Founded in 2020, Scalenut uses GPT from Open AI to automate content writing and SEO optimization and promises to enhance the performance of websites. While most people have mixed feelings about using AI to optimize web-based content, in the four years since its launch, Scalenut has become trusted by big-name brands, including Microsoft and Amazon, and the Scalenut reviews are there to show for it.

Scalenut is undoubtedly one of the favorite AI tools used in marketing. Over 1 million marketing specialists and businesses use Scalenut to optimize content. For this Scalenut review, we used the platform to optimize written content, plan content and research topics.  

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  • For this Scalenut AI review, we were impressed that the writer by Scalenut is packed with additional features, including the brand’s tone and voice, an article brief generator, and an SEO score calculator
  • Scalenut’s user interface is easy to use, even for beginners
  • Available integrations include Semrush, Google Search Console, Copyscape and WordPress. Scalenut also offers a browser extension
  • The tool as a whole is highly intuitive in its research capabilities
  • The integrated marketplace allows users to hire talent affordably
  • Scalenut’s free AI tools give users access without having to sign up 


  • For team collaboration, the professional plan must be bought
  • Scalenut does not feature a generator for custom AI templates
  • The content created is only available in English at this point
  • Unlike its competitors, there is no API available yet for Scalenut


Scalenut helps users manage their SEO content from beginning to end, the entire lifecycle of the content. The tool has several SEO tools and an AI Writing assistant to help users effectively plan and write their content in minutes. Scalenut reviews have found that in as little as 5 minutes, users can create an impressive blog piece that has been search engine optimized in real-time.

The technology behind Scalenut is a mixed bag, but it primarily draws from GPT-3, which is widely believed to be the benchmark in language models. What sets Scalenut apart from others on the market is its integration with its in-house AI and natural language processing.

This Scalenut review found that while the platform doesn’t allow users to create custom templates, it comes pre-loaded with hundreds of ready-to-go templates, including emails, ad copy and product descriptions. Scalenut also features powerful real-time SEO reporting and research tools.

Pricing & Plans

Scalenut is a mid-price range tool with five plans. While there are cheaper alternatives available, there are also more expensive ones. For those starting, Scalenut reviews suggest the entry-level package at $39 per month, and for those going all in and needing more than 5 SEO articles each month, we’d suggest looking at the $79 package. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from each package:

Free Plan

In this plan, you get 2,000 AI words a month and 2 SEO articles for one user. Users cannot analyze web pages or access keyword clusters on the Free Plan, and no integrations are available. 

Essential Plan:

For $39 per month, users get 100,000 AI words and 5 SEO articles. This plan is also only open to 1 user. Again, the user will not have access to analyze web pages, keyword clusters and integrations. 

Growth Plan

Priced at $79, 1 user can access unlimited AI words and 30 SEO articles. Users on this plan can analyze 200 web pages monthly and request 30 keyword clusters. In this price range, users can also access Scalenut’s integration platforms. We opted for this plan when conducting research for this Scalenut review.

Pro Plan

This plan costs $149 per month for one additional user. If users require more than two seats additional users can be added for $49. You get unlimited words, 75 SEO articles monthly, and access to analyze 500 web pages. Integration is available, and users can get 75 keyword clusters in their monthly cycle.

Enterprise Plan

This plan, including its cost, is fully customizable.

Scalenut Features

Scalenut has been rated one of the best AI writing tools. It is also able to optimize content to ensure it ranks. While it doesn’t offer additional language options, it is still packed with features that help creatives produce high-quality content. Here are some features we found during this Scalenut review that you can look forward to using on Scalenut:

Cruise Mode

Cruise Mode is Scalenut’s flagship feature. It is open for access on all plans. Using Cruise Mode, users can create a long-form piece of content in less than 5 minutes. During this Scalenut review, we found that while it does lack a proper “voice,” the content produced was easy to whip into shape.  The feature is simple to use, and Scalenut places SEO optimization at the top of its list.

Cruise mode is an asset to Scalenut that streamlines the content writing process. The feature allows users to research, write and optimize in one place. Aside from minor factual inaccuracies and standard AI fluff, the content was pretty good. The easy-to-follow wizard ensures that help is never too far away for users.

One of the things that stood out about Scalenut’s content was the point format it was returned in. This format made editing the generated content much more straightforward. A feature we liked about Scalenut’s Cruise Mode is the ability to select a tone when writing a piece. This is a game changer for the world of content generation and ends AI pieces all sounding (or reading) the same.

