is possible to reveal their rankings dynamics for specific keywords both for mobile and desktop.


SEO Rank Monitor pricing schemes follow the number of keywords tracked and sites. Tailored to various budget opportunities and SEO intentions, the tool comes with four plans: Personal, Pro Pro Plus, and Enterprise, with costs of $19, $49, $99, and $199, accordingly. You can also get a 20% discount subject to annual billing and try the toolbox free of charge with a 14-day free trial.


This instrument is a stunning alternative to Serprobot due to its vital rank monitoring options. At the same time, an incredibly user-friendly interface and agency-oriented features will help SEO newbies, as well as large businesses, earn a name in the industry. 


High ranking is a decisive factor in building brand awareness, gaining industry authority, and making profits. And to reach this in the best possible way, a rank-tracking tool is crucial. SERP tracking features vary from tool to tool and your choice of tool should depend on your specific SEO needs for scaling in the digital marketing environment.

No doubt, Serprobot is one of the most beneficial rank trackers, but there are  other valuable choices. To select the best Serprobot competitor for your needs consider such aspects as local and country-level tracking, mobile and desktop rankings monitoring, search engines to track, etc. Some other important points for consideration in choosing among top Serprobot alternatives are white-label dashboards, multiple-user management accessibility, and a budget framework.

However, some SEO tools will always remain relevant. And SE Ranking is the Serprobot alternative for taking the hottest ranking positions and making your business the talk of the town.