Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) stands out for its comprehensive approach to monitoring websites across thousands of search engines in as many as 190 countries. It operates with all the world’s major platforms, including Google, YouTube and Amazon, but also Yandex and Baidu, among many others. But, is it really worth your money? Let’s find out in this Advanced Web Ranking review!


  • Efficiently tracks extensive keyword sets at an affordable price.
  • ·Simplifies project management by allowing easy setup and monitoring of multiple projects.
  • Provides insights into competitive rankings, not just individual site rankings.
  • Facilitates seamless export of raw data for personalized analysis.
  • Easy to integrate with Looker Studio for efficient analysis.
  • Offers API support for advanced integration.
  • Distinguished by exceptional customer service with a dedicated and caring team.


  • Large keyword projects (20k+) may slow things a bit.
  • Minimum retrieval of the top 5 pages may cause issues with large exports exceeding a million rows.
  • Data collection for new keywords can take up to 24 hours.
  • Daily tracking for multiple domains and countries can escalate costs significantly.
  • No live reporting feature for ranking fluctuations.


AWR SEO software offers a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for server proxies or VPNs to operate the tool. It excels in SEO with its focus on rank tracking and cannibalization issues. Its responsive design and intuitive interface simplify marketing processes, while reports offer crucial KPIs like visibility and market share. The Rank Tracker aids local SEO, AWR’s SEO Reporting enhances client communication, and its Competitor Analysis provides valuable insights. Free tools like Google’s Organic CTR History add further value. Despite some limitations, AWR remains a top choice for agile, comprehensive SEO strategies.

Pricing and Plans

Any Advanced Web Ranking review will help you decide whether or not it deserves your attention based on the value it offers. And that’s when you have to compare plans. 

Various monthly and yearly plans are available for those interested in using AWR to track their SEO campaigns, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee to offer some peace of mind. Here’s what you can choose from:

PlanDescriptionPriceKeywords (Weekly)
PROCatering to small businesses$99.007,000
AGENCYFor agencies and mid-sized businesses$199.0014,500
ENTERPRISEGeared towards large agencies and enterprises$499.0035,500
CUSTOMTailored solutions for demanding needs$700.00+50,000

You get to save 10% on each plan when you switch to a yearly subscription.

Advanced Web Ranking Features

In order to get a well-rounded Advanced Web Ranking review, we need to focus on the basic features it offers. They include:

  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO Reporting
  • Competitor Analysis

However, it’s also true that any review about Advanced Web Ranking will praise this toolkit’s ability to identify cannibalization issues thereby aiding optimization for better visibility on SERPs. 

It’s possible to generate reports, which include various key performance indicators (KPIs) that are useful for assessing a site’s organic presence. For instance:

  • visibility
  • click share
  • market share
  • estimated visits
  • average rank

Rank Tracker

Advanced Web Ranking reviews will most likely spotlight how well AWR facilitates a proactive approach to SEO. It enables collaborative working across the SEO elements with white-label reporting and sharable links. However, no Advanced Web Ranking review will be complete without focusing on its Rank Tracker feature, which is especially useful for small businesses keen on boosting their local SEO.

The feature can identify local rankings based on tightly defined locations on par with a good GPS.

We review Advanced Web Ranking, specifically focusing on how the Rank Tracker helps. What we really like about AWR is its search visibility feature, which measures how visible a website is within search results over time. This metric is used alongside other performance indicators to gauge the effectiveness of SEO strategies. 

AWR’s Rank Tracker also offers insights into SERP features and provides click share data and search visibility KPIs, tracks the number of pixels to your search results. The Advanced Web Ranking reviews talk highly of pixel-based visibility measurement, which is a modern approach, accounting for the variety of SERP features and the actual visibility of listings on the search results page.

As any helpful Advanced Web Ranking review would tell you, AWR is all about data and easy reporting. It’s the data-rich reporting and daily updates to the search engines that give its users an edge in intensely competitive markets. Although two of its strongest points are the quality of its data and its rankings accuracy, there are ways AWR Rank Track could be improved. For instance, it takes well over 24 hours to process rank-tracking requests, which might be a consideration for many businesses.

SEO Reporting

To be useful Advanced Web Ranking reviews should also consider the AWR SEO Reporting feature. This is a valuable communication tool that streamlines reporting to clients. There’s a set of customized templates providing a wide range of ways to present data. They can be easily populated with the client’s details and tailored to their SEO goals. This tool allows SEO specialists to offer data in a way that is clear and concise.

SEO Reporting helps users compile reports on KPIs with the client’s perspective in mind. Any Advanced Web Ranking review would confirm that SEO reporting is a versatile tool. Within it, users can select indicators that best describe current SERPs performance and report on the most relevant trends and data segments. The feature provides clients with a clear overview of how efficiently the SEO strategy is working and how it’s likely to benefit the business.

Besides fostering clear communication between agency and client, it’s possible to use SEO reporting feature to:

  • configure to transform data into actionable insights to aid better understanding
  • use export options and branding in PDF, CSV or XLSX formats to create brand-centric reports with logos and favicons for personalization
  • use the AWR emailing and notifications systems
  • share information that keeps stakeholders informed in multiple ways, including automated and scheduled emailing and uploading to Google Drive
  • be added to the platform seamlessly with no limit on the number of new users
  • apply customized account permissions with activity logs tracking engagement
  • use templates or compile reports from scratch
  • combine widgets for flexibility in the report’s design

Because of its pricing, some users offering their review of Advanced Web Ranking suggest that it’s not the one-size solution they were hoping for. They’d prefer more control over-segmentation and reporting, with more specific alerts.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis (CA) is another feature of AWR that is well worthy of mention in an Advanced Web Ranking review.

