The Ultimate Comparison of the Best Brightedge Alternatives

Brightedge is a US-based company that developed an SEO solution that focuses on content performance for business clients. You can use it to receive insightful data about the market and improve your website based on actionable intel collected from deep analysis. 

There’s no public pricing on the website, so it’s hard to say how much you could expect to pay for Brightedge. If, for that, or any other reason, you are looking for a replacement SEO tool, you are on the right page. Our guide presents the top ten Brightedge alternatives in an effort to help you pick the most suitable platform for your needs!

Consideration of Key Factors for Brightedge Alternatives Selection

The list of potential Brightedge competitors is long, and these factors helped us pick the most suitable platforms:

  • Site audit and recommendations. Brightedge utilizes AI to recommend potential page improvements, content opportunities, and other ways to boost your SEO. Any competitors should also provide useful insights based on deep analysis.
  • Keyword research optimization. An SEO platform that aims to replace Brightedge should help identify and prioritize suitable keywords and deliver useful statistics about search volume and competition.
  • Content creation. You can use Brightedge’s AI-powered assistant to create titles and meta descriptions, which can be useful for large sites. Analyzing SERPs is also helpful, which is another feature we look for in potential replacements for this tool.
  • Pricing. Brightedge doesn’t reveal its subscription plans publicly, but you need to contact the company directly. Considering they have high-profile clients, you can expect the tool to be pricey. We check if Brightedge alternatives make their pricing publicly and assess subscription costs.

List of Top Tools

We’ll start with a short overview of the top Brightedge alternatives and then continue with detailed reviews of each platform. Here’s a sneak peek into our list:

  1. SE Ranking. Reliable position tracking, generous keyword suggestions, and an AI-powered content editor are only some reasons why this all-around SEO solution is the top Brightedge alternative.
  2. Conductor. The tool focuses on improving organic marketing results, and it’s most suitable for large teams and experienced professionals.
  3. WooRank. The best choice for actionable intel regarding your website and improving its performance and a detailed overview of the competition.
  4. SimilarWeb. It is the perfect pick for companies that have mobile apps and want access to extensive mobile traffic intelligence.
  5. Surfer SEO. Choose this platform if you need an AI-powered content editor that secures a simple way to create top-quality articles.
  6. Moz. It’s a premium SEO suite with all-around features and a gigantic database that’s ideal if you need extensive keyword suggestions and backlink research.
  7. Mangools. It’s the best-looking SEO tool out there, with a modern design, a minimal learning curve, and low pricing suitable to beginners.
  8. Semrush. This Brightedge competitor is an excellent pick for those who are ready to invest more to get a comprehensive SEO tool with a vast range of tools.
  9. Advanced Web Ranking. It’s the perfect alternative if you want to get into details of local, mobile, and worldwide rankings across more than 4,000 search engines.
  10. Raven Tools. Go with this platform if you enjoy creating customizable marketing reports that can dazzle your clients.

1. SE Ranking

se ranking


SE Ranking is a user-friendly SEO tool with extensive SEO monitoring and research features, making it a viable Brightedge alternative. You can execute a detailed site audit and run an on-page SEO checker to optimize your website. 

Monitoring backlinks is another useful option, but it’s the content editor that surpasses all expectations. SE Ranking has an AI-powered content creation tool that will guide you throughout the process. It analyzes the best web pages on the given topic and suggests a brief. The tool can create entire articles while following its recommendations regarding the preferred word and heading count for the topic.

SE Ranking offers white-label reports and a lead generator for SEO agencies. You can use the local rank-tracking tool to know how your website performs in your area, and the platform also allows you to monitor and respond to online reviews from one dashboard.

Competitor research can provide information on organic and paid traffic, discover rivals’ most profitable ads, and learn other valuable data. Keyword research includes numerous suggestions from a database that counts over 4.2 billion keywords. The metrics include estimated search volume, CPC, and ranking difficulty.


SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial to test the platform. If you choose to pay annually for a premium subscription, you qualify for a 20% discount. Here are the available plans:

  • Essential. It includes a single manager seat with up to ten projects for $55 monthly. You get 100 reports for keyword and competitive research daily and 750 keywords to track with daily ranking update frequency.
  • Pro. The plan costs from $109 monthly and includes three manager seats and unlimited projects. The number of daily reports for keyword and competitive research is 5,000, while you can also get daily updates for 2,000 or 3,500 keywords you are tracking, depending on the option picked.
  • Business. It includes five manager seats and unlimited projects for $239 monthly. You receive 10,000 keyword and competitive research daily reports and 5,000 keywords to track with daily updates.

Content marketing, which includes the content editor, AI writer, and other features, is available as an add-on for $29 monthly. Other extras include local marketing tools and an Agency Pack, although the latter is only available in Pro and Business plans.


