Overview of SEMrush platform

All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals


SEMRush is a bunch of SEO tools for the internet marketing analysis and website promotion. It helps to analyse competitors, extend the semantic core, monitor backlinks and to carry out other tasks to improve SEO standiness of a website. It works great both for the newbies and SEO experts.

SEMRush owns a database of 106 mln. top popular search queries distributes across 26 regional Google databases. The databases are constantly updated counting top 20 search engine results. The trial period allows 100 pages wide website audit.

Main Features

Keywords positions tracking
Website audit
Keywords analysis
Backlinks monitoring
Competitors search
Website comparison tool (Domain vs. Domain)
Data visualization
Keyword suggestion tool
PPC Advertising Research
Display Advertising analysis
Competitor advertising channels analysis
Visual graphs
Personalized report in .pdf format and auto-reporting
Brand monitoring & reputation management
API access and many more

Your trial account will be able to track up to 10 keywords to track rankings of. Load these manually, from the SERush database, Google Analytics or from a .txt or .csv file. Let’s review some of the SEMRush features in details.

Organic SERPs analysis

The service makes a list of all keywords the website is ranking top 2 SERPs at Google (top 20 positions). The user will have access to the estimated traffic volume and cost for the discovered keywords if these were bought through Google AdWords. Besides this information the user will also see the exact rankings for the keywords, CPC, search volume, the ranking URL and the snapshot of the SERP with the ranking page in Google. Keyword updating in the service depends on its popularity. The more popular the keyword the more frequently its metrics are updated.

Competitor analysis

The service allows tracking keywords organically for the same search terms as selected in your website’s project. The user will be able to see the general number of the keywords the competitor ranks top 100 for? The traffic volume and its AdWords estimated cost.

What SEO experts appreciate about SEMRush is that it can show the number of the competitor’s keywords already purchased in Google AdWords. One may click the number and see precise info about the rankings of the queries, their snapshot in the SERP and more.

1) Click the search volume in the column «Common Keywords» and access competitor’s search queries. The service «Domain vs. Domain» is at your disposal able to compare up to 5 domains (limited to 3 in the Trial version). Compare rankings in Organic and Paid search results pages. Here is how a table with two domains compared looks like. Listed come the keywords that are displayed in Google’s both Organic and Paid results.

The tools allows comparing your rankings to the rankings of your competitor for every keyword. The list may be filtered and exported in xls and csv formats.
The practical use of the tool is that the user may discover the keywords that his own website is not ranking for while his competitor’s website does rank. This is a simple way to extend the semantic core.

2) Click search volume in the «Ads Keywords» column and analyse the advertising campaign of the competitor: position, competition rate, average CPC and many more.

Also the service allows to analyse deeply the adverts of the client, up to the full list and the text in these with the number of the keywords they go with.


SEMRush SEO platform allows to perform a all-inclusive analysis of the competitors’ websites and offers many more useful tools for discovering and analysis of SEO data. The service is easy to utilize whereas informative dashboard shows the key metrics and information. SEMRush may not be the only tool in the arsenal of an SEO expert but, without doubts, is an amust tool. It is one of the best tools for competitor research and analysis.