Jasper AI, formerly Jarvis, started as an AI-writing tool mainly focused on scaling content production. Now, it has a whole suite of marketing instruments all based on AI. The Jasper toolset can help you with most stages of the marketing process, from creating ideas for branded content to generating it, and then analyzing its performance.

Does the reality live up to the marketing? Let’s find out in this in-depth Jasper AI review.

Jasper AI Pros

The first thing that needs to be mentioned in any review about Jasper AI is the list of comparative benefits of the platform. This Jasper review has found multiple benefits of working with the platform, but all of them can be summarized into five core points.

  • Ability to generate decent content in large quantities.
  • Multiple templates that make it easier to generate content.
  • An SEO extension that helps with long-form content production.
  • Tailored to your business with an AI learning system.
  • Multiple tools for multiple marketing purposes.

Jasper AI Cons

During this Jasper AI review, we’ve looked through countless Jasper AI reviews on multiple online platforms and used Jasper ourselves. There’s only one major drawback that could be attributed to Jasper as a platform. Others are inherent problems of any large language model.

  • Poor content organization in the beginner plans
  • You might need to generate a text multiple times with different prompts to reach a satisfactory result.
  • All AIs tend to get the facts wrong when generating text, so you need to do thorough fact-checking

Jasper AI Overview

Jasper AI is more than just a generative AI tool, it’s more of an AI content companion for businesses.

Its main function, though, is indeed to generate text with AI for any purpose a business might need, from lengthy blog articles to email subject lines. The way Jasper AI does this is different from ChatGPT without it.

To generate a decent text with AI, you need to give it dozens upon dozens of instructions. Jasper AI has built a system that does just that. It’s connected to the best large language models like GPT-4 and chooses the right AI for each task. It then analyses your company assets to give the AI additional prompts on context and style and adds SEO context with SurferSEO integration.

Together with your prompt, it should result in a better quality of generated text. The way you structure your prompt matters a lot too, so Jasper makes it easier by providing hundreds of templates for different tasks from generating job descriptions to creating YouTube scripts.

It also has additional tools for businesses that allow you to generate ideas and assets for marketing campaigns in different media, and analyze the performance of your content.

In this Jasper AI review, you will learn in-depth about all the features that the platform provides.

Jasper AI Pricing & Plans

Jasper AI offers three pricing tiers: Creator, Pro, and the Business suite.

The Creator tier costs $49 per month and gives access to all AI text-generation capabilities, AI chat, and brand voice settings. Apart from generating text, you can repurpose and rewrite content, and check it for plagiarism with the Copyscape add-on. This subscription plan also lets you use all integrations and the SEO add-on.

It’s best for solopreneurs though because it only includes one user seat and no team collaboration features.  

The Pro plan costs $69 per month. It allows you to use up to five user seats and adds team and project management features to make collaboration in the app easier. It also expands the knowledge database capabilities and adds image generation and marketing campaigns.

The Business plan has a custom price that you’ll have to talk to the sales team to agree on. It grants unlimited user seats, marketing campaigns, and company knowledge assets. It also adds more collaboration features, security features, API access, and account analytics.

You can get a 20% discount for all plans if you pay annually instead of monthly. Also, you can try Jasper AI for free for a week.

The Jasper AI Copilot

Let’s start this Jasper AI review by exploring the most important aspects of the platform.

Company Knowledge

The main feature that Jasper AI offers is AI-assisted content creation. But it’s the Company Knowledge that makes text generation worthwhile.

The way AI text generation works is it turns a series of instructions into a text. The more detailed the instructions are, the better the output is. But when a copywriter creates a text for your business, they don’t have the direct instructions for the text they’re writing, they also know a lot about your business.

From the brand voice you try to keep up, to information about your positioning and basic knowledge about your product and customers. It’s impossible to put all of that information into a traditional free AI-generation tool. 