SE Ranking is the best Brightedge alternative since it does a fantastic job of analyzing your existing content and helping you create even better articles. The tool helps every step of the way, from identifying the right keywords and scanning the competition to utilize their strategies to using an AI-powered writer to prepare texts.

2. Conductor



Conductor can be a great alternative to Brightedge for teams focused on organic marketing. The platform utilizes AI that performs deep analysis to deliver data-driven recommendations on improving your content and website. 

The suggestions range from primary and secondary keywords to target to Core Web Vitals improvements. You can use the live editor for instant optimizations, and Conductor makes it easy to track your progress. Thanks to the Chrome extension, you’ll receive useful insights while browsing the web.

Conductor also offers keyword position tracking with smart filters like devices, languages, and locations. You can automate the reporting process and customize reports to clients’ needs. It’s possible to integrate Conductor with Adobe, Asana, Semrush, and other platforms. The modern design and simple interface ensure you quickly get used to how Conductor works.


Conductor uses a similar approach to Brightedge, meaning their official website doesn’t list the prices. Instead, you can contact the company to schedule a session and learn more about the tool and the pricing. With hidden pricing and reputable brands like Philips and Canon on the list of clients, we can only assume that Conductor is far from a cheap option. If the budget is tight, check out the available Conductor alternatives.


Conductor is the best Brightedge alternative for teams looking to boost their organic marketing results. The AI-powered suggestions based on extensive data analysis are the tool’s main advantage, along with the modern design and ease of use.

3. Woorank



WooRank is a Brightedge alternative focused on helping you optimize your website, which starts by launching a review. You’ll immediately access critical SEO metrics, including the site score and the list of errors and things that could be improved.

Competitive analytics is another strong suit offered by WooRank. A site comparison will show how you perform against up to three competitors, identify keywords your rivals pursue, and track position changes. Thanks to real-time search results from Google, you can easily discover new competitors in your niche.

WooRank has a keyword tool that will help identify terms that activate featured results. You can customize keyword tracking to a specific location and easily export data. Creating customizable white-label reports can be a way to impress clients, but keep in mind that WooRank alternatives might offer more comprehensive backlink analysis and additional SEO features compared to this tool.


WooRank comes with a 3-day free trial. If you pay annually, you qualify to use the tool for four months for free. Here are the premium plans available:

  • Pro. The cost is $89.99 monthly, and the plan includes a single project. You can track 50 keywords and 2,500 pages to crawl with a site crawler.
  • Premium. The price is $199.99, and you can create up to five projects. The trackable keywords increased to 250, and the pages crawled to 10,000. Premium and Enterprise plans include unlimited white-label PDF reports and the LeadGen tool.
  • Enterprise. The pricing is available upon inquiry, and the features are tailored to your needs.


WooRank offers unlimited website reviews, with recommendations on things to improve and analytics on how that site compares to rivals. It’s a great Brightedge alternative for those who need actionable tasks and want to track their and the competition’s performance.

4. SimilarWeb



SimilarWeb offers a set of tools that focus on providing a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape. Some free utilities, such as checking the top websites and apps, are available, but premium subscriptions unlock the platform’s full potential.

And there’s no doubt the main advantage is the app intelligence provided. SimilarWeb provides details about app users and engagement over time, and you get access to interesting metrics like phone-to-tablet installations from the app stores.

Dedication to mobile traffic and app intelligence is impressive, but SimilarWeb also offers other digital research and marketing features. You can conduct market or keyword research, get PPC details and ad intelligence, and even use the lead generation tool. Shopper behavior analysis can be imperative for clients with products to sell. Although SimilarWeb alternatives might have more SEO features, many unique insights make this platform stand out from the competition.


SimilarWeb has a 7-day free trial without a credit card and there are discounts if you pay for a premium subscription annually. Here are the plans available:

  • Starter. The cost is $149 monthly and includes 100 websites and 1,000 keyword results per report, along with three months of historical data.
  • Professional. The price is $399 monthly, and the plan includes 500 websites and 5,000 keyword results per report, along with six months of historical data.

Team and Enterprise packages are tailored to business needs, and the pricing is available upon request.


SimilarWeb undoubtedly tops the list of Brightedge alternatives for companies and users who need app intelligence. The company strongly focuses on mobile traffic and data but doesn’t neglect desktop analytics, making it a great all-around SEO solution.

5. Surfer SEO



Surfer SEO is our next Brightedge alternative, and this platform focuses on content creation and leveraging AI to help you create better articles. The Surfer AI tool only requires you to enter the seed phrase and adjust the search to a particular language and market. 

From there, the content editor performs a detailed analysis and comes up with the preferred word and heading count and the list of keywords to include in the article. You can access the outline builder and pick the headings to add, while the AI can deliver unique content for the given sections in seconds.

