Overview of SEOprofiler platform

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SEOprofiler is a fully-equipped service for analysis and promotion of websites in Internet. It contains so many tabs and sub-sections that it takes an expert to deal with the service at first sight. However, if you are a newbie, do use the detailed step by step manual offered by the service.

SEOprofiler features SEO tools developed to work with the keywords, positions tracking, competitor analysis. Meanwhile, competitor analysis may be a great source for inspiration and ideas to implement on your own website: extend the semantic core, focus on major keywords and many more.

The service offers two trial account types:

Main Features

Ranking monitor
Ranking intelligence
AdWords intelligence
Website audite
Link analysis
Link building
Keyword research
Social media
White Label reports

Let’s consider in details some of the SEOprofiler functionalities.

Positions tracking

SEOprofiler offers positions tracking in the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing for any country or the region.
Go to the Ranking Monitor section and find the keywords that need your attention. For example, opportunities pages show the keywords your website ranks 2nd SERP page for. By improving the ranking factors of these keywords the user stands more chances for ranking on the first page and considerably increase the traffic flow as most of the clicks are made within the first page of the search results.
SEOprofiler allows creating reports in the PDF format.

Keyword research

Suggestion Tool helps to find the keywords for your website, both for the organic promotion and for the PPC campaign. Just enter the keywords, choose the region and the system will deliver the list of the related keywords to choose from.

These keywords may be added into the Ranking Monitor to be tracked. Learn more about a keyword by clicking the Google Insights button or by optimize a page of your website for this keyword by clicking «TOP-10» button.

With the help of the Keyword Spy tool one may find the keywords your competitors are ranking high in the search engines for. You will learn what keywords they are bidding for in the AdWords as well. Just enter the domain you want to discover the keywords for.

There is another tool to discover the keywords your competitors are working on called the Keyword grabber. It helps to find the keywords your competitors are focusing on and be challenged by employing them as well. To start the analysis just enter the domain of your competitor and a few extra parameters.

The tool Keyword difficulty helps to accurately evaluate efforts and resources needed for the website promotion for the selected list of the keywords.
A large section Collected keyword is designed to help to optimize the semantic core of your website.


SEOprofiler offers a rich and functional set of SEO tools for an SEO or marketing specialist. This is a clearly professional service with user-friendly UI. Apparently, it enjoys non-stop updates and development work. Visit their regularly-updated blog to read the latest news about their tools as well as SEO news from around the world.