Since Jasper AI works by combining multiple prompts from different sources into one of the many large language models it uses, it’s possible to give the AI a lot of context about your company.

One of the major ways you can do that is by providing Jasper AI with your company brand voice. Brand voice is the brand identity that shows through your messaging. For instance, Goldman Sachs has a very formal and matter-of-fact, while Wendy’s has an upbeat and informal tone.

You can specify what tone you want the AI to use when generating texts for your business. Instead of trying to formulate what your brand voice is in abstract terms, you can upload a piece of text or leave a link to your website. Jasper will analyze the text on the page and will try to mimic the brand voice further on. You can then tailor the brand voice to your needs if you find that AI didn’t get it right.

With the Creator plan, you can have a single brand voice that you can change however you like. The Pro plan gives you access to three brand voices. This lets agencies use brand voices for different clients, or companies use different voices for different communication channels.

The Pro plan also lets you upload up to ten company knowledge assets. You can upload documents and links to web pages that explain what your company’s values are and what products you develop. It’s also possible to define terms that you will commonly use in writing, like product names.

This lets Jasper generate texts with an understanding of what your business is, and what it does, and use the proper terminology.

Team Acceleration

Most medium and large companies don’t just have a single person working on content marketing, they have a whole team. That’s why Jasper provides a lot of team management features to make collaboration more streamlined and avoid having to integrate Jasper with third-party team management apps.

The Creator plan is designed for a single content creator, so it doesn’t include any team features. The Pro plan includes all the collaboration features and up to five team member seats.

In the campaigns tabs of your admin panel, you can create content tasks for your writers and editors. You can view them either in Kanban view or in calendar view.

The Kanban view lets you see all the current tasks sorted according to the stage they’re at and who they’re assigned to. The calendar view shows the tasks according to the deadlines assigned to the tasks.

It’s possible to create and edit tasks from the admin panel and from the documents that you’re editing or reviewing. For each task, you can add a description, a person responsible for its completion, and a timeline.

Team Acceleration features aren’t confined to management, though. These also include tools that make teamwork faster.

Some Jasper reviews, though, indicate that content management features found in the Creator plan are lacking. Essentially, you only have a single folder to sort your content in, and even for a smaller creator, this can be too little.

How to counter this without having to upgrade a plan? In this review about Jasper AI, we believe the best way is to use Google Docs integration for easier content management. It comes with the Creator plan and provides all of Jasper’s creative capabilities without the management drawbacks.

Jasper AI offers a suite of tools that make creating and editing content easier. In terms of content creation, your teammates can generate content with AI on the basis of already existing content. You can take a piece of content that did well in other formats and remix it to fit the format that you need. For instance, you can expand a social media post into a blog post, or shorten a blog post into a newsletter email.

For editing, you can link up the document with the generated text with SEO software and a style guide and quickly check how well the generated text compares to the task. The style guide can automatically fix any discrepancies with the designated company style, but it’s only available in the Business plan.

The only big drawback of team acceleration that appeared in this Jasper AI review is that the team management features are only useful if you don’t use a third-party team management software like Trello. If you do, and you want to continue using it, you’ll have to integrate it with Zapier or another integration platform.

AI-Assisted Content

AI-generated content is a great solution for accelerating content production. However, the problem with most platforms for generating text with AI is that they can’t generate content with all the context about your company.

Jasper AI reviews indicate it can solve this problem and make AI content generation a lot more fitting to your business. With the company knowledge features, you can upload information about your business like the brand voice that you want to use or your company’s mission statement or list of products.

Jasper will use this information when generating any text from a blog post to an email subject line. This makes it possible to not just generate texts that any other business would use, but to generate unique texts specifically for your business.

This is possible because of the generation process that Jasper AI uses. It doesn’t simply use a single large language model to generate texts with your briefs.

Jasper AI has access to multiple LLM models like GPT-4 and Bing. Each time you create a brief for text generation, Jasper considers which model can complete the task best and chooses it. It also adds your brand voice and information about your company to the task automatically.