Surfer SEO can be integrated with Google Docs, WordPress, and Jasper. It also has a keyword research tool that will help identify phrases and topics for your articles. A site audit and SERP analyzer are also there, as well as a Chrome extension that provides keyword data while you are browsing. However, it’s clear that some Surfer SEO alternatives are more suitable all-around optimization solutions.


Surfer SEO has a 7-day money-bank guarantee, and these are the available plans:

  • Essential. For $89 monthly, you get 15 content editor articles and two user seats.
  • Advanced. The price is $179 monthly and includes 45 content editor articles and five user seats.
  • Max. The cost is $299 monthly, and you get 90 content editor articles and 10 user seats.

An Enterprise package is also available, with a custom number of articles and the cost tailored accordingly. Site audits, SERP analyzer, API, and white-label reports are available as add-ons for Essential and Advanced plans, but they are included in Max and Enterprise plans.


It’s clear that content creation is the area where Surfer SEO proves to be the best Brightedge competitor. The AI-powered writer utilizes real-time metrics to create better content than the one offered by your rivals, ensuring your articles are flawless, which is a great way of boosting your organic traffic and reputation among website visitors.

6. Moz



The first thing to clarify is that Moz Pro and Moz Local are separate products. We’ll focus on the former, considering that it offers all-around SEO tools and access to a huge database with over 43.1 trillion links and 1.25 billion keyword suggestions. It’s what puts Moz among the best Brightedge alternatives for all user types.

Moz has an extensive keyword research tool with 95% accuracy in providing search volume statistics. Metrics like the ranking difficulty and organic CTR percentage ensure you have all the necessary data. Position tracking covers major search engines in over 200 countries, with the option to pick between mobile and desktop results or choose the location where to search.

The site crawler is reliable and fast, with the issues divided by priority and well-sorted to ensure you can easily understand the provided info. On-page optimization allows checking the current page score and getting recommendations and content suggestions that help boost page ranks. Moz isn’t that easy to learn, especially how to use it to its full potential, so beginners might want to check Moz alternatives, too.


Moz offers monthly and yearly payments, with the latter option granting a 20% discount. Four plans are available for Moz Pro customers:

  • Standard. It costs $99 monthly to create up to three campaigns and get a single user seat.
  • Medium. The price is $179 monthly, and you get two user seats and up to ten campaigns.
  • Large. For $299 monthly, you get up to 25 campaigns and three user seats.
  • Premium. The package costs $599 monthly and includes up to 50 campaigns and five user seats.

You can test the Moz Pro Medium plan for free for 30 days.


Moz is a high-end solution with a gigantic database and various tools that focus on keyword and backlink research, rank tracking, and technical SEO. Subscription price ranges ensure that this platform is suitable for individuals and teams, making it one of the most versatile Brightedge alternatives available.

7. Mangools



Mangools has several free tools, such as the SERP volatility checker, an SEO browser extension, and a SERP simulator. An extensive analysis of search engine page results is available with the SERPChecker, which allows filtering results by device or one of over 50K locations worldwide. The results show critical metrics like domain and page authority scores, as well as the Alexa rank and trust and citation flow.

The keyword database contains over 2.5 billion keywords, and some Mangools alternatives have a bigger dataset. However, this platform keeps developing its database, so you can rest assured you’ll get thousands of relevant keyword ideas. That includes organic and paid terms, along with metrics like CPC and keyword difficulty.

SiteProfiler is another reason why Mangools is on our list of Brightedge alternatives worth checking. Apart from domain and page authority ratings, you’ll learn about the top content, backlink profile, and competitors of the analyzed site. Backlink analysis is there for extensive information in that area, and Mangools also has SERPWatcher, a tool that specializes in rank tracking.


Mangools has an option to create a free account and a 48-hour money-back guarantee for premium plans. The subscription options include:

  • Entry. For $29 monthly, you can execute 25 keyword and SERP lookups (each) daily.
  • Basic. It costs $49 monthly and includes 100 keyword and SERP lookups (each) daily.
  • Premium. For $69 monthly, you get 500 SERP and keyword lookups (each) daily.
  • Agency. The plan costs $129 monthly and includes 1,200 SERP and keyword lookups (each) daily.

You save about 35% if you choose yearly payments.


Mangools is the best-designed Brightedge alternative and one that’s a pleasure to use. The interface isn’t only visually attractive but also easy to navigate. Together with the affordable pricing, Mangools could be the perfect all-around SEO solution for beginners.

8. Semrush



Semrush is an SEO platform designed for solving all-around online marketing challenges, ranging from boosting your ranking to analyzing competitors and optimizing advertising campaigns. The vast keyword research identifies suitable terms for organic optimization and paid campaigns, and you can use the option to compare up to five domains to identify any keyword gaps to use to your advantage.

A backlink gap tool is also available, and you can run backlink analytics or a specialized audit tool that identifies links that could harm your profile and lead to Google penalties. 