While conducting research for the Scalenut review, we found it helpful that users can export the generated copy directly to WordPress if they’re not on the Free or Essential plans. Alternatively, you can download the text version and manually upload it. 

Content Optimizer

The content optimizer gives creators a tool to bring relevance to their past articles or optimize the ones they are working on. To do this, Scalenut analyzes content using algorithms to understand the input commands. The tool can generate engaging yet relevant content for the selected target audience.

The content optimizer is designed to save creators time. It does precisely that. The writing experience is efficient, and with powerful AI SEO features, Scalenut comes into its own. The optimization process begins with Scalenut offering appropriate and relevant keyword suggestions that writers can use to help their content rank. The content created is captivating for the readers and attracts traffic to websites.

We tested AI-created content in the optimizer for this Scalenut review, producing results above what was expected. The optimized content, even AI-generated, must be optimized for it to rank with Google. Using the content optimizer, we could also increase the SEO score on previously published content. This tool benefits those who want to optimize websites for clients whose sites do not rank well online.

The optimizer worked perfectly on long and short-form content, ensuring that everything from social media posts to blogs was optimized for the best search engine results. Impressively, the content optimizer recommended additional keywords and their uses. It worked on readability and helped structure the posts and content. When done correctly, these elements maximize the content’s visibility and attract traffic organically.

Keyword Planner

The Scalenut keyword planner works similarly to the Google keyword planner. For this Scalenut review, we found that users can enter a keyword, and the tool sends back additional keywords that can be used to rank content. However, there is a massive difference when using the Scalenut keyword planner. Scalenut users can choose a topic or keyword to begin their search.

The tool seems simple, but it’s super powerful, returning keywords and identifying search terms and topics that creatives could use when targeting their audiences. This helps creators by allowing them to use the keyword cluster at once over a single keyword. We also loved that the tools are easily accessible from the dashboard.

Another feature we liked was the ability to see the estimated search volume under each cluster of keywords. Selecting keywords will help creators pick the top-performing ones and write their content around those words. Digging just a little more, we retrieved the search volume for each keyword in each cluster to help further enhance the content.

For this Scalenut review, we found that getting started is as easy as clicking on your keyword cluster and selecting the “Create SEO Article” prompt once you have your keyword cluster. We were quickly able to export the keyword report, and if we were a marketing firm, this is the report we would base our marketing content strategy on. This tool is not available on the free or essential plans.

Marketing CopyWriter

The marketing copywriter by Scalenut has been hailed in Scalenut reviews as better than its competitors in several reviews. We found that Scalenut’s tool fares much better than others for two simple reasons. The platform is user-friendly, even for the less tech-savvy, and it helps users quickly organize their ideas and content.

Although there are not many templates, the templates are easy to use and intuitive. While we hope that there are plans to add a few more in the future, some of the templates users can access include

• Product descriptions,

• Social Media Posts,

• Website Copy,

• Content for videos,

• Emails, and

• Article Copywriting

And while these are readily available on other AI writing tools, Scalenut does offer additional benefits such as free tools which can be used alongside the Marketing Copywriter to enhance content. Once you have selected your template, Scalenut will ask you a few questions, and when you are ready, Scalenut will generate several versions of the same content. You can choose which is the most relevant for your audience.

NLP Terms

Scalenut reviews found that generative AI combines advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver high-impact keywords to present keyword data. We found that Scalenut values high-quality content. It utilizes NLP algorithms to identify critical semantic terms and phrases that match the query searched for.

The Key Terms section includes a comprehensive list of keywords that users can incorporate into their content to increase its relevance and comprehensiveness. By including these keywords, content can rank higher. It also provides metrics which include relevance and frequency of key terms within the top 30 ranking pieces and their importance

Having this data at your fingertips is essential for hitting content targets and delivering pages that rank at the top of searches. Scalenut does not only place focus on NLP terms. It works phenomenally on headings and text.

For this Scalenut review, we found that Scalenut analyzes the top pages to bring out the highest-ranking NLP terms and then uses that data to give creators a solid starting point for their content. There is ultimately very little Scalenut cannot do for marketing teams looking to boost clients’ SEO optimization.

Traffic Analyzer

One of Scalenut’s newer features is the traffic analyzer. It is a valuable tool for any team and is linked directly to your Google Search Console. The tool provides insightful information about website traffic. The analyzer also tracks keyword traffic, top pages and impressions in real time.