As a result, you can simply create a brief for a piece of content and generate texts much better than with the bare LLM.

Jasper AI also helps streamline the process of creating briefs for your content. It has over 50 templates for generating text from brainstorming marketing angles to generating email subject lines. You can use these to avoid writing a detailed prompt as the template will already contain a lot of the context information for you.

Even the briefs that you generate for text generation, Jasper AI provides over 500 prompts that you can use. Since you have 500 prompt templates to choose from, you can cover almost all types of content that you might need to put out.

This review of Jasper AI finds that a lot of these prompts take advantage of AI’s ability to generate texts with specific roles or frameworks in mind. For instance, you could use a prompt that asks Jasper to generate a description text that uses the 4C’s model to highlight specific features of your product to the specific audience.

Prompts are structured like templates that you can fill with the information specific to your business. The prompts don’t just cover routine content generation tasks, but also brainstorming business and marketing ideas as well as employee communication.

Your typical marketing content like promotional emails, ad copy, and social media posts isn’t the only thing you can generate with Jasper. The platform can also generate schema markups and meta descriptions which is a time saver for SEO.

One neat feature that deserves to be in this Jasper AI review is the ability to generate assets for an entire campaign from a single brief. The way this works is you provide Jasper with a brief for the marketing campaign you want to do, it assesses what types of content you might need, what should be in that content, and generates assets for all communication channels involved.

Apart from generating text, you can also generate visual art with Jasper. You can give it a prompt of the image you need and choose an art style. This can be a fast and easy way of generating royalty-free images for any of the marketing activities that you run, from email campaigns to blog posts.

Jasper’s content creation features can be integrated with the Google suite of apps, a few automation and integration apps, and Surfer SEO for generating website content that’s optimized for search.

Using integration with BigQuery or Google Sheets lets you build a content generation pipeline based on a database. Google Chrome and Google Docs integrations help you generate content in your Google Docs or on any platform you’re on.

Integrations with Zapier and Make let you build automation pipelines within Jasper to streamline content production. The integration with Pabbly Connect lets you integrate other platforms with Jasper.

This review of Jasper AI finds that all of this effort generally results in results that are more than satisfactory, especially in short-form content.

AI-generated content has some limitations, but where it shines is mimicking a certain style and tone of voice. Jasper gives it the context for it to imitate and perform at its best. Most Jasper reviews report that it takes minimal editing to make the generated text sound exactly like the tone of voice the user needs.

Where the quality might be lacking is in long-form content, particularly in in-depth blog posts. But that’s not something that depends on Jasper specifically, it’s just the common problem of all LLMs. You might get repetitive content, content that veers off track, or fictional data.

So if you want to use Jasper to create blog content, make sure you proofread and either edit or rephrase the bits of content that turn out to sound too much like AI.

Analytics & Insights

The last major set of features this Jasper AI review covers is Jasper’s Analytics and Insights. It only rolled out in the last quarters of 2023, and in 2024 it’s going to be polished more as the development team works on the feedback from the app users.

This section of Jasper AI functionality includes multiple features that help your team understand the content that you produce better and improve it in a few clicks.

When you open a document with a text taht was either generated by Jasper AI or written by your team, you’ll get a list of possible revisions. Jasper analyzes that text and comes up with things that you can change to make it better.

The suggested revisions are not simple grammar improvements either. Jasper might suggest a more strategic revision like making the text more readable or rewriting the opening paragraph. In most cases, you can make that revision with a single click — Jasper will generate that for you.

In a more strategic view, Jasper can analyze all of the content that you have uploaded to or generated on the platform and rank it based on the content score. This score is calculated by Jasper based on multiple factors like content length, readability, and topicality.

You can access the list of best and worst-performing content and use it to improve overall content performance. Jasper will provide insights into why the best-performing works so well to improve future content creation.

You can also take the content that performs well and remix it to create more great content in different formats.