Semrush is among the best Brightedge alternatives for content creation. It has a writing assistant that can be connected to a WordPress or Google Docs account to optimize content, including avoiding keyword stuffing, keeping a consistent tone of voice, and fine-tuning readability. Semrush also has social media management and rank-tracking features, and pricing is the only reason to even look at Semrush alternatives.


Semrush offers up to 17% discounts if you choose an annual subscription. Here are the available plans with the default monthly prices:

  • Pro. You pay $129.95 monthly for up to five projects.
  • Guru. The price is $249.95, and the limit is 15 projects.
  • Business. The cost is $499.95, and you get up to 40 projects.

Additional packages like Social, Local, and Trends are available as extras. A 7-day money-back guarantee is available with all plans listed above.


It’s hard to find a more comprehensive SEO suite than Semrush. The platform boasts over 55 tools, covering SEO and market research, content creation and optimization, advertising, and social media. It’s an excellent Brightedge alternative for any experienced professional or a team who doesn’t mind investing a bit more to impress clients and have a full SEO toolkit at their fingertips.

9. Advanced Web Ranking

advanced web ranking


Advanced Web Ranking delivers what it promises in the name – extensive position statistics across thousands of search engines worldwide. That includes Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but also platforms like Alibaba, DuckDuckGo, and Apart from automatic updates, you can schedule an on-demand ranking, and the data will be available in an hour.

AWR features a nice result visualization for keywords that are above the fold in the rankings. The platform uses the Visibility Distribution metric to aggregate a website’s search visibility in pixels. Our reviewers also underline the extensive reporting options with 100+ widgets that help customize reports for your clients.

Advanced Web Ranking is an excellent Brightedge alternative for discovering new rivals. The tool will monitor competitor performance in the search results, check market shares, and ensure you get data intel about the keywords rivals use. That will help adapt and improve your keyword strategy, combined with ranking difficulty metrics and traffic potential data. The downside is that it lacks some SEO features, such as backlink analysis and site audit, which is why you might want to check Advanced Web Ranking alternatives.


Advanced Web Ranking has a 30-day money-back guarantee and the following subscriptions:

  • Pro. You pay $99 monthly for 7,000 tracked keywords.
  • Agency. The cost is $199 monthly and includes 14,500 tracked keywords. This and more expensive plans also come with fast one-hour updates.
  • Enterprise. You pay $499 monthly for 35,500 tracked keywords.
  • Custom. It starts at $700 per month for 50,000 tracked keywords, but the price varies depending on the amount you need.

Annual payments secure a 10% discount.


The incredible list of over 4,000 search engines covered is the main reason why Advanced Web Ranking deserves a place among the Brightedge alternatives. Regular updates, localized and mobile rankings, as well as monitoring SERP features give you a detailed ranking overview for you and the competition.

10. Raven Tools



Raven Tools is the last suggestion on our list of alternatives to Brightedge. The first thing you notice is the modern design and simple interface. Raven Tools presents the available data in an attractive way, making it appealing to beginners and those who enjoy neat visual presentation.

Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu are on the list of search engines that Raven Tools supports for rank-tracking. You can tailor the search area by location, or device type. You can use the keyword rank checker for new content ideas and to understand the ranking keywords of the chosen domain.

Raven Tools also offers a competitor research tool that will analyze site performance, including information like domain authority, load time, and other details. Backlink analysis, a link-building manager, and detailed website audits are all present in Raven Tools. The platform lacks social media management and some other SEO features, which is why some users prefer to go with Raven Tools alternatives.


Raven Tools has the following subscriptions:

  • Small Biz. You pay $49 monthly for two user seats and two campaigns.
  • Start. The price is $109 monthly and covers four user seats and 20 campaigns.
  • Grow. Eight user seats and 80 campaigns are available for $199 monthly.
  • Thrive. The cost is $299 monthly and includes 20 users and 160 campaigns.
  • Lead.  It costs $479 monthly for 40 users to access the platform and create up to 320 campaigns.

You can get a 7-day account with all plans. Annual subscriptions secure a discount of up to 30%.


Raven Tools might only be a decent SEO tool, but its reporting options are why many business clients love it. You can combine over 30 summary pages and data modules to include in a report, with customization and automation being as easy as ABC, earning Raven Tools a place in our list of Brightedge alternatives.


We hope that our selection of Brightedge alternatives covers sufficient tools to meet the expectations of different user profiles. As Brightedge specializes in delivering a digital marketing platform tailored to businesses, you’ll find that SE Ranking and Conductor are its worthiest competitors.

WooRank can be a great choice if you’d like actionable intel on your and the competitor’s websites, while Surfer SEO specializes in content creation and AI writing. The vast choice of options gives a lot of maneuvering space when browsing the best Brightedge competitors. Feel free to test different solutions to see them in action and confirm which is the best fit for you!

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