Teams can use the data from the analyzer to create more of one type of content or choose to optimize further content that does not attract enough attention to make data-driven decisions. The Scalenut platform gives users data that is easy to interpret. It’s a quick way for marketing teams, creatives and brands to see what works on their site and what doesn’t.

The analyzer comprises two sections: Inventory and Insights. Under inventory, users can find all the pages in their domain, giving an all-inclusive look at every piece of content (from keyword count and traffic to current rank and trend). On the other hand, the insights section quickly breaks down the website’s performance to help users with metric interpretations. You can check positive and negative movements of your pages, device and position distributions charts, and many more . This Scalenut review shows us that this tool is perfect when Search Console simply doesn’t do the trick.

Free Tools

There are a ton of AI content generators out there, but how many offer users the chance to experience the full power of what they have to provide for free? In this Scalenut AI review, we found that Scalenut offers a fully inclusive 7-day trial on its platform, with no strings attached. Not in the mood to sign up? Don’t worry, Scalenut still has you.  It offers a full range of services users can access for free. Let’s break a few of them down:

Free Keyword Finder

The free keyword finder can be used to research words that can be used in content to drive traffic to your page. The finder identifies keywords related to the primary word entered. These words can be incorporated into website content to help users rank better in SERPs when searching for those keywords. Scalenut reviews have found that the finder provides valuable competition data when identifying high-performing words for paid search campaigns.

Free SEO Analyzer

Scalenut’s free analyzer helps teams drive viable traffic to websites and blogs through technical SEO parameters and gives users an SEO score. The information is divided into three categories Basic SEO, Advanced SEO and Performance-based SEO for easy analysis. Analyzing SEO and performance metrics helps users identify areas that need further optimization and improvement to increase the website’s SERP ranking. Through optimization, users can quickly improve the relevance and credibility of their website.

Free On-Page SEO Checker

Using the free on-page SEO checker, users can generate an analysis of any page on-page SEO. Simply enter the URL for the page or blog and hit check. Scalenut will thoroughly analyze several parameters, including size, heading, images, meta title and description. The tool then gives users a score and highlights areas where content could be improved for a better SEO score.

Free Long Tail Keyword Tool

The free long tail keyword tool offers users a comprehensive list of relevant long tail keywords that match the primary keyword entered. The long tail keywords are used to enhance website content, such as category pages and product descriptions. The more specific nature of long tail keywords means they have less competition when searched for and can be far easier to rank. Long tail keywords are invaluable for those launching or running PPC campaigns primarily because they save businesses money.

Free Javascript Minifier

Through Javascript minification, Scalenut reduces the size of JavaScript files. The direct result is an increase in the load speed for resized pages. The faster a page loads, the better the users will experience it. Faster loading pages are also what search engine algorithms look for when returning showing for users.

Minification also enhances website crawlability. Because search engines prioritize swift browsing experiences, they are more likely to return fast-loading pages to users. In researching this Scalenut AI review we found that to know which pages load faster, bots visit sites to process data, and they can do this more effectively if your site has reduced-size files. 


One of the things we and other Scalenut reviews were most keen to see is how Scalenut integrates with third-party platforms. Scalenut currently only offers seamless integration with four platforms which they say elevates the content creation process. We checked it out, and the combination is a powerhouse.

During our research for the Scalenut review, we quickly looked at each of the integrations. You’ll be happy to know they are with Copyscape to check plagiarism, Semrush for its keyword cluster tool, keyword research, and WordPress. These integrations offer essential tools that users can incorporate into their content creation process.

WordPress Publisher

The WordPress integration lets users export drafts, schedule posts and post directly to WordPress. Additionally, users can set featured images and categories, attribute content to an author and allocate the correct tags while exporting content. We found the integration to be flawless. It enables users to improve the functionality of their WordPress sites through the optimization of blog posts without loosing HTML styling. Users can also use Scalenut tools for enhanced engagement and visibility.

Using the WordPress Publisher, creatives can, in real-time, include meta tags discovered in Scalenut to content to aid in search engine optimization. Access to high-quality content research and generation tools means that creators can consistently deliver high-quality SEO-optimized content to audiences. When tested for this review about Scalenut, the platform and its integration did not disappoint.