In the list of the worst-performing content pieces, you can find insights into why it performs worse than the others. You can also go to that piece of content and use the Jasper AI engine to rewrite it completely or change the parts that may be contributing to its failures.

The neat part of AI generation is that you can use it to change a small element that appears throughout the text with a few clicks without having to do a lot of manual work.

Lastly, Jasper AI can make content suggestions for your blog based on what’s trending in your niche at the moment and on your content’s past performance. This is a nice feature to have if you want to save time on content ideation, but it can’t substitute for proper topic research.

Many of these features are only accessible in the Enterprise plan, so it’s hard to assess whether it works well as there are very few mentions of it in Jasper AI reviews online.

The Jasper Platform

So far, this Jasper AI review has covered all of the major features of Jasper and how they function. Now, let’s take a look at Jasper as a platform.


One of the most pressing concerns for the AI industry and for digital tools as a whole is security and privacy. Jasper AI strives to create a safe environment for its users.

In terms of the overall security of the platform, Jasper is GDPR and SCO 2 compliant, which means it follows the rules of transparency and accountability when handling user data. To get one of these compliance badges a company has to do its due diligence in keeping data depersonalized, encrypted, and safe against third-party access. As a part of the safety protocol, Jasper will delete customer data upon request or after an account is terminated.

Even though GDPR compliance provides a pretty decent security framework, it’s not voluntary. Complying with this set of rules is required in the EU and incurs heavy fines if not followed. This Jasper AI review finds that the company does a lot more than the bare minimum for security.

Jasper employs a third-party security expert company to monitor their security practices and ensure that the in-house team isn’t making any mistakes. Jasper also assesses any third-party company it works with to prevent their subcontractors from compromising security.

All of the employees, contractors, and temporary workers receive security training and pass security awareness tests prior to working on with company code. All employees are provided with secure workstations that ensure there is no possibility of malicious entry.

The result of the company’s efforts is that in seven years that it’s been in operation there hasn’t been a single data leak or other cybersecurity problem.

In terms of AI security, the largest concern is that your data might be used to train AI models. During this Jasper AI review, we’ve found that the platform doesn’t use its customers’ data for training any of the AI models it uses or any other AI model on the market.


Jasper is a tool that’s useful for all types of creators, even ones that produce content on a relatively small scale. But Jasper also strives to create the best conditions for its enterprise clients.

The Enterprise suite provides unlimited usage of all features of the platform and unlocks a lot of key features that aren’t available in other plans. The two key features that are only accessible in the Enterprise plan are access to Jasper API and advanced team management features.

Access to API allows enterprise clients to create custom solutions like integrations with third-party apps and workflow automation without having to rely on apps like Zapier.

The team management features that the Enterprise plan unlocks allow large companies to manage responsibilities across teams. You can create separate spaces for different projects and departments and control app access and usage across all members.

Another benefit this Jasper AI review finds is that its enterprise users enjoy enhanced access to learning and support resources. All enterprise users have a dedicated Customer Success manager who will assist them with any aspect of the platform they may have trouble with and take part in the planning and strategic use of Jasper.

In addition to that, Jasper AI has a network of certified partner agencies that can help your enterprise with all business processes related to Jasper from strategy to prompt optimization.

Jasper Everywhere

One of the key features of Jasper is the diversity in not only how you can use it, but also where you can use it.

The ability to integrate Jasper with multiple third-party apps opens a lot of opportunities for automation and saves even more time on content production. For instance, Google Sheets integration gives you the option to generate product descriptions in bulk based on a spreadsheet that lists key information about a product.

Using SurferSEO and Copyscape add-ons helps you with search engine optimization as SurferSEO provides keyword research and Copyscape provides high-quality plagiarism checks. A drawback that this Jasper AI review discovers is that you do need an active subscription for either of these to connect them to the platform.

