Overview of Web CEO platform

A Powerful Internet Marketing Platform for SEO/SMM jobs and Branded Reports


WEB CEO is an online SEO and SMM platform. The service has the feature of reports branding as well as White Label functionality (custom domain and menu look) few SEO platforms are able to offer. Besides, Web CEO offers multiple opportunities to analyse a website that can be employed both by a layman and an expert. 3 days after the registration the service allows to double the selected subscription period without extra payments as a bonus.

Main Features

Positions tracking
Competitors rankings overview
Web analytics and traffic
Competitors traffic overview
Website audit
Keyword suggestion tool
Competitor keywords discovering
Inner pages analysis
Technical audit
Website’s SEO analysis
Sitemap generator
Backlinks analysis
Content registration
Social metrics
White Label
API access

Let’s consider in details the features of the WEB CEO platform.

Keyword Research

The service offers fairly advanced module for managing keywords including:

Keyword suggestion tool employs the following method: the user enters a search query (or several search requests separated by commas) to find more keyword ideas and clicks “Find”. When the service has gathered the list of the keywords you can select the keywords to copy to your active list. Search Volume, keyword difficulty, search dynamics for the latest 12 months and KEI are displayed for the discovered keywords.

Go to tab «Spy on competitors» and find out the keywords and the ranking websites in SERPs. It may be your targeted page or a page of your competitor. The gathered keywords may as well be added to the project for tracking rankings.
Once the Google Search Console is connected extra data becomes available which is:

All the keywords added to the project will be visible in the bin where they can be filtered, exported, tagged, deleted and access important info.

Technical SEO audit

The service finds development errors on the pages of the website and shows the changes dynamics. This is where the website structure may be analysed.

SEO audit reveals the pages that are slow in loading with mobile devices and desktop computers, discovers the issues that prevent the website from ranking high in the search engines such as errors in Meta Title / Meta description content, excessive outbound links number, absence of Favicon, faulty characters in the website URL and many more.


The advanced set of SEO tools offered by WEB CEO may help to raise the SEO campaign to the new horizons: the services brings in not only real time website monitoring (positions tracking, links analysis etc.) but the list of the recommendations to improve the website promotion as well as a deep analysis of social signals and metrics.