Semrush Keyword Researcher

Creatives have trusted Semrush for their keyword research for many years. Scalenut’s third-party integration with Semrush affords users the same reliability without leaving the platform. Scalenut’s AI capabilities are fully leveraged when combined with Semrush’s keyword research delivering the most relevant keywords to help creators develop SEO content.

Scalenut partnered with Semrush for its customer support, believing the best support for users will maximize their SEO generation tool. Users can also gather valuable insights using the Semsush keyword planning feature to optimize their content.

The integration of the Keyword Researcher tool will assist creatives in obtaining their data from their Semrush account and display the processed version within Scalenut’s SEO Hub. It’s a one-click solution to understand metrics including keyword search intent, CPC, search volume, and difficulty score. The integration ensures that keyword research and analysis are hassle-free to allow users to focus on strategy.  

Semrush Keyword Cluster Booster

The Semrush keyword cluster tool allows creators and teams to uncover keywords related to their content. The data returned is listed within Scalenut’s Topic Cluster module. These can be used to further boost the flow of organic traffic to the webpage by identifying keywords to be used to reach a much wider audience.

For this review about Scalenut, we found that Semrush’s keyword cluster tool analyzes keywords to help users gain insight into their most valuable keywords. The prioritization of SEO keywords in this format puts greater focus on keywords more likely to get a higher search volume and increase organic traffic.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker 

Scalenut’s third-party integration with Copyscape ensures original content. When tested, the integration was able to quickly detect examples of plagiarism in the content created and input into the system.  Copyscape is trusted by businesses, writers and academics for its accurate detection of previously used content. To do this, Copyscape thoroughly scans millions of websites on the internet to search for duplicate content.

Integrating with Scalenut allows writers to check their content as it is created. Unique content outranks plagiarised work. This integration ensures that content created using Scalenut is unique.


Scalenut AI review: Scalenut can easily be regarded as one of the best SEO-focused AI writing tools available. The offering is intuitive and highly responsive. Scalenut claims to be able to simplify SEO content creation, and it does. Scalenut helps creators develop content, starting with their keyword research and ending with a thorough analysis of the created piece to help writers understand how their content will rank when placed online.

While cheaper Scalenut alternatives exist, many cannot produce the same results. With Scalenut, the created content packs a punch, the third-party integration is beneficial, and the platform comes packed with many free tools. We agree with other Scalenut reviews when they state that with Scalenut, you can really do “SEO-everything” in one place.

Quick Questions

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is a marketing platform powered by a highly intuitive AI. In this review of Scalenut, we found that over 1 million creatives and marketing teams use Scalenut to plan, research and create content. The tool optimizes the generated work to rank highly on various search engines. The integrated features allow work to be created and published from start to finish.

How to use Scalenut

• Create an account on Scalenut and sign in. The state-of-the-art AI-powered platform helps with every process step when creating SEO-optimized content. This includes planning, keyword research, content writing and website optimization.
• Scalenut’s Keyword Planner effortlessly improves topical authority to boost content rankings and drive website organic traffic.
• Cruise Mode generates content with credibility to build audience trust.
• Scalenut’s Content Optimizer provides a platform to help creators follow the best SEO practices to increase rankings on search engines.
• The Scalenut Traffic Analyzer provides insights to enhance online presence and improve user experiences.
• Scalenut offers Marketing Copywriting Templates to help content reach new heights.

What is Scalenut used for?

Scalenut’s highly advanced platform facilitates content research, planning, writing, and website optimization through AI. Essentially it is a content intelligence platform for marketing and SEO. Users create relevant, high-quality content that engages their audience at the click of a button.

How much is Scalenut?

Scalenut offers 4 plans to choose from. In the Free Plan, users get 2,000 AI words monthly and 2 SEO articles for one user. In the Essential Plan, which costs $39 per month, users get 100,000 AI words and 5 SEO articles. This and the Free Plan are only available to 1 user and do not have access to analyze web pages, keyword clusters and integrations. The Growth Plan is priced at $79, allowing 1 user access to unlimited AI words and 30 SEO articles. Users on this plan can analyze 200 web pages and can request 30 keyword clusters each month. The Pro Plan costs $149 per month for 2 users, and additional users can be added for $49. Users get unlimited AI words, 75 SEO articles monthly, and access to analyze 500 web pages. Integration is available, and users can get 75 keyword clusters per month. This Review of Scalenut found that the best value-for-money option was the Growth Plan

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