The integration of Jasper that saves you the most time is probably the browser extensions on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The browser extension lets you use Jasper’s generative capabilities anywhere on the internet.

This means you can streamline things like community engagement, responding to users on social media, and responding to generic support tickets. You can also generate emails or social media posts in the browser which saves time on copying and pasting generated results.

Other features

This Jasper AI review has covered a lot of ground so far. But there are two features of this platform that didn’t fit with other categories and that need to be mentioned — AI Chat and the knowledge base.

The way Jasper’s interface looks is quite different from the chat interface made popular by ChatGPT. It looks like a classic admin panel with a text editor section where you can create prompts and get text generated in the documents.

This Jasper review finds it handy for creating long texts, but you might want to have a way to quickly go through multiple iterations with shorter texts or brainstorming. For tasks like these, Jasper has an AI Chat.

This part of the Jasper platform functions exactly like ChatGPT. It’s a chat with the AI where you can ask it to generate texts, ideas, or anything else and steer it in the right direction by adding more prompts in the form of a dialogue.

The last notable feature that is worth mentioning in this Jasper AI review is the incredible amount of effort the team dedicates to onboarding and teaching new users. Jasper has a jumpstart AI course, a blog, a podcast, a vast knowledge base, and a lot of prompt templates to experiment with.

This means that even on the small learning curve towards getting better results with AI generation, you’ll be assisted in every possible manner.


Currently, AI generation tools may look like pure technical magic to a person who hasn’t tried working with them. Those who did, know they have a lot of limitations.

This Jasper AI review finds that Jasper is a step forward from just using ChatGPT for business purposes. But it’s far from ideal when it comes to generating text, especially long and in-depth blog posts.

Multiple online Jasper reviews claim that the output can be repetitive and the AI struggles to rephrase it. The same goes for generating fictional data instead of retrieving it.

That’s not a limitation of Jasper, that’s a limitation of the large language models that Jasper uses for generating content. But you have to be wary of that when considering buying a subscription.

Overall, Jasper AI can be a great business tool if you know what to expect from it.

If you need a tool that helps you use ChatGPT and other LLMs to generate more content with better quality than simply putting in a prompt into an LLM, you’ll find Jasper to be more than adequate. If you expect it to be miles better than ChatGPT, you might be disappointed.

Some Jasper AI reviews claim that for the price the company asks they provide too few features, especially in the area of content management. If you feel that way, you might want to look into Jasper alternatives.

Quick Answers Questions

What is Jasper 

Jasper AI is software for AI-assisted content creation. It’s not a large language model itself like Chat GPT or BingChat, instead, it’s a framework for using these LLMs to produce better results. 

In essence, Jasper AI acts as an intermediary between your prompts and the AI. As the intermediary, it can help expand your prompts with more contextual details about your business, your style and tone of voice, and your products.

This allows you to produce better texts that sound more like your business and not a generic AI output.

How to use Jasper 

There are multiple ways to use Jasper AI, but the overall scheme for the most popular use of the platform, content creation, goes like this:

  1. Add details about your business
  2. Choose a template for the content you want to create
  3. Create a prompt or customize a prompt template
  4. View the generated text and change the prompt if you want to change anything about the result

The quality of the output mainly depends on how detailed your prompt is, so there is a slight learning curve with Jasper. But because the platform provides a lot of details for your prompt, you can get serviceable results from the start.

What is Jasper used for

Jasper AI is mostly used to create any type of content for business purposes from blog posts to email subject lines. It can also be used for a variety of business goals from analyzing content performance to creating AI-generated customer support chats.

Read the full review of Jasper AI to learn more.

How much is Jasper

Jasper AI has three pricing models. The cheapest one is $49 per month with limited access to features and full access to AI generation. The next tier costs $69 per month with more platform-specific features. The plan that unlocks everything Jasper has to offer has fluctuating pricing depending on what your company needs it to do.

Read the full review about Jasper AI to find out more about what features are accessible in each plan.

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