Competitor Analysis can share information about entire SEO strategies. It’s a tool that helps businesses understand their position within the competitive landscape of online marketing. It gathers and presents information on competitors that are principal rivals for market share, making it useful for any business.

AWR users can examine the URLs the competition is using and discover their keywords, see which they give priority to and where, and discover how they are used in their overall strategy. Every Advanced Web Ranking review confirms the value of having “competitor analysis” as a tool. AWR competitor analysis finds keyword sets and provides an aggregated list those competitors are using in their SEO. It tracks them, measuring their market share, visibility score,and  average rank.

AWR provides Keyword Difficulty metrics which are useful for identifying the level of competition. The metrics also cover URL Difficulty, Domain Difficulty and Content Difficulty. The Difficulty metrics can be aggregated for topical keyword groups. It makes for faster research into organic opportunities to stay one step ahead of the competition.

These insights form the SERP analysis report. As well as actionable advice, the report sizes up the competition so that strategies can be adjusted and fine-tuned accordingly. The reports are clear and make it easy to understand what constitutes your organic progress in SEO.

With this handy AWR tool, users can monitor 50 competing websites in each ranking project. You get detailed SERPs information, including the titles and meta-descriptions, which can be exported into CSV files. It’s worth mentioning that though the Advanced Web Ranking review describes the AWR Competitor Analysis as robust but, with AWRs focus on keywords, it has limits. For example, there’s no backlink profiling or on-page optimization insights.    

Free SEO Tools

The range of free tools Advanced Website Ranking offers helps users and their clients understand website performance and how it relates to visibility and higher rankings. Although a very well-equipped toolkit at zero expense, there are still more useful functions available in the AWR paid versions. 

However, for free you get:

1. Google’s Organic Click-Through History.

This free tool reveals how much traffic a site could get when it ranks on the first page of the Google search results. It doesn’t provide real-time data; instead, it collects CTR data and millions of keywords from various sources worldwide over the course of a month, then reports on it.

2. Google’s Algorithm Changes Tool.

This tool looks at the activity changes to algorithms initiated by monitoring fluctuations and volatility in Google’s search results. It’s a free way to stay right up to date with current search features. Although it helps maintain visibility, it doesn’t provide insights into how algorithm changes will likely impact the user’s SEO efforts.

3. The Google SERP Features Tool.

This tool is invaluable for understanding changing SEO requirements, search features and trends, from the service provider’s perspective. The free tool helps you learn about special elements appearing on Google SERPs beyond organic results. They include, but are not limited to, Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, video carousels, image packs, and People Also Ask boxes. All of this info allows you to optimize your SEO efforts.

4. AWR’s Search Demand Trends tool.

This free tool is for use over time. It monitors impressions whilst watching for trends in different industries. Although not a sound way to make marketing predictions, it is useful for understanding how trends develop and run.

5. WhattSpeed.

This is a free speed test. It looks at site performance, particularly load speeds, which are critical in SEO. It does inform the technical SEO by revealing where there is poor performance and provides some recommendations for improvements. It makes issues visible, and is particularly useful because the quality of the user experience is a key ranking feature.

6. Search Anywhere.

This free browser extension helps you access Google SERPs from any location. You can search like a local without using a proxy server or VPN. It also allows you to create search presets based on your desired locations – it even includes GPS coordinates for improved accuracy.


Overall, Advanced Web Ranking review finds that AWR is a robust and comprehensive SEO tool that offers extensive keyword tracking and competitive insights across a vast array of search engines globally. Despite some limitations like data processing time and potential cost escalation, its cloud-based platform, intuitive design, and valuable features like Rank Tracker and Competitor Analysis make it a strong contender for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence. But, if cost seems to go up, it’s possible to consider many other Advanced Web Ranking alternatives, such as SE Ranking, which offer a well-rounded software solution and a better bang for the buck.

Quick Answers Questions

What is Advanced Web Ranking?

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is a comprehensive SEO software tool that monitors website performance across numerous search engines globally. It supports major platforms like Google and YouTube, as well as regional ones such as Yandex and Baidu. It also offers extensive keyword tracking, competitive insights, and seamless integration with analytics tools. 

How to Use Advanced Web Ranking?

It’s quite simple to use AWR. All you have to do is create a project and add your domains with keywords to begin tracking. To get local SEO insights, you can utilize the Rank Tracker tool, and get details about strategic positioning through Competitor Analysis. Being able to connect with Google Analytics is also a great way to conduct comprehensive analysis. And finally, you can leverage AWR’s reporting features to communicate SEO progress to stakeholders.

What is Advanced Web Ranking Used For?

Advanced Web Ranking specializes in keyword rank tracking, excelling in its singular focus. It offers extensive tracking, competitive insights, and seamless integration with analytics tools. Ideal for businesses seeking enhanced online visibility and improved search engine rankings, it’s a comprehensive solution for SEO strategy development and optimization.

How Much is Advanced Web Ranking? 

You pay differently based on the plan you choose. Both monthly and yearly options are available. The cheapest plan costs you $99/month. You pay $199/month for the Agency plan and $499 for the Enterprise plan, whereas a Custom option is also available starting at $700/month. Yearly subscriptions provide a 10% discount, making AWR accessible for diverse SEO needs and budgets.

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